Kevin meets and makes some new friends...
Chapter 4- Heinleinism

The next day dawned bright and full of possibilities, which was a good thing considering it was a Saturday. The weekend was the only time the training facilities shut down, which meant the girls had a two day break. They’d be back hard at work on Monday, and they’d be drilling until Friday so that they could all pack up and leave the next Saturday. Time was running out, meaning that if they were going to go through with the traditional Spirit Night party normally thrown by the older girls that that night was the time to do it.

The boy had been hard at work since the morning, having had to first clear the area down near the lake where the girls planned on holding the ceremony, and then having to dig a pit deep enough to hold the fire Jim and Mitch had built. The boys had managed to gather more than enough wood for the fire, and Jim planned on using it all, despite the fact it would have lasted a decent sized household for a winter. Piled as high as they could make it, the stack of wood towered over Jim, and it had required a stepstool for Mitch to get the last few logs on top. Perhaps even more impressive was the fact that they didn’t plan to use any accelerants, letting the fire burn off of entirely natural fuel.

Ashley stood there at the edge of the lake and looked at the mountain of dead trees. Behind her the boys were cleaning themselves off in the lake, trying to get most of the dirt off outside rather than back in the cabin, where they just would have been forced to clean up again. She looked over at the boys, who were taking turns jumping off the diving platform that had been anchored about twenty feet out in the lake, and shook her head.

“Jim!” she called out, “Come here!”

Jim looked up from the ladder that led back onto the float, nodded, turned around and jumped back in. His swimming was hardly Olympic caliber, but it was enough to get him back to the dock. He managed to climb out of the water, and sat down, dripping, on the rocks that lined the edge of the lake.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“Are you seriously planning on burning all of that?” Ashley asked, motioning to the pile.

“Yeah, why?” Jim looked slightly worried. “You don’t think we need more wood do you? George and I can go fetch some.”

Ashley stood there and blinked at him before slowly shaking her head. “No, that’s alright, I’m fairly sure that there is more than enough wood here. I’m just wondering whether or not you’re going to end up getting us in trouble with the fire department.”

Jim paused before he replied, and considered the pile of wood. Finally he shook his, though he was grinning. “Nah, won’t be a problem. Mitch and I have been building things like this for years for scouts, and we’ve only really gotten into trouble once.”

Ashley’s eyebrow raised in curiosity. “Do I want to know?”

Jim chuckled as he answered, “Well, it was a couple of years ago, when we were still doing summer camps instead of coming here with you girls. Anyway, we were supposed to be doing a crossing over ceremony for a local Cub Scout pack, and as usual Mitch and I got assigned fire detail. We went out a built one maybe half again as big as this one, but it wasn’t supposed to be a big deal, as we were in the middle of a clearing, with plenty of room to work with. Anyway, somehow or other a green log managed to get mixed in about half way in, though we didn’t know it at the time. To make a slightly long story a little shorter, the log was also still full of sap, and about half way through the ceremony it exploded.”

Jim paused as Ashley gave him a look that didn’t just hint, but outright declared her blatant disapproval.

“Hey, don’t look at me like that!” he protested. “It wasn’t our fault, and no one really got hurt. Though it didn’t just pop, the damn thing burst. Fortunately by the time the top had pretty much burned off, so it wasn’t that bad. Unfortunately, that did mean that there were plenty of small cinder and ash pockets on top if it. It was sort of like watching a small sized volcano explode. Lot’s of dust and hot debris and all that.”

“Jim,” Ashley warned, her voice growing stern, “you and your brother are not to blow up the spirit fire and cover the girls in ash just so that you can all watch us strip off our clothes and jump in the lake!” With that said she stomped off back towards the cabins, leaving a slightly bewildered Jim in her wake. He watched her go, his thoughts mixed with his avid interest in the sway of her hips as she walked.

Mitch surfaced behind him. “You know, that might not be a bad idea.”

Jim turned and frowned at his brother. “What, blowing up the pile so that we get to see them all in the underwear? Kind of over the top don’t you think?”

“Well, maybe for you or me or George. But we could at least put on a show for Kevin.”

Jim’s frown turned to outright glaring. “You want us to blow up a big pile of wood just so your friend can see a bunch of cheerleaders half nude? Why not just cut out the middle man and tell him about the hole in the showers that George didn’t plug?” The showers in the girl’s cabin, to save on piping and room, had actually been built on the outside of the cabin, forming its lower wall. Since the cabins hadn’t been built with the intent to be used in winter the walls also hadn’t been made very thick, and was inevitable in the woods something had come along and chewed on them. The boys knew about the hole but pretended they didn’t, and the girls knew about the hole and pretended that it had been fixed, though only the more exhibitionally minded ones would ever use that stall.

“Nah, none of the current group is using it. I guess none of the younger girls wants to be seen,” Mitch answered. Jim gave him a look, so Mitch shrugged at his older brother. “What? I’m the one who has been cleaning the stalls, and that one hasn’t shown any signs of being used this year. There’s never anything left inside of it and the floor is always dry. All I’m doing is making an educated guess. Amy would kill me if she ever found out I was trying to peek in on the girls.”

“Whose trying to peek in on the girls?” George asked as he dropped his clothes at the edge of the lake.

“Mitch wants us to blow up the fire so that the girls have to strip and jump in the lake, because Kevin doesn’t have a girlfriend,” Jim summarized.

“I didn’t say we should do it, I just said I thought it was a good idea!” Mitch protested.

“Actually, there may be something to that…” George mused.

“Oh not you too!” Jim replied.

“Nah, but its still something to file away for another day.” He motioned for the others to grab their stuff. “Come on though. We need to get the stuff ready for tonight.”


The fire didn’t crackle merrily, it burned with the fury of a properly built bon fire. It was hot enough that no one was willing to get with in five feet of it, and the boys were forced to throw new logs on it rather than place them carefully as would have been proper. Never the less, everyone was having a fine time. So far any attempt to roast a marshmallow had resulted in said confection bursting into flame as it approached, which simply served to keep the girls amused as they tried to see who could get closest before their snacks became torches. The chocolate bars that had been brought to make s’mores had been divied up on the spot, and the graham crackers lay forgotten behind the party.

There had been an added benefit for the boys as well. The intense heat of the fire, combined with the summer’s humidity, had convinced most of the girls that going at least semi topless was a good idea. Shorts hadn’t even been considered an option, and the only thing keeping splinters from pricking the rather shapely bottoms gracing the logs around the fire were the sheets and blankets dragged out of cabins solely for the purpose of serving as cushions.

Kevin let out a small grunt as he hefted another log and tossed it into the flames. The fire in turn crackled and crashed in appreciation as the fire began to devour the latest offering. He swiped his arm across his forehead, wiping away the sweat that was pouring down, and cursed his decision not to get a hair cut before coming up here with the girls. He had thought the shaggy look might have scored him some points, but all it was really accomplishing was to blind him as his hair dropped into his eyes. Looking about at various bikini and bra clad girls, he decided to just screw it, and stripped his shirt off. There was an appreciative whistle, and the turned around to find Tina, one his and Mitch’s classmates, standing behind him. She was wearing a blue bikini top which looked to be two sizes too small and shined in the firelight, as well as skimpy g-string that didn’t leave very much to the imagination.

“Hey, Sarah!” Tina called out. “Come over here!” Kevin turned around as another girl came around the fire, a can of cr? soda in one hand. She was wearing just as little, though it seemed she had left the back of her top undone, allowing the material to just hang over her breasts. Her skin shone in the firelight as beads of sweat dripped down her cleavage. Kevin had to fight urge to shake his head to dismiss the image, partly because he knew it wouldn’t help and partly because he didn’t want to.

“What’s up Tee?” Sarah asked.

“I want your opinion on something,” Tina answered. “What do you think of him?”

“What about him?” Sarah replied.

Tina rolled her eyes. “We’ve got to do something for the new girls on the squad. It’s our duty as the squad deputies after all. Why don’t we throw him to them?”

“Hey wait a minute!” Kevin protested.

“What?” Both girls said it at the same time, almost causing Kevin to spin in place as he tried to look at them both at the same time.

“What exactly do you mean throw me to them?”

Tina shrugged. “Just what it sounds like. We take you, stick you in the shower or a clearing somewhere, drop the newbies on you, and tease them about it later.”

“Trust us, it will be fun!” Sarah added.

“And what exactly are we supposed to be doing?” Kevin asked. He had his suspicions, and he wasn’t entirely sure how he thought about them. One on hand, he had enjoyed playing with the thought of getting laid up here, as it was something that hadn’t quite managed to happen to him back home. On the other hand, he didn’t quite know how he felt about getting pimped out this way.

“What ever it occurs to you to do,” Tina answered. Kevin gave her a look. “Oh, please, nothing like that…at least not unless you all want to or something. The point is to make it known that they were all off somewhere with one guy. That way we can tease them about it, and they can spend all their time denying it. It’s embarrassing, but funny at the same time.”

“And what am I supposed to get out of this?” Kevin asked.

“Well…” Tina teased.

“Oh, come off it Tee! You think’s cute too!” Sarah scolded.

“Wait, what?” Kevin asked.

“Tina’s been watching you for half the week,” Sarah answered. “And I’ve been watching you the other half.”

“Ok, see, now I’m confused…” Kevin mumbled. He glanced about, and realized that everyone had been hanging out on the other side of the fire. The boys had stocked all the wood on one side, and so the girls had sat on the other. The fire was big enough and bright enough that seeing over or through it wasn’t really an option either. That pretty much left him alone with the two girls.

“It’s really rather simple,” Tina answered. “We’re polygamists.”

Kevin’s eyebrows narrowed in confusion. “What, like the Mormons?”

Sarah giggled, a sweet sound that seemed out of place to Kevin. Suddenly he felt rather warm. He would have stripped off his shirt, if he hadn’t already done so. The only thing left to take off his shorts, and he wasn’t quite sure where that would lead. “No, silly, we’re not Mormons,” Tina explained. “We’re Heinleinists.”

Puzzlement joined Confusion to leave Kevin totally bewildered. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Heinleinists before…”

Sarah giggled again, and this time Tina joined in. “That’s because we’re rather rare,” Sarah explained. “You’ve heard of scientology, right?”

“That wacko religion Tom Cruise practices? Yeah, sort of. Isn’t that the one where you worship space ships or something?” Worry and Panic began to replace Confusion. Dear god, they were insane, weren’t they!

“Sort of, I guess.” This time Tina looked puzzled, but she shook it off and kept going. “Scientology was created by a science fiction writer named Elron Hubbard. Heinleinism is also based on the teachings of a science fiction writer, Robert Heinlein.”

“So you guys worship aliens too?” Kevin blurted out. Almost immediately he wished he could rewrite time so that he hadn’t said it. He didn’t think it was wise to annoy crazy people, and the only way to go seemed to be into the fire.

Sarah shook her head. “No, its not a religion the way scientology is. It’s more a life philosophy. Part of it involves loving freely, and so people who follow it as a philosophy see no reason not to love more than one person.”

“So, what, you just sleep with who ever you want?” Worry and Panic were once more being replaced by Puzzlement. This also brought Kevin a slight sense of Relief.

Sarah shook her head again. “No, that’s just being slutty. I mean, yeah, we could sleep with multiple people-”

“And do!” Tina chimed in with a laugh. Hers was almost as sweet as Sarah’s.

“-and do,” Sarah added, shooting Tina a look. “But only if we care about them. Its not like we’d sleep with just anyone.”

“Come on, lets get away from the fire before I get a sunburn,” Tina suggested. She reached over and grabbed one of Kevin’s hands as Sarah did the same. Together they dragged him away from the fire and towards the lake front. Once they were far enough away that they were still being kept warm but weren’t observable, Tina and Sarah plopped to the ground, dragging Kevin with them.

“Ok, could you start over maybe? I’m confused about all of this,” he asked.

Tina shrugged, but she was smiling as she did so. The full moon overhead made her skin seem an almost pale white, and Kevin felt his blood stir as he looked at her. He glanced over at Sarah to see how it made her look, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that her top had disappeared somewhere on the way over. She noticed him looking, and playfully squeezed them together.

“It’s really simple,” Tina began. “Heinlein thought that it was human nature to love as many people as possible, and that limiting a person to a single partner was laughable. Instead he advocated that if you loved someone you should love them openly, regardless. That’s pretty much the foundation of the philosophy. Oh, there’s lots of stuff about working hard and being fair to people and honesty and justice and all that, but it all boils down to taking care of those who love you and who you love, in the end.”

“Did you two come up with this?” Kevin asked.

“Nope!” Sarah replied with a smile. “Our parent’s raised us that way. Actually, several of the ‘families’” she placed quotation marks in the air as she said the last word, “on our block are Heinleinists.”

“Why the quotation marks around families?”

“Because as far as we’re concerned, we’re all one big family,” Tina answered. “Sarah is my sister by another set of parents. All of our parent’s are married to one another.”

“All right, I admit it, I’m confused,” Kevin admitted. “Isn’t polygamy against the law?”

Sarah shrugged. “Only if you get caught.”

Kevin was puzzled by the answer, so he was caught off guard when Tina reached out and grabbed him by the hand, pulling him close. Her breasts were just slightly in the way, so she had to use her other hand to pull his head in close for the kiss. Kevin was shocked at the sudden intimacy, so his lips yielded easily as her tongue probed them. In reflex he put his arms about her, and Tina responded in kind.

As they broke for air Kevin tried to push away, though he didn’t get far. While he and Tine had been kissing Sarah had approached from behind. “Wait, stop!” he protested.

Tine pouted. “Are you saying no, you don’t want to do this?”

“We’ll stop if you really want,” Sarah whispered huskily in his ear.

“No, no, I mean, why me?” Kevin stammered.

Behind him Sarah rolled her eyes, and Tina giggled. “Because we think you’re cute? And why not? We’re clean and safe. But what about you?” she asked, mock suspicion narrowing her eyes.

“Well, I’m not sick or anything-” Kevin said, only to be interrupted by Sarah placing her hands on his shoulders and nibbling at his neck.

“Then we’re good,” Tina assured him, before kissing him again. This time Kevin was ready for it, and his tongue briefly touched hers. He then broke away, turning his head to do the same with Sarah. Soon the three of them were exchanging kisses, each round growing more passionate than the last. As their hands began to roam across each other’s bodies Kevin stepped out from between the two girls so that they were all standing in a rough triangle. It also meant that he could cup both of their shapely asses with a hand, squeezing their firm buttocks. He soon found that his hands were each joined by another, as a pair of hands made their way to his own rear end. They stayed like that for a several moments, simply enjoying the sensation of sharing one another.

“Let’s see what we have to work with, shall we?” Tina murmured. She and Sarah each took hold of the waistband of Kevin’s shorts as she knelt down in front of him, Sarah pushing them down as Tina pulled. Kevin could feel the fabric of his underwear rolling down along his thighs, and he shivered momentarily has his hot flesh was exposed to the cooler air. The girls managed to get his clothes about half off before Tina had to remove her hand from where she had been teasing Sarah to remove the shorts the rest of the way. Finally free, Kevin’s hard cock fell forward, hanging horizontally before her.

Tina’s hands wrapped around Kevin’s member as Sarah stepped slightly sideways, so that she was more in front of Kevin. She reached behind his head and pulled him in for a kiss. Unbidden, Kevin lowered his head to tease one of her nipples. It was soft at first, though it quickly hardened under his touch. She sighed at the damp warmth of his mouth encircling the tender flesh, and it turned to an outright gasp as he sucked, hard, on her nipple. Still holding it taught between his lips he began to gently flick at the sensitive nib. Her other breast was kept busy by his other hand, which stroked and caressed. Partly to keep his balance, and partly just because, he wrapped his other arm around her waist his fingertips gently running up and down the small of her back.

Tina was just as busy down on her knees. She had her hand down near the base of his cock, and was moving it with a low, short motion that served to send shivers up Kevin’s spine. Her grip was low enough that her pinky just grazed his sack. Each time her hand moved up her pinky would slide up the center, just slightly displacing his testicles as it moved. Each shiver caused Kevin to suck or stroke just a little harder, and Sarah had her hand tangled in the length of Tina’s hair. Tine pushed down on his penis, just enough to pull the foreskin back. Instead of stroking back up she instead let go for a brief moment, replacing her grip a little higher than where she had started. The next stroke pulled the foreskin away from the head of his cock, leaving the purple tip entirely exposed. She knelt a little lower, and began to slide her tongue along the bottom of his length, slowly easing away as she went, until only the tip of her tongue was touching him when she reached the point where skin gave way to muscle.

Kevin bit his lip, sucking back a hiss as Tina took him into her mouth. She didn’t actually touch him at first, letting the only touch he felt be her breath on his quivering manhood. She let her lips slowly come to rest about half way down, pressing them together more firmly as she her head back while her hand pushed forward. They were tightest just as she reached the crest where his cockhead flared, and her tongue dashed forward to lick off the precum she had squeezed out of him. She let it sit there on the tip of her tongue for a moment, savoring the taste.

Kevin stood stock still, shuddering at the feel of her mouth on him. He clutched in reflex, dragging his fingernails up Sarah’s ass, pulling her tighter against him. She didn’t even bother to resist, stepping into the embrace to nibble on the bottom of his ear. There was a moment when he felt like he was going to lose all control and come in her mouth, but it was averted when she backed off. He was shaking his head to clear it as Tina stood up, a smile playing across her face.

“Like that did you?” she asked coyly.

“The question isn’t if I liked it,” he answered huskily, “but how do I do that to you?”

“Nuh uh,” Sarah replied. “We’ll teach if you want to learn, but you’ve got to earn it first.”

“Hmmm,” he said as he nuzzled against her neck. “I think I can manage that.” He let his hands, fingers spread out, slowly drift down their backs, dragging his thumbs along their spines. He drew his fingers together as his hands reached their buttocks, cupping the round firm flesh that could only be developed through regular workouts. He paused just long enough to cop a quick feel before sliding his hands over to the side. It took a moment of searching for him to find what he was looking for, and the girls giggled as they repeated his own actions back at him. He mockingly scowled at them.

“Think that’s funny do you?” he growled.

“Nah, I think it’s cute,” Sarah answered, pressing her lips against his.

“Me too,” Tina chimed in, still slowly playing with his cock. She could feel it spasm occasionally, as it sought some form of release. Each time it did so she would playfully squeeze back, and Kevin would switch from kissing Sarah to kissing her. Of course, Sarah could always draw him back by simply rubbing against him.

“Well in that case,” Kevin whispered as he nibbled at Tina’s shoulder. Both of the girls had been wearing the same style of bottom, ones that tied up on the side rather than simply being slipped on. He had managed take both ends of a string on either side of a girl in each hand and then he pulled. The knots hadn’t been very impressive ones, and the tugs where enough to pull them completely undone. They dropped open…but only half way. The strings fell away, pulling back the spare bit of fabric in the front as gravity pulled them down, but just partially.

“Didn’t quite work the way you thought?” Tina teased as she pressed her hips against him. She let out a gasp as his hand slipped between the fabric and her skin. His hand was colder than her butt, and it sent a shiver up her spine as he squeezed.

“Maybe we can help,” Sarah suggested. As she reached down to lick one of his nipples she and Tina reached across each other and undid the knot on the other girl. Each pair of panties fluttered to the ground quietly. Naked flesh rubbed against naked flesh and the threesome drew closers as a cool wind blew past them. Somewhere behind them the fire flared higher as more wood was added for the benefit of those who were still huddled around it.

Kevin realized he had a small problem. Theoretically he knew what came next, or at least what was supposed to. They had, after all, covered it quite a bit in health class. So the physical aspect was known to him. The girls, however, were much more experienced than he, and he didn’t know what it was that they expected. So continued to simply stroke and fondle, waiting for one of them to take the lead.

The girls looked across at each other as they realized what was going on. For some that might have been a disappointment. But the girls had long suspected Kevin’s amateur nature. He was, after all, one of Mitch’s friends. While they were sure there were some relationships occurring inside the band, it was also somewhat easy to tell who was dating and who wasn’t, at least when it came to the guys. Those who weren’t dating would stare at the tits of every girl who went past. Those who were dating simple stared at one girl, and even then only when they weren’t talking to him. So they knew that Kevin was single and thus somewhat green. That might have disappointed some girls, but it thrilled Sarah and Tina. One of the things they had been looking for in a guy was someone new, someone who didn’t think he already knew it all. So they were quite willing to lead.

Each one took the hand that had been caressing him and brought it up to her mouth. It wasn’t a planned decision, or even a conscious one. They simply knew what worked and so they did it. The sucked gently at the tip of his fingers before guiding his hands down their bodies, letting his finger gently brush across their breasts. They didn’t linger though, instead drifting past their toned stomachs until they had brought his hands to their crotches. The entire time they kept their eyes locked on his, and the entire affair had a slightly ritualistic affair to it. It was less a seduction and more of a bonding.

Kevin leaned into kiss them as they pressed his hands against them. Neither of the girls was entirely shaved, but they did live by a strict code of hygiene, so they were closely shaved, with a fine fuzz of hair. Mostly by accident his fingers grazed against their sex, and the girls gasped and sighed at his touch. He realized that he’d done something right, and his fingers moved down, stroking carefully with just the tips of his fingers. It was just a slight touch, but it still seemed to electrify the girls. They were used to overly attentive lovers; one who was overly gentle was a pleasant surprise.

Tina let go of his cock as Sarah dropped to her knees, ignoring the damp grass as she did so. She wasn’t as gentle about her attentions as Tina had been. Instead she simply took his rod and began to suck on it. While her hand fondled his balls her tongue caressed his tip. She opened her mouth to take him as deep into her throat as she could manage, enjoying the feel of him throbbing in her against her tongue.

Unfortunately, Kevin was a virgin. He had little experience and the stamina to go with it. He had so far managed to avoid climaxing solely because Tina hadn’t been pushing for anything. She had been maintaining a steady rhythm that allowed him to maintain at least the image of self control. But where Tina was patient, Sarah was aggressive, and Kevin was overwhelmed. His hands flew to the back of her head and held her in place as he came. He wasn’t rough about it though, and she pulled back enough that she could swallow in between spurts of come.

Kevin was glad they were away from the fire, as it meant the girls couldn’t see him blush. “Um, sorry about that…” he mumbled.

Sarah grinned up at him as she sat back on the grass, shivering slightly at the feel of the cold ground against bare skin. “That’s all right, the night is still young.” She motioned for the other two to join her on the grass. Kevin and Tina both sat down, though Tina waited just long enough to make sure that Kevin was between the two of them. Kevin sat up for just a moment before deciding that sitting wasn’t much fun and chose to instead lie down. The girls almost immediately snuggled up to him, sliding a leg each up over his own.
“Mmm, so what now?” Kevin asked. Tina and Sarah looked across at each other and grinned. Kevin’s head whip-lashed between the two and a sudden feeling of dread over came him. “Wait, what?”

“Well, now that we have you at our mercy…” Tina began.

“…You can finish what you started!” Sarah ended. Both girls leaned in and kissed him at the same time, but they then began to move in opposite directions. Sarah kept him busy by twisting her tongue around his, while Tina focused on getting him ready again. He hadn’t had enough time to fully relax, and his half erection soon became a full strength hard on through the skill of her caresses. Once she had him once more fully aroused she bent her head down and took him as deep into her mouth as she could, rubbing her tongue all along the bottom of his cock. Earlier it had been for his pleasure; this time it was for hers. Holding him pointed towards the sky she quickly knelt over him, guiding the head of towards her entrance.

She went slowly at first, as not only was it more of her nature to enjoy things patiently but up until then she and Sarah had pretty much been alone with each other for the summer. The boys had all gone on to their own things, and while the girls enjoyed fooling around with each other neither believed in using a dildo. There was just no comparison between live flesh and dead plastic. But by the same line of reasoning, there wasn’t much of a comparison between a pair of fingers and an honest to god penis. Fingers were skinny, poky affairs that could build up a decent amount of friction and little else. A penis on the other hand was alive. It was both soft and hard at the same time, and it throbbed as it moved, beating with pulse of the man behind it.

She let out a small sigh as she slid down his cock. Her body rocked with pleasure as she felt herself stretch to accommodate him. Kevin’s hand reacted almost on their own, squeezing tight on her hips as she slid all the way to the base of his member. She stayed there for several moments, simply rocking back and forth, enjoying the sensation of him pulsing inside her. Sarah quietly withdrew as Tina arched over, covering Tim’s body with hers as she began to move, raising and lowering her hips in a slow rhythm that let him slide in and out of her with ease. She never let him slip away too far, as her body craved the feeling of fullness she got each time their bodies pressed against each other. Their lips touched, softly, gently. This was not some hurried coupling, but a slow sharing of pleasure. She shuddered as she felt him bottom out inside her, and simply let warm bliss overtake her mind. His grip softened, no longer squeezing, merely guiding. He started to move in time with hers, though his own were in reverse. As she pressed down, he thrust up. As she rose, he pulled away. The result was to amplify the steady creep of pressure that was building within her, and it suddenly all gave way at once in a great tidal wave of ecstasy. Her muscles clamped down around him, holding him in place as she rode the wave till it crested. Yet even as it receded it left a bit of itself behind within her, leaving her with a sense of profound contentment.

Had he not just come moments before Kevin would have undoubtedly joined her in orgasm. As it was, he was still hard instead, his blood coursing through him, filling him with desire. He let his butt settle against the ground as she lifted away from him, her lips the last to go. She carefully swung her legs around so that she was kneeling down near his feet, and she leaned over to offer him a hand in getting up. Kevin took the offered assisstance, only to find Sarah in a similar position to his right. There was enough moonlight left to see the warmth in the smile she gave him.

She turned her back on him, and for a moment he was confused until Tina simply shook her head and said, “Mount her.” Kevin didn’t need telling twice, and was soon on his knees behind Sarah, cock thrust out before him like some proud standard. He fumbled for a moment as he sought her sex, but it was hard to miss. The warmth beckoned to him, and he slipped inside easily; Sarah’s and Tina’s juices made her slick and inviting. She was tighter, though not by much. This time she let him start, allowing him to set his own pace.

It was more than enough to satisfy her. Sarah was not a rough lover, but she was aggressive, and she enjoyed it when men where aggressive with her. Unfortunately, many of the boys she had been with knew this, and were afraid to take it too far, thus holding back even more deliberately. Kevin was new though, and he wasn’t aware that he might take it too far so he instead held nothing back. He thrust forward with all he had, smooth solid strokes that pierced her to her core. The grass below them was slick with early dew, and they slid a little bit as he pushed into her. In order to keep them steady Sarah dropped to her elbows, opening herself to deeper penetration by his cock. Kevin took almost greedy advantage of this, speeding up to short, quick strokes that barely left him time to pull back before he plunged back into her, filling her with all he had. He rubbed against that special spot inside of her, and shots of warm pleasure spilled over just as her own juices spilled over his cock, inviting him in again and again. Sarah let out a low moan of pleasure before sucking in her lower lip, catching it between her teeth. This was too good for her to get them caught now, not before she was ready. She could feel him begin to spasm deep inside of her, his own orgasm catching up to him despite him not having anything to really offer. He sagged against her as he lost what little control he had left, pressing his body against her back as he held himself as deep in her as he could manage. She meanwhile let her own burst of heaven take hold, collapsing to the ground below them as it passed.

Kevin soon joined her there, pulling her against him so that they were spooning, cradling her in his arms, with one of his legs between hers, his knee pressed against her damp pussy. Tina lay down on the other side of him, sliding her arm across his chest as she tucked her legs up under his. They lay like that, exchanging soft kisses until exhaustion overtook them, leaving them asleep on the grass by the lake.


Something was tickling his nose, and Kevin wrinkled it several times, trying to chase away what ever was causing it. When that failed he tried to reach up to scratch the itch, only to his arm trapped in Sarah’s grip. A slight moment of panic rose inside of him, but it dropped away when the events of last night came back to him. He began to sink down again when he noticed there was a blanket spread over them. Panic returned, biding its time as he noticed the note that had been pinned to the edge of the blanket. It read:


You’re lucky its Sunday. If you wake up in time, get the girls back to their cabin. If you don’t I’ll come by and drop a bucket of water on you guys. You have till ten. Oh, yeah, and I want my blanket back.




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Superior stuff. I agree one of your best.

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2008-10-29 08:11:46
great best chapter yet

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2008-10-29 05:42:51
Awesome!!! How are these guys nerds?!

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