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The Start of Our Love
“I’ m home, you motherfucker, get your ass downstairs we need to talk!” I hear as the front door shut behind my bitch of a wife. I was in my daughter’s room on the bed naked with Lauren. Anyways, I quickly got my clothes on and told Lauren that I would be right back and that she should get dressed as well. I hurried down the steps and saw my wife and her blonde 5’11 friend Marla and Marla’s 18 year old brunette daughter Sarah next to her. They all looked at me and Linda said “ You are a shitty husband, an excuse for an adult, and I am moving out on you and our excuse of a daughter. I am moving in with Marla and Sarah who by the way, I HAVE BEEN FUCKING FOR A YEAR!”I don’t want any more of a part in this family, and once I get my things, us 3 are going to move to California.”

I watched her pack all of her things into her 3 Gucci suitcases over the course of 2 hours. She finally was done and went into Laurens room before leaving. She said to Lauren, who was in her bed crying after overhearing all of the feuding that had gone on this afternoon after our amazing love making, “ You will live with your father for the rest of your life, I’m not coming back, I was never a good mother to you and now I don’t have to be, goodbye and happy birthday.” And just like that Linda stormed off with Sarah and Marla. After they had left I went up to Laurens room to check up on her. I opened her door and saw my beautiful daughter on her bed naked and she said to me “ Its about time my wish came completely, true, its me and you daddy forever and ever.” With that I stripped naked and climbed on top of her and stuck my dick inside of her fucking gorgeous clit. I began going deeper and she began to yell in pain and then she told me “daddy, im no longer a virgin, im all yours.” I then began to ram my dick inside of her slowly, and kiss her passionately. We were kissing each other like 2 lovers that would never see each other again, yet we now will for the rest of our lives. I kept moving inside of her slowly while my tongue was all inside of her cute lips and mouth. I honestly looked at her as a soulmate now, she is so adorable and beautiful and mine, that I wanted everything to last forever.

She then broke the kiss and said “ Daddy I love you, I want you to fuck me harder then book a flight for us 2 to any island, because daddy, we have a honeymoon ahead of us.” With that I began to ram her harder, and stop kissing her. I began to go deep and fast and she was screaming oh so loud. She was saying “ooooooooooh yeahhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk me daddddddddddy.” I then without warning came all inside and over her pussy, and she moaned and reached down to her pussy and put the cum dripping, on her hands and rubbed it all over her boobs. Once we had finished she hopped off the bed and decided to take out a white sundress, and black leggings, with no thong or bra. She put these on while I called up my travel agent and told him I need 2 seats on any plane to any island in the nicest hotel. He figured that out for me and told me we had a 2 oclock in the afternoon flight to Hawaii. I walked into Laurens room and told her the news and she said “ ill pack up later, but right now I want to go out for dinner, it is my birthday after all.” I laughed, got dressed and drove to her favorite Italian restaurant about 45 minutes away from our house. She hopped on the front seat and gave me a kiss and we began to drive.

About 20 minutes into the car ride, she lifted up her sundress and removed her leggings. She then lifted her sundress over her head, and reclined the seat completely back. I said “Lauren what the fuck are you doing?!? She said “ Hush now sweety, and take those fingers of yours and put them in my pussy, ill love it daddy. I took control of the wheel with my left hand, and I was on a highway for another 10 minutes so no turns were nessecary. I moved my right hand across the dashboard, with my eyes on the road, and felt around until I found her pussy lips. As I felt around, I felt that her skin was so smooth and her legs were so nice. Anyways I got 2 fingers into her clit and began to go in slowly. I moved my fingers inside her soft pussy in nice slow strokes so I could hear her cute moans. As she laid down in my car naked, with my 2 fingers inside of her, a cop pulled aside of my car as I was admiring her body. I heard the sirens and I panicked. I thought oh no, im screwed for life, performing sexual acts on my own daughter. I pulled over and made Lauren put her leggings and sundress back on, and made her recline the seat up.
A knock on my window, I opened, “ License and Registration.” “No Problem mam, I opened up my glovebox and gave it to the woman. This officer who stood beside me was black, about 6 feet tall, long black hair and dark brown eyes. She said “ who would you be young lady?” Lauren innocently responded “ My name is Lauren.” The officer then said “ Well Lauren, I just saw your daddy performing a sexual act on you, now I have the right to place your daddy in jail for a very long time, or you can let me do what your father just did to you.” “Excuse me mam?” says Lauren. I then say “ What are you talking about officer?” She then said “ Follow my car and you will see.”

A silence between me and my daughter was in motion while we followed this police officers car to a house about 5 minutes away from where we were on the highway. She then pulled into her driveway, as did I. Me and Lauren exited our car as we followed this women into her house. When we got inside, she led us into her bedroom. She then directed me and my daughter to remove our clothes, which we uneasily did. She then handcuffed us both together and handcuffed us to the headboard of her bed. She then said “ I know this comes off in the weirdest way possible, but me and my daughter Meme once shared the type of love I saw you two have in the car today.” My husband left us when she was 10, and we started to fall/make love when she turned 12. As 2 years passed, I found out that my husband was secretly having an affair with her as well, and she left and moved away on me about 2 months ago.” I saw a cute teenage girl sharing that love with your father today and ive missed that so much, that im propositioning you both would you both make love with me?

Me and Lauren looked at each other, whispered in each others ears and after a minute we decided that we would definitely fuck with this beautiful tall muscular big chested black women. Lauren then said “ Hey baby whats your name.” The officer then said “ Im officer Smith and you two are in big big trouble.”


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