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This isn't always true
Love is a gamble love is a game
Guys do the fucking girls get the blame
1 night of pleasure
9 months of pain
3 days in the hospital
With 2 babies to name
The father is a bastard
The mother is a whore
Little J.R. would not have been born
If that damn rubber would not have torn

This goes out to J.R.
Keep out of trouble man.

Juggalo's for life

anonymous readerReport

2013-02-01 05:42:01
Taking the ovvereiw, this post is first class

anonymous readerReport

2012-12-07 03:18:49
Just give me a hatchet.

anonymous readerReport

2011-04-11 19:12:54
Twiztid is the shit and I'm down with the clown dark lotus for life until I'm dead in the ground

Anonymous readerReport

2008-10-28 16:22:23
down wit da clown till im dead in da ground!

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