Jen and George have the perfect way to pass the time...
Chapter 2- Cleaning the Pipes

George stood up with a groan and arched his back. It seemed that the camp site needed new plumbing, which meant it was up to him to jury rig it to make sure that it worked for the next two weeks. He didn’t actually know a thing about the greater workings of pipes and spigots, but since he could make a computer sit up and dance it was automatically assumed that he could make any malfunctioning system sit up and dance.

He smiled for a moment as he considered the alternative. Jim, Mitch, and Kevin were out in the woods gathering up as much dead wood as they possibly could for the upcoming spirit night. The girls had asked for the biggest bonfire the boys could manage, and to Jim and Mitch that meant wood, lots and lots of wood. George had suggested they just throw some gas on it, but the looks that had earned him had made it plain that the Franklin boys had no such plans. Scouts through and through, they were going to do things the old fashioned way. So while they went out and lugged wood around the camp and surrounding forest, George had spent the morning on his back, trying to figure out what was wrong with the sink. He had removed and cleaned most of the pipes, so… He reached out and turned on the water, or tried to at any rate. Nothing more then the smallest trickle came out.

He continued to let the water drip out, and climbed back under to see if he could spot the problem. He spotted it down at the bottom of the U-bend. Water was pouring out, almost gushing into the pipes’ cabinet. Sighing, he reached up to turn the water off, and instead banged his head on the edge of the counter.

“Fuck!” he cried as me massaged the sore spot. He backed out this time, and then stood up and properly turned off the water. Scowling, he bent down over the toolkit he had been provided and began to look for some way to plug the leak. There was a wrench, a few screwdrivers, and a small case of badly rusted nails, but nothing that looked like it would fix the sink for him. He sighed, closed the toolkit, and headed off to his room to fetch some duct tape with which to mummify the pipes. That, he figured, would hold the pipes for now. At least until he could get a hold of one of the coaches and have them badger the camp owners into getting someone to come in and do the job properly.

Muttering varied curses about evil kitchen counters, he began to dig through his bags until he found what he was looking for. The roll of duct tape was beyond average size, looking more like a bright silver industrial paper towel dispenser. Despite this, the roll was already half used. He tossed it into the air, catching it as he headed back to the kitchen and it’s evil sink. Three minutes later the pipes were covered in multiple layers of duct tape and inch thick, and the water was coming out of the tap rather then the pipes.

“Perfect!” he declared as he stood back up. He’d worry about why the water was now coming out brown later.

“What’s perfect?” Jen asked from behind, wrapping her arms around him as she kissed the back of his neck.

George gave a slight start at her sudden appearance, then relaxed as he realized who it was. He motioned to the sink with one hand, saying, “The sink. It wasn’t working last night, so I got told to fix it.”

Jen peered past him to the sputtering brown water. “Is it supposed to look like that?”

George shrugged. “Probably not, but I’ll worry about it later. We have plenty of sodas to drink, and most of the food is meat to be burnt, so we should be fine.”

“You guys burn your meat?” Jen wrinkled her nose in distaste.

George just chuckled. “Well, we prefer burnt meat to getting sick, and since none of us boys are really any sort of cook, it does for us. Now that I’ve answered all of your questions, how about you answer one of mine? What are you doing back?”

This time it was Jen’s turn to laugh. “One of the Dursbury girls fell off of a pyramid and landed on one of the choreographers. They had to take him to the hospital to make sure he was alright, so they canceled the rest of our practice for the day.”

George frowned. “Is it going to cause any problems for the season?” He turned around so that they were now facing each other. Jen responded by slipping her hands into the back pockets of his jeans.

“Not really,” she answered. “We’d already pretty much nailed the stunts he was showing us, so it was mostly review work.” Jen glanced about the kitchen. “So where are the others?”

“Out gathering firewood,” George answered.


“Well, you ladies did ask for big bonfire at the end of the week.”

Jen looked confused for a moment. “So why don’t you guys just pour gas on it then?”

George rolled his eyes. “That’s what I said, but they insisted that it had to be done properly.”

Jen’s eyes took on a mischievous look as she stared back at George. “So we have the entire cabin to ourselves then?”

George shrugged. “For the moment, at any rate.”

Jen smiled. She leaned up close to George’s ear and whispered, “Good. I’ve still got all that energy left that didn’t get used this morning.”

George turned and their lips met, closed at first, then open as their tongues sought each other out. Jen’s hand cupped his ass and pulled him closer, until she could feel the growing bulge in his pants. George responded in kind, one hand tangling itself in her hair while the other slid down to push her into him.

George could feel his blood pounding in his ears and the warmth of her body pressing against him, and knew he wasn’t going to be able to stop at a simple make out session. Since it didn’t seem to be what Jen had had in mind either this wasn’t a problem, though admittedly the thought of screwing around on the not so clean floor wasn’t that appealing. “My room,” he managed to growl during one of their brief pauses for air. He pushed away from the counter, and she jumped up, wrapping her legs around. At the same time she rubbed the crotch of her shorts against his jeans.

“Tease,” George accused. Jen didn’t say anything, instead choosing to give him a look that said even more then words could have. The meaning was clear though. “Fuck me.”

George managed to steer them to the bedroom without bumping into anything, though the constant kiss they maintained made that slightly difficult. It also didn’t help that Jen was trying to undo his fly with her free hand. He even managed to lower her to the bed, rather then simply tearing off her clothes and mounting her.

Jen lay there for a moment, her long red hair floating about her head like some ancient painting of a sun goddess, her hands roaming across her body, squeezing and toying with her breasts through the fabric of her shirt. Her hands moved down to the edge of her shirt and in one quick motion removed it, as well as the sports bra she had been wearing. Her breasts bounced free, her pink nipples already hard in anticipation. George quickly followed suit, his shirt joining hers in a crumpled mess on the floor. He shrugged off his jeans, then climbed onto the bed as she stripped off her shorts.

George wasted no time in climbing over her, and their lips met once more as she sat up to rub her body against his. Her taut nipples flared with delight as she dragged them across his chest, and Jen let out a small gasp of delight. George moved away from her lips, sucking and nibbling at her neck as he moved lower. He lingered for a moment at the hollow at the base of her neck, before licking his way down her body, running his tongue as slowly and loving as possible between her breasts. He knelt over her as he did so, placing his weight on his legs, leaving his hands free to play with her tits. Jen let out a soft moan as he began to gently massage the sensitive flesh of her breasts, slowly increasing the pressure with each squeeze. He moved in as she collapsed on the bed in pleasure, swirling his tongue around one hard nipple, before nibbling on the other. Trapped beneath him, all Jen could do was gasp in delight as he teased her body.

Taking hold of the last bit of sanity left to her bliss clouded mind, she reached up and hooked the elastic of his boxers with her thumbs before sliding them down over his hard cock. Thick and hard, there was already a small drop of precum smeared across the tip, causing the swollen purple head to shine in the sunlight entering through the window. Jen saw none of this though, as one hand quickly wrapped around his shaft and began to feverishly stroke it, the other holding her up off the bed.

George bit his lip to keep himself from making any noise at the sudden sensation of her warm hand pumping his cock. He lowered himself down until his body covered hers, pressing her back against the bed, making it easy for him to reclaim her lips once more. One arm slipped beneath her and he rolled them over so that they were on his side. Both of his hands then slipped past the lip of her panties, and while one began to play with her ass the other began to slide up and down along the wet folds of her pussy, covering his fingers in her juices. Once he felt ready he parted her entrance and slipped a finger inside, letting it glide in and out ever so slowly. She gasped at the penetration, and pressed her hips hard against his hand seeking some form of relief from the pleasurable torment. George obliged, adding another finger to the first. While his fingers were busy inside of her, his thumb slowly circled her clit, narrowing into tighter spirals with each pass. Soon he had a steady rhythm going, asking for money with his fingers and receiving her excited moans the squeezing cunt as payment.

Jen shuddered as George began to nibble on her ear, one hand busy with her pussy and the other busy with ass. She let go of his cock just long enough to pull her panties the rest of the way off, then took it back eagerly with both hands. More precum had come, and she eagerly smeared it around the tip of his cock, her body already eager to have him stuffed inside of it. Using her leg she pushed them over, so that it was now her on top of him. She slid her legs out over his so that she was straddling him and in one swift motion aligned her pussy with his cock and sank down on it, her body crying out in ecstasy as she felt him penetrate her fully.

This time George did let out a moan, his body quaking as he felt the wet warmth of her womanhood engulf him. She began to move, not so much moving up and down along it as grinding against him, the walls of vagina toying with his penis in much the same way he had fondled her breasts earlier. One hand braced her against his chest, and with the other Jen reached behind her and began to gently roll his balls back and forth.

George sucked in as every nerve in his crotch began to fire off at once, and his hands gripped her hips tight as he began to thrust into her, though there wasn’t much room to do so. She was tight, and the gentle squeezing motions of her pussy only made her tighter before sucking him in deeper. George groaned as he felt his climax begin to rise within him, and though a small part of him wanted to give in to the that final blissful moment, the rest of him managed to keep it in check. If Jen wanted to be fucked, then he would be sure to make it as long as enjoyable as possible.

Jen sagged down against him, the waves of pleasure rolling over making it impossible for her to hold herself up any longer. Their sweaty bodies ground against each other as their hips sought unity. In the end George was the first to go, and he squeezed her ass tight as he shot his sperm deep inside of her. Jen followed moments later, rubbing her clit against him until she too found her release. She let out a cry as she came, and sank her teeth into his shoulder, before finally shuddering to stillness on him.

“Um, ow,” George chuckled as they let their tired bodies once more enjoy the sensation known as breathing.

“Sorry,” Jen quickly apologized. “Are you alright?”

George leaned forward and kissed her forehead. “Yeah, I’m fine. Glad to be of service,” he said with a grin.

She kissed him back. “Mutual, of course.” They continued to lay there for a while, George slowly stroking her back as she lay on top of him. Jen had her head resting on his chest, and if she had been a cat she would have been purring. As it was, her relaxed breathing and the small smile on her lips told George all he needed to know.

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