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Adventures Of Corey Series.
Adventures of Corey
Marine Visitor

After the punks left the restroom, I took a deep breath and went to the sink to spatter my face with water. The janitor rolled his work cart into the restroom. It was Bill. He’d caught me sucking off one of my buddies in his Janitor’s closet one day, and offered me his cock to keep him quiet. He was the first black man I’d ever sucked off. He has a very large cock and it was awesome to suck. We’ve done it several time since then.

“Hey Corey. How’s it going with ya? Were those boys giving you are hard time, or where you giving them a good time? Ha Ha. You gotta watch out for that Adam and his punk buddies. They can be real assholes at times. What ya doing at school so late anyway? Shouldn’t you be on your way home? I’m about to finish up here and can give you a ride home if you’d like.” He said as he continued to put his equipment in the storage closet.

“I’ll have to stop by my place and check on my younger brother first. He just arrived last night from Marine boot camp and is staying awhile we me. Hot looking young man. I think you’d like him. Okay with you? My trucks just out back in the lot.

“Sure. My dad’s at work and my brothers are at football practice. I’d like to meet your brother.”

We hopped in his old Ford truck and headed out. He only lived a few blocks from the school so it only took us 10 minutes to arrive. I wasn’t sure if Bill intended me to have sex with his Marine brother, but if he was hot, I would probably enjoy the experience.

We went into his house and into the living room; where Bill introduced me to his studly hot looking younger brother, Jason. Jason was not much older than my oldest brother only taller and built like a brick outhouse. He was wearing his marine camouflaged pants, kaki body shirt. and laced up boots. He was polite and stood when we were introduced. I thought to myself, “what a body!” and flopped down on the couch.

“How’s things going for ya Jason? Are they treating ya okay?”

“As well as can be expected. I ain’t seen no action yet cause I just got out a Boot. Gonna take a few days sleepen then back to the old grind. Would ya like some um to drink? I’d offer ya a 'brewski' but don’t think we have any left, besides you’re not old enough to drink, are ya?”

Just then Bill interrupted our conversation.

“Hey guys. I forgot to pick up some beer for you Jason but I’ll run down to the store and pick up some beer and stuff. Need anything? I’ll be back in about an hour cause I need a quick oil change at the lube place. Corey. If you need to go home I can drop ya now.”

“No Bill I’m not too far from home so I can walk, besides, Jason says he wants to show me the room you fixed up for him. Thanks anyway.”

“Ok. I’ll take my time for ya two to get acquainted. See ya later men.” Then Bill gave me a wink and headed out the door.

“You gonna show me that room, Jason?” I said as I stood waiting for his next move.

“Yeah! Sure! Bill was nice enough to let me stay here while on leave. Our folks live on the other side of the country so he offered to let me stay with him. Here’s my room. Not much, but it’s clean. I’ve got some playboy centerfolds I want to tack up yet. Here look. What cha think? Huh? This is my favorite.” Jason continued to show the girly centerfolds to Corey.

“Yeah the’re hot….If you like girls, but I like men.” I bravely expressed myself. Suddenly there was a quiet pause.

“Aw…You’re aw. Aw one of those…aw.. Gay boys?” He stuttered out.

“Yeah. I’m one of those gay boys.” I laugh quietly. “I thought Bill might have told you. I’ve made it with him a few times. He’s a hot man.”

“Yeah I guess he did mention it but you don’t seem like a fag to me. You’re so straight looking. Not like what I pictured a …..Fag to look like.”

“Hope I don’t make you feel uncomfortable. I take it you’ve never been with a guy before?”

“No. Guess I’m still cherry in that department.” We both laughed. It helped break the ice.

I looked at Jason as he was kneeling on the bed. He shyly looked away and down at the centerfolds he’d saved. I slowly reached out and touched his hard muscular chest. He didn’t push my hand away so I pulled up his tight body shirt and rubbed his abs. A slight bulge was forming under his camouflaged pants. I pulled up his shirt as he lifted his arms. His light honey brown body was smooth and hairless. I rubbed his protruding nipples. He closed his eyes, still looking down.

“Set on the bed and put your feet on the floor while I remove your booths.” He followed my instructions like a disciplined marine.

I untied his shoestrings and removed each booth. He lay back on the bed as I unsnapped his belt buckle and started unbuttoning his pants, then his zipper until I could see his marine green boxer shorts and a large bulge of his cock.

Moister had developed from his piss slit and a small spot emerged. I pulled on his pants as he lifted his hips. He pulled a pillow from the head of the bed and placed it behind his head. I was admiring this honey brown man. I just wanted to gobble him up. I slowly pulled his boxers over his hips and noticed his large hard cock was darker than the rest of his body. The moist cock head was partially covered with soft silky foreskin. As he hardened, the skin slowly eased back exposing about one half of his pinkish-brown cock head.

I knelt between his legs and feet on the floor. My hand rested on his inner thighs slowly moving up his body until I caressed his dark hairy balls. He moved with anticipation. His cock was so large and heavy that it rested on his stomach to his chest.

I slid up to inhale the musky scent of his dark hairy balls and enclosed my hand around his large cock while licking and caressing his balls.

I positioned myself between his firm legs. His cock was very large at the base and tapered up to the opening of his delicious oozing cockhead. I kissed my way up his cock shaft until I reached the partially covered head.

I sensed a secretion of cock smegma gathered under his long brown foreskin. I moved my tongue under the foreskin and cleaned the remaining juices until the foreskin moved back to expose his large dark honey-brown bulbous cock head. Clear pre-cum juices oozed, dripping onto his abs.

Jason was moving about, tousling his head from one side to the other, licking and biting his arm in animalistic sexual behavior. I was enthusiastically making love to every inch of his perfectly sculptured body. I gripped his big cock with both hands and placed my mouth over the moist head, then ran my tongue around the head a few more times before going down on him. His cock was so large around my fingers could not touch on the other side. I had both hands around him yet I had more room to place even another hand.

His cock must be a good 12 inches long and 9 inches around.... or more. He was as large as my coach at school, or even a bit larger. I’d never had problems getting a big dick off by sucking but I knew this one might be a challenge. The only way I might get this cock off was to have him fuck me. That could be another bigger challenge.

I continued to make love to his manhood and balls. I could only spread my mouth so far but I’d managed to take most of the head and a few more inches. Jason seemed to be enjoying it but must have known I was having a small problem. He spoke for the first time.

“Dude. You’re doing a great job, but I’m so hot I need to cum. Chew on my balls while I pound my pud. When I’m ready to cum you’ll know it. I need to get off real bad. My nuts are aching. It’s been several week, so I’ve built up quite a load.”

Jason grabbed his cock with both hands and started to masturbate like a wild animal. Just watching him jack off was about to send me over as well. I started chewing and licking on his tight balls and sticking my fingers close to his warm sweaty anus opening. He grunted and moaned as sweat pored from his body. He was going wild. I could feel his body tense and I got ready to take his load but then he shouted.

“Take my fucken load cocksucker. I’m gonna shoot.” And he did! Before I could get his first gusher, it shot out of his cock head, flew up in the air about 6 feet and over his right shoulder to the other side of the bed. I quickly put my eager mouth over the continued gushing of man juices from his mountainous cock. I swallow and drank it down as quickly as I could. He came and came like old faithful. I had never seen a man cum so much at one time. It was just awesome.

“Oh my god, Jason. That was awesome, just awesome. Wow! Wow! Wow!” I kept repeated. “You’re just wild when you cum. Man, you’ve got to fuck me. I want you to fuck me silly.” There I had said it I just had to convince Jason to fuck me. I needed it.

I started rubbing his sweaty body and licking the remaining cum from his abs, chest and cock. Even after he had cum, his cock was still semi-hard and beautiful. I looked up to see if he was still conscious but he had fallen asleep. I quietly took a towel from the bathroom and started drying his body. I covered his naked body with a sheet and let him sleep it off.

Just as I arrived back in Bill’s living room, I heard his truck pull up in the driveway. I picked up a magazine and quickly set on the couch.

“Hello Corey. Where’s Jason?”

“He’s in the bedroom asleep. I think he’s tired from his trip here”

…..”Or worn out from your draining?” Bill injected, then laughed.

“I just saw your father at the garage and told him you were here at my house and might just stay over to visit with my marine brother. He said it was okay with him if you wanted to say until tomorrow. What do ya say, Corey? Do you want to stay the night? You might have to sleep with Jason. I’m sure you two are getting along fine. Huh??

Jason walked into the room still in his boxer shorts. “Did I hear my name mentioned?”

“Yeah. Corey might stay the night and I told him he might have to sleep with you, if you didn’t mind.”

Jason looked at me and smiled. “Sure. Might be interesting.”

We had some pizza and watched some TV until early PM, then Jason acted like he was tired and said he was ready to go to bed. That’s all the encouragement I needed.

Jason stripped off his boxers while I stripped off my clothes and got into bed. Bill was messing around in the Kitchen while we lay quietly next to each other.

I put my arm on his stomach and felt the head of his large cock resting near his navel. Needless to say, it was already getting hard. I didn’t waist any time and leaned over to savor the juices already oozing from his cock. He was ready for more action. After a few more licks and kissing his cock, he was as hard as a rock. I wanted him to fuck me but wasn’t sure if either of us were ready. I didn’t want to turn him off by offering him my ass nor was I sure if I could take his enormous cock.

“Jason. Would you like to try to fuck my ass? I’d love to get your cock in my asshole but not sure if we can manage it. If you have some lube I can put some on you, set on you to see if we can get it in. You’ll have to be patient with me, but once you have it in my warm hole, you’ll love it.”

Without speaking Jason pulled a tube of lube from his nightstand and handed it to me. I lubed his big cock just enough to make it slide into me easier. Too much lube and it would ruin the sensation, that’s why I never like to be fucked with a condom. It kills most of the good feeling.

I moved over his body and guided his cock to my anus. The head was oozing pre-cum so it was easier to put in. The head eased in nicely. It was slowly sliding deep into the caverns of my body. Gawd it was huge, but it was going in. I felt brave and set directly down on his cock. I shot my load all over his stomach. He looked up at me in surprise, and then gave out a pleasant sigh as he enjoyed the sensation of my warm fuck canal. We paused, and then I started fucking up and down on his cock. Wow. It felt so good. I could feel it moving my insides around until it fit perfectly.

Jason suddenly pulled his legs up, pushed me backwards while I wrapped my legs around his firm honey-brown body. His cock went deep into my body. I thought I was going to scream with delight. Jason then started a firm fucking motion in and out of my ass. I could feel his balls touch my buttocks. He had all 12 inches of his Marine manhood in me.

I pulled him down to my lips and we kissed. He continued to fuck me deep. Now and then he would pull his cock almost all the way out, then shove back in. I knew I would cum again if he did that too many times. We fucked and fucked for about 30 minutes until neither of us could hold out any more.

Then came the final crescendo. He would shove into me; gasping, then leaned forward and kiss again, then fuck me harder and rougher each time. His body movements became more rapid and harder. I came, shooting my second or third load of cum between our bodies. My ass tightened around his cock causing him to start to cum. He was wild! It was breathtaking as he spent his seed deeply into my eager asshole.

Jason laid flat on my cum covered body. I thought he had fallen asleep again, but he stirred and whispered in my ear. “That was sensational. Never would I dream that fucking a dude could be so good. Man. That was good, real good. Ready to do it again, or should I take it out before we start again?” Then he kissed me again and chuckled.

Jason looked to the door where his brother Bill had been standing and watching us fuck.

“Hey, bro. You ready for some sizzling ass? Get that big prick of yours over here and deposit your spunk with mine. I know it’s wet enough for you to fuck.”

“Damn, Bill. How long have you been standing there?” I said

“Just thru the last 15 minutes. Shit, My little brother can sure fuck. Wouldn’t you say? You don’t mind do you Corey? I’ve wanted to fuck that pretty little white ass of yours for a long time. “

As Jason pulled his cum covered cock out of me, his brother Bill lifted my legs and slid his hard cock deep in my ass. Jason’s juices trickled out of my ass and onto the bed sheets.

“Damn Bill, You feel great. I’m ready for you. Use me and shoot your fill in my eager ass.

After Bill fucked me and shot his big load in me, his younger brother was ready to crawl back on me for another long and sensational fuck. This went on all night long. Soon as one would cum in my asshole, the other brother would be ready to fuck me again. This went on until early morning when we were sexually exhausted and fell asleep. I still could feel Jason’s big cock in my cum filled hole before I closed my eyes.

This Marine had landed and established a new beachhead.

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