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Captain of team teachs freashman football plays
Adrian is in his senior year of high school. He is 17 years old, 6 ft 1 in tall, and weighs about 280 lbs of solid tan muscle with blond hair and blue eyes. He is the captain of the varsity football team at Oakland High. He has been helping the coach train the upcoming freshmen players this summer. Like everybody he has his favorites. One in paticular who is already 5 ft 8 in tall at the age of 14. He is built about like Adrian, but 5 in shorter and 50 lbs lighter. His name is Michael. Michael has medium brown hair and bright green eyes. For some reason michaels eyes stun Adrian. They captivate him in a way that nothing else has before not even his girlfriend of 5 years. She is captain of the cheer squad and is the hottest girl in schol with perky 36 C breasts, a nice ass, dirty blond hair brown eyes, a nice tan, and shes an amazing lay. Even with the perfect girl as his girlfriend, Michaels eyes still capture him and send this crazy feeling throughout his body.

One day during practice Michael said he was having trouble with one of the plays. It just so happened to be a play that Adrian had written, so being the nice guy that he is he offered to stay after and help him with it. After practice Michael and Adrian skipped going in with th rest of the guys and stayed on the field to go over this play some more. After about an hour and a half of teaching Michael the play, which he perfected rather quickly, they decided to go back to the locker room and hit the shower. The coach and everybody else had already left, but Adrian has a key that the coach had given him so he could access the locker room whenever he needed since he was helping with the training. Adrian unlocked the locker room for Michael and told him to go ahead and hop in the shower he was gonna get some towels from the laundry room down the hall. Michael went in and stripped off his sweaty clothes by his locker and went to the shower room. Adrian returned a few seconds later with the towels and laid them on the bench between the two rows of lockers. He then proceeded to strip as well and hit the shower. When he entered the shower room there stood Michael under the shower head with his hands against the wall just letting the water cascade down his body. His back was too the entrance so he didnt see Adrian standing there. Adrian just stood there looking at him. Watching the water flow down the young football players chisled body. For the first time in his life he was checking out the body of another man, and oddly enough getting extremely aroused by it. He just couldnt take his eyes off of Michael. Watching the water hit the top of his back and roll down his body and over that magnificent ass that turned him on more than his own girlfriends did. Just then Michael started to turn around so Adrian started to make his way to a shower head. The whole room was filled with steam, and Adrian thought to himself damn i guess he likes it hot. At that point he noticed that Michael was watching him as he made his way across the steamy room. He made contact with those gorgeous green eyes and Michael blushed as he had been caught checking out a team member. Adrian started up his own shower head as hot as it would go (he liked it hot too). Michael started to lather up and Adrian couldnt help but watch him. He watched as Michael rubbed the suds all over his chest and washboard abs, Adrian mimicked his movement so he wouldnt look as obvious. Then Michael started soaping up his shaft. Adrian had to do the same just to mask the instant hard on he got from watching his young team member rubbing his own dick with suds. Just then Michael glanced over and noticed that Adrian had his eyes glued to his hand soaping up his dick while slowly stroking his hard 8 in dick. So Michael decided to give Adrian a little show. Michael stepped back under the water and started slowly rubbing himself all over to rinse the suds off. He noticed that Adrian had started to pick up the pace and Michael was starting to get excited himself knowing that someone was jerking off while watching him take a shower. So Michael reached down and gripped his now hard 7 1/2 in dick and started slowly stroking it. Adrians pace started to increase again. Adrian looked up at Michaels face and realized that the whole time he was watching Michael, Michael was watching him too. Michael smiled and that made Adrian melt. All of a sudden Michael stopped stroking his dick and leaned up to Adrians ear and started biting it and sucking on it. This sent shockwaves of pleasure through Adrians body and he started pumping his dick faster. Michael went from his ear and started tenderly kissing him down his neck and along his collar bone down his chest and stopped just at Adrians nipple. His mouth hovered over Adrians nipple and his eyes looked up at Adrians face. He confirmed what he thought Adrian was now watching him. Michael smiled and flicked his tongue out at Adrians hard nipple a couple of times then circled it with his tongue before kissing it then sucking on it. Adrians hand was now moving at light speed and he started moaning and convulsing. Michael quickly grabbed Adrians wrist and pulled his hand away from his throbbing dick and said not yet captain with a smile. Theres a few more plays i wanna show you. Michael then kissed Adrians nipple he had been working on and moved over to the other one showing it the same amount of attention. Adrian kept trying to reach for his throbing dick to no avail. Michael was kepping his hands away from it. Ah ah ah dont want you to miss out on the game wining play Michael said with a little giggle. Adrian had had about all the torture he could take. He was getting ready to throw the little tease to the floor and start fucking the hell out of him when Michael dropped down to his knees and engulfed all 8 in of Adrian in his mouth. Michael grabbed his captains hips and started pumping them back and forth like he had done this a few times before. Adrian grabbed Michaels head and started bobbing it back and forth with the rythm Michael had provided. It didnt take long till Adrian was close to climaxing. He started moving Michaels head faster and thrusting his dick harder into Michaels mouth. Adrian started moaning and every muscle in his body was starting to convulse. Michael started moaning as wel sending a whole new feeling of pleasure through michaels dick. A couple more thrusts and Adrian threw his head back in pleasure and grabbed Michaels hair and pulled his dick almost all the way out with just the tip still in and then thrusts his hips forward hard a couple of times and was soon letting loose squirt after squirt of warm cum into Michaels throat with each thrust. Michael was happy to swalow every bit of it down his eager throat and even sucking with all his might to get every last drop he could using his tongue to lap at the head of Adrians dick sending pulses of pleasure through Adrians body. Adrians grip loosened on Michaels hair and his muscles started to relax. He was panting for air now in this hot steamy sex filled shower room now. Michael tok his mouth off of Adrians dick looked up into his eyes with his hunger filled green eyes and licked his lips. Adrian still trying to catch his breath said that was an excellent play with a little chuckle in his voice. Michael smiles and stands up and kisses Adrians lips and then shuts off the water and walks toward the locker room. Stunned Adrian asks hey what about you? Michael just keeps walking to wards the lockers. Adrian shuts off his water too and quickly follows Michaels hot little ass. Michaels cell phone was ringing. Hello. Yeah mom im still at practice. There was a couple of plays that i was having a hard time with so Adrian stayed over to help me perfect them. Yes i wil cal you when its over...While Michael was talking to his mom Adrian walked up behind him and whispered in his ear tell your mom i will drive you home...then he started kissing him on the back of his neck. I gotta go mom, Adrian is giving me a ride, ill call you when im on my way. He quickly hung up the phone so she couldnt protest. Adrian had already worked his hand around to the front of Michaels body and found his still hard dick and slowly started stroking it and with his other arm he pulled Michaels body close to his so he was leaning against him. Michaels ass was just the right height that it was against Adrians semi hard dick. The feel of Michaels ass against Adrians dick started a surge of energy and sent it coursing through Adrians body. Michael leaned his head back on Adrians shoulder and started grinding against adrians semi hard dick. Adrian held him tighter in his arm and tightened his grip on his dick a little more. Michael gve a little moan of approval and started thrusting his hips forward pushing his dick through Adrians hand and bringing his ass back to grind against Adrians dick some more. Adrians body shuddered in pleasure and he could feel his dick start to come back to life. Michael turned his head towards Adrians ear and said I always wondered what it would feel like to be held in your arms and kissed him on the neck. Adrian kissed Michaels lips and slid his tongue in Michaels mouth. Passion flowed through them like electricity. Adrian released michaels dick and turned him around placing his hands on Michaels hips as Michael wrapped his arms around his neck. Adrian backed Michael up to a locker and pinned him against. They were going at each others mouths like it was the last time they would see each other. Michael now had his hands on Adrians waist and adrian had his hands on the lockers behind Michael. The weight of Adrians body had Michael pinned against them. His dick was bent upward pressed against Michaels abs. Michaels dick was on the inner part of Adrians thigh the top of it brushing against Adrians balls. Michael started to move his hips back and forth rubbing his dick against Adrians thigh and balls at the same time. Each time Michael thrust forward his abs would tighten rubbing Adrians dick. They both started moaning kissing even more wildly. Michael moved his hands to Adrians ass and got a grip and started pulling Adrian into him as he thrust forward making Adrian hump Michaels abs. They both started breathing heavier and moaning louder. Michael started thrusting faster pulling Adrian into him harder. Michaels abs felt so good against Adrians dick and Michaels dick felt so good rubbing his balls. Adrian started thrusting harder too keeping rythm with Michael. Pretty soon they were both moaning very loudly and couldnt hardly catch their breath. Adrian was the first to blow. He shot squirt after squirt of hot cum all over Michaels chisled abs almost collapsing against Michael. The sensation of hot cum sent Michaels body into a frenzy. He started thrusting his dick against Adrians leg and balls at warp speed. He was moaning and panting and gripping Adrians ass with all he had. Finally Michael shot his load with each thrust sending his hot cum squirting onto Adrians inner thigh and balls. Even after he had emptied all over Adrian his hips were stil thrusting forward wanting more. He could feel his dick going limp wet with his cum all over it. Adrian leaned back a little looking into Michaels eyes. He lifted Michaels chin with one hand and kissed him gently and said that was amazing. Michael smiled and kissed him back a long lingering tender kiss, the way lovers do after they make love. Adrian then dropped to one knee and licked Michaels dick from tip to base cleaning the cum off of it. Michaels body jerked and he gasped for air. His dick started to stiffen and pulse a little. He placed his hands on Adrians head letting his fingers play with his hair. Michael leaned his head back against the lockers and closed his eyes gripping hands full of Adrians beautiful golden hair. Adrian gripped Michaels dick with one hand and placed the head just inside his mouth. It wasnt fully hard yet but he still wanted to taste Michael. He started circling Michaels dick head with his tongue while sucking on it too. He would tighten his grip and loosen it in rythm with the pulses that would surge through it Michael was moaning and trying to thrust his dick farther into Adrians mouth but Adrian wouldnt allow it. Finally Michaels dick was fully hard again and and Adrian started to bob his head a little bit taking a little more of Michael in his mouth each time teasing him the way michael had teased him earlier. Pushing him to the point that he couldnt stand it any more. Adrian took all of Michael in his mouth with a hard fast thrust and Michael let out a very loud moan as his dick head slammed into the back of Adrians throat. Michael got a death grip on Adrians hair and pulled Adrians head back off his dick and took a couple of deep gasps for air and then pulled Adrians head back on his dick and thrust his hips forward at the same time ramming his dick as far into Adrians mouth as he could go the pace quickly accelerated as did Michaels breathing. He started screaming and moaning loudly and Adrian wrapped his arms around Michaels legs to steady them both. Michael kept moaning and thrusting even faster finally he let off a loud moan of relief as he shot his cum down Adrians throat and Adrian gladly swallowed every last drop of it. Michael was so exhausted Adrian had to hold him up. Adrian stood up and wrapped his arms around Michaels body. Adrian backed them both up to the bench and laid down on it pulling Michael on top of him. He held Michael there, Michaels head on Adrians chest with one of Adrians hands on Michaels back gently rubbing it and his other hand smoothing Michaels hair both of them trying to catch their breath. Adrian kissed Michael on the top of his head and they soon fell asleep there.

In what seemed like minutes but was really hours they woke to Michaels phone ringing. Michael jumped for it it was his mom again. Yes i know its late mom we just got out of the shower...yes mom il be on my way home shortly...ill talk about it when i get home! Frustrated he quickly hung up. Looking at there sticky naked bodies they quickly hopped into the shower room and took the quickest shower of their lives. They got dressed and hurried off to take Michael home. About a block from Michaels house Adrian stole one last kiss before dropping Michael off. Adrian said see you tomorrow Mikey. You have my nuber so if you need a ride or have any problems with any more plays let me know. I wil be glad to assist you. They both smiled and laughed. Adrian pulled up to Michaels house and stopped. Michael hesitated, but then quickly kissed Adrian on the cheek and hopped out of Adrians Black Mazda 3 and made his way to his house where his mom was waiting on the front porch.

From that day on Adrian always picked Michael up and dropped him off from school and practice. They always stayed after to work on some plays too. Michael soon became captain of JV. After Adrian graduated he still helped train the freshmen, and he went to every game of Michaels all through high school. Michael became captain of varsity his senior year and after he graduated he and Adrian moved in together.

What?...What about Adrians girlfriend i told you about?...Well funny you should ask, LOL, Adrian called her that night on his way home and told her to lose his number, never talk to him again, and if she saw him in the hall to turn around and walk the other way...she got depressed, dropped out of school, and no one ever heard from her again...they think shes the cat lady that lives on the other side of town...just kidding he didnt do it that harsh but he did break up with her that night and she was hurt but she moved on and started dating their class president and they got married and had three little boys. Every ones living happily ever after. THE END

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2009-04-20 23:05:23
All hail the monograph!!!!!!!!! Paragraphs please!!!!! Umm, other than that it was alright. I dont like this whole thing where people give the age, exact height and exact weight thing. Just say age, tall and built really well. Its just weird.

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2008-11-16 22:13:51
good story...didn't care much for the bit at the end about the girlfriend though...


2008-11-07 09:02:58
Great story but next time use paragraphs

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2008-11-01 09:10:59
why did you wait till the end to use paragraphs...hard to read but good

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