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Gotta LOVE Harry........

‘Lo said the smooth as silk voice on the other end of the phone. Don’t hang up said the equally sexy female voice, this is an obscene phone call, just for you.

Well said H, I am all ears and rock hard dick what can I do to you?

Mmmm, first you can start by opening the blinds in the front window; can you do that for me?

H walked over to the window and peeked out. Open the blinds all the way please purred D. I need to see you.

H opened the blinds still not exactly sure what was going on but what the hell, D is not the kind of woman you say no to. OK, the blinds are open now what?

Take your right hand and slowwwwllllllyyyy start to rub yourself through your pants. Real slow, up and down, up and down. Just use the palm of your hand, that’s right. H could hear her breathing getting slightly faster and could almost feel her lick her lips. OOOOOHHHHHH, that looks like fun, now I want you to use one finger and one finger only to trace the outline of your nice hard cock for me. All the way around and around, right, just like that. Take your hand palm side down and start rubbing it up and down now.

H standing in the window of his house is thinking I do not really know where this is going, but I am game. Pretend you have a hold of my hand and are showing me how you want me to pleasure you with my hand. I just got a manicure today and chose a nice bright red for my nails. Picture that while you are thinking about me teasing your dick through your jeans, running my nails down the zipper before I hook the tip of a finger into the top under the button and pop it open. That’s right, unbutton those pants. Think of me slipping my fingers into that opening and catching the zipper. Here I go, one finger gently pulling your zipper down, down, down, tenderly scratching the sides of that bulge straining to get to me.

H is now in front of the window phone to one ear, jeans down to his knees with a raging hard on sticking out of the front of his boxers.
Where are you? H asks. I cannot see you out there.
I am out here just watching you do everything you are doing at my direction. But I am nowhere near done with you. Before the end of the night, you will be my sex slave before the sun comes up. But only if you want to be. I am going to hang up now and you find a way to send me a sign that you are not only ready but also willing to be mine for the night.

Click and she was gone.

The cell phone on the counter let out a chirp and started to vibrate across the tiles. Not sure if he should leave the window or not, H was torn. But, maybe it was D with more directions. H ran through the front room grabbed his cell and got back to the window in record time, almost tripping on his pants.

Sure enough it was a text message from D. Taking a deep breath H opened the message not sure what was coming next. OK, it was a picture of a woman from the neck down wearing a white shirt and a light sweater over the top of it. Interesting but not exactly hard on material. Just as H was going to put the phone down, it chirped again. Again a pic from D. This time there is a hand in the picture starting to unbutton the shirt. Interesting …

The house phone rang again, Lo’.

I am still watching you she said into the phone, and as I am watching you, I am getting more and more excited. Go ahead check out the next picture, I’ll wait. H opens the cell and now there are 2 newer ones. The white shirt is now unbuttoned all the way and there is the hint of a red satin bra underneath.

Take your cock out all the way and start stroking it for me. I want to see all of it. Very nice. Now go get a chair out of the kitchen you need to be comfortable for this.

H goes gets the chair and comes back. Sit the chair facing the window so you can put your feet on the ledge. OK, whatever she wants H thinks. Now spread your legs apart so I can see your dick between your legs. OK he breathes into the phone.

Now check your messages again. During all of the redecorating H forgot about the cell phone buzzing on the floor. 4 new pics
First pic, a hand with long fingers and bright red nails just barely covering a large breast and nipple.
Second pic the hand has moved a bit and now the fingers are starting to move so that more of the nipple is exposed.
Third pic OH GOD the fingers are tugging at a nipple ring, a nice silver colored ring with little balls at each end forming a horseshoe shape. Wow
Fourth pic, bright red lips coming down to take the hardened nipple in and suck on it.

With out even thinking about it H has been stroking himself while looking at the pictures.

Just before H could really get down to business the house phone rings again, You like? There are more where those came from.

You keep touching yourself, now close your eyes and imagine that I just came in and found you like this. Without you moving I place myself under you and put my hand over yours so that I can learn exactly how to jerk you off. Faster and faster up and over the top back down, now can you feel my breath on your cock?

Keep your eyes closed ok? Just sit there and enjoy. D leans in and gently and slowly touches the base of his dick with her tongue. First she licks to her left then her right and back again and again. Now up to the head of his cock, warm breath hinting that she is near. Warm moist lips encircle his hardened member and lower and lower she goes until he is tapping the back of her throat with his hard on. Back up again and slowly back down again. MMMM was all H could hear through the pounding in his ears he could even feel it. Oh my god, this is a real hummer after all. Gently D brought her hand up and started caressing his balls very gently, oh so slowly, now tongue too. Good god, D brought her hands around and grabbed an ass cheek with each hand, pulling herself up D tells him to push her tits together so that she is now on her knees with his palms on her breasts pushing them together. Slide your dick up there now please. Push it all the way up, Oh yeah, hold it there D leans down and with bright red lips starts sucking the head of his dick making H crazy. You want to come in my mouth don’t you? Keep fucking my tits and you may get what you want. Back to sucking his dick pulling him closer and closer. D can’t take it anymore. She takes his dick in her right hand and starts jacking him off while sucking on him.

H can feel his load of cum building deep in his balls. Oh yes that’s it, I am cumming now! H wrapped his legs around her so that she could not move away and came deep in her throat.


2009-02-10 16:24:48
so did she ever cum over or what

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