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Another boring office party--maybe not!
It was a boring party and neither of them wanted to be there. One of those out of town things that is expected because of business or social expectations. He had seen her early in the evening and when he caught her eye, she lingered, looking directly into his eyes longer than would be expected for just casual eye contact. Every so often he would catch her looking at him, and she would catch him looking at her. She had a low cut, short dress. She caught him watching and reached over the table to give him a good look at her ample breasts; looking him right in the eye as he stared at her. Then again later, bending far over the table when he was behind her, showing him all of her legs that her skirt would reveal. Again, making sure he knew that she knew he saw and enjoyed it.

He walked slowly over toward her, looking at her up and down without hiding it at all. She smiled a big smile; pleased at how much he was enjoying it. He walked right up to her, but didn't stop. He just caught her eye as he passes very, very close to her. Then he swung around behind her and reached to whisper in her ear. His cock was hard and he brushed it against her thigh, then around further and pressed it against her ass. She uttered a soft 'MMMM" with a lilt in her voice. He whispered "I've got something you've been wanting. Let's go." and with that, they abruptly left.

The party was at the downtown 4 Seasons Hotel. At first, he had the doorman call a cab. Then he saw a limo. "What about the limo" he asked the doorman. "It's taken, I think. Someone from the party" the doorman said. "Well, the party is a long way from over."

"Wait here" he told her. She watched as he went to the limo and knocked on the window. The and the driver talked. Then he reached in his pocket and handed something to the driver. "Come on." he called to her.

She hurried to the limo and they both climbed in. The driver had already raised the privacy glass and they were secluded in their hide away, driving through the heart of the city. There was no hesitation. They both knew what they wanted. They kissed. A long wet, probing kiss. Both exploring, tasting; pure passion. He pulled at his jacket and tie. Then she began to help with the buttons on his shirt. Her low cut dress was tied around the back of her neck; halter style. It came loose with a sharp tug on the straps and her breasts were immediately freed. They were round and large with dark round circles and nipples that stood out like erasers. He immediately began to touch them. He rubbed all around them, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. It was almost as if he could not feel them enough. He buried his head between them, then began sucking hard on one nipple then the other. She laid back to give him access and hiked her skirt up. Hose with garter; no panties. She started rubbing her pussy as he sucked her tits. She shoved two fingers inside and then out and into his mouth. "Taste my pussy. Taste it. Does it taste good?" He sucked hard on her fingers, getting every drop of moisture..

He was working now to get his clothes off. The shirt was gone and she was helping him with the pants. Then, in one swift tug, they were gone too and his hard cock stood erect. She grabbed it. First with one hand, then with both. Just holding it. "Yum." she said. He managed to get one hand past hers to feel her wet pussy. It was very wet, and very hot. He began to rub her clit and up and down with a finger going into her pussy on every down stroke. She began to stroke his cock up and down and up and down. Then she let go and took it in her mouth. Just the tip at first. She licked off the first drop of precum and held it in her mouth, getting all of the taste she could. Then she took the whole thing down her throat. Up and down, slurping, loudly.

He spun her around so that he could lick her clit and lick it he did. Hard, then soft, sucking it, biting it, then his tongue down lower to taste her juices that were really flowing now. He was just as loud as she was. They were frantic in eating and sucking each other. The energy was almost overwhelming, the passion palpable in the auto as it continued to weave its way through the streets.

She abruptly got up and grabbed him by the shoulders, sitting him on the back seat. Without hesitation she straddled him, guiding his dick into her waiting slit. It was not slow and easy. No. As soon as the tip was in place, she slammed herself down, plunging him as deeply into her as was possible. And, then again and again and again. She was riding him. She bucked, and swayed and moaned as he worked to meet her every move. They fucked at the pace of sprinters. No long distance running here. They both wanted to cum and were working as hard as they could. Their bodies began to sweat. Moans and sighs grew louder and louder. They were both talking; sometimes not even to anyone, just exclaiming the height of their passion. Exclaiming with their voices what their bodies could not say.

Her back arched and she held her breath. She leaned back and he grabbed her hips. Slamming into her and she moving to take every thrust. Suddenly, she reached and grabbed his shoulders, holding to them so tightly. Then she leaned forward, putting her head against his. "Oh. Oh. Oh. Shit, I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Oh, you fucker. Fuck me. Hard. Now." Then muscles tightened.

In the meantime, his cock had never been harder. Her pussy held him tight and he felt every move she made. He couldn't possibly wait any longer. From deep within his juices started to erupt and with the first eruption, she began to cum, her muscles clinching tight around him, her hands holding his shoulders, he holding her hips. Their bodies were out of control, almost convulsing. Their juices flowing and mixing. Wet, hot, sticky---good.

They found a towel or two, cleaned up, kissed deeply and dressed. He tapped on the privacy glass. They sat quietly. Too spent to even talk. They touched hands; nothing more in fear of starting all over again.

The limo stopped and the door opened. They got out. "How was your tour of the city?" the driver asked. "We saw everything we wanted to see" he replied.

They walked back in the party. In 20 minutes, she was showing her cleavage to him again and he was rubbing his hard cock against her outside the coat room.


2008-10-26 07:18:11
I loved it. i like the way you use your talent!! Hope that you write more!!!

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