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I hear the shower turn on and know that you're getting ready to get in. My heart starts beating faster in excitement and fear, as I'm finally about to set my plan in motion. When I'm sure that you're in the shower, I strip down quickly, before I lose my nerve. I've always fantasized about my Daddy, and now I'm about to make it a reality.

I slowly open the bathroom door, doing my best not to make a sound. I hope that I haven't misread your longing looks in my direction, and I get a tingle when I know I'm finally going to be naked with my Daddy.

I push back the curtain just a little bit and peek inside ,as I've done many times before. Your back is turned to me and I drink in the sight of your skin glistening in the water, finally working up the nerve to step inside.

I tentatively reach out one little hand and start soaping your back. You jump and turn quickly, wiping the water out of your eyes, shocked to see your little girl. You yell, 'What the hell?!' and tears well up in my eyes. I'm afraid I've made a mistake. and you don't want me as much as I want you. You see my stricken look and tell me it's ok, pulling me to you and hugging me tightly.

My arms wrap around you, savoring the feel of your skin against mine. Your hands move down my back, coming to rest on my little bottom, and I press myself against you, feeling your cock stiffen.
I slide down onto my knees and take your thick cock in my little hands. You groan, telling me that this is wrong. I look up at you and say "I love you Daddy", and then take the head of your cock into my mouth, still looking into your eyes.

You moan, and your hands wrap in my hair as you give yourself over to the lust that you've been shutting out of your mind. My tongue caresses your cock as you slowly start to pump in and out of my mouth. I try not to gag, as more and more of your throbbing meat is thrust into my mouth. Kneeling before my Daddy I worship your cock with my stretched out little mouth and tongue, and your pace quickens. I brush one hand against your balls and your sharp intake of breath lets me know that you want more, so I boldly explore your sac with my fingers, while my mouth continues suckling on your pole. My other hand goes around grabbing your ass and I run a finger down the crease until I reach your asshole.

I'm feeling so naughty, Daddy's dick in my mouth and my hands toying with his ass and balls, and I get an urge to push my finger inside of your puckered hole. As I start working a finger into your ass I feel your balls tighten, before you let out a deep groan and then my mouth is flooded with your cum as you shoot your seed onto my greedy tongue. I milk every drop, savoring your taste.

You hook your hands under my arms and pull me up , crushing me to you and kissing me passionately, and with such intensity I can't breathe. Breaking our kiss you hold me at arms length from you, your eyes hungrily taking in my nude form. You trace one finger down my jaw line and then trail lower, covering one breast with your hand , you begin to tease one nipple between your fingers as you capture the other hard little peak between your teeth gently nibbling and eliciting a mewl of appreciation from me. Sensations shooting from my sensitive nipples to my boiling core cause me to reach between my legs, but you move my hand aside and trail kisses lower, until you're eye level with my dripping little pussy.

You spread my legs wide and tell me to hold still so Daddy can see at his little girl's sweet cunny. You pull my lips open with one hand , while you use your other hand to lightly stroke my hard little clit, and I jump from the jolt that shoots through me. You stand then and turn off the shower ,before picking me up and taking me to the bathroom counter.

You set me on the bathroom counter and tell me to spread my little legs wide so that Daddy can check and make sure I'm all clean. You tell me use my hands to open up my lips so that Daddy can get a good look. As I wantonly display my most private areas to your lustful stare ,my breath quickens and I squirm under your intense gaze.

I gasp as I feel you graze my wet slit with a finger, and squeal every time your finger skims my now throbbing clittie. After minutes that feel like hours of sweet torment, you ask me what such a dirty little girl could want from her Daddy. I blush as I whisper out my desire to have my Daddy kiss my privates. You say if I'm a big enough girl to suck Daddy's dick so good, then I'm big enough to talk like a grown up and ask me again what I want. My voice a little louder I ask you to kiss me down there. You continue teasing me with your finger and tell me that's not good enough, you want to hear what do I want. I blush furiously as I beg "Please Daddy". the torture continues, Finally I plead loudly. "Please Daddy, please lick my cunny!"

You tell me to keep myself spread for you, and your tongue finally darts out, licking up my crease and flicking across my hard little nub. Your hands grip my legs as you assault my pussy, plunging your tongue deep inside of me, and then back up massaging my clit until I scream out and spasm, coating you with my sticky sweet juices. Your big hands hold me safely on the counter and you stand. Your cock rock hard and rigid once again, you kiss me and I taste myself on your lips, as you slide the head of your cock up and down my still quivering cunt.

I wrap my legs around you, trying to pull yo into my tight little hole, and you give me what I crave, slamming into me with a force that makes me gasp for air. Relentlessly you pummel my pussy, staring into my glazed over eyes and ordering me to cum on Daddy's dick. The attack on my dripping pussy causes a storm inside of me, and soon I'm writhing once again, soaking your member with my nectar. Suddenly you pull out, leaving me begging for more of your cock, but wordlessly you lift me up and roughly set me down, bending me over the counter.

I feel your hands spread my ass cheeks apart, as you begin tonguing my tight little asshole , and I burn with shame and lust, panting with need. You wiggle first one finger, and then another into my ass, telling me you're going to show me what happens to little girls who sneak into their Daddy's showers. I see the look of pure animal lust on your face when I look into the mirror, and I shiver with trepidation and desire, knowing whats going to happen next.
You replace your fingers with the head of your thick cock and slowly slide into my ass. I wiggle, wanting you to fill me, but you hold me fast, slowly pumping jut the head in and out, asking me again what I want. I bite my lip and groan, but you persist, "Tell Daddy what you want.", At last I can take no more and I plead with you again. "Fuck my naughty ass Daddy! Fuck it hard, Please!"

That's all you needed to hear and you drive you cock forcefully into me, plunging in and out, mercilessly battering my ass and causing me to buck back into you saying over and over "Fuck my ass Daddy, fill my ass with Daddy's cum please!" As you bang into me from behind one had grips my hip like a vice as the other one reaches between my legs manipulating my clit and soon I'm shaking and crying out , cream dripping down my legs and you go rigid, thrusting into me on last time, before erupting, shooting cum deep into my tortured little asshole.

We both are panting as you pull out, and I feel my cum seeping down my legs and yours oozing out of my ass. You pick me up and I wrap my arms and legs around you, locking my mouth against yours and heatedly kissing you. Then I give a contented sigh and lay my head on you chest saying, "I love you Daddy, Happy Birthday."

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2009-04-23 12:10:08
Bloody hell....that was one hot story!


2008-10-26 18:49:48
If you are a female, you hide it well. You do not tell a good story and you definitely cannot handle first person.


2008-10-23 15:30:31

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