Another year of sex and hormones at Greenville High. Geeks, Girls, Comedy and Drama
Jim Franklins coughed as the exhaust from the bus filtered through the vent system of his car. He and the Boys had done what they could to make the car air tight, but he found himself coughing on the noxious fumes, just as he had done last year. He turned up the air in response, all though the car was already rather well air conditioned. As the AC turned up, the temperature became downright frigid, something his brother made sure to object to.

“Dude, do you mind?” Mitch Franklins asked. He was built in much the same way as his older brother, with one major difference: Where Jim was an inch or two taller, Mitch was an inch or two wider. At one point it might have been fat, but now most of it was good old fashioned muscle, the result of several years in both Boy Scouts as well as the Greenville X School Marching Band. Both boys had dirty blondish hair, though Mitch’s was curly riot in comparison to Jim’s. Both boys had pale blue eyes, plain vanilla skin, a tribute to their Irish heritage. Once more Mitch had to stand out, his skin a deeply tanned bronze from the previous two weeks of band camp.

“I’m just trying to clear away the smell of that bloody bus, is all,” Jim explained.

“Not going to happen,” Mitch replied.

“Yeah, I know, but I gotta try right?” Jim nodded at the busses ahead of them, which were pulling off into a small wooded area, where two large cabins sat. “At least we’re here, so it won’t matter much longer.”

The boy’s followed the busses into the camp, waiting for the larger vehicles to find a place park before they pulled the car on to a small patch of grass. The two cars behind them followed them on to the same patch. As they finished parking doors swung wide, revealing the rest of the few guys in attendance at the Greenville High School Cheerleading camp.


The arrangement was pretty much the same one that had occurred the year before, with the school hiring the boys to serve as general busy boys for the camp. They’d be required to take care of the laundry, make sure the camp stayed in one relative piece, and to clean up after the girls ate the meals cooked by the school’s cooks. Since they had done such a wonderful job the previous year, even managing as well as ‘providing a steady sense of morale and usefulness’ as one coach put it, they had been automatically hired the next year for the same positions. Jim had asked the principal and coaches if it was alright if they hired a few more people, because while the boys appreciated the kind words Jon wouldn’t have been able to make it up, as his son had just been born, and even then the work had been a tad bit difficult to keep up with only three people doing it.

The coaches had either not known, or had decided not to mention, that perhaps the work had been so difficult to keep up with was because the boys had been getting screwed silly by three of the girls the previous year. The boys had also decided not to bring up that tiny little detail, because hey, why the hell would they mention that?


The boys stood next to the cars as they watched the girls depart the coach bus. The first off was Ashley, a tall, buxom brunette, who was also the captain of the varsity cheerleading squad for the second year running. She smiled and waved at Jim before she headed into the cabin the girls would be occupying. Jim waved back, only to get an elbow in the ribs from George.

“What was that for?” Jim asked.

“We said we were going to try to keep a low profile, remember?” George joked.

“And how do I explain to my girlfriend why I’m not waving hello to her after not seeing her for a week?” Jim challenged.

George didn’t answer, as he was too busy waving to Jen, which got him an elbow in the ribs from Jim.

“Hey!” George protested.

“Low profiles, remember?” Jim reminded his friend.

Both boys realized that was going to be a problem when the next girl off the bus threw herself at Mitch. Amy wrapped herself around him, causing Mitch to bump into Jim’s car. Both of the older boys rolled their eyes, while the youngest of the four stood in wide eyed shock as one of the hottest girls in their grade glomped his best friend.

“You never told me you were dating Amy!” he protested.

Mitch turned to him as soon as Amy let him up for air. “I didn’t? Sorry Kev, it must have slipped my mind,” Mitch said red-faced.

Kevin just looked at him, clearly in a state of shock as he shook his head from side to side, his jaw dropped down to his chest. His jaw would have dropped lower, if it had been able to, when the next girl got off the bus.

She was pretty in the girl next door sort of way, with her blond hair cut to shoulder length. Her figure, while perhaps not as bouncy as some of the other girls, had curves all its own, and the boys’ eyes traced every inch that they could see, three pairs appraising and one pair memorizing. Her white tank top was damp, the heat of the drive managing to over come the mild air conditioning of the bus, and it left nothing to their imaginations as it clung to her figure.

After she had walked into the cabin George let out a low whistle before asking, “Who was that?”

Jim shrugged. “Ashley mentioned her to me a couple of weeks ago. Her name’s Payden and she transferred to the school sometime around the end of June. Got placed immediately on the varsity team, which sort of annoyed Ashley. She thinks she should have tried out, just like everyone else had to.”

“Well, I’m glad she’s here,” Kevin commented.

Mitch reached out and smacked his friend in the back of the head. “You’re just glad you’re here. Admit it, you just want to see them all in their bikinis.”

“Well, duh,” the other three boys said at the same time, causing all four of them to laugh.

“Come on guys,” Jim said motioning them forward as the last girl got off the bus. “Let’s go get their bags unpacked.” The boys headed over to the busses and immediately began to empty the cargo holds of all the bags the girls had brought with them. The camp was only supposed to last for about two and half weeks, but by the time they had gotten all of the bags piled up there was enough luggage for each girl to live comfortably for a month.


The coaches stood on the balcony of the cabin they would be sharing with the girls, watching as the boys loaded all of the bags on to wheeled carts to make it easier to get them to the house.

“Why did they send them again?” Coach Malone asked rhetorically as he watched the boys struggle with a particularly difficult set of luggage. The other anxious mother that had packed it had bound all of the bags together using plastic strips.

“Come on, a bunch of geeks like that? Who’d expect there to be any problems with them? They’d be lucky to even go swimming with the girls,” Coach Durst replied. The boys had managed to get to the bags over to the cart, only to discover that no matter how they rearranged them the bags wouldn’t fit.

“You said the same thing last year, remember?” Malone reminded his partner.

“Yeah, so? You seriously don’t expect-“ Durst argued. Jim had finally caved in, and drawn a small pocket knife. He twisted the bags around several times to make sure that he had gotten all of the ties, and then the boys piled the bags on.

“Oh, just shut up.” Malone snapped, watching the boys wheel the cart to the girls’ cabin.


The boys had finished putting away the girls’ bags, just in time to be called in and clean the lunch plates. By the time that was finished, they had to go make up the bedrooms. Then, after the bedrooms were finished, they were once more called down to the kitchens to scrub the pots and plates that had been used for dinner. Since it had been the traditional opening plate of fettuccine alfredo, this took a considerable amount of time. So it was with great relief that they trudged up to their cabin, and collapsed into the lawn chairs that occupied the outer balcony, rain or shine. Kevin was then dispatched to fetch drinks for the older boys.

George sat up for minute, to make sure the younger boy was gone, then turned to Jim. “So, what’s the latest on Stef? She have the baby yet?”

Jim nodded. “Yeah, a ‘bouncy baby boy’ in Jon’s own words.”

“So did they name it yet?” Mitch asked.

Jim nodded again, this time with an amused grin on his face. “Yeah, Jon said they named him Kent.”

George and Mitch both burst out laughing. “Kentai must be really honored by that,” George remarked.

Jim shrugged. “I wouldn’t know. Stef’s still in the hospital, said she would be for a couple more days, just to make sure everything was alright. So the two haven’t met yet.”

“Who hasn’t met yet?” Kevin asked as he reappeared, bearing bottles of soda. He tossed three to the others, before collapsing back into his seat.

“No one you know,” Jim answered. “We were just talking about a couple of friends of ours.” He then let out a squeal as a pair of cold, wet hands covered his eyes.

“Guess who!”

“Mrs. Marple?” Jim ventured, only to receive a smack to the back of his head, shortly before Ashley dropped herself into his lap.

“I am not a Mrs. Marple!” Ashley protested. “Who’s Mrs. Marple anyway?”

“Some British detective our mom is fond of watching,” Mitch answered.

“So you’re calling me British huh?” Ashley accused.

“No, I’m calling you ‘Wet’,” Jim replied with a grin.

Ashley responded by leaning down and kissing him hard, earning a whistle from both George and Mitch, and causing Kevin to blush beet red. “Gee, I wonder why?” Ashley whispered in Jim’s ear.

“Well, my guess is you just went swimming,” Jim replied dryly. Ashley just rolled her eyes and kissed him again.

“Y-you mean, you two…?” Kevin stuttered. Ashley and Jim both gave him odd looks.

“You didn’t know?” George asked. He then glared accusingly at Mitch.

Mitch held up his hands in innocence. “Hey, why am I responsible for the fact that he doesn’t know? I bet half the school still doesn’t know!”

“Quiet you two,” Jim ordered. He then turned to Kevin. “Yeah, it’s true. The school’s number one cheerleader is also dating the school’s biggest geek. We’ve tried to keep that less then obvious though, and I guess it worked.”

“For how long?” Kevin asked in wonder.

“Oh, about a year now,” Ashley answered. “We started going out at the last cheer camp.”

“Do you remember hearing about that little incident at the Junior Prom last year?” Mitch asked. When Kevin nodded yes, Mitch pointed to Jim. “Well, that was him.”

“Are you kidding?” Kevin asked. Jim just shrugged innocently. “But people are still talking about that! That was amazing man!”

“Eh, wasn’t much really,” Jim replied. Ashley, Mitch, and George just laughed.


Payden got up before the alarm went off, just like she had been every day since the incident in Seattle. She glanced about the room in a blind panic, as she didn’t recognize where she was. But the forms of other girls quietly sleeping helped soothe her nerves, and as she looked out the window the sun was rising on a beautiful day. She sat there at the window, simply watching the dawn reflect off the waters in the lake.

There was a bit of movement in the corner of her view, and she turned in time to see one of the boys who was supposed to be playing maintenance man heading off into the woods alone, with a small bundle under his arm. Her curiosity inspired, she slipped on her sneakers and headed out after him, pausing only to snatch a light jacket, as the morning was still rather cool.

The boy moved quickly, and it was all Payden could do to keep up with out making too much noise. Fortunately she had experience in gymnastics, and was capable of being light on her feet when it was required. In fact, that was the reason she had joined the cheerleading squad in the first place. When she and her father had moved to Greenville she had hoped to be placed on the school’s gymnastics team, and had been heartbroken when she had found out that they didn’t have one. She had settled for the varsity squad, looking for anything that would allow her to stay in shape.

Fortunately for her the boy didn’t have far to go, and he stopped in a small clearing about three hundred feet away from the main camp site. He placed the bundle carefully on the ground, before gathering up long fallen branches, the smallest of which Payden estimated to be about as thick as her arm. These he began to thrust into the ground, occasionally suspending one off the ground by balancing it between two others. Finally he was satisfied, and piled up the remained or what he hadn’t used next to a large fir tree.

He headed over to where he had placed the bundle he had been carrying, and Payden had to suppress a gasp as he began to strip. He didn’t just stop when he came down to a training out fit, the way the girls did when they worked out, but instead went for the entirely buff look. Payden watched in fascinated silence, her eyes devouring every inch of his body as she watched him go through a simple standing routine. She could tell that he was fit, but he was more lean than muscular, his muscles having been conditioned for use rather then pushed to their ultimate developmental limit, the way a body builder might have.

She was so enraptured by the scene, that she didn’t hear the quiet footsteps that approached her, and she jumped as a small voice asked, “Quite the sight, isn’t it?” Payden spun around to find Ashley standing behind her, with a wry look on her face that Payden couldn’t figure out. It was somewhere between amusement and annoyance. Payden nodded meekly.

“Who is he?” she whispered breathlessly.

“His name is Jim Franklins,” Ashley answered, not as quietly. “He’s also my boyfriend.”

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