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A day that started a few months of heaven. Exactly how it happened.
It was a typical warm, sunny Hong Kong day. I was living in the Hilton Hotel and had booked that Saturday on the hotel’s yacht for the lunch cruise to one of the quiet South China Sea bays. It was a perfect day, with the San Miguel beers slipping down a treat. One of the hotel’s staff members, Anna, looked gorgeous in her bikini and was constantly surrounded by most the guys on the cruise. Talk about bees round the honey pot !!! I was only six months married (wife back in England) and had already sampled some local ‘talent’ , so I couldn’t be fazed with competing for the charms of the lovely Anna against several horny and willing guys.

The cruise finished mid afternoon. By then I was not entirely sober, but not drunk either. As I disembarked, Anna was adieuing the guests. I took the proffered hand and at the same time pecked her on the cheek, thanking her for a job well done and a most pleasant few hours.

I thought nothing more of her (apart from regrets that I would not get to know her ‘better’) as I settled down to a quiet night in with only the TV for company. Then, about an hour after I’d gone back to the Hotel, the telephone rang. To my happy surprise, it was Anna. She asked if she could come up to see me, for a chat. The answer was out of my mouth before I could think, and she knocked on my door within minutes. She looked very sexy in her loosely tied blouse, short skirt, and sandals. I offered her a drink, and we chatted. She said she was touched by my politeness and how I had not hounded her during the cruise. I was flattered, and as she stood by the window, I moved behind her and put my arms around her. She was firm to the touch, as was I !!!! She noticed this and pressed her ass back into my crutch which was clearly in an excited state. We began to grind ourselves together and I kissed her neck, moving my hands down to the front of her skirt and pressing her hidden mound. She turned round and we kissed. Tongues were wild, as the chemistry took hold and we knew we both wanted each other very badly. Anna reached down and undid my jeans, pulling down the fly to get at my rock hard cock. My hands were squeezing her ass, under her skirt, and inside her panties, kneading and pulling those firm cheeks. We pulled apart, gasping for breath, finally getting air after the most passionate kissing. She undressed me, kissing each newly exposed part of me, gently kissing off the precum seeping out of my steel like cock. Then it was my turn, to reveal that beautiful young body. First the blouse, then the bra, revealing 2 firm and unusually large Chinese breasts. Dark brown nipples, erect, that I licked, nibbled, sucked, and licked some more. Then I slid off her panties. I wanted the skirt to stay, just a little fetish of mine, having a girl still partly dressed when I fucked her. I pushed hand between her legs, she was soaking wet, I brought it back up to taste the juices and wow, how sweet and delicious. We were desperate for each other, and she lay back on the bed, legs over the end of the mattress, skirt pulled up to her waist, and legs apart, pulling me down on top. I arched myself, sling half of my 7 inches into her. She was not so tight, but tight enough for me to feel her warm vagina burning hot around my cock. Slowly we thrust against each other, but as the tempo quickened, so I went deeper in, and so her moans became louder as she began to orgasm. The kissing was frantic, wet, saliva mixing as we let our instincts dictate the moment. I felt her pussy tighten, grib me vice like, her nails dig into my back, as she cried out in ecstasy and came. I didn’t want to stop, even if I could have, and let my own orgasm explode deep inside her, shooting my seed into her, as our tongues again writhed with sensuous excitement. We lay there, kissing more gently, upon a soaked and stained bedspread, before I pulled my softening cock out, releasing our mixed juices onto the bedspread. We stood shakily up, and she looked at me. ‘I suppose you are married’ she said. I found this a strange thing to say, but could not lie to her. Tears formed in her eyes, slowly running down her face. I held her close, kissing the salty tears away. I felt guilty, but not for cheating on my wife, but for having just given myself to a passionate girl for but a few fleeting moments, knowing it never to be permanent. We kissed again, lay back down on the bed, and made love slowly and tenderly. She had trimmed her pubic hair but it was still a small triangle of soft black fur. I nuzzled into it, finding her clit, and bringing her to more orgasms before again sliding in to give her more of my seed and love. We repeated this again, more vigourously as more effort was needed to make me cum again, the kisses ensuring my cock never flagged.

She left before sunrise, and we had many more loving and marvelously intimate nights together over the next 3 months before my work was finished and I had to return to the UK.

I still think of Anna, and that most wonderful afternoon in Hong Kong. I wonder what became of her ?

anonymous readerReport

2013-12-11 10:21:33
This is why I highly belive men are pigs sometimes... For example my useless as fuck ex-fiance who cheated on me not only with one but 5 fucking whores. Maybe I shouldn't have read this story.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-01-28 23:08:53
this is a very nice story about not being to aggresive and in the end you scored with her and the others didnt a little kindness gose a long way.


2008-11-14 23:15:34
Pretty hard to think that it is true! What nympho if she only wanted to make out with u and not the others

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