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my introcuction to non stop fucking
This a true story of my initiation into the world of non stop fucking and swinging with a woman 17 years younger. This story is based in an Australian city called Brisbane in Queensland.
First rate slut
I first met Bev when we were nursing together, Bev was 27 and I was 43. Anyway we seemed to hit it off straight away and as I was new to the hospital and we were “paired” as partners for the next few shifts it was her role to familiarize me with the various aspects of the ward.
Now I have to tell you when I first saw Bev the first thing I noticed was that her breasts were gently bouncing under her uniform blouse and the fact that the skirt she was wearing was ,to say the least was short by nursing standards. Bev came from a Samoan family background so her skin was dark and she had “Islander” features.

My first shift was proceeding without any unexpected dramas except for the fact that I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. It was during our lunch break when she suggested that we go to the small grounds area off the side of the hospital for our break instead of the canteen. It was a few minutes walk and that was why not many staff members went there as it took too much of there “eating” time to get there and back. Bev told me I had a few nursing procedural papers to read and sign so we could afford the time as the sister in charge knew we would be slightly longer .
When lunch time arrived Bev called me and told me it was time to go off and relax for a while. As we got to the spot she had picked out I sat down and looked up at Bev. She was standing sideways to me looking in her bag for her bottle of water and the sun was partly behind her but mostly behind the old tree. The sun had the effect of shining through her blouse and was silhouetting her very pert breasts revealing that she was braless. Fuck, they looked really nice and firm as she stood there for probable no more that a minute as she also checked her messages on the phone but the view was incredible and I could feel the reaction in my groin as it began to twitch.

Bev looked down at me and must have seen me looking at her because she knelt on the grass between myself and the tree and sat down with her legs to the side, we started small talk, asking me how my first day was going and if there were any questions I had, to which I replied I was feeling comfortable, NOT, except for the hard on getting out of control. Anyway she produced some forms and said enjoy lunch!! And laughed saying at least we were outside in the sun.
Maybe the forms would be a welcome distraction from her breasts which seemed to be straining against her blouse. So I adopted the most comfortable position which was lying on my stomach facing the tree and started filling them out. I must have been going for quite a few minutes when I got writers cramp and looked up. HOLY SHIT Bev was leaning back against the tree with her eyes closed soaking up the sun with her knees up and bent and her ankles slightly apart. Fuck fuck fuck... you will have to close your eyes and imagine, here I am lying on my stomach less than 3 feet from a woman that has her legs bent and ankles apart and is wearing absolutely no panties AND exhibiting a shaved cunt (well maybe a days growth but who gives a fuck!!), I later found out she only wears panties during her period.
Well that did it for filling out stupid forms so I dropped the pen and continued enjoying the view. Now the problem was an obvious one, what about the heat that was rising in my pants, so I TRIED looking away but that was no good. All of a sudden I heard a voice and looked up. Bev was looking directly into my eyes perving up her skirt, shit busted. All she said was, it must be hot out here you’re sweating and she just looked straight into my eyes as if to say enjoying the view.

Then she looked at her watch and said we better get going and offered me her hand and asked for a hand up, I took her hand, pulled her to her feet noticing that she was directing her gaze down to my crutch that was sporting an obvious erection , and Bev simple said ,even you’re hands are sweating and smiled.
As we walked back to the ward I felt awful, what would she think, new guy and on the first day she catches me perving her naked cunt lips under her short skirt. For the remainder of the shift, which was only a matter of about an hour and a half, she just carried on as normal and made no mention of the incident. I on the other hand made great efforts to not think about it lest I suffer the consequences again .All I could think about was getting home and releasing my cock and closing my eyes and visualize that naked pussy in my mind, grab my hard cock and masturbate releasing my spent up cum.
At the end of the shift came patient handover and report writing and Bev asked me to come over and she would show me what needed to be completed and she pulled a chair up next to her and I sat down. That in itself was ok until I sat down close to her left side , it was then that I saw that I was enjoying a spectacular view of her beautiful firm breasts and cleavage down her blouse, which was also one that had a gap between the buttons, I’m sure everyone has seen those.
We ,or rather she finished the reports often glancing at me and asking questions, and I’m sure seeing the distress I was in as I was moving around in the chair trying to get my erection comfortable without using my hand. As we finished she got up to file the reports and said we could go as Mary was going to hand over to the next shift. Bev was about 6 feet away with her back to me when I stood up and quickly grabbed my groin to adjust it when suddenly she turned around and saw me with my hand on my yet again hard cock in my pants. Our eyes met and I broke out in a sweat and I felt myself overheat with blushing, and all she said was, that’s twice today and gave me a very warm soft seductive smile.
We both walked to the staff room and collected our bags, when we got there I told her I was grateful for looking after me today , she turned and said , that wasn’t looking after you, just guiding you you’re an experienced nurse. As we started to walk down the stairs Bev asked me if I lived locally to which I replied yes up on the main road in the new complex, no kidding she said I live in the townhouse complex 500 yards before yours, its so handy for work, no parking hassles. She then asked me if my complex had a swimming pool and I told her it didn’t, well you’ll have to come and have a swim in mine sometime she said, she then asked if I would like to walk home with her ,to which I readily agreed.
We had to walk past a wine shop to get to Bev’s complex and she asked me if I minded her stopping to get a bottle of wine. When we got outside her complex she asked me in for a cold drink as I had obviously had a hard day and looked me straight in the eyes again, my first thought was you fucking teasing bitch. I thought she sounded sincere and it wasn’t just a gesture but I said I don’t wont to impose as your probably going out with it being Friday, Bev simple said I was going to the Gold coast but KC had to cancel as he is working so I cant go.
OK I said I’d love a cold drink, thanks as it has been a rather hard day returning her stare.
We walked the few hundred yards to her unit, the suspense was killing me and I had to know, so on the so way so I asked if KC was her boyfriend, she turned to me and laughed and I asked what was wrong. In a matter of fact way she simply said god no we just fuck and we go to the gold coast swinging which is were we were going tonight. Well I think I must have turned pale as I stopped in my tracks, Bev turned around as she was now a few steps ahead of me and asked if I was alright. I didn’t know what to say as she had caught me off balance but I just said I’m fine just thirsty but I think she got the picture. Bev grabbed my hand and held it pulling me along saying come on lets get that drink I think you need it.
When we got to the house she asked if I could hold her backpack, as she was fumbling for her keys in her bag with the bottle of wine in her hand. She looked as if she was about to drop the bag so I came forward and pulled it to me, it was caught on something and wouldn’t come free. Bev said shit it’s caught on my watch that is pinned to my top pocket and I can’t get to it as my other hand is tied up, can you please unhook me. The watch was right underneath the backpack and stuck fast. There was no nice way around it so I just put my hand underneath and started groping around; it was now quite dark as it was about 7.30 in the evening so I really couldn’t see what I was doing. Here I was with one hand around the front of Bev groping around trying to loosen the watch and my other hand was underneath her right arm coming up to the other side of the backpack. It was around about now that I confirmed to myself that Bev was indeed braless as my hands were brushing up against her breasts as I tried to unhook the damned watch. All of a sudden Bev said undo my buttons and see if it makes it any easier. So without thinking I undid the two buttons that were level with the backpack and watch.
As I undid the buttons her blouse fell wide open as the next button holding her blouse was about waist height, there was no way this position could be anything else but erotic for me. My hands were rubbing her breasts and her blouse was wide open and I could easily see the large dark brown button nipples and the large round areolas on the ends of her wonderfully pert boobs which at a quick guess would be around 36c.
Bev was still having problems balancing the bag so she said let me raise my knee and support the backpack on it. At this stage I am directly in front of Bev well within her personal space with my hands fumbling with her blouse, when her knee came up in front of me level with my waist. At this moment I had to adjust my position to try and see what was happening, this change in position caused her knee to come in contact with a rather hard cock. Bev’s commented… not again! You’re a very horny man aren’t you? I simply replied well I do have my hands in a rather nice position don’t I.
Just then the watch came loose and fell into her blouse. Bev looked at me and said well I can’t get it! I put my hand inside her blouse and fumbled around to find the stupid watch, this time deliberately touching her breasts with the back of my hands. Suddenly Bev’s hand came up and went around the back of my neck and she brought her mouth up to mine and started gently kissing my lips.
Without me seeing she had dropped the backpack on the ground but was still holding the wine. As her tongue started to lick and probe my mouth I put my hand onto her exposed breast and started to fondle it causing her to let out a gentle.. mmmm, yum and her right leg started pressing into my hard cock. I could feel her nipples getting harder so I started to pull them gently, harder, she said I love them being twisted.
Bev bent down and placed the wine on the floor which was a good move as I didn’t want her drop it, and as she straightened up I put my hands to both of her breasts twisting the nipples. She really liked this and I could sense she was getting turned on. .My hands undid the last two remaining buttons on her blouse which left her blouse wide open as it wasn’t tucked into her short demin skirt. I slid my left hand behind her and pulled her to me and our groins met, I was still groping her left breast and pulling the nipple hard.
My hand at the back of Bev drifted down to her hard buttocks and began squeezing and groping them causing her to sigh again and it felt as if she was trying to suck the tongue out of mouth. My hand went lower and didn’t travel too far before I came in contact with hem of her rather short skirt. Bev was almost panting at this stage so I slid my hand under her skirt and started to fondle the firm mounds of her naked buttocks and in reply she spread her thighs even wider. It was at this time that I could make out a pleasant smell and it took me a few minutes to work it out, it was Bev’s juices that I could smell, she was so horny her juices were flowing freely.
I continued fondling her right buttock and the hand that was groping her left breast started to travel downwards. It travelled over her skirt which had by now ridden well up towards her groin and if anyone was watching I’m sure they would have seen her pussy. Bev was expecting me to go straight to her cunt but instead I travelled further down her thighs kneading them gently causing involuntary movement from her. As I was kneading I noticed how wet, not damp they were, her pussy juices were dribbling down her thighs, it was literally as if I had spilt some water between her legs.
Fucking teasing bitch (her favorite word I later found out) she said put your fingers in my pussy, I’m on the edge. I sloooowly slid my hand up her thigh towards her cunt, again she called me a bitch. I stopped just short of her pussy and extended my thumb then gently continued upwards and didn’t stop until my thumb slid into her drenched her pussy lips, the upward journey was stopped by my wrist. Bev wrapped her arms around my neck , she wasn’t kissing me now, I think she needed oxygen !! and she started to grind and gyrate her hips bucking against my hand . CUMMMMMMING!!! was all she said , I felt her juices ooze out of her cunt all over my hands and she was almost in a spasm, it seemed like a very long orgasm. I gently slowed my movements within her pussy allowing her to come slowly down rather than abruptly pulling them out.
The smell was very strong and she told me, that it happens every time. I asked her if her juices had been flowing earlier today and she asked when in particular, I said outside when we were sitting having lunch. Well you were looking up my skirt at my pussy she said. I thought I recognized the scent I told her.
When she had recovered I said well, what would the neighbors think now if they saw us standing here .Bev replied still holding my head, do not look around but I can assure you that Alan has been watching from behind his curtains the whole time, the trouble is he doesn’t realize that he is silhouetted in the room and I can see he is naked and is masturbating and pulling his nipples watching us. I don’t think it’s fair that he has seen me and not you, her blouse was still undone and fully open. It has to be mentioned that Bev’s unit was almost at the end of the complex so not many other units around hers.
I asked her what she meant by not fair and she just put her hand down to my groin and said mmmmm nice package, I’ve been wondering what it would feel like, after all I’ve seen it hard 3 times today. She then grabbed my shirt by both collars and in one movement swung me around so my back was now against the wall and said I think it’s about time I saw it all.

Next thing I felt my zip being pulled down as she looked straight into me eyes, she undid my belt and without warning pulled both my pants and undies down at the same time. Here I was with my rock hard cock sticking up for the world, and Alan to see, with Bev groping it. Fuck I want that in my mouth she said and next thing I know my cock is engulfed in her warm wet mouth. Bev was running her tongue around the swollen oozing head of my cock, and as I looked straight ahead could and see Alan in his lounge pulling his cock furiously at the same time that Bev was sucking for dear life and fondling my balls.

As I looked down I could see Bev's legs spread and no hiding her wet cunt, and what I thought was a damp patch on the ground. I could also see both her breasts protruding from her blouse. I warned her that if she carried on I was going to cum, she took her mouth off my cock and said I want you cum all over my titties and started to masturbate me. It didn’t take long and I warned her I was about to explode she knelt upright and pushed her tits together just as I gave her a huge stream of white hot semen straight onto her breasts with some of it hitting her chin.
I was making a noise and moaning which prompted the response from her… god I thought I was noisy. My cock was still twitching and she scooped the remains of my juices onto her fingers, reached between her pussy lips, and pushed them deep inside mixing my juices with hers. Christ how erotic was that seeing her push my cum into her cunt.

After we had both calmed down I pulled my pants up and made myself respectful, Bev didn’t bother to button her blouse, instead she turned around to pick up her backpack facing directly to Alan’s house and stood there for a fairly long time pretending to look for her keys showing him her breasts and my cum dripping of them and her chin.

After she turned back to open the door she asked if I would like that cold drink now as my day seemed to be getting harder all the time, this is one hell of a cock teaser ,and I didn’t realize it but my life on the sexual front was about to change dramatically.

Bev went to the kitchen dropping off her backpack on the way putting the wine in the fridge, turning to me removing her blouse and said that was a real turn on and made me very hot and horny ,no shit I said I would never have guessed. As she was talking to me she was fondling a breast whilst her other hand was underneath her skirt obviously playing with her pussy evidenced by a wet squelching sound as her fingers slid in and out of her cunt lips, it sounded very wet indeed.
Glasses are behind you, pour us a drink and put some music on she said ,so I found a CD I liked and put it on ,turned around to get the glasses and saw her skirt in a pile on the floor and she was at the sink leaning over the bench top. I walked up behind her knelt down and began kissing her fantastic ass cheeks, they really were firm and round, Bev began moaning and thrust her bottom back into my face, and once more I could smell that all too familiar pussy scent and the stale day long smells emanating from her ass.

I placed my hands on both buttocks and gently pulled them apart exposing the forbidden fruits of her anus, as I did this her legs opened wider as if in submission and she leaned further forward and put her arms out in front. I blew gently on the small brown area that was almost in my face and again heard her moaning in pleasure. Then I leant forward and put my mouth on her cheeks and began nipping her mounds. I could smell the muskiness of a pussy and anus that hadn’t been washed for about 12 hours but it was actually a turn on.

She was really groaning now and she reached behind and grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them fully apart leaving me no doubt as to what she wanted. I leaned forward again and flicked my tongue over her ass hole and saw it pucker in response.

At the same time that I was licking her ass hole I lowered my hands to her thighs and began running them slowly up from the backs of her knees to her cunt lips feeling her juices running down her thighs again. Bev was making a lot of noise as I kept flicking her anal bud. Abruptly I pushed my tongue into her hole and she went off, calling me a fucking cunt whore, telling me to stick it all the way , that’s right lick it bitch she said. I licked her asshole for another few minutes until my knees began to hurt from the tiled floor then I stood and pressed my hard cock against her ass and she responded by pressing back.

Undress, she ordered and she stood leaning against the sink holding herself steady. I was undressed in record time and came behind her and pressed my hard cock against her buttocks and reached in front of her and began fondling her tits again aiming straight for her sensitive nipples. She bent forward leaning against the sink counter and reached under her thighs grabbing hold of my balls and began massaging them, I like big balls she said it’s a turn on feeling them banging against me when I’m being fucked. Fuck this girl is fucking hot, horny and slutty, I can’t remember meeting a girl like this before.

Now you’re going to fuck me she said, hey I had absolutely no problems with that last wish. She leant further forward and pulled my hard cock underneath her and I could feel the tip against her outer cunt lips, they were absolutely soaking wet. I just stood there as she massaged my dick, suddenly she pushed backwards and my cock disappeared into her wet cunt and my pelvis hit her ass cheeks and I heard her moan, oooooh! I just love cock and being fucked, the more the better she moaned, little did I know what that statement really meant.
I just stood there absorbing the feeling of her warm moist pussy enclosed around my hard throbbing cock, she leaned back and pulled my head into her neck and said bite me. So I snuggled into her neck and started biting her gently, hard she said just grab a mouthful and bite me. So I bit hard down onto her neck and she stiffened and began grinding against me, don’t stop she said, then she started gasping for breath and I realized that she was at start of an orgasm, I kept my mouth locked onto her neck and bit her. As I was biting and she was cumming her cunt lips were contracting and squeezing around my cock and I could feel the build up in my balls. We were standing absolutely still and her cunt lips were doing all the work on me.

I told Bev that I was near to blowing and I could feel she was still shaking, she told me not to take it out, I want to feel your hot cum explode inside me, I started to pump her pussy and was really pounding her when I started to feel it, I’m cumming I said and she reached underneath and grabbed my balls and gently squeezed them as I blew my cum inside her wet cunt. We stood there for a while as we were both worn out, my cock still inside her throbbing pussy. I could feel all our juices trickling out and she said, I was right on the edge of another orgasm as you blew your load into my pussy.
My cock plopped out of her pussy and we both heard a wet plop and looked down to see a huge glob of cum mixed with her juices hit the tiled floor, yum she said. Bev turned around to face me and pulled me to her we started to kiss gently and passionately. She reached down and I thought, shit not already, but she took hold of my cock which was still semi erect , but not hard enough to penetrate her ,and put it under her pelvis and closed her thighs on me. I could feel all the pussy juices and my cum dripping out of her onto my cock and it was warm and wet and she started to gently slowly squeeze me. Just trying to get all that juice from you she said and put her hands on my ass and pulled me into her as she was grinding her hips.

As we were kissing she started to talk to me telling me that she really enjoyed that fuck and that she had a really intense first orgasm which seemed to go on forever. At the same time she was groping my ass cheeks and pushing against me. I put it down to the warmth of the location were my cock was situated but I could feel the blood start to rise in my cock again, I couldn’t believe it, but as I looked at Bev she was smiling and said, yum.
She pushed me away from her, took my hand and led me into the lounge and told me to lie on my back. I lay down and she knelt between my thighs and started to suck my cock again this time running her tongue around the whole of the body of my hardening dick. Then she leant forward and began rubbing her hard breasts over my cock and balls kissing my nipples at the same time. Then she stopped, looked down and said, oh look he’s ready again, funny that isn’t it.

She moved forward and straddled my legs and sat down on my hard cock, she wriggled about for a few seconds and I wondered what she was doing. She was positioning her cunt lips so that they were on either side of my cock and in effect had the underneath part of my shaft inside her but the head pointing towards me. She started to move backwards and forwards fucking my cock shaft and at the same time had one hand on a tit and the other playing with her clit.

You have to remember that she had told me that she was close to cumming when we finished at the sink so she must have been on the edge as we moved from the sink to the floor. All of a sudden she started to grind into me as if I didn’t exist and my cock was simply a thing that was underneath her for her pleasure. She leaned forward and put her hands on my chest I could feel her perspiration dripping onto my chest and she started breathing heavy again and was really grinding and moving those hips, suddenly she said I’m cumming, reached down grabbed my cock, lifted her hips and impaled herself on me and started to orgasm as I was just laying underneath her.
She stayed impaled on top of me for a few moments gaining her breath then she slid off and collapsed on the rug next to me. She turned towards me and threw her leg over me rubbing her very wet thigh against my cock, no way I told her no way, looking at her she had a huge grin on her face and I thought fucking hell she would IF I COULD!!
We lay there for a while and then she said, you STILL haven’t had that drink so she got up and poured the wine that she had bought. When she came back she stood with her legs on either side of my chest directly over me and I had a million dollar view right between her wet gaping pink cunt lips which were still coated with cum, then she bent forward and looked between her thighs, pushed her knees out and a glob of cum fell onto my chest. Then she bent down scooped it up, put her fingers in her mouth and sucked it all off followed by a mouthful of wine.
Yum she said I love the taste of men’s cum, the more the better, there was that statement again , she had a wicked look on her face that both frightened me and at the same time turned me on.
WELL THAT’S ROUND ONE SHE SAID……………………………………………..
Fuck, she going to kill me I thought and I’ve only just met the horny bitch. She knelt down again settling on top of me with her pussy now on my tummy and drinking her wine, which of course I couldn’t because of me laying down so I STILL hadn’t had my drink.
Barry.. she said with along pause……………………………………………………you know we are both off for the weekend, Bev had done the rosters so she knew I was off, yes I replied…. Again she was silent.

You know I said KC is working……. Yes Bev I remember……well how would you like to take me to the gold coast tonight, we can stay at a friends that KC and I both fuck when we are down there.
What! ,you both fuck. This person isn’t a hermaphrodite by any chance if your both fucking them no silly it’s my friend Sue what!!!. Sue she said, I’m bi and we regularly screw and put on shows for KC and others at the club.
Right about now I was highly pleased that I was on my back because I would have fallen over for definite, I looked at Bev and she was still looking at me awaiting an answer as if the information she had just given was ,like a normal everyday thing for everyone.
This club you go too tell me more about it.
Well it only takes about 45 minutes to drive along the freeway it’s called swing all night (not really, but it is on the Gold coast near Brisbane).Tonight, Friday is couples night and tomorrow all the single men come along, which, if your really horny is good as a female because I’ve never known one guy say no to a fuck, so you can have as many fucks as you like on a Saturday. Tonight couples come and either stay with their spouse or go off on their own. There are rooms, some with doors some without.
What’s the idea of the doors I asked, Duh!! I felt stupid asking. Well she said, if you close the door nobody can enter but if it’s a room with no door it means anyone can join in and fuck you. I thought fuck I’ve gone to heaven!!!! I better not have any wine then if I’m driving I said…..Bev bent over and gave me a fantastic kiss and said you will really like it stood up and appeared really excited. Oh by the way you better buy a box of condoms , your going to need them if you want to fuck other women, my cock started to harden again and she fondled it saying that we better keep it for later.
If there is sufficient interest I will continue on with the rude and disgusting antics of Bev after we got to the club, but be warned there is a small adventure before we even get there. But be warned you may not believe that they are really true

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2013-07-25 22:43:57
Please keep writing. I am enjoying this story very much.


2008-12-05 01:38:54
i enjoy the way you write very much, please continue to do so. My browser does not allow me to view other comments, but im sure you are getting good, if not great reviews.


2008-12-05 01:32:25
please continue is awsome adventure that has me envious. even though i know someone simular to Sue, she lives in another state now and tells me of her activities via phone almost daily.


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Hot story. Slutty women is always a hot turn on for me. No underwear & seductive exhibitionism are among my favorite sexual activities. Very erotic, sensual and real -- easy to relate to.

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I thought it was quite good. Who cares about spelling and grammar it's a sex site after all.

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