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Three sisters get revenge on a familty who turned them into what they are today

She was absolutely beautiful. She was the most popular girl in our high school and in the final grade and was cheerleader since the beginning of the school year.


She had beautiful ice blue eyes with striking blonde hair that made her the most noticed and admired girl in our school. she is eighteen and had the most curvaceous body after me that was. Her hips were nice and slender and her waist was small C cup and stood out proudly. I had wanted her for some time now as revenge and a sex toy and I finally had her. I was strolling around the school grounds one afternoon and stumbled upon her paying a school outcast for drug with her body. She was sucking and slurping his cock like she hadn't eaten for days and it had me horny as hell. Luckily for me I had my phone with me and took all the pictures and recorded it for future purposes. Since Nicole and I were amongst the popular crowd information like this could ruin her and her family's reputation for life. I wasn't the only one in this plan though.

It was pure revenge for me and my sisters. Nicola's Dad was what people would called a mad scientist. He was completely sadistic and simply insane. He kidnapped our mum and used her for sick experiments and he finally ruined her when she gave birth to my older sister Kim who was 23 and turned out to have a dick. My mum went mad. But he continued to hid her from his family and impregnated her a few more times with me and my sister Pamela. All three of us had dicks and my mother ended up killing herself and the mad scientist who ended up to be our father which made Nicola our half sister. The thing was Nicola's mother knew what happened but because she hated my mother so much she refused to interfere. The only reason we know so much is because my mother was a strong woman and hid hid her journals of her experience. When we found out to say we were upset was an understatement. All three of us were separated but somehow we found each other through the internet and we met up and planned everything. Me and Pamela lived together whilst Kim kept an eye on Amy Nicola's twin sister who was in boarding school in England with her mother. Her mother had to be in her forties by now but Kim called saying she still looked in he thirties and it might have something to do with our fathers experiments. Pamela was a science teacher in the school and arranged for me and Nicola to be in the same class in hopes of keeping an eye on her and we both did. Pamela was gorgeous. Long wavy red hair and striking green eyes. She was also very curvy and had 36DD breast and she had a beautiful cola bottle shaped body and had a nine inch cock which was at 3 inches thick. Kim was blonde for some reason but it showed that the seven of us were related. Her eyes were slightly grey-green and she was a tall athletic build but had E cup breast and endless legs with a tight ass. Natalie who was Nicola's older sister was a 34DD bitch who had tormented my sister in school not knowing our covered his with one another and my sister kept quiet taking the abuse because she wanted information and she wanted her revenge and we were finally getting it. Natalie was at least 5,7 and she had a model type body,. Slender but curvy hips small waist, and long lean legs and Amy dyed her hair jet black but still had ice blue eyes and was a D cup and had small curves and a tight round ass that was toned to perfection.

I smirked at all the possibilities that formed into my mind. She had spread a rumour that I was a dyke without any provocation on my part and now I was known as a freak; I used to be popular and adored by the guys until she spread that rumour which was true; but no one needed to know that. I am a natural red head with piercing green eyes and a body to die for. My bust was at least a D cup and stood proud and perky. My stomach was flat and toned due all to the cheer leading practice. My hips were nice and curvy and my ass was well rounded and gave me the most adored figure. I would turn her into even more of a slut than she already was

I walked into the science classroom wearing my normal school uniform the shirt hugged my tits nicely. I wore a short pleated skirt with only knee high socks and sat down besides Nicola with a small smile. We were right at the back of the classroom and the tables were set up for experiments which meant a table for two with grey boards isolating the pair and their experiment. I could what I wanted to her without anyone looking. I looked at beautiful body and the nice amount of cleavage she let show through her shirt. Her uniform was identical to mine with the exception of the knee high socks. She looked at me with disgust and looked back to our teacher who was my sister obviously. My sister was dressed in a simple denim skinny leg jeans and a simple black top which showed off her slim stomach and big breast.. Nicola was without all her friends and that was a good thing for us; she would be more submissive without her gang and more co-operative. I smirked and said looking at the teacher as well

"Nice to see you Nicole how have you been?" She glared at me with hatred and said forwardly

"Cut the bull shit, what do you want?" I smirked and reached into my bag and threw the photos to the table. I watched her reaction and smirked when her face contorted into pure horror and embarrassment. She knew what this would do to her and she knew the price was high for my silence

"How the hell did you get this?" I laughed and placed a hand on her thigh; she flinched I laughed and gripped onto her harder knowing there may be a slight bruise. She looked at me with a slight fear that had increased my confidence and said

"What is you want Sandra!" I smirked and said rubbing her thigh up and down and slowly reaching for her shirt and undoing another button making her bra show able

"The price for my silence is that we have one sexual encounter and you will receive all the negatives!" She paled and looked at me in complete shock. I looked at my sister with a small smirk which was a sign for her to hurry up and finish her lecture so the experiments could start.

"Do as i want for the day and you'll have your pics!" She nodded hesitantly and i laughed quietly and stroked her thighs without a care in the world. We finally had her. She had small tears in her eyes and she looked down ashamed at her situation. Her skin felt beautiful against my hands and I looked her straight in the eyes and watched as her eyes brimmed with tears as I parted her legs a little wider and moved her underwear aside and softly cupped her cunt and said against her ear loving the feeling of power I held against her

"We will have a lot of fun today!" I slowly pushed my finger in to her dry cunt knowing she was feeling discomfort and slowly began to fuck her with it. We were at the very back of the classroom so no one saw what we were doing. I smiled a little and grabbed her breast with my free hand and said grabbed them in awe of how big they were compared to mine. They couldn't even fit into my palm completely. I laughed at her hatefully and shameful face then stopped my ministration when the teacher said with a bored tone but I could tell she was as exited as me

"I am allowing you to leave this lesson early to start preparing the assignment!" The class cheered and I smiled and stayed seated Nicola looking at me with shock. I smirked and watched as all the students eagerly left the classroom forgetting that we were in the back. I smirked and turned to face Nicola fully and began to unbutton her shirt when she seemed to find her vocal chords at the last moment and said

“Miss Rose is still here!” I smirked at her black lacy bra and said snidely

“I know!” I smirked as my sister stood behind me and watched with a sick smirk on her face. I laughed and watched as Nicola began to cry as she realised what was going on. I laughed and pulled down her bra cups watching her nipples in awe. They were so pink and pointy. Pamela laughed and said leaning over me and grabbing Nicola's breast

“What a fine little bitch you are!” She shuddered at my sisters harsh words and gasped in shock as I entered another finger and said

“Be a very good girl and the photo won't get around!” I quickly spun around her stool so her back was to the desk and pushed her head back and with my sisters help lifted her on the table and climbed unto of her whilst my sister held her legs in the air and sat on the stool. I smirked at Nicolas petrified and outraged face and said squeezing her nipples

“Kiss me!” She shook her head and cried so I squeezed harder causing her to gasp in pain. I had no idea what my sister was doing down there but Nicola started thrashing I looked down to see that my sister was literally biting at Nicola's clit. I laughed a little and forced my lips to hers drowning out her screams and sucked her tongue fiercely whilst fondling her large breast. She was amazing. I could feel he nipples erecting and the fact that her body was enjoying but she wasn't was more than exhilarating. I slowly moved away from her mouth listening to her strangled sounds of pleasure and pan and quickly latched my mouth unto her beautiful full breast and sucked on her rosy nipples. I listened as she moaned and sucked harder occasionally swirling my tongue around her stiff bud. I took hold of her other breast and gave it the same treatment sucking and biting until I felt her back arch, and watched as her head snapped back and tears streamed down her face and her whole body going rigid before she let out a small scream before collapsing back on the table with a small thud. I watched as my sister got up and said smirking with triumph

“Now that is done dear Nicola; I will leave you and my sister alone. I smirked as my sister looked over at Nicola and said with satisfaction

“I'll have everything sorted out by the end of the day!” she nodded with a cruel smile and gave the weeping blondes tit one quick and brutal squeeze before strutting out the door with a small smirk.

I climbed off Nicola and quickly took out my camera phone and began to take pictures of her semi-nude form and paid extra attention to her pussy leaking with cum. She barely noticed what I was doing until I pulled her up by her hair and spread her legs wide open bunching her skirt up to her waist and opening her shirt a little more so the camera could get a good look at the persons face and body. I watched as her eyes widened in shock and I smirked and put my phone away saying

“Well I got part of what I need; now call your sister and say you will be staying at a friends house tonight!” I watched as she looked at me with a hint of anger before replying and covering herself up

“Wha makes you think I will actually do what you say?” I laughed and said moving closer to her and placing both palsm on her breast

“Because if you don't those pictures and more will be shown to everyone!” She looked at me with slight fear and apprehension and a little anger and stiffened as I played with a overly ripe tits

“Now make the call bitch!”

She had finally finished talking to that sexy sister of hers and relayed the conversation back to me and I watched as she shifted nervously on the table. I smiled at her discomfort and said dragging her to her feet

"Were going to the old changing rooms in the old building, no one will be there!" she lead the way reluctantly and ignored a few of the curious looks that came our way.

We finally got to the building and I locked the door behind us and watched as she shifted for foot to foot in nervousness. I looked at her with a small smirk and ran my hand along her cheek in a loving manner. She flinched away and tears began to fall down her face as I laughed at her humiliation. I slowly stepped back and said with a cool voice

"Take off your shirt; want to see those breast!" She slowly did so. She didn't seem to mind taking the clothes off I think she was more afraid of what I would do to her sexually. I smiled as her shirt came off and in all their glory her breast stood proud. I latched onto them and fondled them softly loving the shock that passed over Nicola's features. She was absolutely stunning. I took each nipple in between my thumb and finger and began bouncing them around making her wince and suck in her breathe as the pain and humiliation finally settled into her system. I smirked a little and un clasped her bra leaving her bare before me. I slowly leaned forward and gave her tits a gentle kiss. She gasped and watched as I stuck out my tongue and rolled her now hardened nipples around. I watched as tears streamed down her face and smiled as I took both her breast and squeezed them together making her nipples touch and sucked onto them like I was about to suck out milk from a mothers breast. She gasped loudly this time and I laughed and began nibbling on them. I pulled back and watched as bruises began to form on her beautiful tits. I smiled and opened my back pack and took out a black blind fold and tied it around her head. She began shaking in fear about what would happen next but she wasn't going to know until the last minute. I grinned gleefully and ripped away the rest of her clothing not caring whether I damaged them or not. I looked over her body more than excited to see what it would feel like to be inside of her.

I walked around her checking out her goods. I would definitely have fun with her ass today. I went back to my back pack and began pulling out the digital camera's that my sister owned and set them up around the room. She stood in the same placed scared about what would happen if she tried to cross me. Everything she was going to do today would be recorded and then I would have her as most beautiful slave. I took the rope out my back pack and wrapped it around her breast binding her breast as tight as possible. It was a sight to behold. Her nipples stood painfully erect and her breast were pushed together giving her very deep cleavage. I smiled at my handy work and took two butterfly clips from my bag They were both metal and were like the clips one would use on the car motor when it wouldn't start. I quickly slapped them unto her nipples and laughed cruelly at her screams of pain. They were music to my ears, a sound to truly behold. I laughed at her and watched as her lips quivered and turned pink through all her biting. I leaned forward and slowly captured her lips in a fierce kiss. She slowly kissed back not wanting to anger me and it pleased me that she knew the rules to the game. I kissed her with conviction forcing her lips apart and caressing the caverns in her mouth. she was sweet and tasted like honey. I moaned a little as she fought back with her tongue. I laughed a little and caressed her tits knowing they were hurting her more than ever. she began crying and begging for me to take them off. I laughed and dragged her up by her hair and pulled her along with me and threw her to the bench. She sat there hunched over in pain and said

"I already agreed to what you wanted why are you hurting me?" I didn't bother answering her. I slowly knelt between her spread legs and eagerly pushed aside her lips. She groaned a little at the pressure applied and stilled as my finger entered her. She was as tight as ever. I watched as her juices slowly began to coat my finger. She was quietly moaning as I fucked her with my beautifully manicured fingers. I smirked and inserted another finger pounding her pussy harder knowing she was loosing self control. This was just perfect; the camera would be eating this up. I smirked and slowly leaned forward and took her clit with my tongue and slowly began to suck on it. She moaned loudly this time and said panting heavily

"Oh god, stop please, this is wrong!" I giggled in her pussy knowing the vibrations of my laugh was turning her on even more. I watched as she gripped the bench with unmistakable pleasure as I continued to eat her out. Her cum was delicious. She tasted heavenly. I sucked and slurped until she began shaking. I watched her with pleasure as she began to climax and quickly knelled below her and watched as her cum squirted out of her pussy. I laughed and caught most of the cum in my mouth. I held it there and straddled Nicola's hips and kissed her fully on the lips. She resisted at first and it annoyed me to no end so I grabbed both her breast and pulled on them viciously. She seemed to get the message because she let out a long screech and allowed me to penetrate her mouth. I kissed her with my cum filled mouth and eagerly pushed her own cum down her throat. she gagged but continued kissing me. I began to massage her nipples softly knowing her breast were still hurting but I really didn't care. I kissed her harder and smiled in triumph as she gulped down her own cum, this was making me incredibly hot and I felt myself grow hard. I slowly got off her looked down at her naked body and demanded

“Masturbate and say how much you loved this experience and make it sound convincing!" she looked at me with disgust and said opening her legs and pushing her fingers inside

"This experience was amazing, no man has ever man me cum like that, I wish I could do I again, I am a fuckin slut, a bitch a whore. women can fuck me anyway they want!" she then glared at me and said angrily

"Can I put my clothes on now?" I nodded and motioned to her clothes discarded on the floor. What she didn't know was that I had cut a holes in her crouch and ass area and that her bra was no completely damaged. She slowly put on her shirt now noticing what I had did to her bra and quickly put on her panties. I watched as her breast moved uncontrollably in her school shirt and slowly approach her from behind and cuddled her from behind and squeezed her breast softly and kissed her neck in a loving way. She stilled not moving; I grinned a little and unbuttoned her top buttons and took he nipple between my fingers and softly fondled them. She moaned a little and turned round startling me and kissed me fiercely. She was up to something and I knew that for a fact, but no matter she will get her just deserts. I kissed her back and guided her to the wall and grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled her head to the side and kissed her neck making sure the camera was getting a good look at this. I smirked as I felt her hands grope my covered breast. I untangled her hair and watched as she knelled down and unbuttoned my shirt and pulled down my white bra took my breast in her mouth and began sucking eagerly. I smiled a little not really feeling aroused any more and glad that I wasn't otherwise she would see how hard I was but happy that she was doing this willingly even if she had something up her sleeve. as she continued sucking my breast I slowly manoeuvred my fingers under her skirt and jammed two fingers into her cunt. she stiffened and jumped back in anger slapping my face in the process. She was seething with anger and said adjusting herself

"You will pay for what you did to me you dyke bitch!" It seemed like she had forgotten she was following me home so I quickly grabbed her back by hair hair slamming her to the wall and said pressing her face against the wall and lifted her skirt stroking her toned assassinations

“Your staying with me the whole night or have you forgotten. Behave or I'll have to pop that cherry of yours with a beer bottle!” she stiffened and nodded aware of her situation and I grinned at her submission and said turning her around and slapping her face as hard as I could

“Do that again and I'll make sure everything you experienced here will be ten times worse!” and pushed her out the door smirking. Tonight she was loosing her virginity to me and my sister.


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Realy it is fantastic I enjoyed it

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