part 2 of the weekend
The Hawaiian weekend


You and I were sitting at the breakfast table talking about different things, when the topic of our vacation came up and we started talking about where we wanted to go and how we were going to travel.
After what seemed like hours we decided we wanted to go to Hawaii, and that we would fly to San Francisco, and then take a boat from there, and all in all the trip would be just for the weekend, we were being spontaneous so it would be a short trip.
That Friday morning we got up and in a few short hours we were ready to go, with our bags packed and the house shut down we leave for the airport. Now the only way to fly is first class, and being that we were on a 747 we had a lot of room, wide isles lots of leg room and of course big bathrooms, large enough to hold 2 or 3 people.
We get to the gate and while standing in line I grab you pull you close to me as I kiss you deeply and with my hand on your ass I firmly grip your beautiful ass but squeezing gently, you return the kiss passionately and jump a little as I grabbed your ass, and I smiled on the inside, because I knew it would be a flight to remember.
It was our turn to hand our tickets to the flight attendant; we hand them to her and board the plane to take our seats, first class was not as crowded as I thought it would be, I guess in most cases people were cheap when it came to flying.
We took our seats which were located towards the back of first class; I had picked them for a reason in which I had not told you. We relax as the flight attendants prepared for the take off, making sure everyone had their seat belts on and all carry on baggage was put away. Now it was time to fly.
Shortly after take off, the drink cart came around we both ordered a drink to relax with, the movie that was playing was boring, which I had hoped it would be, that made it so much easier to do what I had planned.
I lean over and whisper in your ear to meet me by the bathroom in a minute, with a puzzled look on your face you say ok, after I left you watched as I walked to the bathroom to see which one I was going in, then a few minutes later you followed me in.
Once we were in the bathroom I pull you to me and kiss you deeply and passionately like I had done in the waiting area before we boarded the plane.
I reach under your shirt to undo your bra, to my surprise you did not have one on, that made my cock even harder, so I just took off your shirt, exposing your beautiful breast, your nipples were rock hard, I took one in my mouth and gently sucked it even harder than it was already, then you put your hands on the back of my neck and pushed my face harder against your breast.
After a moment or two I kiss my way across you chest to your other breast to take that nipple and do the same to it as the other, running my hands all over your belly and back, and down past the waist band of your pants, all the way down between your legs, feeling your pussy as I run my finger along your slit, touching you lightly on your clit, you were so wet, what I was doing to you was turning you on even more than you already were.
With one hand I reach down and undo the button on your pants, and as I kiss down your breast and belly, I take my teeth and pull your zipper down.
I pull your pants down past your ass then sit you on the sink as I finish removing them, and again I was surprised that you did not have any panties on, a big smile crosses my face just like a child in a candy store, I look at your pussy and damn it looked real good, I parted your legs as you lean back against the mirror.
I run my tongue along your slit from front to back stopping at each hole to probe you with my tongue, your body trembles from my tongue invading your secret places.
I part your velvet lips with my tongue as I push it deep inside you, after a moment I take your clit in my mouth and suck on it gently, you push my face deeper between your legs, I almost can’t breath but your pussy tasted so sweet and hot I would die a happy man, but after a few moments your body starts to shake as an orgasm erupts from deep inside you, I pull you closer to me as I lap up your juices like a thirsty puppy.
I stand up and kiss you, you reach behind me and grab my shirt damn near tearing it off of me and tossing it on the sink, next, you reach down and undo my pants, you jump off the sink, pulled my pants and boxers off at the same time, my cock popped out and nearly hit you in the face, you grab it and run your tongue around the head of my cock, taking the head into your mouth teasing it, slowly inch by inch you swallow my cock all the way to my balls, until all 8 inches disappear down your throat.
I love the feel of you mouth and lips wrapped around my cock, you work your tongue like magic all along my thick shaft, after a few minutes of working my wand, I can feel my balls getting ready to explode, you take my cock out of your mouth and move down to my balls and take each one into your mouth one at a time driving me crazy, as your hands re pumping my cock, I can’t hold out any longer the moment you wrapped your lips around my cock again you took my cock in one swallow as my hot cum exploded into your mouth hitting the back of your throat, you swallowed very drop I kept shooting until I had no more, your talented mouth milked my cock dry, but we were far from done, you kept working my cock and in a few minutes I was hard as a rock again.
You stand back up, kiss me full on the lips I return the kiss, standing there naked with you knowing that there was a plane full of people just outside the door made me want you even more, I turn you around and bend you over the sink, as I do I rub my cock between your ass, then with one hand I guide my cock to your wet waiting pussy, the head of my cock slides right in, you are so fucking hot and wet, it feels real good, in one powerful thrust I slide my cock deep inside you, I hear you moan as you push your ass back to meet my thrust, starting slow at first, feeling every inch of your velvet walls slide across my cock, as we keep in rhythm.
As I pound your pussy hard and deep, I reach one hand up to your breast and start to play with your nipples, and my other hand reaches down between your legs, as I fine your clit and start to rub it, and in doing this your body starts shake, and you start to moan and even scream a little biting down on my shirt that was on the sink next to you, I slam your pussy harder driving deep inside you like a runaway train, I reach up and grab your hair as I pull your head back, being careful not to pull to hard, not wanting to hurt you, I hear you say fuck me harder, I slam you as hard as I dare, without hurting you, you drive your ass back to meet with my every thrust, bringing both of us to a simultaneous orgasm, as your body starts to shake, I drive my cock deep one last time as we both explode in an overpowering orgasm, we cum so hard I can feel it all around my cock as it makes its way out your pussy and starts to run down your thigh.
We both stand up and embrace each other as we gather ourselves together.
Now that we had composed ourselves, and cleaned as well as getting dressed, we check ourselves to make sure everything was in order, shirts and pants on right as well as leaving nothing laying around, with everything in check we cautiously, open the bathroom door only to find that the captain and a couple of stewards and stewardess where waiting outside the door.
Without a word one of the flight attendants handed us both a set of gold wings, and inscribed on the wings were the words “1st class mile high club”, and with that the captain shook our hands and said with a smile, “welcome to the first class mile high club” if there is anything we can do for you for the duration of the flight all you have to do is ask.
With that we return to our seats, both of us looking at our wings and smiling, and looking at you, I say that we must do this more often, and with a devilish smile you say that you would love to do it again, who knows maybe we could break a few records, what do you think?

Chapter two: The cruise

The flight that we had taken to get to San Francisco proved to be very interesting indeed. So now we are in the city by the bay, we will be staying for one night because the boat for Hawaii does not leave until the next day, and it was at least a 4hr boat ride. There would be a dining room for light lunch, dancing, and A full bar, as well as resting rooms.
We arrived a little early so that we could get a good resting room and not be bothered by everyone else that wanted one later when the mass of people arrived to check in.
We picked one on the lower deck it was almost at water level, and with the waves splashing against the window; I thought it would be kind of romantic.
To my surprise you liked it as well; this trip was turning out to be the best vacation ever. I mean how often do you get to “get it on” in a plane and on a boat all in the same weekend? You plan it!
We settle our things in the room and head out for some breakfast; nothing fancy just enough to tie us over for the trip. We ate and talked for about an hour, when we looked at the time we realized that we had to get going to board the ship, and we did not want to be late.
To our surprise there were not as many people as we thought there would be, which was fine by us, which meant even more privacy time for our pleasure.
We met the captain as we boarded the boat; he explained that the trip would be about 4 and a half hours long, so please enjoy what the cruise had to offer and feel free to ask for anything.
We thank the captain and head onto the boat; I had brought our Polaroid camera and a lot of film, so I could take a lot of pictures, all kinds of pictures.
It was still early, we had gotten up at 5am and it was only just after 7am, the sun was just coming up and it gave me an idea, the boat was just leaving the dock, there were maybe about 30 or 40 passengers, and the boat was fairly large.
With San Francisco behind the boat and the sun rising it was a perfect time to take pictures, so I slipped one of the stewards 50 dollars to keep people away from the back of the boat for about a half hour.
So now that we were alone on the back of the boat, I ask you to take off your clothes, you look at me and with a smile you ask me why I come up to you kiss you deeply and tell you I want to take pictures of you naked against the city and the sun, you agree as long as you can take pictures of me, I said no problem, as a matter of fact I got a hard on just thinking of taking your picture naked, with another deep kiss I help you remove your clothing, nibbling on you nipples as I do, as well as running my hand between your legs, and my cock gets even harder, as I feel how hot and wet you are.
After a few moments of feeling you all over your body, you go over near the rail, and we start to take the pictures, after a few sexy poses, we get a few kinky ones as well as some nasty ones, there was a hose nearby and so I got you wet and took more pictures, of you wet, damn you looked so fucking hot, I took over three packs of film, the best part was I could see what they looked like in a few minutes.
Now that I had taken your pictures it was my turn, in a moment I was undressed with you help, you kiss me and cup my cock and balls in your hands as you gently massage them, I was already rock hard, but it felt so damn good.
You got on your knees and in one swallow you take my cock all the way to my balls, it makes me weak in the knees as you work my cock for a minute, then you get up and tell me it was my turn to have my picture taken, and with a smile on my face I walk over to the rail and start posing. You take pretty much the same amount of pictures that I did having me pose in all kinds of kinky poses.
After taking the pictures, I grab you and hug your naked body to mine, running my hands all over your body, all over your back and your ass, I kiss around your neck, nibbling your ear on my way to your soft lips, I kiss you deeply, you return the kiss, while reaching between us to grab hold of my cock, which was still rock hard, and you whisper in my ear that you have other plans, for my beautiful cock, and on that note we put on our clothes and went to our resting room, however I do not believe we would be resting.
When we arrived at the room you closed the door and locked it, and before I knew it you push me down on the bed and pull my pants back off, I was surprised but liked what was happening.
My cock popped out and smacked my stomach, you had taken your clothes off after you had taken my pants, your breasts were beautiful, and your nipples were so hard, that I wanted to suck them. As you crawl up my body kissing as you go, passing by my cock and kissing the head of it, on your way past my belly, all the way to my lips.
We embrace each other as we kiss like it was our last breath, I run my hands down to your ass squeezing your ass, and pulling you up as I do, so I can take your nipples into my mouth, I take one in my mouth as I play with the other between my fingers causing you to moan in ecstasy.
After a moment of heavenly bliss, you slide back down my body stopping at my cock, you caress my cock up and down, kissing the tip, with you other hand you fondle my balls, it feels so good. You start to swallow my cock slowly, savoring my reactions to you hot wanting mouth running alone my shaft.
You work my cock over good, I tell you to turn your ass around and plant your pussy right on my face, as you do I push your legs further apart so that your sweet bush lands nicely on my lips. I wrap my arms around your legs, and run my tongue from the top of your ass, shoving it deep into your hole, after a minute of tongue fucking your ass, I then run my tongue up to your clit, and plunge my tongue deep inside your pussy, tasting your sweet, juices and feeling the heat of how hot you are, and loving your wet juices all over face, as I eat your sweet box, you suck my cock in ways that can only make me happy.
I get your clit in my mouth and start to suck and nibble on it, sending you over the edge, as your body shakes and you cum all over my face, my tongue was working overtime to lap up all your sweet nectar, you stop sucking on my cock as your orgasm went full force, you scream my name, as the final wave of your orgasm passes, I did not want to cum yet, I wanted you with a passion, and I wanted to sink my cock deep into your depts.
You turn your body around, and face me as we kiss each other with a lust that only two people in love could feel, as you kiss me you straddle my cock, I can feel the heat from your pussy against my cock, it feels so fucking good, you slide your pussy up and down my shaft teasing me, after I beg you to slide my cock in you reach back with on hand and lift my cock up and lowered yourself in one thrust all the way to my balls, it was damn good, as I felt my cock touch your insides, I push your legs open a little more so my cock could go deeper yet, causing you to run your nails down my chest, it made me want you even more, our bodies were on fire, we were making love with an animal passion with all the pain and all the pleasure, that our wanting brought us, made us want more of each other, making us want to be one, melted together, we were making love from the depts. Of our souls.
You lean down and kiss me, I kiss you in return, my hands find your breast, and I roll your nipples around with my fingers, as you are moaning, I urge you forward so I can take your nipples in my mouth, so one at a time I suck your nipples harder than they were already, you ride my cock harder, your pussy clamping my cock with every thrust, I can feel my balls getting full or cum, I slow you down a little bit, just as I do you start to shake, I can feel your pussy getting wetter, as your orgasm explodes all over my cock, but I don’t want to cum yet, there are a few more things I want to do.
I slowly lift you up off my cock, you shudder as my cock pops out, you damn near have another orgasm, my cock is so wet from your juices, I want you on your hands and knees I want to take you doggie style, only I want your ass, I shove my finger into your wet pussy, and with my thumb, I rub your clit after getting my finger nice and wet, I slowly slide my finger in your ass to help lube it up, after a few minutes you are moaning and saying that it felt good, I get up behind you, I slide my cock into your pussy to get it really wet you jump a little as I slide it deep inside you, I pull out and back I guide my cock to your waiting ass, you tell me to fuck your ass, I put the head of my cock at the opening of your ass, slowly pushing the head in, so I do not hurt you.
The head of my cock pops into your ass, when it does you slam your ass back, impaling my cock deep into your ass, causing you to scream, and yell my name telling me to fuck your ass hard, I slide back a little, but when I slide my cock deep again you slam your ass back to meet my every thrust, my cock pumping your ass hard was making you even wilder, I reach around and find your clit with one hand and a nipple with the other, the moment I touched your clit you started to cum, I could feel it soaking your pussy and running all over my hand,, you tell me to fuck you harder, I pound your ass, like a ramrod breaking down a steel door, I reach up and pull your head back with your hair, you moan and scream that you are cumming, I tell you to yell my name as you cum, you scream my name, your body shakes and you damn near buck me off as your orgasm rips through your body, with the power or a cosmic explosion, I can feel myself getting ready to cum as well, my cock starts to swell, you reach back and grab my balls and fondle them, I let go of your hair and reach around to grab your breast taking one in each hand I massage them and play with your nipples, and with one final thrust I shoot my hot cum deep inside your ass, you tighten your ass and work my cock, until you milked my cock as dry as possible.
I collapse on you as you slide your body down on the bed, my cock still buried deep in your as, we lay there until we had regained our breath, I slide off of you to lay next to you, I hold you in my arms, while we face each other I caress you face and pull you to me as I kiss you, you return the kiss with the same passion as you always did, I could feel the love and the lust that you have for me. We fall asleep holing each other.
A few hours later there is a knock on the door announcing the ship would be docking in 30 min. the trip was longer than we had expected it was damn near an 8hr boat ride, so we got up took a shower together, as we showered we washed each other but in the end with all the touching we started to make love again in the shower I backed you up against the wall and kissed you deeply, I turn you around bend you over while you hold the handicap bar, and make it a quick one before we left the boat.
We get out of the shower, get dressed, just a the boat was putting into dock, the sign on the dock said “Welcome to Hawaii, where every one gets laid”, I thought to myself to bad they mean a flower necklace, because the lay I was looking at was you.

Chapter three: The Deserted Island

So far the trip was turning out great, the plane trip, the cruise on the boat to the island, and the wonder full night we had on Friday, however I had one more fantasy I wanted to make come true this weekend, so I got up early Saturday and went to the marina to rent a boat for the day and to find out where the closest deserted island was.
I rented a nice powerboat, it wasn’t very big but it was nice, got a map for an island about 15 miles from the island of Maui, which is the island in which we were staying on.
I get back to our room and slide right back behind you in bed; I wrap my arm around you and hold you for awhile, felling your heartbeat next to mine as we breathe at the same time.
Friday since we had gotten some sleep on the boat, we had spent most of the day swimming and sunbathing on the beach. Every time you got up to go anywhere, my eyes always followed your body, I love your body, every time I see you I get a hard on that just won’t go away, which was fine by me, because in the end, when we got back to our room we would make love damn near all night.
All in all Friday was great, we got a pretty good tan, no tan lines (beach was clothing optional) and we were in a pretty secluded spot, but it was against the law to do any real fun activities (like sex if you know what I mean) but we had fun that’s what counted, but we wanted a little more, that’s when I thought about renting the boat and finding a nice spot to really have some fun, in private.
So now it was getting brighter, as the sun was coming up. The temp for the day was only going to be mid to upper 70s, so it wasn’t going to be to hot, that was a good sign.
I slowly start to kiss your back as I run my hand across your breast down to your belly, and on down to your pussy, I gently un my finger along your slit, even when you are sleeping your wet, a smile crosses my face as I keep my hand between your legs I slide down the been , using my hand to pull your body so that you are on your back, as I crawl up between your legs I gently push them open not wanting to wake you, or at least not yet. I get up by your heavenly gates, you smell like a sweet peach after an early morning dew, I run my tongue along the opening of your pussy and as I get to your clit, I lightly run my tongue all around it causing you to moan a little, I wrap my arms around your legs, as I pull you tighter to me and shove my tongue deep inside you. At that time your body arches from the pleasure and you wake up, you slide your hands down to my head and run your fingers through my hair, and gently pushing my face deeper into you.
After a few moments I kiss my way back up your body, stopping at your breast to tenderly kiss each nipple making them harder than they were already.
I kiss you around your neck, and nibble around your ears, as you run your hands all over my body. Your hands find there way to my cock, which was already hard when I woke up, you run your hand up and down my cock, as well as rubbing my balls, it feels real good. As I kiss you deeply, you push me to the side and tell me it’s your turn, as you push me on my back, you kiss me and then start to kiss your way down my body, stopping to kiss all over my chest, then continuing down the rest of the way,
You kiss all around my balls; taking each one in your mouth and sucking on them, making me moan and squirm. You lick the bottom and under my shaft, your mouth is so hot against my cock, that it feels so fucking good.
After making me damn near cum, I pull you up back on top of me, as you straddle my cock, with your pussy resting on it, I can feel your wetness, and the heat cumming from your, tunnel of love, as you lean down to kiss me I slide my hand under you down to my cock, I guide my cock into you honey pot, it slides in easy with you being so wet, you push down on my cock as your pussy swallows it all the way to my balls.
After we make love, for what seemed like hours, we jump into the shower, and get ready to leave for our boat trip; however you do not know what I really have planned for us, so I do believe you will be pleasantly surprised.
We get down to the dock, which was right next to the beach. The boat rental was not very big; it only had about a dozen or so boats.
We headed over to the boat that I had rented, and the name on the boat was “the Hawaiian fantasy” and thinking about it that’s exactly what we were on a Hawaiian fantasy weekend, (infact I had asked the owner to put that name on it, for a few bucks of course).
We get all aboard and we are ready to leave on our boat outing. I was standing at the wheel; you were by my side with your arm around my waist, and your head against my shoulder and neck, what more could I ask for?
After about an hour ride we arrive at the island, it was very beautiful. All the flowers and trees, were perfect, the sand on the beach wash a beautiful white, with the ocean gently rolling up onto the beach, made it all the more perfect.
We had packed a light lunch to have a picnic, so we spread the blanket out on the sand just under some trees to be in the shade.
First we decided to go swimming, and with no one around we went swimming without our clothes, your body looked so hot all wet under the sun I couldn’t help but get a hard on, the water was warm, and an ice blue color, you could see the bottom almost 20 feet down if you swam out a little ways.
We started to play in the water, dunking each other and just playing around, after playing for awhile, I pull you to me as I kiss you deeply and hold you close, my cock being as hard as it was, was rubbing you between the legs, you reach down and grab hold of my cock as you run your hand up and down my erect shaft.
I tell you to wrap your arms around my neck, after that I tell you to wrap your legs around my waist, as you do my cock slides right into your waiting hole, in one thrust I bury it deep inside you, as I get as deep as I can you wrap yourself harder to me, pulling yourself harder onto my cock, within minutes we were, going in the same motion as the waves splashed around us getting to shore.
You grind your hips harder and harder as your body starts to shake from your impending orgasm, but I want it to build up, so I slowly pull my cock free, however still holding you I take us both onto the beach, just as I get to the break between the sand and the water, I stop and lay you gently down on the sand, as I did a wave came ashore and washed over you, in the glistening sun I just wanted to lick every drop of water off your naked body, the water was cool against our skin as I lay between your legs. I start at the bottom of your feet, kissing your toes, as I run my hands all over your legs.
I work my way up your legs, loving every inch of them, I get to your pussy, and I lick all around your velvet lips, careful not to touch your clit, at least not yet.
I run my tongue down the crack of your ass, and on the way back, I shove my tongue deep into your ass, pulling you to me to bury my tongue deep as I can, you reach back with your arms, and run your nails down my arms, it felt so good.
I then run my tongue up to you sweet pussy, shoving my tongue as deep as I can as well, I was driving you wild, I take your clit in my mouth and suck on it hard as you grab the back of my head and shove it hard into your pussy, as you do you explode in an orgasm all over my face, I work my tongue hard to catch all your sweet juices that you can give, I eat you out even more to keep you cumming, after your body explodes in yet another orgasm, I pull my face out from between your creamy thighs and crawl up your body, kissing your breast as I go.
Another wave washes over us, somewhat cooling us off, you take me and kiss me, as you do you kind of help me onto my back, laying on the sand, with my cock as hard as it could be, you run your hands all over my chest as you keep kissing me.
You work your way down my body, stopping at my chest to nibble on my nipples, and with your hand stroking my cock and balls, I was lost in heaven.
You take my cock into your mouth and swallow it down to my balls, with one hand stroking my cock as you deep throat my shaft; your other hand was still massaging my balls. I hold the back of your head as your tongue danced all over my cock, every few moments you would gently squeeze my balls.
It wasn’t long after you started swallowing my cock, that I blew my load of hot cum deep down your throat; you swallowed every drop not missing any.
I pull you up to my face as I kiss you, I bring your breast up to my face and take a nipple into my mouth sucking softly at first, until you push my face hard into your breast, I suck harder causing you to moan, holding you tightly to me, I roll us over so that I am on top off you, I lift your legs up over my shoulders, as I kneel between your legs, with my cock rubbing against your clit.
I slide the head of my cock past the outer part of your pussy, slowly pushing it in inch by inch, the feeling of my cock against your hot, velvet walls made me want you all the more, I buried my cock so deep I could feel your insides caress every inch of my cock as our rhythm melted into on love song.
Holding your ass up as I pumped you full of my hard cock, I did not want to get any sand between us, the waves kept rolling onto the beach, trying to cool our heated passion.
After a few moments you tell me to roll over onto my back, and with a smile you tell me you want to ride my cock like a seahorse, I had no problem with that, so I laid back on the cool sand, you straddle my cock and slowly lower yourself, until your ass rest against my balls. As you start to ride my cock like a wild cowgirl, you run your nails hard across my chest, causing me to buck, and driving my cock real deep causing you to scream in ecstasy. You start to ride my cock harder, grinding your pussy hard against me, I reach between us and find your clit, I start to rub your clit keeping it in rhythm to you riding my cock, the faster I rub your clit the louder your moaning gets, and you tear my cock up even more, I feel your body start to tremble as you erupt into a volcanic orgasm, I can feel your sweet juices coat my cock, and run down between my legs, but I am not ready to cum yet so after a few moments of recovery from your orgasm, you get up from on top of me, I want you to get on your hands and knees, you do so with a smile, this was your favorite position, this way I could give it to you harder and deeper.
In one powerful thrust I ram my cock hard and deep, just the way you like it, I reach around with one hand and cup your breast teasing your nipple between my fingers, while my other hand was reached around to your clit.
With all I was doing to you, you couldn’t control yourself any longer, you started slamming back with my every thrust, wanting it harder, I reach up and grab your hair as I fuck you for all I’m worth, as we both get ready to explode wave rolls in and splashes around us, the cool water setting our orgasms off, you scream my name and tell me your cumming as your body trembles from your orgasm, I let go of your hair and reach around to caress your breast, touching your nipples setting off another orgasm as I get ready to cum deep inside you, I reached back to rub your swollen clit again, your orgasms just kept flowing, I loved the feel of you juices all over my cock and running out of your pussy and down your leg, it was like a beautiful waterfall.
As you hit your last orgasm, I push harder as I reached my peak, I pull your hips as I thrust it home one last time and explode deep inside you, as you push back as hard as you can, as you milk my cock dry.
We collapse next to each other on the sand exhausted; it had been a wonderful after noon. After resting for a short while, with the waves washing over us, cooling our hot bodies, we get up and go for a swim, which ends up being really fun as we played in the water.
After we swam and played for awhile, we go back up on the beach and sat on the blanket, as we unpacked the picnic basket we ha brought, as we started unpacking the food, new things started going through my mind as I looked at all the food we had brought, and the only thought in my head was, what can I eat off her body?
The rest I will leave to your imagination.



June 7, 2002

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