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While this story is based on what actually happened, I did change names and embellished it some.
We’d been married for about ten years when I discovered my wife’s secret fantasy.

We have sex often and I thought we talked pretty openly about sex. I mentioned a friend had some adult videos, and asked if she’d like to watch with me, she said sure. So I made arrangements with a friend, Tom. Tom lent me his VCR and several adult movies for the weekend. At the time, VCRs were very expensive and we didn’t have one yet. Of course I picked the weekend Meg and I would be home alone, our girls were with their grandparents.

Friday, after work I picked up the VCR and tapes from Tom. While Meg prepared our dinner, I was busy setting up the VCR. We both got turned on watching the first movie and had great sex afterwards.

Since we were home alone, we watched the second movie Saturday afternoon. The movie was about a gang breaking into a house, mother and daughters captured, and raped. The first scene was intense and a real turn on for me, but I didn’t see any response on Meg’s face, so I just continued watching. By the end of the second sex scene, Meg was all over me. When I reached down to feel her pussy, I found she was soaking wet. I’d never felt her so wet!! I’d asked what turned her on so much, she said it was the movie, after some back and forth, she admitted that she’d fantasized and wanted to be raped. We had some of our wildest sex that night.

Several months later we bought a VCR and rented an adult movie about once a month. The movies that turned Meg the most involved forced sex, rape, and woman being tied up. I starting slapping her tits and cunt, and occasionally light spanking her, she loved it so long as there was no real pain.

I got to thinking about her rape fantasy and what I could do about it. The more I thought about it and how turned on she was watching the movie, the more I thought about it. Finally I decided it would be a real turn on to arrange for her to be raped. It took a while to arrange. I’d been having lunch with a group of guys on a daily bases. Occasionally our conversations turned to sex. I approached one of the maintenance guys, Rick, who had said he had an open marriage, he and his wife were into swinging either as couples or singles. We talked and laid out a plan.

On the agreed date, without any previous discussion, I told Meg that I’d hired a plumper to work on our furnace. She knew I’d said there was a problem, but we never discussed getting it repaired, so was surprised when I told her the appointment was this afternoon. At first she fussed some, until I said I’d come home for lunch and say until the plumper arrived.

I knew Meg didn’t get dressed until after the kids were sent off to school, cleaned up the kitchen, and straightened up the house, which took a good part of the morning.

As planned, Rick arrived at the house just after 8:30 in the morning. When Meg answered the door, Rick explained his morning appointment cancelled on him and since we were is only other appointment for the day, he came over early. Rick told me Meg hesitated, but than let him in after he said he could come back later. Rick said she answered the door in her robe, and when she turned, he could see she had nothing on underneath. Meg started to walk to the basement door, when Rick grabbed her arm and spun her around so she was facing him. Megs started to protest but Rick grabbed her robe and ripped it open. Since it was held closed with snaps, it opened easily. Before she could say a word, Rick put his arms around her in a way that pinned both her arms, she struggled at first, but couldn’t break free. Rick told her if she did exactly as she was told, he wouldn’t hurt her. Meg settled down and nodded that she understood. Rick let her go and told her to let her robe fall to the floor, which she did. Now completely naked, Rick said he wanted to get a good look at her and instructed her to turn around slowly, and keep turning until she was facing him again. Rick said hhe really enjoyed the view she was giving him. Then he told her to undress him.. Meg unbuttoned and removed his shirt, then undid his belt, and opened the front of his pants. With some help from Rick, his pants fell to the floor. Without a word, she pulled is boxer shorts down, exposing his hard cock. Since Meg was looking directly at his cock, Rich told her to suck it. I’d told Rick that Meg really loves to have her tits squeezed and nipples played with, so while she was sucking his cock, Rick did his best to get at her tits. Next he had Meg lay on the living room rug and spread eagle. He said he could see how wet she was, as he took in the view. He got on top of her, inserted his cock, and began fucking her. At first he said she just laid there, but soon she was matching his every thrust with one of her own. He wasn’t sure how many times she came, but was sure she came several times. When he was finished, he got up and got dressed, picked up his tools, and as he headed off to the basement, he told her he’d fix the plumping now…. He said watched Meg as he walked away, she was laying on the rug, he was sure she wasn’t hurt, but Meg didn’t move, Rick said there was no crying, no yelling, she just laid there, she wasn’t even in a rush to cover up… Rick fixed the plumping, came up from the basement, and found Meg, in her robe, walking around as if nothing happened. Rick said the plumping was fixed and we’d get his bill in the mail. Meg said okay as Rick walked to the door. Meg joined him at the door, he put his arm around her shoulder and gave her a kiss goodbye, to his surprise she responded, kissing him back.

I showed up shortly after 12 noon for lunch. Meg had showered and was dressed when I walked in the house. Meg said the plumper had already been to the house and fixed the problem, whatever it was, and he’d mail us his bill. Not a word about being raped, just the general small talk during lunch. After having lunch together I returned to work for an afternoon meeting in the maintenance dept.

Rick filled me in on everything and how much he enjoyed having sex with Meg. I said Meg acted completely normal during lunch, not a word about being raped. He asked if I’d mind if he went back in a couple of days to present his bill. I said go for it… We both laughed.

That night, as we got in bed, Meg was all over me, she wanted sex, I played with her tits as I always do, than reached down and put several fingers inside her. I wasn’t surprised when I found she was soaking wet. By the time we were done for the night, we were both exhausted.

Rick went back to the house a couple of days later, since he hadn’t called ahead, Meg wasn’t expecting him. Meg answered the door wearing the same robe she had on the 1st time. Rick said he wanted to drop off his bill in person, she smiled and opened the door for him to step in, then closed it behind him. Rick said she walked over to him, and he opened her robe, just as he’d done before, and like before, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Meg let the robe fall to the floor, than reached out and began undressing him. Both naked, Meg led him to our bedroom, he said her nipples were already hard, he couldn’t resist sucking them and squeezing her tits. He said he flipped her over, putting her legs over his shoulder, as he went to work licking her pussy, she sucked his cock. He was sure she came before he put her down on the bed. He told her he wanted to fuck her like a dog, she bent over on her knees, spread her legs for him, and they fucked like they were both in heat. When they were finished, he told her he’d be back for more, and she asked when….

Rick called me that afternoon to fill me in, which was our agreement, I wanted to know everything. He asked if it would okay to keep seeing Meg. Since I started this, I said sure, so long as he told me all about their encounters, before and after. I also said this could interfere with my sex life with Meg. He agreed….

More to follow

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