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Natalie, along with her two children Kim and Mark, arrived at the photography studio. She was met at the door by Debbie, the photographer's red-haired assistant. Showing them to the studio, she turned to Natalie, asking, "Jim wasn't too specific about what you wanted, Mrs. Evans. Just what kind of pictures are we taking? I mean, it is after hours." Natalie smiled at her, answering, "We're taking nudes."

Debbie stepped back, somewhat apprehensively, replying, "Oh. Well, I guess that'll be all right." Directing the girls to a plywood room hastily set up in the studio, she remarked, "You can change in here while I adjust the lights and camera." As Natalie and her daughter entered the flimsy dressing room Debbie went over to adjust the equipment. Jim, the photographer, entered and said to Debbie, "Oh, I see you met the clients." She glared back at him, answering, "Yeah, I sure did. You didn't tell me they wanted nudes." "I'm sorry, Deb," Jim replied, "must have slipped my mind. Does it bother you?" "No, not really," she shot back quickly. "It could be kind of fun, if you know what I mean." As she said that she dropped a lens cap on the floor. Bending down to pick it up she afforded Mark a view of her breasts because of the loose top she was wearing. Mark glared at them and smiled. Debbie returned the smile, replying, "You can get undressed in the office if you like, Mark."

Mark, uninhibited and unembarrassed, replied quickly, "No, that's all right. I can get undressed right here." And within minutes he had removed all of his clothes. He turned toward Debbie asking, "Well, what do you think?"

Debbie looked at him, smiling, "You're okay, I guess." Then, non-chalantly added, "And a little sexy, too." She inquired to Jim what he thought and got back a mumble.
Meanwhile in the dressing room, Natalie was unbuttoning her blouse and turning to Kim, said, "Well, honey, get undressed."

Kim, rather hestitantly, replied, "Well, mom, I'm real embarrassed.
I mean nudes. With Mark and that photographer." "It's all right," Natalie replied, "if it'll make you feel any better, I'm a little embarrassed, too." She removed her blouse and then, sitting down, her shoes and pants. She motioned to Kim to begin getting undressed. "Come on now, honey, you're pretty. Let me see how cute."

As Kim started to unbutton her blouse Natalie noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra and saw her daughter's small, yet firm, breasts with their pouty nipples. Natalie unhooked her bra letting her size 34C breasts fall free. Kim lookeded intently at her mom's breasts.

"Go ahead, Kim, it's okay to touch them," she replied.

Kim reached out touching her mother's breasts. As she tweaked her nipples they swelled up immediately and stuck out. "Wow, mom," was all she could say.

"Let me harden up your nipples, Kim," Natalie commented as she started to fondle her daughter's small breasts causing her nipples to swell up hard. As Natalie slipped off her underpants Kim noticed a full patch of blond hair. Standing before her daughter, she said, "Well, Kim, take off your underpants, too." Kim slipped out of her underpants revealing a sparsely haired blond pussy. As Natalie handed her a towel she smiled as they girded themselves with the towels.

"We're ready for you girls," Jim called out.

Kim and her mother entered the studio clad in the towels which, drawn tightly about them, actenuated heir figures beautifully. As they entered both noticed Mark. He turned quickly, swaying his penis which caught his sister's eye, and noticed a hint of a smile on her face. As he looked at the tightly-clad towels, admiring the bumps underneath, his penis began to swell. Kim looked intently at it. She was amazed at what she saw.
"Well," Debbie interrupted, "let's get started." She sat the girls down on the bench in front of a park setting background.
As Natalie sat down she sprawled casually affording her son a glimpse of her pussy. Kim, on the other hand, sat down more discreetly, keeping her legs together.
Debbie looked at them on the bench, remarking, "No, that won't do.
Kim, you've got to be more daring." Then she added quickly, "Like your mother." Noticing her hesitance, she stepped behind the bench and bending over, afforded Mark another view of her breasts, she spread Kim's legs apart. Mark looked at his sister, glaring at her sparsely-haired pussy, and noticed his sister's slit. "Now, Mark, you sit between them." She noticed that he was glued to the spot admiring the view before him and came over to him. Unflinching, she grabbed his erect penis and pulled him over to the bench, sitting him down between the girls. Taking the oppurtunity to get the picture just right, she fondled his balls and stroked his dick to get the right angles as Natalie looked at what she was doing. Stepping back, she said, "There, that's fine." And Jim snapped some pictures. "Now," Debbie changed the pose. "How about if Mark lays down on your laps." As Mark tried to position himself just right, with her directions, his foot pushed against his mother's vaginal mound. "Hey, great! Keep your foot there." As Mark laid his head on his sister's lap he turned toward the camera. "No, no, that's not right." She came over to the bench, took Kim's hand and closed it around her brother's dick. Then she took Mark's hand and palmed it against his sister's pussy. As she stepped back to survey the scene, she smiled, as Jim snapped some pictures.After a few shots, Debbie casually remarked, "Okay, girls, time for the nudes." Natalie got up quickly and untied her towel revealing her naked body to all present. Mark admired every inch of his mother. And Debbie couldn't help but look too. She noticed that Kim was rather hesitant and rebuffed her, "Come on now, young lady." Mark interrupted, "You can join us if you want, Deb." "Well, that's not usually done," she answered.
Natalie came up to her, replying, "What's the big deal? I've noticed your friskiness with my son." Then whispering in her ear, she continued, "Come on, let's see what you've got hiding." Jim stepped forward, commenting, "Gee, this is getting exciting. I never would have thought it could get this good." Removing his robe, he added, "Mind if I join in?"

All turned toward him and admired his nakedness. "Gee, Jim," Debbie commented as she noticed her bosses erection, "wow." Then she added, "I'll get undressed if she removes that towel." "No problem," Jim interjected as he walked over to Kim. Reaching out he grabbed the towel and yanked it off. She quickly covered herself. Noticing the position of her hands he stepped behind her, and pulled her hands backward causing her to touch his dick. "There," he said.

Mark looked at his sister, naked before him and smiled. Very quickly, in compliance with her earlier statement, Debbie stripped off her clothes quickly revealing her naked body to all four. Then she had Natalie and family sit on the bench with Mark between the girls. "Now, Mark, I want you to massage their pussies as I," she commented casually as she approached the bench. Mark could see her slit through the light-colored red hair. Debbie just bent over, grabbed Mark's hard dick and stuck it in her mouth and began to suck on it. Suddenly she stopped and turned to her boss. "Why don't you put that dick of yours somewhere." She smiled at him and returned to sucking as Mark massaged his mother's, and sister's, pussy. As Jim looked down he saw Debbie's pussy framed by her thighs and slowly slid his dick into her. As he pumped deeper she sighed and sucked harder.

Mark, getting excited, massaged faster. Shortly his fingers slid into them. Both sighed as he pumped, ever deeper, into them. He positioned himself, somewhat differently, and began to lick and suck on his mother's nipples, alternating between her and his sister.

Shortly Jim erupted a stream of hot cum into Debbie just as Mark streamed into her mouth. Squirming, Debbie tightened her vaginal muscles, savoring every last drop of Jim's stream as she sucked harder on Mark's erection drawing every last drop from him. Mark noticed that his fingers were wet as Natalie and Kim, too, slimed him with their pussy juices.
Debbie stood up, remarking, "Hey, Mark, let me feel that young dick of yours." She grabbed his penis as she laid down on the floor, inserting it into her pussy. Mark was surprized at the warmth. Together they writhed on the floor. Shortly as Debbie started to get hot, she commented, "Hey, Jim, why don't you try Kim on for size."

Jim approached Kim as she laid down on the floor. He looked over at Natalie who motioned acceptance. He spread her legs, and looking at that practically bare mound, he slowly slipped his erection into her. He noticed how tight she was and slowly pumped deeper. Due to the tightness of her pussy, he very quickly streamed into her. Due to his penis rubbing against her tight vaginal walls, she came quickly slimed his dick with her juices.

Mark, not be outdone, streamed quickly into Debbie, pumping deeper into her as he came as she let him feel her cum against his dick.
As they got up, Debbie knelt down over Kim and began to lick her pussy, jabbing her tongue quickly against her clit.
Natalie, surveying the escapades, knelt down next to her daughter and started to massage Debbie's red haired mound as she slipped a finger into her pussy.

Mark looked down, and noticing his mother's inviting hole, straddled her and slipped his dick into her as Jim fondled his balls.
Mark reached back to stroke Jim's hardon. As Mark pumped deeper into his mother he started to massage his sister's tits. He also took some liberty and also fondled Debbie tits, noticing her hard nipples.
Within minutes, he erupted a load of hot cum into his mother just as Jim streamed a hot load against his back. Debbie being pumped vigorously by Natalie dripped juices onto her hand just as she felt Kim's juices in her mouth.
Debbie got up, and casually remarked, "Let me see Mark do his sister."

Mark approached his sister, looked at her bald mound, noticing just a hint of blond pubic hair, and pumped his dick into her. Turned on as he was it didn't take long before he erupted a slight, final stream of hot cum into her as she smiled, erupting herself in escatasy, sliming her brother's hard erection with her juices.

Jim, meanwhile, had pumped himself into Natalie to savor the tightness of her pussy as Debbie fondled, and licked, his balls. Not to outdone by this, Jim started to massage his assistant's pussy as he pumped a finger into her. Within minutes, being fondled by his assistant, he shot a load of hot cum into Natalie as she writhed in escastasy, and let him feel her pussy juices against his hard shaft that impaled her. Quickly after that, Debbie let Jim feel her wetness against his finger.

As they got cleaned up, Debbie took some liberties, fondling Kim's small firm breasts as both she and Mark felt her tits, sucking periodically on her nipples as Jim fondled Natalie as she stroked his still hard shaft.
Being late now, all got dressed. Natalie said that she had, definitely, enjoyed the evening. Debbie chimed in with approval. Shortly, Natalie, along with her children, left. Debbie called after them, "Come back sometime." Natalie smiled back at her.

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