Kevin has an odd encounter while cleaning out the showers...
Chapter 6 - The Shower

Kevin whistled as he worked. Jim and George were down by the lake, dismantling what was left of the fire pit. Mitch had drawn the short straw, and was thus stuck trying to unblock a clog in the girls’ cabin that had been keeping the second floor toilets from flushing. Since this had first required emptying the toilets of their contents, this was not an enviable task. That left Kevin the slightly cleaner task of cleaning out the girls’ showers. The constant damp was inviting to several different molds and mosses, which seemed to make almost nightly attempts at invasion. Then there were the various creepy crawlies that preferred to make a home for themselves inside the wooden walls. Combined, it meant there was a constant need to clean the stalls to make sure they were useable by the girls.

Not that he minded, at least not anymore. While there hadn’t been a repeat of the of the evening at the lake, it hadn’t been for a lack of desire. The girls had been hanging out with him almost every chance they got, but as the final week began to draw to a close time and privacy had become rare commodities. If he wasn’t busy then they were, and if they had free time together there was always someone else hanging around.

Of course, this hadn’t kept the girls from doing everything they could to keep his hormones peaked. They were always finding some reason to press against him, bend over in front of him, or sit in his lap. Tina was the worst of the two, as she often walked around without any underwear on. She /claimed/ it was because she didn’t like walking around in sweaty panties, but Kevin wasn’t so sure. Of course, it didn’t help that Sarah swore they were both nudists in private

He was surprised to have his musing interrupted by the sudden sound of running water. That was odd in and of itself. The girls were all supposed to be at practice, and while it wasn’t uncommon for one to take a day off the first week, practices were mandatory the second. Odder still, it was coming from the last stall in the line, and that particular stall was /never/ used. He didn’t know why, it was just a constant of the camp, like lake water being wet.

“Hey Mitch!” Kevin called out.

“What?” Mitch yelled back as he poked his head out a window.

“Are you messing with the water?”

Mitch frowned. “Nah, I’m not. Why?”

Kevin pointed to the stall where the water was running. Mitch shrugged and ducked back inside. There was a large crash followed by, “I’m ok!” Kevin frowned at the window for a moment before approaching the hissing stall.

The last stall had a reputation for being taboo amongst the girls, though Kevin and the guys didn’t know why, but they assumed it had something to do with the rather large hole set about three feet off the ground. Not quite perfectly round, it was large enough to easily slip a can of soda through, and it was positioned so that anyone using it to peek would have a clear view of whomever was in the shower.

That wasn’t entirely it, though. What really bugged the girls about the shower was the faint sense of unease that seemed to linger about it. Even when the heat was turned all the way up there seemed to be a chill to the water. Then there was the black handled scrubber that seemed to come and go randomly, yet which the boys had never seen or been able to find. Everything had perfectly logical explanations of course, but the girls avoided it anyway.

Kevin could hear the faint patter of water splashing off a body, and was suddenly thankful for the thick carpet of pine needles beneath his feet. What he was about to do would /probably/ be seen as voyeurism, and while he was fairly sure that Tina and Sarah would forgive him, he didn’t want to earn a reputation as a peeping tom. Even if he really was one. He held his breath, trying to be as quiet as possible as he knelt before the hole.

The stall, it turned out, was occupied. He couldn’t tell who it was, because she had her back to where he was kneeling. She had long, fine blonde hair which clung to her back was the water poured down, parting slightly as she bent over. Kevin gulped as she did so, as the cleft of her sex was a few scant inches away as she soaped her smooth, tanned legs. She held the position for several moments, the soap gliding over her skin, leaving behind a faint white film that was quickly washed away. He watched, mesmerized, as her hand moved up the inside of her thigh, disappeared for a second, then reappeared as it slid down the other side.

Kevin was breathing heavier now, only a small part of his brain still trying to keep his presence a secret. One hand was pressed hard against the rough wood of the stall side, the other clutching his knee. He was leaning close enough that he could feel some of the escaping steam misting on his face. His jeans had also become somewhat tight.

The girl had finished with her legs and stood up, turning into the shower’s stream at the same time she exposed her profile. Kevin’s eyes traced every inch of her near perfect form, following a stray strand of hair down the curve of her shoulder to the swell of her full breast, which rose and fell with each breath, thrusting out her taut pink nipple each time. Her breasts were firm and high, so there was no sag to hide where they gave way to her flat stomach. From there it was a short trip to her legs. There were a few stray hairs visible above her sex and they proved that yes, she really was a natural blonde. Opposite was the curve of her ass, and then-

A sudden movement caught Kevin’s attention, and he watched in disappointment as she returned the soap to its tray. But instead of reaching for the water controls as he expected, her hands moved back to her own body. He watched in rapt fascination as she cupped her breast, catching the sensitive apex between thumb and forefinger. She inhaled sharply as she massaged her tits, dragging her fingers across the sensitive skin.

“Uhh,” the girl moaned as she offered her breasts up the shower head, as if it were some sort of god. Water streamed down her face and neck, pooling in her cleavage until it spilled over her breasts to splash on the concrete. Her fingers continued to tease and tweak the centers of her pleasure while her forearms flexed and pressed against her breasts, bouncing them slightly and causing water to splash about. Kevin found his gaze fixated on the play of her fingers with her nipples, pinching and rolling the sensitive pink stalks. He was still staring as she raised one breast and gave it a tentative lick. She shivered at the contact between tongue and nipple, squeezing her breast with involuntary pleasure.

She sagged against the wall Kevin was peeking through, and he had to quietly adjust his position to keep her in clear view, but not before a faint hint of musky arousal was carried to him by the raising mist. She slid to the floor, her breaths now coming in short gasps. One hand dropped involuntarily, arresting her fall before she landed on the floor. She let out a low moan at the mixed sensations of the cool concrete under the pooling warm water. The hand that had broken fall began to move back to where it had been before, only to fall victim to the siren call of a greater need between her legs.

At this point Kevin found his view blocked by a slender leg, bent at the knee and spread wide to provide better access. His mind though, could picture what his eyes could not see. The slight tremble of her body spoke of how her hand gently caressed the outer lips of her sex. The sudden intake of breath as her fingers stumbled on her clit, sending an electric surge of pleasure racing through her nerves. He could tell the exact moment her fingers slid into her tight pussy by the ragged gasp and the way her eyes squeezed shut. He watched as her body rocked in time to her ministrations. He could almost picture the thin rivulets of her juices mixing with the shower’s stream to pool and pour on the floor.

Her arm began to shake violently as her face twisted into a mask of pleasure, and yet… It still didn’t seem to be enough. Her arm dropped to her side as she panted heavily. Her hair was a tangled wet mass, cascading over her shoulders so that the ends just barely grazed her nipples. Even then, to Kevin’s mild annoyance, he still couldn’t quite make out who it was. Even when she turned and looked at the bench her hair still masked her face. After a few moments breathless panting, she reached over and picked up the black handled scrubber. She held it before her, considering it as the water continued to pour around her. Kevin’s eyes followed her fingers as they traced the shape of the handle from the narrow tip to where it bulged in the middle, down to where the neck tapered off before expanding into the stiff-bristled head. The black paint on the handle seemed to shine under the light, and beads of water escaped down the narrower portion as water poured under the bulge. She caressed the handle of the brush for several moments, as if steeling herself for what came next.

“Ah!” she gasped as she slid the tip past the entrance to her sex. She moved slowly at first, enjoying the feel of the smooth wood as it stretched her walls. She managed to get about half the length of the handle inside before it became uncomfortable, almost painful. She withdrew it slightly before sliding it back in. Repeated over and over, she began to increase the speed with which she penetrated herself, until the air was filled with the sound of wet flesh meeting hard wood.

At this point the pressure in Kevin’s jeans was too much to bear. Almost unconsciously, his fingers fumbled with the zipper, finally managing to tug it open. He stood up slightly, careful to never take his eye away from the hole, and slid his jeans down until the waist of his pants was around the middle of his thighs. His hand wrapped around his cock and began to gently stroke back and forth, rubbing his foreskin over the crown of his penis.

Yet any pleasure he got from his slow masturbation was lost to his focus on the scene in the shower. The girl had spread her outer lips with her left hand, using her index and ring fingers. This left her middle finger free to busily stroke her clit. Her hips had begun to rock in time to the rhythm of the brush’s penetration. Warm water mixed with her own natural lubrication, making the handle slick and allowing it to reach deep inside of her.

Kevin watched in awe as her body seemed to tense up before breaking into a series of convulsions. The only thing that kept Kevin from running for help was the look of pure contentment the was across her face. For half a minute she remained curled up on the floor as ecstasy pushed over her, leaving her sagging against the wall once the tremors had passed.

There was a loud crash from above them, and Kevin fell backwards as Mitch bellowed, “Bloodydamnit to hell!” Kevin froze for a moment, unsure if he should reply or even move at all. Before he could make up his mind the sound of the shower cut off. There was another moment’s hesitation before he realized that he still hadn’t gotten a good look at the girl’s face. He quickly repositioned himself at the hole, but by then it was too late. The only proof that the girl had been there at all was a large puddle of water on the floor. Glancing about to make sure that she wasn’t sneaking up on him, Kevin quickly stuffed his cock back into his pants, making it flat against his stomach to it wouldn’t be entirely noticeable, and hurried off to see what had happened to Mitch.

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