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Mark came home late Saturday night from his friend's house and entered through the back door into the kitchen and noticed his mom talking on the phone. He immediately noticed that she had a towel wrapped about herself. "Hi, mom," he said as walked in.
"Geez, you're home early," she said.
Mark looked at her. "What, mom!? It's after ten."
"Is it that late already?" Mark nodded as his mom said her good byes to her phone friend. "I'll call you again, Mabel. Good bye."
As she hung up the phone, she looked at Mark, "You'd better go up and take your bath."
As Mark left the kitchen he kissed his mom on the cheek and went upstairs. Upon arriving in the bathroom he started to run the faucets and stripped off his clothes. Since his mom was downstairs, he didn't bother to close the door. He got into the tub and started to soap himself.
A short time later, Natalie came upstairs. She stopped by the bathroom door and asked, "Mind if I comb my hair?"
"No," Mark said looking at her, "go right ahead."
She entered the bathroom, looked at him, and smiled. Then she rummaged around. "Now where did I put that brush anyway?" She looked about the bathroom and noticed it on the high back shelf of the tub. "Oh, there it is!" she exclaimed, "It's on the tub shelf."
"I'll get it for you, mom," Mark said as he started to get up.
"No, that's okay," she said, "I can get it okay."
As she stepped up on the tub edge and reached for the brush, Mark accidentally dropped his soap. As he reached under his mom to retreive it, he looked up and noticed a v-shaped mound of hair. He smiled as his mom stepped down and started to comb her hair.
"Well, you'd better get out," his mom said, "you'll get waterlogged."
"Just getting out now," Mark said as stepped out of the tub. As he did so, he brushed against his mom. She smiled at him as he squeezed past her and went to the linen closet in the hallway. Opening the door, Mark blurted out, "Oh, geez! No towels."
Mark came back into the bathroom just as his mom finished brushing her hair. "Mom," he said, "there's no towels in the linen closet."
Natalie looked at her son, glanced down, and smiled. Mark was surpirized at what happen next as he had never thought his mother would ever do such a thing, especially in front of her thirteen year old son. "Here, son," she said, "you can use this towel." And she handed him her towel.
She stood at the sink as he dried himself off. He was sure she noticed that he was looking at her as he saw her smile. "Hey, mom," Mark asked casually, "can we talk about girls?"
"Sure, Mark," she said, "but not in the bathroom. Come to my bedroom."
Mark finished drying himself off and hung up the towel. He turned sideways in the doorway so his mom could get past him. Since the doorway was kind of narrow, his mom had to turn sideways too. As she squeezed past him, his hardened penis brushed against his mom's vaginal bush. They smiled at each other.
Natalie sat down on the bed just as Mark entered. She patted the bed next to her and he sat down. In so doing, his penis stood up.
Natalie looked at him and asked, "What about girls, Mark?" As she said that she laid back on the bed and cradled her head in her arms.
"Well, mom," Mark answered as he turned around to face her and to gaze at her body, "are girls really as soft as they say?"
"Well, son," she answered immediately, "why don't you touch me and find out."
Mark was hesitant at first but his mom reassured him, "Go, ahead, son, it's okay."
He knelt down beside her, reached out his hands and touched his mom's breasts. He immediately noticed the hardened nipples and he blurted out, "Say, mom, are these brown things always like this?"
"No, Mark," she replied, "only sometimes."
As he moved his hands down, he asked, "Is it something I did?"
"Yes, son," she sighed as he rubbed her mound. Natalie reached out and touched her son's penis. "Do you know what this is for?" She asked bluntly as she started to stroke it. Mark shook his head and his mom answered, "You put it inside me. Would you like to?"
"Okay, mom," Mark replied. Natalie positioned her son appropriately and his penis slipped into her pussy easily. "Gee, mom, it's warm," Mark blurted out.
"Put it in deeper and move it in and out," she said.
Mark did as his mother had said as he fondled her breasts. He was even so brazen as to lick her breasts. Shortly he spoke, "What is supposed to happen?"
Natalie smiled at her son, and replied, "Oh, it's fun. Just continue what you're doing and you'll find out."
Mark stroked his penis against the inside of his mom's vagina and she started to breathe heavily. Mark felt a funny thing inside his groin, and said, "Gee, mom, I feel funny."
As Natalie started to hyperventilate, she sighed out, "Just fuck me faster, Mark! Fuck me hard!"
Suddenly Mark felt a steady stream emerge from his penis just as his mom gyrated her body against his. After awhile, they both went to the bathroom and cleaned each other off. And each took liberty in fondling each other's bodies.

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2011-09-15 16:57:36
wham bam thank you mam? way too short. flesh it out some more and work it a bit. good idea though.


2009-04-22 02:37:51
interesting ... there is a reader who would shot hmself if he wrote like the writer .... Please do!


2007-10-14 20:16:05
Wow! that could be much hotter if you would just make it longer. 8/10.


2006-07-13 16:55:44
o.k. but needs a lot of work needs to be longer and more detail


2005-07-11 01:51:29
too short make it longer next time.....

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