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It takes a heap of sex to train a Texas Debutant. I want to hear from you, the negative as well as the positive.
Oh So Friendly Part 2

I left home to attend Texas A&M and study animal husbandry and business administration. I enrolled in those courses by chance. My original choice was to get a liberal arts degree just so I could say I had a college degree. Then I met a young woman named Colleen. She took me to bed, learned I knew how to make sex last for an hour or more and was interesting to talk to. She invited me to room with her.

Not long after we began to room together Colleen pulled a fast one on me. She had a slut kid sister who was barely eleven. The sister came to spend a week end with us and Colleen dared me to fuck the girl. I undressed and told her, “If she blows me I’ll fuck her.” Then I added, “If she can take me.” I had inherited Dad’s cock size and it kept growing till I had eight inches that was so thick more than a few women passed on me. I took my clothes off.

“I was just joking. You save that for me.” Colleen got jealous.

Little Anne had a sweet, very fuckable face. Right then the face was all twisted up in well justified anger. Big sister said little sister could fuck Mark and then backed out when her bluff got called. “That’s not fair, Colleen.” Annie looked mad enough to spit nails.

I told her, “Look, I believed you and Annie believed you and then you just proved you are a real chicken shit. Besides, I have more than enough for both of you. Colleen, you are always opening your mouth at the wrong time and then you wonder why people get pissed at you so much. You have a reputation here at school.”

She lost her temper and yelled, “Go ahead and fuck her, see if I care.”

“Sis, I want to do it with him while you do him. You know, both at the same time. I want to do it with you and him both.” She had a hurt expression on her face.

Colleen finally realized she had been a real jerk about the whole thing and gave in. She said, “Well, I get his cock.”

“Can I suck it a little first?”

“Hey, isn’t anyone going to ask my permission? After all, it is my penis you are sharing between the two of you.”

“Shut up,” Colleen said. “This is between Annie and me.

“Yeah, you stay out of this,” Annie said. They laughed at me and Colleen got undressed.

Annie started to suck my cock and Colleen sat on my chest and eased forward until I could lick her pussy. She started to moan and had her first orgasm in seconds and built up for another one. Finally I could not wait any longer and cum in Annie’s mouth.

“That was as good as Daddy!” Annie exclaimed.

Colleen cum one last time and got off my face. She told Annie, “You stop that talk right now.”

I cut in before Annie could get a fight going. “Your sister is right, Annie. If the wrong person heard you, you could get your dad in a lot of trouble.”

Colleen tried to do damage control. “Well, I don’t want you to think we…”

“Colleen, I already know your dad has had sex with both of you girls. That’s you guys’ business. Incest is a sincere way to say, ‘I love you.’ Besides, I had sex with my mom and my sister a few times.” Now there was the understatement of the year.

“Well,…” She did not get any further.

“Colleen, how old were you when your dad messed around with you for the first time? No bullshit now.”

“Well,” she started, her face was flushed a bright pink.

“When she was a baby, just like me,” Annie exclaimed. “Mama used to get pissed at him. She said he should wait until we were at least eight.” After I had my eighth birthday Mama quit bitching. She liked to watch Daddy and us fuck. She just thought he should wait a little is all.”

Colleen frowned at her little sister and then she looked at me. “Well, what happens now?” she asked.

“We finish fucking and maybe go to some hamburger place and eat something besides each other.” Colleen shut up and we enjoyed each other for the rest of the afternoon. She and Annie had never experimented on each other. I got them to try.

After I cum in Colleen I told Annie, “You like cum. Lick it out of your sis.”

She giggled and got busy. “Sis, I want you to do me too.” That was the first time they went sixty-nine with each other. At first Colleen was hesitant. She kissed the eleven year old’s pussy and then flicked her tongue experimentally up across her clit. Finally she stuck her tongue in and began to aggressively eat Annie’s pussy. I sat and watched them for almost an hour. Colleen had the cleanest pussy in town and they both had tired tongues.

We went to the T Texas Taco Place and had burritos, Mexico’s answer to the hamburger. There was a bulletin board by the entrance that offered things for sale, apartments for rent and a notice there was an opening for two life guards for the Girls’ Camp just outside Dallas. I remember Brenda told me about that camp. It was a place to park rich kids with problems. If Daddy had enough money he could arrange to send his “troubled daughter there rather than to a juvenile lock up.

“You game?” I asked Colleen.

“I can’t swim,” she told me.

“It doesn’t matter, the water is only four feet deep. The life guard’s job is to keep the little bitches from killing each other.” I told her what Brenda had told me.

“How old was this Brenda?” Colleen asked.

“She was ten at the time. I was thirteen and had sex with her and her two sisters and their mother. Okay?”

“You still like young girls, don’t you?” she asked. For some reason she was trying to pick a fight with me.

“Yes. I love real young girls and have had sex with a lot of them.” I looked at Annie. “Colleen, You watched me have sex with Annie, your eleven year old sister. I watched you go sixty-nine with Annie, your eleven year old sister. You have been fucked by your dad and so has Annie. Now what sent a bug up your ass?”

Straight talk was something Colleen had trouble handling. She always wanted to sound like goodie two shoes and never take a stand on anything. She also liked to snipe at others for some reason. “I’m confused,” she told me.

There, now it was out in the open. She told me she went to Sunday school and learned to be a good little Christian and have Jesus love her. Afterward the preacher used to eat her out ever chance he got. Then she would go home and have sex with her father while her mother watched and go to school and learn it was bad if an adult ever touched young girls on their cunts.

“Fuck Jesus,” I told her. “I always bet that if he came back to earth today he would tell everybody that he was misquoted all the way through the New Testament. Mary was about thirteen or fourteen when she had him. That means she was twelve or so when she got knocked up. In turn I figured that meant those little girls of that time were all having sex real early.”

I told her my thoughts and Annie said “Yeah! Ever body fucks!” That night I fucked Annie while Colleen watched and she thought it was great. It was a job to get into her without hurting her the first time. Their dad had a seven incher that was about average in girth. (Like I already said, I love to have sex with young girls.)

When we went to sleep Annie lay on top of me and rubbed her bare pussy against my half hard cock. The next morning I woke up with the head buried inside her pussy.

Colleen watched as I started to fuck Annie from underneath. Two thrusts and she woke up. Four thrusts and she sat up and started counter movements. Annie moaned when I cum inside her.

“My turn,” Colleen said.

“Lick me out first,” Annie told her older sister.

Colleen licked up all of my cum I had spilled on me and turned to her sister and gave her a good tonguing. We spent the day fucking and licking and loafing.

I drove Colleen and Annie to their parents place. As soon as Annie was dropped off we went by Girl’s Camp, that was its official name, “Girls’ Camp.” The idea was to make it sound nonde and bland. We filled out applications and left them. Two days later we were called back and hired. We had our summer jobs all lined up.

I had already switched majors so we took the same courses. Then Colleen and I requested and got to share quarters on campus at Girls’ camp. This meant when we were off duty we could study together. On duty, we worked together as a team. She and I sat on opposite sides of the large shallow pool and watched for trouble. It was not long in coming.

Two girls about thirteen years old tried to divert my attention and two more sidetracked Colleen. I shoved the brats out of the way, jumped into the pool and slapped two girls on the sides of their heads. They were trying to drown an eight year old who had reported them for forcing her to have sex. Colleen jumped in and helped the little girl out of the water. She was hysterical. Colleen hugged her close and comforted her.

I grabbed the two little bitches by their hair. Both were about fourteen, and forced them up and out of the pool. Then I beat the ass raw on the first one while I sat on the other one. “Pull your bottom down,” I commanded the other one. When she did not move I jerked it down and beat her bare ass until she was raw. There were big purple marks on her butt when I was finished.

“Pull your suit up, you’re ugly,” I told them both. I hated people who forced other people in any way, especially where sex was involved.

The next day I was fired. I went back to the apartment I shared with Colleen and sat alone to decide my future. Colleen wanted to stay and work. I considered whether or not to remain in school and then changed my mind. That adventure at Girls’ Camp hit me in my emotions. I had never been violent toward anyone before then.

My thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell. I yelled “come in” and a big guy did just that. He was a stranger who had rich cattleman Texan all over him. “You the boy that beat my little girl’s ass?” he demanded.

“I am the man who beat your little girl’s ass because she and another girl tried to drown an eight year old little girl. They were going to murder her and if you carry this to court I will testify to just that.”

He laughed, “Hold on there boy, I don’t intend to see you blab my business (He pronounced it “Biddiness.”) in any damned court room. I wanted to thank you.

My little Charlotte is a changed girl. She begged me to take her home. She promised she would straighten out. Boy, you put the fear of god in her little breast.”

I shook my head. Only in Texas… “Well, glad to have been of service. However I need to go job hunting. I got fired and I need a job.”

He laughed, “That’s just it, I want to hire you. I told my cousin the judge to order her released into my custody and I want you to baby sit her and her sister. That other girl’s daddy wants you to ride herd on her and her two sisters. Both our families are very close.”

Some times there is a need for total honesty. I felt this was one of those times. “Look sir, I don’t even know your name. But much as I need the job, I would have trouble keeping my pecker at home if I was in constant contact with all of those girls. They are too damned beautiful and I am too horny.”

That rocked him back on his heels. “Well, how do I say this and not sound like an asshole?” He pursed his lips and finally said, “Ain’t none of them virgins and lately they seem to be way too much interested in other girls, if you catch my drift.”

“You are hiring me to fuck your daughters?” This was too much.

He thundered back at me, “Hell no I ain’t payin’ you to throw your dick in my babies.” Then he stopped and thought. He got a shit eating grin on his face and said, “Well hell, I guess I am at that, sort of.”

“Let’s start all over. Now you thanked me for beating your daughter’s ass and then you offered me a job. Please, just tell me what my duties are to be.”

“Well, what we want to do is have you come on out to our little ranch up in Utah where we have a feeder operation. You will ride herd on eight young Texas ladies ages nine through fourteen. You will be paid a hundred dollars a week for each child. You will teach them to act like civilized young ladies who don’t take shit off of no one.”

Then he added when he saw I was about to turn him down, “You get ten thousand for each one a daddy would be proud to take to the Lone Star Ball.”

He paused and added, “If you have to beat their little asses ever morning and fuck them all ever night, do it. Me and the other daddy want results. We give you one year from today to get the job done. What do you say?”

“I need a helper. The young lady I came out to the camp with. You want too much from one man. What about expenses? I’ll need petty cash for whatever.” We talked for a couple of hours and I locked the apartment and left with him.

Colleen was waiting at the front gate for me. We stopped and she got in. “What is going on?” she asked.

“You and I have a job to ride herd on eight overactive girls for one year. It is our job to turn them into Texas debs who are real lady like, who can kick ass when necessary and don’t take shit from nobody.” She snorted and I laughed. “It is a challenge.”

“Where are we going to perform these miracles?”

“Utah, up in the mountains. We will winter in and bring little ladies back out in the late spring.” I told her about the bonus I had been promised and offered to split it with her.

That evening we spent the night in a bunk house with sight spoiled brats that had records of violence and other crimes including arson. They were not overwhelmed with the idea.

“Fuck you,” a girl I did not know yelled at me. “I grabbed her hair and dragged her over to a bunk.

I bent her over and told Colleen, “Pull her shorts down.” Colleen jerked them down. I beat a thirteen year old ass until it was purple. She screamed and cried and snot flew from her nose.

“Take her into the shower and run cold water over her ass.” Colleen smiled to herself and led the sobbing girl away.

I told the other seven, “The next time it will be harder. I have received scientific training on how to beat asses and make them hurt.” That was a crock of shit, but they were willing to believe anything about me right then. “Don’t fuck with Colleen or with me.”

The other girl I had spanked at the Girls’ Camp chimed in, “He is evil.” She eyed me as if she was afraid I might single her out for another beating.

‘No, I am not evil. I am a nice guy, as you will find out. However I have a job to do and I intend to do it. You are a bunch of spoiled little bitches who have run over everything and everybody all your lives. That shit stops right now.” I sat down at the table in the middle of the room and began to read one of the books I brought with me.

Colleen brought the well spanked girl out of the bathroom about ten minutes later. She was naked and dripping wet. So was Colleen. One look and I knew Colleen had eaten pussy for a second time in her life. Colleen led her over to me. “Show everybody your ass. Turn around. With her head down she turned around all the girls gasped at the bruised flesh on her ass.

“Come here,” I told her. She came and stood in front of me, submissive in posture and demeanor. I stood and hugged her naked young body to me and held her. I said nothing as I rocked her back and forth.

As I rubbed her naked back I hugged her closer and she began to sob. “I’m sorry,” she whimpered.

I hugged her close a while longer and told her, “Go put shorts and a tee shirt on.” Then I lifted her chin until her sweet, pouty lips were turned up toward me and I gave them one gentle kiss. “Get dressed,” I whispered.

Colleen turned on the TV and the girls gathered around the set ready to watch anything they could find. Soon they found there was nothing to watch. Stock reports and news did nothing for them. I smiled and slipped in a disk from my dad’s collection. I grabbed twenty of them when I went back to school after a week end visit. This was my first chance to look at any of them.

I popped the first one in. It wasn’t titled so I figured it was some commercial thing. That turned out to be a false assumption. It was of my folks and Chrissie. Chrissie had some boy with her I did not recognize. Then Brenda came on camera naked. Dad fingered her and gave her a long kiss. Mom took her clothes off and undressed Dad.

“Holy shit!” one of the girls exclaimed. “Look at the dick on that old guy.” I looked and Dad definitely had a few gray hairs. I never noticed them before. So I guessed he now qualified to be an old guy. Then Kim came on camera and lubed Dad’s cock up. His erection rose up and pointed straight at her ass. He did his usual slow entry so he did not hurt anyone. The camera did a close up so the viewers could see his cock was in her ass.

The girls watched the whole family home production as everyone present got sex from at least one other person. I was proud my mom still looked so good at forty. As soon as the movie was over I yelled to get their night wear on and go to bed. The four youngest put on pajamas or nighties.

The older four got undressed and went to bed naked. Colleen grinned at me and I undressed. After I took my clothes off and stood straight, They got a look at my cock. Two of the younger ones came over and looked at it real close. One touched it and they went back to bed. I turned the lights out

In the middle of the night someone crawled in bed with me and took hold of my cock and began to suck it. I felt and she had teeny tiny little titties. It was the nine year old. Colleen woke up and came over to us. She began to lick the young girl’s ass. Then after I cum Colleen turned her around and licked some of my cum out of her mouth. Colleen took her back to her bed and tucked her in.

The next morning we all got up, showered and dressed for the day. We ate and went on a plane ride to Utah. Neither father was there to see us off. These bastards wanted me to do their jobs for them. Well, I had a plan to educate them.

From Salt Lake City we flew to the ranch in a big helicopter. The girls were scared and Colleen and I were both airsick. Helicopters and heavy winds do not mix with sensitive stomachs. When we landed I half fell out of that big son of a bitch and staggered away from it. “I’ll walk back to Dallas before I go up in another one of those damned things.”

“You and your big ideas,” Colleen bitched at me as she wobbled close behind. The girls, all eight of them, gathered around us, afraid of what would come next. So far three of them had their asses beaten to bruised pulps and they had been uprooted from lives of ease and luxury.

One had been eaten out in the shower by Colleen after an ass beating by me and another got her cunt licked by Colleen while she, the nine year old, gave me a blowjob. They were all scared of what would happen next.

Two ranch hands met us and escorted us to the main house, a big rambling structure that had been closed up tight until we got there. Nobody ever used the place except when one of the owners or a VIP came visiting. We learned the last time it had been used was when an owner’s wife came out with six college freshmen and tried to drain them of sperm.
When she went home her legs were bowed (or pleasure bent, according to your take on things) and the six college boys headed back to Brigham Young University to replenish their healthy Mormon balls. Those young guys might love Jesus, but they also loved sex.

The first thing the girls noticed was there was no TV. “No reception up here in the mountains,” one of the two hands told us.

“They get some radio reception up here and the sat phone works most of the time,” the other one said.

“Christ, Marooned in the mountains with eight rich juvenile delinquents and no TV.” Colleen was a very unhappy camper. She did love her comforts.

“Why are there only two of you working this place?” I asked. This was supposed to be a feeder operation. That meant anywhere from two thousand to ten thousand head of cattle and a crew of four to cowboy the place.

“We just shipped six thousand heifers and the others went back over to the big ranch. We’re here to watch over things and make ready for twenty milk cows that are due in this week. There are no plans for another shipment of beef until next spring. The land has been overgrazed.” He had all the answers but something seemed out of place.

Now I understood why this place was chosen by the daddies to tame our herd of little bitches. We were isolated and still not too far from civilization. Smart move. The two hands carried all our luggage into the big house. Colleen was pissed off and needed someone to get pissed off at so she could get it out of her system. Then I had an idea…

“Girls, who wants pizza?” They all looked at me but did not answer. “Who wants to watch TV?”

“There is no television reception up here,” one of the girls said.

“Who wants to watch movies on the TV set?”

“What kind of movies?” one asked.

“Like you saw last night,” I told them.

They smiled as they remembered my big dicked father fuck Kim in the ass. Then I threw in a clincher, “If you behave I’ll introduce you to that ‘old man.’ Would you like to meet him?”

The two ranch hands looked at me in awe. “You know movie actors?” one asked.

I laughed, “Well, a couple of not so famous ones.”

“Shit, all I ever got to know was Mormon Missionaries and hookers in Salt Lake.” Some people are easily impressed.

“There is supposed to be a driver and transportation waiting for us here,” I told him. Where are they?” I looked around.

“The foreman over at the big ranch said that could wait. He was too busy to bother.” The ranch hand, Pete was his name, got real nervous.

“How do I get over to this Big Ranch?” I asked. “I need to get some stuff straight and right now.”

“We don’t have a ride until someone comes over for us in three days.” The guy seemed to almost be sweating.

“There is no food in the place either,” Colleen said.

“Okay, Colleen, call Texas and tell the owners their daughters are in danger and the man who was supposed to have things ready refuses to do anything.”

“Hey, you can’t do that,” Pete protested.

“Girls, this may be an attempt to kidnap you all. Take these two guys down!” I yelled and kneed Pete in the nuts to make my point.

Six of them attacked the other hand and buried him in tits and cunt. At the same time, the other two girls, the pair I whipped ass on the first time at Girl’s Camp came to give me a hand. Pete lay curled up in a ball until Patsy jumped up in the air and landed on her cute ass right on his head. Charlotte, the other one, kicked him in the back. He stretched out. Patsy grabbed his right boot and pulled it off. While she pulled his left boot off Charlotte grabbed his belt and undid it.

The girls had him stripped naked and ready for whatever happened next. The other six did the same with their victim. Reba, the one I spanked hard the previous night had taken off her shorts and panties. She was suffocating the poor bastard with her pussy.

Opal took Pete’s cock in her mouth and sucked him hard. Patsy removed her shorts and dropped down on Pete’s face. “Lick hard or die,” she growled at him. She would have done Dirty Harry proud.

After a half hour I told them, “That’s enough. Take them into the house and lock them in a closet.

“Here, he wants to talk to you.” Colleen handed me the phone. She hurried to follow the girls into the house.

“What the fuck is going on out there?” a man’s voice yelled over the phone.

“We were dropped off at the ranch. Two ranch hands met us and tried to bullshit us. There is no food in the house and there is no transportation here. The house was still closed up and nothing has been done to prepare for us. This is either a kidnap attempt or else someone is stealing you blind and trying to cover their tracks.”

“Well shit. You got any guns there?” he asked.

“Not a one unless the two hands have something over in the bunk house. I’ll send one of the girls to go see.”

“Wait!” he yelled, “What about the two ranch hands? Don’t place my daughters in jeopardy.”

“Don’t worry, they helped me take the two down and are now locking them up in a closet.”

“They what?” he exclaimed.

“I asked them nicely and they gave me a hand. What they did to those two guys was not a pretty sight to see.”

“Well shit,” he muttered, “You started getting results already.”

All at once I heard the Helicopter returning. “Unless you sent that chopper back for us, we got new problems.”

“When that little lady you got with you was first trying to call us my secretary sent the helicopter back to pick you up if need be.”

“We need to get into a town and reserve a large suite of rooms. We can wait there out of danger until this mess gets straightened out. When we come back I want two young ex special forces types armed and ready to protect those girls.”

“Let me give you an address. I maintain a house in North Salt Lake that will be about right. Take a limo from the airport and settle in. Order takeout for now. I’ll tell the caretaker to stock up after you tell him what you want.”

“Okay sir, we’ll call you from Salt Lake City.” I disconnected and decided I wanted to be rich. Money solved a lot of problems.

I waved to the pilot as soon as he had set down and cut the engine. “Where are the others?” he asked.

“Getting dressed.” I answered. “I’ll go get them.” I laughed to myself as I saw the expression on his face.

When I entered the house I saw three were already dressed. Tina, the other nine year old was tearing around all full of adrenaline, naked as a jay bird. Colleen was trying to get Tina to settle down. “Get dressed or I’ll beat your ass raw!” I yelled at her.

She grinned, ran outside and started to reclaim her clothes. As soon as the others were dressed in shorts and tee shirts with no underwear, I led them outside. The first thing I saw was Tina as she played with her pussy and gave the pilot and the copilot a hell of a show. Colleen smacked her ass and told her to get dressed. We all climbed inside and took our seats.

“There were supposed to be two employees locked up. We have been ordered to take them back to Texas with us.” The pilot kept staring at Tina’s naked little pussy. She had not gotten dressed like she was told. “Tonight I shall reason with the little bitch,” I muttered under my breath.

“You take them to where the prisoners are,” I told her. Colleen looked at me in surprise.

“The pilot needs his nerves soothed,” I told her.

We waited ten minutes and the pilot came out with two naked and very subdued ranch hands. The pilot grinned, “They are checking the other closets for more of the enemy.”

“I’ll bet,” Colleen said sarcastically. “She looked down at the pilot’s fly. “You got cum on your zipper.”

The other girls laughed. It was honest laughter and not tinged with anger or cruelty. We waited until the copilot and Tina returned. He looked thoughtful. She looked happy. She had on fresh shorts and tee shirt. “He helped me find my luggage,” she said.

While we were underway to Salt Lake, the pilot called me forward. “I realize it is a little late to say anything, but neither of us ever fucked a little kid before. “Christ, I got a daughter her age.” He looked worried. With good reason, one word from Colleen or I and they would never fly again.
“Look, don’t sweat it. That little girl blew me last night and did a hell of a job too. If you two can stay the night, stay with us. I need all the help I can get.”

“What about your friend?” he asked and nodded back toward Colleen.

“You want to fuck her too?” I asked.

“Oh hell yes!” they both answered.

“The rules are that you first have to fuck two of the girls. Then if you got another load in you Colleen gets it. Okay?”

“Oh hell yes,” they both said together.

The rest of the flight was quiet. We had no heavy winds to fight and the countryside floated below us, just like in an Oliver Stone movie. We landed at the private terminal next to Salt Lake International and got into the waiting limo. Two mean looking guys took the helicopter back up and the two ranch hands with them.

The driver took all twelve of us to a big house high up on a hill above Salt Lake City. He parked and followed us inside. “I’m your baby sitter,” he said.

“Are you gay?” Colleen asked.

“Hell no!” he exclaimed. “Why?”

“Would you like to have sex with a nine year old girl?” she asked.

“Sayyy whut?” he squinted his eyes at her.

“You better make up your mind, here she comes.”

Sure enough, Tina came over and looked up at the limo driver turned guard. “Wanna fuck?” she asked.

“Uhhhh…” He was dumbfounded.

“Let me take you into the house,” she told him and grabbed his hand. The rest of us followed. The caretaker came into the living room and looked us over.

“I better get home,” he told us. “My wife will kill me if I hang around here.” He looked at me and back at all the female flesh.” “My god, how do you stand it?”

“He’s queer and likes to fuck old guys over sixty,” Colleen told him. The old man ran from the house.

“You are an evil woman sometimes.” She kissed me.

I patted her ass and told the girls, “If you can be civilized We can all go out for dinner.” That perked them up.

“What do you want to eat besides hard cocks?” I waited. “Tell me.”

They had trouble accepting the fact I worked for their fathers. Employees had always kissed their asses, both actual and figurative. Instead, I beat their asses and talked like they were sluts, which they were and knew it. However they were rich sluts and that always meant a lot before this.

“Chinese?” one asked.



“Okay, I guess we better find a food mall. As soon as our driver and Tina get back we shall find one.”

Just then Tina and the driver returned. “Have you been well fucked?” I asked her.

“Uh huh,” she grinned.

I grabbed her shorts and jerked them down. I bent her over my knee and gave her three blistering smacks.” She screamed.

I let her go and asked, “You know what that was for?”

“No!” she bawled.

“Back at the ranch Colleen told you to get dressed and you did not. Just because you are the youngest one here does not mean you can disobey me or Colleen. Understand?” She nodded. I let go and she pulled her shorts up. She backed away from me.

The driver was pissed. “Was that necessary?”

I pointed to the three I had already beat ass on. “Come here, turn around and show the man. They all three hurried over to us, dropped their shorts and turned around.

“What the fuck?” he exclaimed as he saw the Technicolor ass ckeeks.

“You two,” I ordered, what did you do to get your asses beat?”

“We tried to drown a girl.” She hung her head in shame. “I’m so sorry. I never thought about anything else but me before.” Tears filled her eyes.

“Both of you come here.” I smiled at them.

They stepped out of their dropped shorts and came to me.” I hugged them both and slipped a middle finger in each of their assholes. We stood there for a while they wiggled their asses on my fingers. Then I let go and they put their shorts back on.

“Man, you got some bad juju going for you. I never saw the likes before. They really tried to drown a girl?” I nodded.

“Meanwhile back at the starving house,” Colleen said in a loud voice. “We are all hungry and want nourishment.”

I squatted down and kissed Tina on the lips. She stuck some tongue in my mouth. “I love you,” she said. I hugged her and stood up.

“Seein’ is believin’ and all that shit,” the driver said and led the way back to the limo.

As soon as we were in the limo and seated Tina crawled up on my lap and asked, “Play with my pussy?” All had been forgiven. I slipped my hand down the front of her shorts and began to tickle her clit. The others watched and grinned. The pilot and copilot soon had a girl each on their laps.

It was going to take time to civilize these girls, but I thought I was on the right track. While we were still in the limo I warned them, “Show me you can be trusted and we will see about a little more personal freedom. You already know what happens when you fuck up. I don’t see any reason to threaten you.

“Besides,” I added, “I really care about you, each of you.” Two looked down at their laps and nodded.

One of them said, “Nobody ever gave a shit what happened to us before. You at least care enough to beat our asses when we get out of line.”

“I realize you can’t read my mind, or Colleen’s, but we both care more than just an ass beating. We want you to make it and be real Texas debs.”

Colleen asked, “What is a real Texas deb?”

“Well, the definition is pretty elastic, however, a real Texas deb is ladylike at all times. When faced with adversity, she digs right in and does what is necessary to straighten things out. If need be she will give blow jobs to all the right people to get ahead and further her old man’s career. She will do whatever it takes to further her husband’s career and eat pussy like a lady in private.”

In a soft and sultry Texas accent Patsy said, “And if she is caught eating pussy, she will have the perfect alibi. The one my mama always used was, Y’all are not seeing what you think you are seeing and I am not who you think I am. You are quite mistaken.”

“Your mother is a true Texas lady.” I had to laugh at her.

“Yeah,” Patsy answered, “The only trouble is she ran off with three lesbian lady wrestlers and we haven’t heard from her since.” Hey, Patsy could have been telling the truth. Her daddy was on his second marriage.
We parked and got out. Colleen found a large table and grabbed it for us while the girls spread out to get what they wanted. The Chinese looked good to me. As soon as I sat down Colleen got up and went for her food. When we were all seated I counted noses. Nobody had skipped out.

We went to the bigger mall next door and bought changes of clothing for Colleen, the girls and me. All the luggage had been left back at the ranch. Then things got interesting. Tina called Colleen in while she was trying clothes on to help her. They were gone behind the curtain for a few minutes. When Colleen led Tina out they were both smiling.

Opal May called out, “Mark, can you come back here. I need some help.”

About five minutes later the sales clerk came back and exclaimed “Oh my god!” as she saw my dick was up the eleven year old’s ass.” She stared in fascination.

The driver came back to see what was going on and saw the sales clerk as she watched us. He slipped his hands up under her dress and pulled her pants down. He bent her over the dressing bench and mounted her. She got a horrified look on her face as he entered her pussy from behind. “My name is Paul,” he said. “What’s yours?”
“R-R-Ruth,” she stammered. “Oh dear!” Her eyes opened wide. Then they closed and she backed up hard against Paul.

“Oh dear!” she exclaimed, “I just got back off my mission and… and… and I’m cumming!” She closed her eyes and backed up against him.

“You live here in town?” he asked her.

“Uh huh,” she answered in a dreamy voice.

“You active LDS?” he asked.

“Uh huh,” she told him and smiled.

“You want to attend a meeting at my wife’s ward and spend Sunday afternoon with us?” He smiled at her.

“I guess.” She stood up, bent over and replaced her panties. “Can I bring my little brother? He’s fifteen.”

“Here.” He wrote a phone number and an address on a business card and handed it to her. She accepted it. “Bring your dad too if he can rise to the occasion,” he told her.

She smiled a dreamy smile and nodded. “I’ll invite him,” she said.

The rest of the clothing purchases went smooth and we got out of there. We had made a little progress with the girls. Both the pilot and copilot had waited at our table for us. Evidently they had been talking between themselves about the situation. Tina hopped up on the pilot’s lap and asked, “You going to do your own little girl?”

He blushed, looked at me and stammered, “Uh, I… uh I guess.”

I offered one bit of sage advice. “Make certain your wife is a part of it or you will probably wind up in a world of hurt that will be bad for you and your kid.” I remembered two different families that got blown apart when one parent tried to sneak around and got caught.

The first one was the mother of a class mate. His dad caught him and his mother going sixty-nine and beat the hell out of her, slapped the boy around and then shot himself. The other one was a mother who caught her twelve year old daughter getting fucked by Daddy. She called the cops. He went to jail and the daughter ran off.

The pilot nodded agreement and hugged Tina tight against him. I got the insight that he wanted to take Tina home with him, not just for sex but because he began to feel love for her. This happens many times when a repressed person gets opened up to alternate sexual life styles. I waved for the pilots to follow us.

When we all got back to the house The girls all split up and took over a guest room of her own. Later on I learned the hundred forty year old house was one of the many residences of Brigham Young. He wanted each wife to have her own room so he could visit her and screw in private. Maybe he did them in pairs, who knows? Actually who really cares? On the other hand, because he was such a horny old bastard a hundred some years ago and one of my Texas clients needed a large get away place, we had private rooms for all the girls.

I sat in the living room and watched TV, happy for a break and a chance to relax. Then the copilot staggered into the room naked and said, “I swear I can’t cum another drop.”

Colleen and Opal May came out naked. Opal made a bee line for me and asked, “Wanna get naked so I can sit on your lap some more?” I undressed, sat down and had the eleven year old back on my lap as soon as I sat down.

Colleen rubbed her pussy against the copilot’s face. In seconds he had his lips against her pussy and his tongue began to flick her clit. She looked over at me and grinned. This was the first time she had had sex with an adult in my presence. Messing with the girls did not count.

Opal impaled herself on my cock and worked herself around and up and down until she right on the verge when she was right on the verge of her first orgasm of the evening. I had my edge blunted enough so I was in no hurry to cum. Mom taught me a long time ago take your time hen you cum once, rest a bit and then take your time when you cum again… after an hour or so of fooling around. I always listen to my mother.

Because of my sexual adventures while helping the girls shop, I was in no hurry. It felt wonderful to let her work herself up into a frenzy. “Oh sweet Jesus I’m coming, oh lord I’m…Ooohhh it’s… Ooo!” She let go all at once and I bottomed out. “Oh shit, that was fine. I’m gonna ask Daddy to buy you and let me keep you just for me always.”

I started to work from the bottom while she still sat straddle legged on my lap. “I’m too sore to keep going,” she told me. She raised up and sat down on my cock so it entered her ass. I held her up and eased her down a little bit at a time until I was completely buried in her.

I worked in and out of her until I was ready to cum. “Oh yes, cum inside me,” she whispered. I let go and emptied my balls in her ass, buried to the hilt.

Her sister Elaine said, “Now that’s what Daddy calls a cum enema.” She giggled and kissed her sister on the mouth.

She turned to me, “We got all these senoritas working around our place and I hear them talking about Daddy and his cum enemas. He’s a real butt hole freak.” I had a hunch these two little gals were going to become a part of his butt brigade when they returned home.

Opal slid off my lap, taking her time. She leaned on her sister all the way into the shower in her room. I got up off the couch in slow motion and went to my room to shower. This was the best job in the world for someone like me.

The next morning we met for breakfast and took our times getting ready for the day. We were all fucked out. The pilot had Tina at his side whenever he sat down. Finally we all made it to the lime. I automatically counted noses. They were all still there. We went to a nice, by Salt Lake City standards, restaurant and sat.

Cal asked me if I wanted to drive. “This whole thing really messed with my mind at first. Then I got used to it and I have been screwing all night long. I am exhausted.

“Jesus, that pretty little partner of yours, Colleen, is the best I ever had. I’m going to ask her to marry me.” He looked at me, “Will you drive?”

My cell phone vibrated while we were eating. “Hello,” I answered it, my mouth full of food.

It was one of the Daddies calling from Texas. “Boy, you all right? You sound cranky.”

I swallowed my food and told him I was eating breakfast. “Sorry I seem a little out of sorts but Colleen and I were up most of the night with those girls. I’m all worn out.”

“Well rest up today and take that limo out to the ranch tomorrow. All of you go. We rounded up that whole operation and installed a new crew. Tell the pilots to stick with you. A four passenger Bell helicopter will be delivered to the ranch in a couple of days. They winter out there with you.” He hung up.

I told everybody the news while we finished breakfast. Then I paid with Daddy’s Visa card and we left. The driver, Paul, handed me the keys. I was happy to oblige him. He sat in back.

Just as I started to get in behind the wheel Colleen stopped me. You ever been behind the wheel of a stretch limo before?”

“No,” I told her.

“Gimme,” she held out her hand. “This is different from a Ford pickup truck.” I handed them to her.

As soon as we got back to the safe house I herded the girls inside. Colleen shook Paul awake and he stumbled inside after us. Even the girls were a little subdued. “You all watch TV and let me nap. Don’t wake me for any reason short of a disaster.” I sat back in a club chair in the living room and went to sleep.

Four hours later I woke up and stretched. Colleen was on the phone to a daddy. “Yes sir,” she said, “I’ll wake him.” When she saw me approach she handed me her cell phone.

“Hello?” I said into the phone.

“What was you sleeping this time of day, boy?” came the gruff voice.

“I needed a nap because I was up all night and my ass is dragging.” Right then I felt like telling him to go fuck himself.

“Oh,” was his answer. He started again, “Go on out to the ranch right now. By the time you get there everything will be ready. We owe you big for stopping that bunch. They planned to hold them for ransom.”

“Glad to be of help. We’ll be out there in about four hours.” He hung up. I disconnected and called for everybody to get their stuff so we could leave. Paul had recovered enough to take over his duties as bodyguard and driver once more.

Tina was all over the pilot and three of the girls kept the copilot engaged. “Where is your house Bill?” I asked the pilot.

Chad and I live in American Fork,” he answered. Tina sat back against him and his middle finger was buried in her pussy. She squirmed.

“Why don’t we stop and get your wife and daughter and bring them out for the weekend?” I had a plan.

He got a funny look on his face. “What about this?” he asked and looked down at Tina’s finger filled cunt.

“What I have in mind is to put the girls on their best behavior and let your wife and daughter get to meet us. The plan is for you to winter with us so we have immediate transportation if we need it.”

He thought hard. After a few minutes he removed his finger and said, “Okay. I got to do something here.” He sucked his finger clean. Bill had the makings of a first class pervert.

“Get your shorts on and act nice,” I told Tina and then raised my voice. “All eight of you little tramps are Texas debutantes in the making. Act it for the weekend. Bill is bringing out his wife and daughter for the weekend. Unless I say different you will act like good little Christian girls on your way to Sunday school.” Two almost rebelled, remembered the ass beatings and shut up.

Colleen asked, “Are you sure?”

“No, but Bill here is in a sticky place. His horizons have been expanded to see more of the world. If we have him and his wife and daughter out for a weekend… well let’s just say more horizons might get expanded.”

“Well we better walk around this weekend like we have raw eggs in our pockets.” Colleen was not quite convinced.

“Here’s the American Fork turn off; you want to turn or go straight?” Paul asked. Bill nodded and we turned.

Just before we got to town we turned off on a side road and then down a long drive. When we pulled up in front of a nice ranch style bungalow Bill got out. A young girl about Tina’s age ran out of the house wearing a short skirt and tee shirt, She had the beginnings of a nice pair of breasts.

“Daddy!” she exclaimed and ran up to him. She jumped into the air and threw her legs around his waist. She ground her crotch against him. Colleen and I both looked at each other at the same time and grinned. She nodded once in agreement with my unspoken thought. That kid was more than just ready for Daddy. She was willing as hell too.

A drop dead gorgeous woman in her late twenties came out of the house and smiled. “Hello, dear, what is all this?” She looked quizzically at our crowd.

“These young ladies are to winter on a ranch east of Provo, way up in the mountains. Chad and I are to winter with them and furnish transportation in case of an emergency.

“You and Debbie are invited to come out for the weekend and see if you might like to spend time out there as well.”

“Well I can’t have her missing school.”

Colleen interrupted, “No worry there, if you decide you would like to stay Debbie can study along with the others. We have sat com and personal computers for all. Ten computers are being delivered to the ranch.”

“Let’s go, Mommy!” Debbie was all excited.

“Connie, this is a wonderful opportunity for Debbie to make friends with people of stature and importance.” Bill knew just what to say to get her attention.

“Well, I promised the bishop___” She got no further.

“Screw the bishop,” Bill interrupted. Connie got a guilty blush on her face. Aha! She already had or was making plans to. She looked over at me and saw the knowing smirk on my face and dropped her eyes.

“Very well.” She would not meet my eyes.

“Mike, go help her pack,” Colleen ordered. “I want to get acquainted with Debbie and Bill together. Then I understood. She had seen Connie’s guilty look also.

I followed Connie into the house. “You have a lovely house here.” I smiled at her.
She finally looked up at me, “You aren’t going to tell Bill are you?” she asked.

“Is your bishop the first one you ever cheated on your husband with?” I decided plain talk would be best here.

She flinched and nodded. “I got lonely and it just sort of happened.”

“Do you know how many others in your ward this has happened to?” I smiled to reassure her the end of the world had not happened yet.

“His wife has a problem.” She saw my expression. “No, she really does and she has given her husband her blessing to seek comfort with six of us on a rotating basis. She says she prayed about it and this seems the answer.”

I knew the Mormon Church had a few idiosyncrasies from two Mormon sisters I dated and mated a couple of years previous. This was a new one on me. “Does Bill know anything about it?”

“Oh no! He would divorce me if he found out.” She led me into the bedroom and pulled two suitcases out of the closet.

“An overnight bag will do for right now. Bill will fly you back Monday.” She nodded and threw a pair of jeans and a blouse into a flight bag and added four changes of underwear.
She closed the bag and started to turn around. My cock started to get hard. I started to pull it out and she gasped. When I reeled it all the way out of my pants she exclaimed, “Oh my god!” I put her hand on it and she grasped it tight. She looked up at me and I kissed her lips.

Then I took her hand off of it and put it away. “You will get a chance to become well acquainted with it later on if you wish. Okay?” I took her bag and carried it outside for her.

We all crawled back into the limo and we took off. Debbie claimed one knee and Tina had Bill’s other knee. They were both patting his face and kissing his chin. Connie looked at them with a stare that was somewhere between not understanding to becoming a little suspicious.

Colleen distracted her attention. “You are a very beautiful woman, Connie,” she said. There was a hint of sex in her voice.

Connie blushed and smiled a bashful smile. “Thank you,” she said in a low voice.

After we headed up into the mountains east of Provo Colleen called up front to Paul, “Can you pull over for a moment? I need to stop.”

“You coming?” she asked Connie.

“Okay,” Connie told her. I had a hunch Connie did not really want to get out of the limo and accompany Colleen into the bushes.

Five minutes later they returned. Connie got in first and Colleen rubbed her ass. Connie blushed and sat back beside me. “Oh dear,” she murmured to herself.

Bill had taken that five minutes to sneak a couple or six feels of Debbie. She wiggled and grinned each time. He straightened out when Connie climbed back in. I could smell the sex on her. Colleen had given her a five minute crash course in lesbianism. My hunch was Connie was a very apt student. Colleen grinned.

When we got to the ranch two authentic looking ranch hands came out of the bunk house. The four passenger Bell sat tied down next to the barn. “Howdy,” one of the ranch hands greeted us.

Colleen showed the two ranch hands all the purchases we had made and asked them to carry the packages inside. She grabbed Connie’s hand and dragged her along. The girls, including Debbie and Tina were all wandering around outside, looking at the horses and the half dozen Swiss milk cows.

About twenty minutes after the ranch hands and Connie and Colleen went into the house, the two hands came back outside with shit eating grins on their faces. “Boys,” I told them, “You got a great deal here and it will be the best winter of your lives. Just don’t fuck it up.”

“Yes sir,” one of them said. The smirk was gone from his face.

I heard whimpers and moans coming from the living room the second I opened the door. Connie and Colleen were going sixty-nine on the couch. I slipped back out the door without being heard.

“Bill, I want to borrow Debbie from you for a couple of minutes.” He, Debbie and Tina were sitting on a bench by the side of the house. He was openly fingering both of them. There were no complaints from anybody.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“Well I want to tie up a couple of loose ends. Then you three can sleep together tonight with no worry.” I grinned.

I led Debbie off. “You like it when your daddy plays with your pussy?” I asked as soon as we were out of hearing range of everybody.

“Uh huh,” she answered.

“May I play with your pussy?” I asked.

“Okay,” she told me.

“When we go into the house, your mother and Colleen are licking each other’s pussy. You want to watch them?”

“Yeah!” she showed excitement for the first time.

We walked into the house and I stopped her. I pulled out my cock and put her hand on it.

We walked around to the end of the couch. Connie was moaning. Colleen licked harder and had another orgasm. Then Connie went off and moaned loud and long.

“Whatcha doing, Mama?” Debbie asked, still holding onto my cock. She turned her head sideways and gave me a big lick.

My cock jumped and Connie gasped. Colleen got up and I dropped my shorts. I crawled on top of Connie and slipped my cock in. She was wet and tight. “It’s too big,” she moaned.

I kept pumping until I worked myself all the way in. Connie moaned and opened her eyes wide. “Don’t tell your daddy about this, he might not understand.” Then she went back to bucking against me until she had a great big orgasm.

Colleen and I led Connie outside with us. We were all three naked. The girls yelled “whoopee” and ran into the house to get naked. An hour later it looked like the set for a French movie. People wore hard ons and grins only.

By Monday morning Connie informed us she wanted to stay and would take over the duties in the kitchen. I agreed and Our group settled in for the fast approaching winter.
Bill got a little uptight the first time he watched Chad fuck Debbie. He was buried in Tina at the time so he could not get too indignant.

The Doctor I asked to be sent out from Texas arrived, gave the girls including Connie and Colleen a six month shot, packed his bag and left. Debbie refused to take a shot and told me to go fuck myself. Tina and Opal taught her a new vocabulary. I beat her ass raw. She took her shot.

Connie jumped all over me because I spanked her daughter. I beat Connie’s ass until it was black and Blue. Then I rolled her over on the floor and fucked her. Paul got all turned on when he watched her get her ass spanked he rolled her back over on her belly and dry fucked her ass. Debbie lost her attitude and Connie learned obedience.

“Why did you spank my wife?” Bill demanded.

“Mainly because you never did and she needed it,” I answered.

“Oh,” he said. He thought a moment and added, “Well the next time you come tell me and I’ll do the spanking. After all she is my wife.”

I agreed. We spent the winter naked and snowbound. The following spring Colleen and I were paid off, The daddies were proud to take their debutante daughters to the Lone Star Ball.

A friend of the daddies contacted us and said, “There is a club in Dallas called the Dallas Father’s Club. We might like you to join and start a private school for us. Your mama gave me a blow job once when I stopped and changed a tire for her so you come highly recommended.”

However that is another story.

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