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My Sexual Awakening
Well for the next 4 days I had to use the boys locker room to
soak my leg while my squad was out cheering and practicing
with the football team.

Each time, the assistant coach (who I decided with my squad that he should be nicknamed Coach Cutie ) would come in about 15 minutes after I left the field and I would start the same routine with him. The 2nd day and thru that Thursday not much more happened except that each time he would be rubbing my leg and specifically helping me to bend the knee, he would give me these "looks". He was so cute
and I know that if I told any of my friends they would think
I was making it up. Or someone would be jealous and something
would happen...good or bad, so I kept my mouth shut. I've
had boyfriends in the past but nobody ever went all the way
with me. Actually the coach was the first guy to ever put
his finger in my pussy. I have to tell you, it was pretty exciting
and scarey at the same time.

The coach wore these thick polyester type shorts and he
always had keys jingling in his pocket. I could hear him
coming where ever he was. On that Friday he met me in the locker
room and then he left. I figured he went back out to the field.
I don't know if you remember, but it is summer time so
there is hardly anyone on campus. At this point its mostly
kids in classes at the front of the school and then the cheer
squad and the football team are on the field. The locker
room I'm using is behind the bleachers and really unused
and dusty. Smells really musty and there are alot of windows
to let light in but up really high.

So I'm in the tub soaking and this particular day our squad
decided to wear our shorts which are nylon shorts that cut
up on the sides. The shirt I'm wearing is a t-shirt that is terry cloth
v-neck. It's friday and we are all going to the beach after
this. So I have on my bathing suit underneath. So you can
see the top because its tied behind my neck.

Anyway, I'm soaking in the tub and I'm feeling that my knee is
getting better. I am going to have to take off the wrap when
I get to the beach and I'm wondering if I should tell him I'm
going to the beach and not to wrap me. I can hear his keys jingling
and soon I hear the door being opened. He doesn't come to me
right away and I'm not sure what he's doing. I'm kinda thinking
maybe its not him right now so I'm getting worried. Well it
turns out to be him and he comes in and asks how I'm doing. I
told him that I think my knee is getting better and I lift
my left leg and bend it at the knee so he can see that I can bend
it. He says great lets get you out of that tub and do some
stretches. So he comes over and towels off my legs. I get
over to the bench between the lockers and he shows me what
he wants me to do. So I start moving my leg and bending the
knee in the way that he says. It seems great. Then he says
he wants me to do the lunge I was doing when I got hurt. This
is a lunge that you are squatting down with the right leg
bent so your ass almost rests on your heel and the left leg
is stretched out to the side. My knee basically fell forward
and twisted. It popped my kneecap out of whack. So he had
me do that and I couldnt do it without straining. So he got
behind me and as I would do the squat he would put his hands
on either side of my knee while I extended it out. We kept
doing it ...up and down, up and down. I was getting tired
and he said is this too much for you? I said it was I needed
to rest. So we both sat on the bench and my legs are both stretched
out in front of me. He's on my left side and rubbing my leg feeling
to see if I'm swelling, I guess. I volunteer that my knee isn't
really hurting but I'm scared to do that move without worrying
if my knee will pop again. He said I should just keep wearing
my bandage and rewrap 2 to 3 times a day.

Thats when I volunteer that I'm going to the beach today and
is it okay if I not wrap it right now but promise to wrap it
when I get home later.

He asks where we are going so I tell him. Not that I expected
him to go or to show up, but just to be talkative. He's so cute
and I wonder if he really likes me? So I'm thinking that if
hes 23 years old and I'm going to be 18 soon
(that summer after graduation), then what would it be like
to be dating a high school football coach? Heck, for all
I know he is married or maybe even has kids? But at that moment
I'm just thinking of how it would be to be with him. He says
are you going straight to the beach after practice? I say
that we are. So he asks if I have my bathing suit on right now?
I tell him yes as I motion to my top and show him the ties at
the top of my neck. He laughs and asks me how come I never wear
a bra? I tell him that I do wear a bra and only when Im wearing
a sweater on a hot day do I skip the bra. And today Im wearing
a bathing suit top and not a bra. He says "yes, but you
arent wearing a bra". So I agree and say, hes right
and then he says because you would never show me your
bra but you would show me your bathing suit top, right? I
laugh and say probably.

So he asks again, "can I see your bathing suit top",
"is it cute"? So I stand up and turn towards him
and lift up my tshirt to show him my bathing suit top. He likes
it and says it's cute. Then he says what are your bottoms like?
I tell him that they are just basic and tie on the sides. He
says he'd like to see, so I slide my shorts down on the
side and show him the ties. He compliments me again and says,
"oh yes, that is a cute bathing suit I'd like to see
the whole thing. I just smile and roll my eyes up embarrassed.
He says okay, lets do some more work and you can get to the

So now he stands behind me and he wants me to squat down on
both legs and jump up. When I jump up, he will catch me so I
dont land on my knees with the pressure. So I start to do the
jumps and he catches me by my waist and lets me down so I don't
have any pressure on my knee. We do that a bunch of times.
He slips one time and instead of grabbing my waist, his hands
are on my boobs again. He says hes sorry and I say its ok. He
is worried about how my knee felt? I was thinking shouldn't
you be sorry about touching my boobs? And we keep doing it
and finally we are done. He says that I should do a few jumps
at home if I can have my dad help me that would be good exercise.
Keep my knee wrapped and he will see me on Monday. I tell him
my dad doesnt live with us, so I dont think my mom will do it.
He says to do this other exercise instead.

I am getting ready to walk out and I lean over and give him
a kiss on the cheek and tell him thanks for helping me. This
is my Senior year and it's really important to me. He says that
he understands and that I should just wear my bathing suit
or bring it and sit in the tub next week, why not!? So I say
oh, ok! So then I leave and he locks up. I am walking sorta
funny because my leg isnt wrapped anymore. I see that Im
still walking funny but at least I'm free of that nasty wrap
for the day.

I'm at the beach with my friends all oiled up and laying on
the beach. I have natually olive skin so for a blonde, I get
really tan. I am really proud of my tan in summer because
I get black compared to other girls. So we are all heading
to the car and then here in the parking lot is the coach! He
says "Hi Girls". We all squeal and say "Hi
Coach Cutie" and he always blushes and laughs. We
all surround his car and he explains that I forgot my wrap
at the locker! So he came to give it to me. All the girls
are so jealous, like "ah, you are sooo lucky he brought
you that!" So everyone is piling in the car and he asks
us where we are headed. We are going home but since the bus
left the school at 2pm and its like 3pm, I'm going to have to
get them to take me home. I havent been able to drive my stick
shift car since my knee has been hurt. I realize that the
girl who lives in my neighborhood left earlier with her
boyfriend so I don't have a ride home. I said that they are
gonna have to drive me. He asks where I live and I tell him.
He says I can drive you and my friends all squeal again!
So I'm super excited and I say sure! He says he is going that way anyway.
So I jump in his convertible mustang (the top was up though)
and we start driving towards my house.

My mom is at work and wont be home until 6:00 pm and that conversation comes up when we are making my way to my house. He says do you normally stay by yourself? I tell him, normally I'm with
all the girls after cheer practice and we are ususally doing
stuff like going shopping or to the beach or the movies.
It's summer!

I drive my own car but since the knee injury I
have been taking the bus. The bummer about it is that I have
to leave at 7:30 am and we don't even start practice until 10:00 am.
So I hang out in the quad by myself until then. He says he didn't
realize that I got to school so early. He says he is normally
there too by 9am so I should come to the locker room if I want
to hang out until we start practice. I tell him thats cool!

So we get to my house and I tell him thanks for the ride. He
says can I check out your house? I am freaking out! YES! So
he comes in and I give him the whole tour of the house. He says
he wants to see my room. Now I'm really embarrassed. I have
a pretty clean room but I know he is so mature its gonna seem
like I'm so immature. I have a bunch of cheerleading stuff
on my walls from last year and he wasn't at our school until
the end of the year so we (girls) hardly knew anything about

He says that anytime I need a ride home, I should feel free
to ask since its so close for him! He sees my picture of my
Junior Prom and says, oh you went to the prom with "Steve
Johnson", and I say, Yes but we weren't boyfriend and
girlfriend! He had broken up with his girlfriend and asked
me. But I didnt really think he would be my boyfriend...I
just wanted to go to prom! He says, Hmmmm. I dont know
what that meant! Anway, hes graduated and I don't even see
him anymore except at a party every now and again. Well,
Steve was a football player and was a good one too. He seemed
kinda jealous of Steve but I don't know why! Maybe because
Steve was taller than he was? But how could he have known him?
He asks if Steve ever tried to kiss me? And I told him, "to
be honest, yes...he did". I told him I didnt like Steve
as a boyfriend though. He was a guy who everyone said liked
me and everyone encouraged me to say yes. But I didnt really
think he liked me. I figured it would be because he would
get back with his old girlfriend. He then asks me if I would
feel funny showing him my bathing suit since I was in my own
room? I told him no, not at all. So I slipped out of my shorts
and took off my t-shirt. I still have sand on my body so I told
him my mom would probably yell at me for having sand tracked
all over the house. He laughed and said thats what moms are
for! So Im standing there and showing him my bathing suit.
He says, "God you got dark today". So I'm really
happy that he noticed and I slip my finger in my bottoms and
pull down a little bit to show him the color difference!
He says, jeez thats a lot in 1 day and volunteers that he loves
tan lines! So I sit back on my bed and he leans over and kisses
me. Wow! Im kissing coach cutie.

He is so hot. Kisses way better than Steve Johnson and he
leans me back so I'm laying on my bed. On my bed!!! Wow!
(more to be continued)

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2008-11-02 10:43:55
i just love this story.what is the chapter4 called?


2008-10-26 18:40:23
Look, you have a great story idea here and you seem to be working hard to create the teen girl's POV. You get A for rffort.

However you should fill it in, rather than stream of conscious writing, try to fill the story in with background and feelings. If you are willing to make the effort you could be a very proficient writer.

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