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When I was around thirteen years old, I was considered an electronics expert, for my age. I was very interested in surveillance equipment. I was also a typical horny teenager. So I was working on ways to set up surveillance equipment where I could get people's secrets and use them against them. (E.I. sound and video). I had a very active imagination. Being Catholic, the first things that I thought of was the confessional booths at my church. The second was the girl's showers and bathrooms. I guess at that age most guys were perverts, if they could be, that is. Little did I know that although my main interest or intent was to get the secrets of the girls, the secrets of the adults was worth much more to me. Setting up audio mics in the confessionals was an easy feat. All I had to do was to plant the mics in the confessionals when I went in to confess my sins. Then I would remain in the church doing my pennants and keep track of who went into the particular confessional. Since I belonged to the same congregation all of my life, I knew everyone there.
I hung around with a group of guys that consisted of about ten guys, between the ages of eleven and fifteen. My brother was the leader and the second in command was another of the brothers. Names are not important at this time as I write I will name them for clarity sake.
I set up the camera in the church confessional booth to try it out first. The first person that went into the booth was Jenny's mom, my next store neighbor. Jenny was fourteen and a lead cheerleader.
The booth was under Mon. Senior's guise today.
I started to record. "Bless me father for I have sinned, it has been one week since my last confession."
"Yes my dear. Do you have anything to confess?"
After the usual nonsense, we get down to the juicy stuff.
"I masturbate two to three times a day."
"And why is this? Are you single or married?"
"Married father."
"Does your husband neglect your needs?"
"Yes, he hasn't shown any affection towards me in a month. I fell lucky to receive his attentions about once a month."
"So, the only attention you get is from self manipulation?"
"Yes, father. But I given the chance, I think that I might allow someone else's attentions."
"Try to be strong my dear. I know it is difficult for you. Try to rekindle the love that existed before. Don't do anything that my endanger you mortal soul."
The confession ended with the Mon. Senior giving her the pentenance to abolish her sins. I am only going to relate those bits of the confession that I intended to use. The world, according to the Catholic Church is full of sinners; I would need a book the size of encyclopedias to record all of the confession for a month. I also ignored many of the confessions based on the age of the really older ones. Maybe I should say based on those I wouldn't fuck or eat out. That is unless I thought I might be able to gain some control over them, like some of my teachers.
My first week was amazing!
I decided to try Mrs. Amazini, Jenny's mom, first.
I wasn't sure how to do this, but I figured that I might be able to help her around her house while Jenny's Daddy was away, and Jenny was at cheerleading practice.
They had some junk in their back yard that I figured that I might be able to bag up for garbage day. So when the old man was away and the cunt daughter was at practice I knocked on her door and tried to put my plan into action. I wore no under ware and tight jeans. I had a normal six-inch cock, but in these jeans when I was erect, it showed quite well. I was very muscular and frequently did my weight training in the back yard in plain sight of Mrs. A. I trained in lose shorts with a wide leg band and no shirt.
"Why hello Johnny, Can I help you?"
"Well Mrs. A. I noticed that Mr. A. was away all week and I was wondering if I could help you with something."
She looked at my erect cock outline in my jeans, licked her lips and said. "You sure can."
"Great, what would you like me to help you with?"
I have some boxes in my closet that I need moved to the cellar. If you could help me?"
"Sure, now or later?"
"Can you give me about ten minutes, I am in he middle of something?"
"Sure, I'll come back in ten minutes, ok?"
"Great, I'll leave the door unlocked for you. Just be sure to lock it when you come in please."
Good thing I had my hands in front of my cock, It jumped and I'm sure she would have noticed it.
I went home and showered, brushed my teeth and went to the bathroom. Then washed my hands. I took my cock out and pumped it till I had some pre-cum to rub on my hands. I'm sure in her state she would smell it. At the appointed time I went next door and entered her house. I locked the door and went into the living room.
I waited so that if she wanted to come half dressed, she could say that she didn't realize that it was time already. I was hoping for a look at some exposed flesh.
She came down stairs dressed in a cotton housedress. Her nipples were erect and showed through the dress. I tried my hardest not to stare at her nipples, but I'm sure she caught me staring a few times. I'm only human and an over sexed teen.
"Ok Johnny, follow me and I'll help you gather what I need moved to the cellar, ok?"
"Yes Ma'am."
"Please Johnny, call me Sylvia while you’re here helping me."
"Ok, Sylvia, What ever you want."
I followed her up the stairs and inspected her ass. She was a typical Italian mother, broad child bearing hips and a prominent ass, so fuckable. If I bent low a little I could see up her dress, but I didn't chance it, at least, not right now.
She turned right at the top of the stairs and we headed for one of the doors.
"This is Jenny's room so please excuse the mess, ok?"
She opened the door and I was amazed at what I saw. The room was well kept, except for Jenny's bed. There were panties and bloomers all strewn out on the bed. Some looked soiled in the crotch.
Guess his was an invitation to sniff or lick at my leisure. I licked my lips without realizing it, but was caught. Sylvia smiled. "Don't be so shy. I know you’re a young man and have hormones going wild inside of you, it's ok to relax and if you see something that interests you, feel free to try it."
"Wow you are really cool, Sylvia."
"To bad I can't offer you my daughter, you'll have settle for what you can get."
She went to the closet and opened the door.
"Johnny, could you steady the ladder for me? I'll go up and pass the boxes down."
"Ok, Sylvia."
She went up the ladder as I steadied the ladder. As I looked up, I could see pussy. She had no panties on and her legs were spread a little. As she got the first box she acted like she was going to fall and let out a small yelp. I reached up and slid right under her dress and got both cheeks in my hands to steady her. I held her still looking up at her pussy. I spread her ass cheeks and was delighted with the view of my first beaver shot.
She put the box back and said. "Thank you Johnny, I almost fell. Let me gain my balance first before you let go."
I shifted my hands and allowed my thumbs to spread her pussy lips and stepped up a rung on the ladder. My head was now covered by her dress.
"Enjoying the view?"
"Yes, but I can't do much on the ladder. Since Jenny's bed is already a mess maybe I could give in to my hormones and take care of something that interests me. If you don’t mind?"
"Well, I did make an offer, but I didn't expect my cunt to be part of the offer."
"I didn't mean to offend you."
"Offend! You've made my day. Help me down and lay me out."
I left my hands under her dress and went to her outside thighs and slide up as she descended the ladder. As my hands rose higher so did her housecoat. Soon, I was eye level with the first adult cunt that I have ever seen. I have seen cunts on my cousins and they are all under eight years old. It was beautiful. I moved my face in and kissed it. Her hand went behind my head pulling it into her pussy. I continued to guide her to the bed and removed her housecoat on the way. I lay her down and examined her body with my eyes.
"I can see where Jenny got her body. But you didn’t give her anything that you can use."
Sylvia handed me one of Jenny's soiled panties and told me to sniff it and lick it, which I did. As I sniffed, I dropped to my knees and buried my face into Sylvia's cunt. Her hip bucked on my contact. I took my thumbs and spread her pussy lips. I saw what I thought was her clit and gently licked it. Judging by her reaction, I was right. My tongue lick delicately on her clit for about a minute then buried it into her snatch, causing Mrs. A to moan and groan in ecstasy. Once my tongue got a hold in her cunt, my hands explored her tit and ass. Besides with her hands holding my head, I couldn't move out anyway.
"Johnny take your pants off and come up on the bed with your cock near to my head."
I did as instructed and was surprised when Sylvia engulfed my cock in her mouth and guided my head back to her cunt. Like a pro I returned to her pussy and started to lick and explore. It was an interesting view of her asshole. Near to my nose, but terrible exciting, the smell. I slide my tongue down into her asshole and was surprised that it was very pleasant, not offensive. The fact that it brought a fantastic groan and moan from Sylvia, excited the hell out of me.
After her groan, Sylvia started to suck and lick my balls. Wow! That was a new thing for me. I never would have even thought of that.
That did it for me, I shouted, "I'm cumming!"
She covered my cock with her mouth and I felt my cock slide down her throat as she sucked and swallowed my cum down her throat.
She continued to suck my cock, since it was still erect.
"Johnny turn around head up by me."
I swung around and she positioned me between her legs. She reached down and guided the head of my cock into her cunt opening.
"Johnny, press your cock into me."
I pushed my hip forward and I felt the head of my cock enter a burning furnace. What heat her pussy generated. I came immediately.
She held my ass, keeping my cock inside of her. "Fuck me!"
As I started to slide my cock in and out, I felt her two fingers slide into my ass. She hit the prostate, which I didn’t know at the time and I came again. I kept pumping her for about an hour.
'Oh, Johnny, enough, I have to rest. You can come back at any time. Whoever answers the door, just tell them that you are helping me do some chores."
I kissed her like I never kissed anyone before, tongue and nibbling on her lips. I didn't want to leave. But I didn't want to ruin a good thing either. I'd be back.
"Johnny, before you go. Do your want some of Jenny's soiled panties?"
I smiled.
She took five pairs and gave them to me. "I'll see if I can get her to let you take them off of her with your tongue." Sylvia said with a smile.
"OH MY GOD!" is all that I could say.
"If you are interested in my other daughters, let me know. I think I can trust you not to hurt them. Right?"
Her other daughters were twelve, ten and eight.
"When ever you think that they are ready."
"They are ready to be introduced into sex, Just not fully. I will guide you."
"Cool, Whenever you think that they are ready."
"Maybe next week for Heather, She has already had her period. Not having any boys around our family, I think that they should all be introduced to the male body and personality. If your willing?"
I smiled.
"I'll take that as a yes?"
I nodded and left.

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