My best friend
If you don't like the genre or the themes, then you don't need to read this. All my stories are fictional and mostly just fantasies. Some of these fantasies may some day become true stories but others, especially where young ones are mentioned will never happen unless the law permits it.

Anyway this story is about first time bestiality for 30 year old Marcos and about Marcos having sex with a 16 year old boy, If this isn't your thing don't continue.

Marcos owns a 2 year old dog named Dragon that his parents got him for his birthday when he turned 28. Dragon was a 3 week old puppy when he got him. Marcos trained Dragon well and took him everywhere with him. Mostly he liked taking him down to the lake and swimming with him and just playing around. One habit Marcos never controlled of Dragon's was him humping people's leg. Marcos would always apologize to everyone he did it to and would scold him and tell him to get down. Dragon would at least obey that command and stop. Marcos and his friends always laughed about it, including girls he dated.

One day Marcos and Dragon were at the lake swimming ad playing around like usual. When Marcos went to get out of the water, Dragon was right behind him. As Marcos climbed up on the bank, Dragon grabbed hold of his bathing suit and tugged at them, Marcos started laughing and told him to stop. But since Marcos was laughing, Dragon thought he was just playing around and kept tugging on them and had them down near Marcos' knees as Marcos kept trying to get up to the bank. As Marcos stepped up on the bank, Dragon pulled the bathing suit down to his ankles and Marcos fell on his hands and knees as he got up on the bank. Dragon climbed up on Marcos' back which Marcos thought was funny and was laughing, Dragon thought it was still a game so he mounted Marcos and started to hump him. When Marcos noticed this he tried to get up and commanded Dragon to stop. Dragon however gripped Marcos tighter and suddenly drove his dick up Marcos' ass. This made Marcos yell out in pain as he kept trying to get away from Dragon. Dragon just kept humping as fast as he could and as Marcos pulled away again he felt something on his leg as Dragon slipped out of his ass. Dragon had shot some pre-cum fluid on Marcos' ass as he slipped out. Marcos quickly got up and scolded Dragon. As they walked home Marcos was thinking about what happened. It dawned on him that for some unknown reason he had become excited about what Dragon had done because he remembers he got a hard-on as Dragon was humping away inside his asshole.

Dragon continued humping the leg of Marcos' friends but now when he did it Marcos would get a hard-on thinking about the lake incident. Marcos didn't take Dragon back out to the lake until a week later. When he did he was wondering if the incident could be repeated. After playing around with Dragon in the lake he went to climb out on the bank again, making sure Dragon was right behind him. Since he was, Marcos turned around and played with him just before trying to climb out onto the bank and then started laughing. As he went to climb up the bank Dragon tugged at his bathing suit like the last time. Marcos just laughed and kept trying to get out but more slow this time. As he was almost up the bank Dragon had managed to pull his bathing suit down to his ankles again. Marcos again fell on his hands and knees and kept laughing. Dragon then jumped up on his back like last time and started humping. This time Marcos stayed still and waited for Dragon to find his asshole and drive his dick into him. This gave Marcos
a hard-on as Dragon humped away. Marcos then pulled away suddenly and felt Dragon shoot the clear fluid again. Marcos stayed on his hands and knees and after Dragon lapped up the pre-cum around his ass he mounted him again and drove his dick into Marcos again. He started humping faster this time and Marcos shot a load as Dragon was fucking away. He then pulled away again and Dragon again shot some more clear fluid on his ass and legs. Marcos was enjoying this so he stayed on his hands and knees to see if Dragon had any energy left. Dragon quickly responded by jumping up on Marcos again and driving his cock into his asshole. This time Marcos started meeting his thrusts by slamming his ass back. This seemed to excite Dragon even more and Marcos felt him tighten his grip around him as he kept fucking harder. Marcos then felt something big at the edge of his asshole. As he looked back to see what it could be, Dragon tightened his grip around Marcos again and with a mighty thrust drove his knot inside Marcos' asshole. This made Marcos yell out as he tried to pull away but Dragon would have none of that and kept thrusting harder and faster which made his knot get bigger inside Marcos. As Dragon kept fucking away Marcos was beginning to enjoy it again and started meeting his thrusts again. Suddenly Dragon slowed his humping as Marcos felt something wet squirt inside his asshole and realized Dragon had shot his load deep inside his ass. This made Marcos shoot another load as he fucked back on Dragon's cock. When Dragon quit humping Marcos could still feel him shooting inside him. After about 10 minutes Dragon was able to slip out and Marcos could feel a lot of goop drain out of his asshole onto his legs. Dragon was licking his dick and balls as Marcos got back into the water to wash off. He then climbed the bank again, dressed, and went home with Dragon following.

That weekend Marcos went to his friend Astrid's house. They are good friends and have gone out. She has a 16 year old brother named Steven. Marcos has always played around with Steven and they get a long great. Astrid told Marcos she needed to go out and asked if he would stay with her brother until she got back. Marcos said no problem. After Astrid left the guys played a few wii games. Then they started playing around and Marcos wrestled Steven to the carpet and Steven ended up on top of him. Marcos thought he felt something hard against his crotch. As Steven kept playing around Marcos rolled over and now he was on top of Steven and again Marcos could feel something hard against him. He decided to innocently run his hand by Steven's crotch and Marcos was sure Steven had a hard-on. He kept purposely sliding his hand against Steven's crotch and rolled him around so Steven was again on top. Marcos then got up and just decided to ask Steven if he got a hard-on as they were wrestling. Steven said "sorry it just happened".

"Hey don't worry about it big guy. It happens. Do you feel like fooling around still or what?" "Yea if you want". So Marcos quickly took Steven down onto the carpet again and knelt behind him like a wrestler might do. When he did this he had his crotch against Steven's ass and now he was the one that suddenly got a
hard-on so he quickly told Steven to switch positions. Steven then came around behind Marcos in the same position and Marcos could feel he had a hard-on as it pressed against his ass. Marcos got to thinking about Dragon fucking him and got a raging hard-on and started moving back against Steven whose hard-on was pressing against Marcos' ass cheeks. Marcos wondered what it would be like to have Steven's dick up his ass. He got up suddenly and told Steven he was hot and was going to get into some shorts and that he should do the same. They both changed into shorts and Marcos said "okay where were we? Oh yeah I remember". He got back on his hands and knees and told Steven to get behind him again. Marcos pushed back against Steven as he felt his boner against his ass. It felt good but now he wanted it in him. He spun around and turned Steven over and had him flat on his back and Marcos got on top of him with his dick on top of Steven's crotch. Steven had to feel Marcos' hard-on as he crushed against him and let his lips kind of brush Steven's as he flipped him over again. They were both laughing. Marcos got bold and said "would you be shocked if I told you I wanted you to fuck me in the ass?" Steven didn't seem to know what to say. Marcos then quickly said "hey I/m sorry - I just got horny when I felt your dick against my ass a few times". Steven then said "I will if you want me to". "Will your sister be home soon?". "No - she should be gone for about another hour". Marcos then said "okay then let's take our shorts and underwear off and play around like we were doing I will get on my hands and knees like before but this time when you get behind me, stick your dick in my ass". Steven quickly took his shorts and underwear off and had a nice boner showing. Marcos undressed and Steven could see he had a hard-on as well. Once Marcos got in position Steven came up behind him and drove his dick into his ass "Oh that feels good Steven - Now start fucking me". Steven started thrusting in and out of Marcos' ass and Marcos was slamming back meeting his thrust. After only about 30 seconds he felt Steven shoot his load in his ass. Being so young he had no staying power. When Steven pulled out Marcos told him he did great. Then he said he would like to fuck Steven if it was okay. Steven said okay so they switched positions. Marcos was much bigger so he told Steven it might hurt for a while but that it would get better if he would let it. Marcos placed his dick at the entrance to Steven[s asshole and started pushing. "If it hurts too bad just tell me and I will stop". He pushed a bit harder and got some more dick up Steven's ass which made him say "ow" and Marcos quickly pulled out. "I'm sorry - I can do it - put it back in me Marcos". Marcos got up and said I'll be right back. He went into the bathroom and found some KY Jelly. He told Steven he was going to put some around and inside his asshole so that it would be easier to take his cock inside his asshole. Steven said okay. As Marcos stuck his finger in Steven's asshole Steven seemed to like it and eased back into it Marcos then started pushing his cock inside Steven's asshole again and it started to slip in easier and Steven started pushing back. Marcos gave a last lunge forward and was in Steven's ass to the hilt. He stayed there a while so Steven could get used to the size but Steven was already trying to fuck himself against it so Marcos started driving it in and out of his ass slowly. As he saw Steven enjoying it more with each thrust he started driving it in him harder and then said "Steven I'm going to shoot in your ass". Steven felt the sperm and kept pushing back against his cock. When he emptied his balls Marcos pulled out. Steven had a hard-on and said he wanted to fuck Marcos again. They switched positions and Steven fucked Marcos harder this time and with more intensity. As Marcos was meeting his thrusts he thought back to his fucking with Dragon and fantasized it was him drilling his ass although he was enjoying the fuck from Steven. Dragon was just a lot bigger. After a few minutes Steven came in his ass for a second time. Marcos then said they should wash up before his sister gets home. "This will be our little secret and we can do it anytime you want". Steven walked away with a smile - "okay great".

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xuChEd I really like and appreciate your blog article.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

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you should have the dog with the boy


2009-11-21 00:02:10
yes write more of the same..great innocent way you had the boy do you and then do a amn and your dog...please

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2009-10-24 17:28:07
Note from the author: I did not mean to mislead any of you ALIEN lovers. I apparently clicked on it inadvertently and did not notice it.

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NO ALIENS!? --super gasp-- i came here for hot kinky alien-sex, not dog's and little boy's screwing 30-y/o's! (i'm just kidding lol)

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