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Thank God he finally went to sleep D thought to herself. He has absolutely fucking worn me out! But what a fucking it was.
As D brushed the hair from the back of her neck, fanning herself with a magazine she found lying on the coffee table, the most incredible memories came flooding back…

D a sweet, sassy little blonde, who just happened to be single later in life than she ever planned to be, had just answered an ad from another lonely heart. Here we go again, another loser, another wasted night, but then again what the hell do I have to lose she thought? My virginity? Certainly not. That having been not so gently taken many years before. So when “this one” said he was different from the rest, she decided to take a chance. After all that’s what life is all about, taking chances, taking risks, being happy, finding a dick with your name on it….God I have to stop talking to myself, especially out loud. Would not want to wake H up again so soon. But then again, what a time they had had!

D had been sitting at home, with not a lot to do and happened to see a profile on a dating site that really caught her eye, so being D, she sent him a note saying she had read his profile and even though she was a few years older than he said he was looking for, she thought he was absolutely adorable. Within minutes H sent her a response. After just a few more he invited her over to hang out with him for a while and see where things went.

So D got herself together and off she went to meet H. Of course the first thing she did was get lost on her way to his house. He is going to think I am a nut job, cannot even follow simple directions

From the first moment she saw him she knew she was in trouble, big trouble. It did not take long before they were in his hot tub talking like old friends. His hand brushed hers and the shock waves went clear down to her toes. All she could think next was, if just a gentle touch was that electric, what would it be like to kiss him? She did not have too long to wait, right in the middle of a sentence H leaned in and kissed her. Wow what a kiss that was! At first he was gentle leaving soft sweet kisses on her lips that simply took her breath away. Before long he was sending his warm wet tongue probing into her open inviting mouth. Good God this man knew how to kiss!! Not ever wanting it to end she wrapped her arms around his neck to keep him right where he was. Slowly pulling away H looked into her eyes and said, wow that was something. Something I am sure about I better try that again. D was only too willing to dive back in for more. This time H was not nearly as timid in his advances and soon he drew his hand down to one of her full breasts and began lightly running his thumb across her nipple sending shock waves through her body making her moan with delight. Oh, please don’t stop she thought; this is way to good to stop now. Almost as if he were reading her mind he brought his other hand down and began to service her other breast at the same time. All she wanted was for him to take her shirt off and suck at her ever-hardening nipples. Once again as if he were reading her mind, he reached under the water took the bottom of her shirt in his hand and in one swift move had her shirt over her head and on the ground leaving her naked from the waist up just waiting for what was to come next, hoping it was going to be her…

UNNNNNNHHHHHH, a long low moan escaped her slightly opened lips as H intensified the tugging and sucking on her nipples which she recently had gone and gotten pierced. Apparently H approved as he kept sucking first one ring into his mouth and then the other. D slipped her hands out of the water and onto the back of his head guiding him closer to her. Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyy godddd, D felt herself starting towards the edge of an amazing orgasm already. Had it really been that long since she had sex? She knew how horny she had been all day and all night. Oh, all H needed to now was keep sucking on her tits and let his hands wander lower. Much to D’s surprise he had other ideas. He nudged her back up against the side of the hot tub and then told her to sit up on the hump. Doing this raised her just far enough out of the water so that her boobs were almost floating at the surface.

Pull my shorts down H commanded. Wha, what? D asked? Pull my shorts down and do it now! With her back against the tub and H right in front of her D did started to do what he said, but wait, she too could be in control right? Putting her hands on his hips she ever so slowly started with one side pulling his shorts down about an inch, then reaching across his body so that the back of her wrist brushed across the crotch of his shorts causing his erection to jump in his shorts, she tugged at the other side.

Pull them down now! H said again. Wow what happened to please D asked? Oh I am going to please you he said but we do it my way. Leaning forward H pushed his throbbing cock right between her full and excited tits. Even though it was still captured in his shorts D caught her breath, she could feel every inch of his hot cock and he was going to tittie fuck her right then and there, in the hot tub.

Put your hands behind your back and hold onto the bar H said. What? What bar? That’s when D noticed that there was a small bar placed at the edge of the tub just under the water. She reached behind her with both hands and grabbed the bar. Just as she did this H moved up against her with his erection pulsing through his shorts just rubbing himself up and down between her breasts that were now stretched taught. Just relax said H, this is going to be great, I will not hurt you.

Now, you need to come up with a safe word. This is something you would not normally say in conversation but if you say it to me, I will stop everything that I am doing to you instantly. D thinks for a moment and picks the word bunnies.

Ok, stay where you are, keep your hands back, and enjoy OK?

D is beginning to think that this is a little strange but he said he would stop and she is not tied up, so what the hell. Let’s go!

Very slowly H leans down and once again passionately kisses her on the lips, this time he puts his hands on the sides of her face so that he can hold her in place while he works his tongue inside of her lips and all around her waiting mouth. He pulls back and looks into her eyes and comes back again this time nipping her lips with his teeth he starts to move down to her neck with hips lips and teeth searching every available inch of skin with hungry little kisses noting even the slightest reaction in his memory for future use. With D not able to use her hands, she is concentrating more on what it happening to her body and loving every second of it. H then started kissing lower on her neck and all around her collarbones. Leaning lower H moves his hands down her shoulders and onto her breasts. With her hands behind her, large breasts are straining forward, nipples erect with anticipation. The waiting is about to kill me she thinks to herself, touch me already… H slowly lowers his mouth to her right breast and begins licking her nipple then sucking on it until it was hard to the touch and he knew she was needing to pull her hands around to touch him too. H moved to the left breast and rather than playing nice goes straight in and bites her nipple just hard enough to bring her back to reality and start the process of turning her on all over again.

You have beautiful tits you know, says H. They are just the right size for sucking and licking like this and lowers his mouth once again to her waiting nipples. Using his hands he pushes them together and makes access to both at the same time, back and forth licking and sucking the whole time, then he lowers his head even further, looks her in the eyes and under where he is holding up her full tits, he sticks his tongue out and licks straight up in between them, just like in ice cream cone, keeping eye contact the whole time. Back down the same way, and back up again. Then he stops about half way down, and begins sticking his tongue out between her titties, almost like he is fucking her with it. In and out in and out creating the most amazing sensations to D. With the cool night breeze and the steam rising off of the water in the tub, a hot wet mouth on her breasts.

Unnnnngggghhhhh, unnnhhh, unnnhhhh, ohhhhh myyyyy goddddd, all D could do was moan as H was now biting all over each breast, nipping and sucking leaving little marks all over her white skin. Please H, more she sighed.

Stand up a bit if you can honey, that’s right; keep your hands on the bar, oh yessss.

By raising herself even just a few inches D is able to place her ass on the slight hump under the water and free her legs up to spread and hook around H.

Keeping his mouth on her nipples H lowers his hands under the water and runs his hands all over her lower back and ass. Nice…. Wait hold on stay right there if you are comfy, let me make some adjustments. H reaches under and starts messing with the direction of the jets pointing them right at D’s slit under the water. Turning the cycle back on, the jets start shooting water straight at her tight little cunt.

Holy Shit! The water jets were hitting D in all the right places! And with H standing just inches away from her, kissing her bared nipples and running his warm moist mouth all over her an enormous orgasm was just moments, ooooohhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmyyyyyyyy ggggggoooooooodddddddddddd she came in wave after wave of pure intense pleasure. D’s legs would surely give out and she would be able to sit and recover, but H had other ideas!

OK you can let go of the bar, but you still do exactly as I say OK?

OK, but let me catch my breath for a moment, and that thought too was cut off as H reached under the water and began stroking her mound through the thin fabric of her suit. H put one hand on her hip to help steady her and keep her in just the right spot. With up and down, strokes, H began the process of bringing D back to the brink of excitement again. He is so incredible D thought to herself. He is good looking, nice bod, great personality and boy does he know how to pleasure a woman.

Stroking and stroking H kept his eyes on her the entire time just waiting for the perfect second to make his next move.

Just as D started to relax and really enjoy the heat of his touch, H slipped a finger under the edge of her bottoms and skin on skin started with the stroking again.

A bare pussy!! Wow, this night just keeps getting better and better, what other secrets could this woman be hiding?

Up and down, up and down, H started by slipping one finger up her tight shaved pussy, in and out, in and out. Now two fingers, so tight, so warm, so ready.

With his free hand H pulled her bottoms down to around her knees and with out stopping the gentle finger fucking he was giving D was able to remove her suit altogether. Standing up H leaned in and kissed her gentle at first, then sucking her tongue in the same rhythm as his fingers pushing in and out of her then and only then did he let her feel the full force of his erect cock against her thigh.

Are you ready for this? Do you want to take my dick like this or from behind? I could really just turn you around, bend you over and take you from the back. Just so you know, it is your choice. Anything you want you just tell me, this is all about you tonight.
D could hardly think let alone speak so she pulled herself up to the side of the tub, sat her ass on the edge and spread her legs wide so that H could see what he was doing to her.

Being the gentleman that he is H could not turn down the offer of a bare pussy just begging to be eaten. Using both hands he gently spread the lips of her nice pink pussy and then dug right in. Licking and sucking her clit until it was a hard swollen little bud. Without missing a beat first one finger found its way back into her cunt, deeper and deeper then the second finger, then the tongue dancing around her clit and dipping into her hot hole.

You are going to get fucked like never before I can promise you that said H. Bring yourself back down a bit I need you at just the right level to slide this big hard dick into you.

D slid to where he showed her and looked down to see H take his engorged cock out of his shorts, stroke it a couple of times and start to guide the head of it straight into her.

Inch by inch he filled her until she thought she could actually feel it in her stomach. Once he was fully buried in her he didn’t move for a couple of seconds. Once he was sure she was used to having him fill her up he slowly pulled back until just the very tip of his dick was just hanging in there. Then with one swift push ALL IN. Just as quickly he pulled back and repeated the process.

Stop teasing and fuck me right H! Now she had asked for it! She wanted to be taken there on the edge of the tub, OK! Game on!

Stroke after deft stroke H pounded her cunt, going deeper and deeper it seemed. Leaning in he started nipping at her breasts again and sucking on her erect nipples. Make me cum she said through her teeth. I need to come now!!

H being a man of his word increased his pace as he too was near.

Tell me what you want. Do you want me to cum inside of you or on your tits?

Cum inside of me, do it please, do it now…….

That was all of the encouragement H needed slamming into her he grabbed her ass cheeks from behind for support fucked her hard fast and deep. Here I Cum, NOW! Pounding her pussy his cock exploded deep inside of her. Once, twice, oh my, one more time. Deeper and deeper he sank his dick until he was utterly spent and out of energy.

Kissing D he slowly let his tender cock pull out of her still feeling her pussy spasming around him.

Are you ok? Here sit down with me. D sat next to H and put her head on his shoulder to recover. Can I get you anything? A drink, is the temp ok in here? Anything, you name it, it is yours just for the asking.

Would it be ok if we went inside? It is getting colder out here now that it is starting to snow.

H led the way inside showing D the way upstairs to his room, flipping the switch flooded the entire space with soft lights highlighting his king size bed with the soft comforter turned down.

You just think of everything don’t you? You are such a charmer D said with a sly grin.

Here crawl into bed with me and I will get you warmed up in no time. Once under the covers, he was true to his word, putting his body up against hers, kissing the back of her neck and stroking her breasts D was warm in seconds.

Too cozy, too warm, to comfy. With a big yawn D fell into a sex induced sleep curled up against H with dreams of encounters to come…..

H wakes to find a soft warm D next to him, his fingers smelling of her sex and he is instantly hard again! Wondering how far he can go before she wakes up, he slowly inches under the covers……….


2008-10-27 07:55:27
Excellent story!!!!! i was definatly captured all the way to the end.
Though i did get lost a few times along the way i believe this was to do with the lack of detail and deion of there settings. I also agree with wordytom... a simple story line whould have worked much better. good effert 9/10


2008-10-26 17:15:47
Too gimicky. Why not try to tell a straight story that starts at the beginning and stops at the end?

The "D" was pure hoke. I apologize if I insult you, but I feel you have potential. Right now you are trying to be clever. Don't be clever until you first become a writer.

I write and sell a few stories. If yours was crap I would have moved on and not bothered.



2008-10-26 06:29:19
great story, more please

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