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We’d been married for about ten years when I discovered my wife’s secret fantasy, she fantasized about being raped and in fact wanted to be raped. I conspired with Rick, a maintenance worker at the facility to rape my wife, but not to hurt her. Everything went exactly as we planned, on the day we’d arranged, Rick showed up early at the house to repair a plumping problem, Meg was dressed only in a bath robe. Rick raped her right on our living room rug. Although I expected her to tell me about being raped, Meg never said a word. Over the couple of months, a relationship had grown between Rick and Meg, they had sex at least once a week, more when he could. And the relationship was still growing.

Rick and I had an agreement, he’d continue fucking Meg and than fill in all the details afterwards. Since he was fucking Meg at our house, knowing his plans, ensured I wouldn’t accidentally walk in. Knowing the details afterwards was a turn on for me. More than once, I got a raging hard on just knowing what was going to happen next.

Still, I was concerned this would impact with my sex life with Meg, and it did, just not the way I thought. I thought she’d want sex with me less, instead we had sex more often and it was more intense.

Rick knew Meg was submissive, after discussing it with me, he started experimenting. It was little things, like she was to greet him at the door nude. If she wasn’t nude, he’d sit down and have her bend over his knee and lightly spank her before telling her what position he wanted her in and what he was going to do to her. Next Rick sent her out to buy sexy lingerie, telling her to greet him at the door wearing only sexy lingerie. The next time he showed up, Rick was pleased to find Meg wearing just see through black lingerie. He said she was so turned on that she jumped him as soon as the door closed. Meg didn’t hide her new lingerie from me, instead wore it for me. I think she liked the way it turned me on, if only she’d known. Our sex life just got better and better.

I knew Rick and his wife, Jill were swingers. My fantasy was to take Meg to a swing party, I’d discussed swinging with Meg, but she said no, I was all she needed. Rick brought up the subject of taking Meg to a swing party. I asked how that would work and what was involved. Rick described his approach and what would happen.

Over dinner the next day, Meg said an old friend had contacted her, a group of her old friends from school were getting together this Friday for dinner and a few drinks, would I mind if she went. Of course I said she should go and enjoy herself.

I knew Rick had instructed Meg to ware a dress, sexy lingerie, no slip and no stocking. He told her they were going someplace special but refused to elaborate. Friday, I called from work saying there was a problem and I’d be late, but I’d be home before she went out. That way she’d have more time to get ready in private. When I arrived home, she was ready for her night out, I commented her on how pretty she looked. She smiled and said she just felt like dressing up. As she was walking out, I told her that her slip was showing. She waved and said she’d fix it. I was sure she’d worn a slip to throw me off and she’d remove it before meeting Rick.

I was awakened shortly after 3am Saturday morning by noises down stairs. I was sure it was Meg, I peeked down stairs, there was Meg putting a pillow on the living room couch and pulling a blanket over herself as she laid down.

About 8am I wondered own stairs, Meg was sound asleep, hair and makeup a mess. Meg woke up to me softly caressing her body and giving her a good morning kiss… Her eyes opened slowly, not really awake yet, she looked exhausted. She said she’d gotten in just after midnight, didn’t want to disturb me, so slept on the couch. I smiled, kissed her again, than said she could disturb me anytime. I asked how it went last night, she said fine, they had a nice dinner and talked over a few drinks, before she knew it, it was midnight. Agreed they’d have to meet again soon. I asked her if she wanted breakfast, she said no, just a hot shower.

I met Rick at a local sports bar for lunch, we sat in a rear booth, where we could talk without being over heard. I asked Rick how everything went and don’t leave anything out.

Rick said Meg met him in the shopping mall parking lot, she got in his car and they were off. Twenty minutes later, they were driving up a secluded driveway that led to a large house well back off the road. He got out of the car 1st, Meg seemed reluctant. He opened the door for her, telling her there was a wine and cheese party here tonight, we’ll have a good time. But she seemed disappointed, I’m sure she expected alone time with Rick.

Once inside the house, Rick introduced Meg to their hosts, Mary and Mike. The four of them walked down a hall way to the rear of the house and a large, well furnished family room. Meg was then introduced to the other three couples at the party. Meg noticed everyone was nicely dressed, woman all in dresses, and everyone was friendly and at ease with each other. There was a cheese buffet set up along the back wall. Mary asked everyone what kind of wine they’d like before heading off. In sort order Mary was back with glasses of wine for everyone. Meg quickly downed her first glass and asked for a refill. Meg seemed to settle down as she joined in the chit chat and sipped her way through the second glass of wine. Meg felt a little woozy and said she needed to step outside for a breath of air, Mike led her to the patio doors and out on to a large patio. Meg complemented Mike on the house and the nicely kept grounds. As Mike guided Meg around the patio and pool area, she said she felt better and was ready to go back in, he said lets take a short cut through this door. As Meg stepped through the door way, she tripped and fell into Mikes arms. Mike put his arms around her and kissed her. The room was dimly lit, before she could pull away, she felt Mike unzipping the back of her dress. Surprise was written all over her face, but she didn’t say a word. In retrospect, Rick thinks Meg figured that he’s taken her to a swing party and accepted it. Mike slid the dress of Meg’s shoulders and let it drop to the floor, than unhooked her bra and slipped it off, panties were the next to go. Meg let Mike’s hands freely explore her breasts and pussy, she offered no resistance as Mike led her over to a wooden A-frame. The A-frame had a soft padded top, and a padded leg rests. Mike gave Meg a gental push and she bent over, laying her chest on the padding. With a slight nudge, Meg spread her legs while open, Mike couldn’t resist taking in the view. He reached down with both hands, gliding them over her smooth thighs while working his way up to her firm cheeks, letting his fingers brush by her arse. Between being stripped of her clothing, the touching, and the show she knew she was giving Mike, Meg was getting wetter and wetter. Meg positioned her legs on the padded rests, which allowed her to adjust herself, giving Mike the best view and access to her pussy. What Meg didn’t know was everyone else was in the room, naked, standing in the shadows, taking in the view as well. Mike stripped, lined himself and easily penetrated her wet pussy. He started with easy, deep strokes that quickly built to hard thrusts that rocked Meg, finishing with a couple of long deep thrusts. As Mike pulled out of her pussy, he said don’t move. Meg stayed put, even though she was startled when she heard some movement in the room, Mike’s cock was barely out when it was replaced by another, another, and another. With each man, Meg adjusted herself some each guy would have the maximum penetration. The third or forth guy, Meg wasn’t sure which, inserted his dick into her pussy to get it well lubricated, than spread her cheeks and pushed his way into her arse. This was a totally new experience for Meg, unsure at first and feeling some pain, she tried to relax and let him enjoy her. Rick fucked her last and longest, he was sure she felt him exploded inside her. In fact she felt each of the guys shoot their load in her. When the guys were done, she heard a door open, looked in time to see the men leaving the room, and then door closed, leaving just the 5 women in the room.

One of the women picked up a towel, another picked up a wet cloth, as they were rolling Meg over they asked how she was, wanting to be sure she was okay, she said she was. One woman stood on each side, steadying. The other two went about cleaning up the cum that was running down Meg’s legs and covering her butt, and than they began shaving her. Meg wasn’t immediately aware that she was being shaved, she started to panic when she realized what was happening, but quickly decided to relax and just let it happen. Cleaned up and shaved smooth, they helped Meg up. They led Meg over to the king size bed. Once on the bed, the women gently fondled her, running there hands softly over her smooth skin, leaving nothing untouched. Mary was the first, she got on top of Meg, in a sixty night position, licking Meg’s clit, licking the folds of her pussy, and than sticking her tough in for a taste cum they hadn’t gotten. Mary rubbed her cunt on Meg’s chin, Meg was lost in the new sensations she was feeling. Without a word, Meg started licking Mary’s pussy, enjoying the taste of a woman for the first time. She found herself responding like she’s never done before. When she came, her entire body shook. Mary came shortly after. For the first time, Meg saw an assortment of sex toys laid out on a table near the bed. One woman picked up a dildo, which turned out to be a vibrator with a clitoral stimulator, Meg heard it being turn on, and kept her legs spread for the enjoyment she knew would follow. By now, Meg was open and wasn’t about to say no to anything. Meg tired move to participate more, but the girls told her it was her night, lay back and they’d do everything. As the men had done, each woman took a turn at Meg. Of all the toys, the one she liked the most of the double dildo and fucking it with Mary. Meg couldn’t even begin to count the number of orgasms she had that night.

About an hour later, the five woman joined the men in the family room, everyone was still naked. Mary was the first to speak, asking Meg how she enjoyed her initiation. Meg had trouble finding the words to describe the experience and new sexual heights she’d reached, ending with letting them know that she enjoyed everything and hoped they enjoyed her. Mary said, it sounds like your done for the night, the night isn’t over yet! Meg was told she got first pick of which guy she wanted for the last fuck. She made her pick, hoping it was the one that fucked her arse earlier. Once they paired of, they found the 1st bed available and fucked.

Meg was quiet most of the drive back to the mall, Rick figured she was exhausted. When they got to Meg’s car, she kissed Rick and asked when was the next party..


2010-07-03 20:57:57
it needs work finish your sentences, either proof read it youself or get someone else to do it for you. the two stories I;ve read has so much potencial its exscrewchating when true genius is let down by poor gramer. from what I understand so far this is an ok story but it could be much better one more thing the husbund needs to get his knob shined by his wife and the chicks who fucked her as wel as force pleasure on her friends getting a lot more than great sex. wake the charactors up


2009-07-21 02:21:53
nice but the stories need to be a bit longer tho

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