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Vice is nice but incest is best
I was raised by a single mom in a trailer park in rural Georgia. We were too poor to even afford a 3 bedroom trailer so we were all packed into a 2 bed one bath single wide from the 70's. My sister and I shared a room until I was about 13 and my mom stayed in the other room until then, after which she took to sleeping ina pull out on the living room. My sister and mines room had 2 doors, one to the hallway and one to the bathroom. We slept in a bunkbed.

I was about 10, I guess, when I first learned about masturbation. I slept on the top bunk and so I was free to stroke off all night if I wanted. It wasnt long till that wasnt enough though so Id sneak down off the bunk when Mom was undressing to shower and crack the door enough to see. Then Id stroke my cock, watching those beautiful big tits of hers. Then I decided to drill a small hole so I wouldnt have to crack the door. I would sit and watch her before she started to shower almost every night. Most the time I could tell my sister was asleep but every now and then I couldnt but she never interrupted. I started using her panties to clean up with one night and loved the feel of them on my cock. But she was 4 years younger and pretty petite so i couldnt wear hers, but I could wear moms. and wear them I did. To school and everything. Sometimes Id jerk off in the boys room in them. God it felt good.

One nite sis caught me looking through the hole in moms panties. I was busted. I knew shed tell mom but she just asked what I was doing. I told her nothin and to go back to bed, but she wanted to see what i was looking at and put her eye to the hole to see.

She said "God Moms tits are soo big. I wish I had tits like hers."

I told her she would one day. She said she didnt see how. I said "You'll grow some. Trust me." Then she saw what I had on. "Are those Moms?" She asked. "Um yeah" I replied. My lil cock had been growing and just then it shrank up. "Oh. You could have used mine if you want." i told her I had tried but they were too small. She said "Oh I see. Well what do you do just sit here and stare at mom in her panties?" I told her "No but what I do isnt for you to know." "Come on tell me, what is it? i know you like her titties. They are soo big but why?" "I just do, ok?" I replied. "Come on tell me. Pleeeaase? Ill tell Mom if you dont tell me." She insisted. "Fine. I jack off ok? I jack off watching mom undress in her panties ok?" I blurted out. then I had to explain what masturbation was, and coming and cum. She said "Eww. It comes out your hole? i wanna see. make it do it." I told her I coudlnt with her watching. she looked back through the hole and said "Well moms already in the shower. So you cant watch those. What about mine?" And she took her PJ top off to show me her lil titties.

I was in complete shock, but my cock wasnt. He rose to full attention, sticking out the top of moms lacy black panties. She said " I know they arent as big as moms but maybe you could look at them and stroke it? What do you like to see them do?" I was still in shock. the first set of tits I had seen in real life in front of me and they were my sisters little bitty titties. "Do? i just like seeing them. they dont usually do anything." "Well you can touch them if you want." Touch them?! God i couldnt believe it. they were soo cute and the nipples were so small. I loved them. "You can touch them if you stroke your thing and make the cum come out of it. I wanna see it. " My cock was rock hard. I reached out to touch her right tit with my left hand while my right stroked my panty clad cock. I touched it slow at first and then stoked faster and faster. i tweaked her little nipple and she let out a little yelp. I almost lost my hard on. "Its fine just a little hard. Keep stroking I wanna see it cum." She said. Keep stroking I did. Finally I cam in moms panties while my sister watched, fascinated. Watching my cock puke all over moms panties. She asked "What do you do now?" I told her :" I usually clean up with her panties and toss them in the laundry with yours and then go to bed." "Oh Ok, then nite." And off to bed she went. I crawled into the top bunk completely spent.

The next nite I was at the hole watching, when Amy came and whispered in my ear. "I wanna watch you again. Do I have to take off my shirt again?" And thats when I realized I could make her do stuff to watch me. I said "Yes you do and you have to touch it." " Your thing?" She said. "Yes I want you to hold it while I cum on moms panties." "Really? Ok It might be cool." I had her I knew. So I watched Mom as usual while touching Amy's tit and her holding the base of my cock while I stroked. It was heaven. I came very quickly and she LOVED the feel of my cock coming in her hand. "It feels alive" she said. Then she wanted to know if I would start cuming in her panties. I said "Why?" " I dont know I just want you to from now on." I said "Ok I can do that but you have to keep letting me touch you and hold my cock while I cum ok? " She said "ok." We both turned to go to bed and she stopped me and said "Will you sleep with me tonite James?" I said "In the bottom bunk?" "Yeah. "she sheepishly replied. "Are you having nightmares?" I inquired, a little worried. "No but i like it when you hold me." She responded. "Ok then." She was so cute. I started to fall in love with her right then and there. And I think she did too.

More to come...I promise...James


2016-07-26 20:23:20
Would love to hear part 2

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2011-03-18 11:08:13
Slow it down and make more of an effort with your deions. That's the advice ejls left for you. OMG I hope you take her advice. It would help your writing, you'll see for yourself. She has helped so many writers that she is famous for it. They even made her a moderator, she is so good at writing. Don't take my word for her, check around this site and you'll see. Every one who listened to her is now a great writer also. She doesn't make cooments anymore, that's how famous she is. She has written books they make into movies and is so rich, it's amazing. I was at the gas station and some of her her writing is even there by the pumps. So I was pumping gas and taking a leak, and didn't even care if it was on camera, I was so much enjoying her writing. Then I got a flat tire and a state policeman helped me change it and he heard of her already, I'm telling you, it's amazing.

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Look at the critism by ejls below. She is a great writer and you should listen to her advice, the best ever. You are so lucky she stooped to read AND comment on your story. She has risen thru the ranks here as a writer and as a poet. Her stuff is the best, you and all of us can learn from her. I can't believe she took the time to comment on your story, you are so lucky. She actually stopped making comments, so that should give you an idea of how blessed you were. Please, I beg of you, take her advice and improve your writing and then you'll be happy that you did. Wantsomefun was helped by here and he became really good. Ask him if you don't believe me, it's true. She is even a moderator now, and no wonder, just read her stuff and you'll see why

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2010-04-22 21:41:10
typical wannabe writer for this site promises a second chapter and never writes it

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2009-06-27 00:39:58
It's 8 months since you promised more. Where is it?

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