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Young girl discovers a new feeling
I spent my teenage years growing up out in the middle of nowhere on a Texas farm. We had a small house with a barn not located far from the house. My father always needed help to get the fields ready for plowing, repairing fences, and especially during harvest time. Living in South Texas, it was common practice for ranchers and farmers to hire illegals that were passing through our town to help work the fields.

As a young teenage girl, it was fun to have new people around the farm to talk to even though many of them could barely speak a lick of English. Although everyone in my family could speak Spanish fluently, I could never really grasp speaking the language but could usually understand what they said. I would try to talk to the immigrant workers my father had hired to learn about their families, where they had come from, and how longed they would be staying at the farm but sometimes we just couldn’t communicate.

As I grew older and my body began to mature, a strange feeling began to overcome me. As I watch these men working out in the hot sun, sweating, sometimes with their shirts off an uncontrollable urge to touch myself grew between my legs. I would regularly take the Mexican men some water to drink, trying not to get caught gazing at their muscular chest, then rush back inside to the bathroom, and furiously rub my clit as I watched them through the bathroom window.

I became even more adventurous by wearing just a loose fitting top and skimpy short to deliver their drinks. As I walked out to the field carrying the picture of water, the workers would tap each other on the shoulder and point in my direction. The guys would gather around staring and making comments to each other as I approached. I would purposely bend over to pour their drinks placing my young firm tits in the face of one, while my skimpy shorts would ride up showing my ass cheeks in the face of another. The Mexican men would make rude comments between each other as I was serving them their drinks thinking that I didn’t understand a word of what they were saying. But I would love hearing their disgusting sexual comments and enjoy the way all of them eyeballed my nice firm breast and tight ass.

The illegals would sleep in the barn and my father converted our detached laundry room to double as a bathhouse located directly behind our house. It was a small little shed that housed a toilet, a washing machine, and standup shower. One night, I was outside playing hide and seek with my younger brother and sister. While looking for a place to hide, I decided to duck behind a thick bush next to the shed. I heard the door to the shed close and someone moving around inside. I thought it might be my sister search for me so I peaked into window of the shed.

Raul, a 45 year old Mexican worker, was removing his shirt as I peered through the window. I knew I shouldn’t be watching but I couldn’t pull myself away. With his back to me, he slowly began removing his pants and underwear bending over exposing a nice brown ass, muscular legs, and could clearly see his quite large ball sack that hung between his legs. As I watched him undress, my hand had found its way between my legs sliding across my moist shorts.
As I rubbed with myself, I was hoping Raul would turn around so I could finally see my first cock. Luckily my prayers were answered and he turned toward the window showing me all his manhood. My mouth fell open and my eyes locked on to his soft cock hanging between his legs. His soft cock was about 3 inches long, had a big mushroom shaped head, and very fat looking. My eyes traveled up the rest of Raul’s 5’6” naked body. His weathered skin and protruding gut didn’t match his nice muscular legs and arms. As my eyes reached his face, I could have sworn he was looking directly at me so I ducked down out of sight. A few moments later, I couldn’t restrain from taking a peek and had to look again, so I slowly peeked into the shed window again.

He had climbed into the shower with the shower curtain halfway open. I could see the water running all over his older body, down over his hairy chest, smoothly over his round ass, and down his muscular thighs. I couldn’t believe the view before me and how hot it was making me. He lathered his body with soap paying particular attention to his now growing penis. I watched in amazement as he massaged his cock and balls making it grow larger and larger. His penis fully erected was about 6 inches long and completely filled his big rough hand as his fingers rapped around it.

My pussy was on fire and my shorts were completely soaked from my wetness. I shoved my hand down inside my shorts and under my little panties rubbing my fingers across my swollen lips. As Raul stroked his cock, I imagined him sliding his fat cock between my legs taking my sweet virginity. My legs began shaking as a wave of pleasure shot through my body making me bite my lip to keep me from moaning out loud.

Raul must have heard me moaning because soon after I came. He began thrusting his pelvis making his cock slide through his hand, his head rolled back with his eyes closed, and then his cock started to spasm let a creamy white liquid shoot out all over the shower wall. Once he was done shooting his huge load, he slowly opened his eyes and turned his head looking over his shoulder directly at me, winking and smiling.

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2008-11-18 17:12:58
Otheres may think it fiction, but I liked it anyway, whether fiction of not. good story, but too short


2008-10-26 18:23:11
Incomplete even as flash fiction

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