First story, hope you enjoy it.
Where to start, where to start...

Well, let's start with me. The name's Hayden, I'm 17, and I have 3 brothers. Shane, the oldest, is 25. John, the second oldest, is 21, and my little brother Ryan, is 11.

My life is pretty much as normal as it gets outside of my house and at school, but at home it's completely different. Only Ryan and I live at home, Shane and John are independent. I really don't have much of a "sexual life." I have a friend who is a girl, Vanessa, who is extremely attractive, about 5'8", shoulder length blonde hair, nice breasts, and a perfect ass. I've had my times with her, but because of slight differences, a relationship could never work. Anyways, back to my story.

It was a Friday night, and I had just come back from one of my volleyball games. It was about 8:00pm and Ryan was asleep. My mom and dad were downstairs watching TV, and I went up to my room to get undressed and take a shower. I turned on the shower to my usual temperature, and stepped out to get boxers for when I'm done. Expecting no one to be around, I didn't bother to put boxers on, and when I opened the door, Ryan was right there, clad in his little "girl" underwear, and there I was stark naked, right in front of him.

Now, lets pause for a moment, and talk about Ryan. Ryan was never "one of the guys", rather, "one of the girls." He has always preferred dolls over action figures, and girly cartoons like Sailor Moon, rather than something like Dragonball Z. My parents learned after 3 kids that you should just let them be who they are, and being as small and effeminate as he is, they gave in. They bought him panties, dresses, tights, other girl clothes. They even let him grow his hair to a certain length, thinking that it was just a phase. Now that you know what I'm dealing with, let's get back to the story.

Ryan was standing there, pink t-shirt, panties and all, staring at my naked body. I immediately yelled at him to go away and quickly re-entered the bathroom. I heard him start whimper, as if he had done something wrong. I put on my shorts and t-shirt, and stepped out to him.

"Sorry Ry-Ry, I was just a bit startled," I said.

"B-B-But you yelled at me!"

"Yeah, I know bud, I'm really sorry."

At this point I found myself glancing at his crotch. His panties were quite tight, and his prepubescent bulge was small, but visible. I could feel myself start to harden in my shorts.

"Alright dude, it's a bit late, so head back to bed."

"'Kay, night Hayden!"

I watched him until his door closed. The rest of the night, all I could think about was his tiny feminine body, and his little butt as he walked away from me. As soon as I got out of the shower, I immediately threw on my boxers and shirt, hopped into bed, and went to sleep.

Saturdays are real lazy days for me. I'll probably just sit around on my computer and talk to friends. Typical teenager stuff. So when I woke up my dad had already been at work for a few hours, and my mom was just about to leave.

"Hayden, make sure Ryan eats lunch, and please, try to get some homework done?"

"Sure thing mom," I responded.

It was about 11:00am, and I called Ryan down to ask him what he wanted for lunch. He told me he didn't feel well, and ran back upstairs. I stood there for a second, thinking about what I should do. I cooked up a grill-cheese sandwich, cut off the crust, and brought it up to his room. He was just laying in bed watching some cartoons when I came in.

"Listen bud, you gotta eat. If you don't Mom will get really angry at me. Here, take this bell, and when you're done eating, I'll come get it. Okay?"


I put the sandwich on his nightstand and went into my room. I sat down at the desk, and not a moment later, I see it again. That tight little body, that butt, and that girly face. My dick started to harden as I massaged myself into "pleasure town." I got close, but I didn't want to cum at that time. Ryan could ring that bell at any time, and I didn't want to rush something so great.

After some deliberation, I closed my door, and opened up one of my favorite porn sites. I started browsing for some new hot videos, and one caught my eye. It was one of those "pick up the girl off the street and abandon after fucking" videos. The girl was extremely hot, and got the shit fucked out of her in the back of a van. I was stroking my 8.5" cock when I heard my door open.

There I was, fully erect, when Ryan entered my room. As quickly as I could, I grabbed my shorts and put them over my dick to prevent any further damage.

"Is that...your thing?! It's soooo much bigger than mine!"

"Uhhhh, what are you talking about Ryan?"

"Your weenee! It's ginormous!!!"

"Um, Ryan I think you should probably go back into your room, and not tell Mom about this."

"What were you doing? Can I see you do it again?"

At this point, my dick was as hard as it could get, and just having Ryan's tight girly body in the room made me want to explode. I sat there and pondered what I could do. Could I actually get my baby brother to jack me off? Maybe even give me head? I had to do something.

"Uh, okay Ryan, but make sure not to tell Mom or Dad or ANYONE about this. Okay?"


I uncovered my dick as Ryan stared in awe. To him it must have been like the freakin' Big Ben clocktower compared to his 2 story house!

"So, you wanna see what I did, or do you wanna give it a go?"

"I can do it too? Really??!!"

"Sure, just grab it like you would any other rod, but be gentle."

His soft skin caressed my dick as I swooned with ecstasy.

"Now just slowly move your hand up, and down. That's right. Up, and down, up and down. Alright hold on one second."

I got up and moved to my bed, and Ryan followed me. I layed down, with my head propped up with pillows, and Ryan sat in between my legs, continuing to jerk me off. It felt like hours as he continuously rubbed my cock like the little slut he was. I beginning to close in on my climax, so I made sure to warn him.
"Alright Ry, keep it up, you're doing great. But in a few minutes I'm gonna tell you that I'm 'cumming' and that you should either put your mouth on my dick, or sit back and enjoy the show, it's your choice"
Minutes passed in ecstasy as I lay there moaning, when I felt that familiar feeling arising in my cock.

"Alright Ry-Ry, I'm cumm-"

Before I could even finish my sentence, Ryan sat back and watched me erupt. I must have shot a stream of cum at least 2 feet in the air, and it landed on Ryan's shirt. Another stream landed on my leg, and the last hit Ryan's legs. When I finished, Ryan leaned forward, scooped up quite a large amount of cum, and licked it off his fingers.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, I should've put my mouth on your thing!!"

"Don't worry bud, they're be more where that came from, but I think that is quite enough for today, at least for me. Let me see yours. But when you take off your undies, turn around and let me see your butt."


Ryan stood up, turned around, bent over and slowly peeled his panties off, and the smallest little dick plopped out.

"Alright, sit down, and do what you did you me, to yourself."

Without hesitation, Ryan grabbed his 4 incher, and immediately began to pump it up and down. I sat in awe in the focus of this child. In about 5 minutes he started to whimper and moan, and about 30 seconds later, a small single stream of liquid, not even cum, shot out of him. He sat bedazzled at his feat, and like mine, tasted his own fluids.

"Mine is a bit salty..."

"Alright bud, I think that's enough for both of us for the day. Later tonight, I'll tell you something that I want you to do, but sit tight until then. Oh, and thanks a lot dude. Love you."

Ryan blushed as he turned around to pick up his panties. He took some tissues from my nightstand to dry himself, and slipped his underwear back over his little dick.

The rest of the day was normal. Homework, talking with friends, and I even went out for a bit after my mom got home from work. After dinner, I told Ryan what I wanted him to do.

"Okay bud, here's your mission: set your alarm for 12:00am, and when you wake up, throw your pillows under your blanket incase mom or dad wakes up to check on you, and then come into my room. I'll still be up."

He nodded and went into his room. I followed him upstairs, looking up his tiny skirt at that little butt, shortly visualizing it bouncing up and down on my cock.


It was about 11:50pm, and I was preparing for little Ryan's visit. I had lube, and some towels, to potentially clean up afterwards. About 12 minutes passed, and I heard my door creak open. There was Ryan, pantie-clad, rubbing his eyes with doll-in-hand. I waved him over, and told him to turn around and bend over. I caressed his tiny butt, and played around his tight asshole with my fingers before moving on to the main event.

"Alright bud, come hop into bed with me. Now what I want you to do is lay down on your tummy, and do what you did with your hands, but with your mouth. But first pretend my thing is a lollipop and lick it all over."

"You got it big bro!"

I smiled as he engulfed the first 2 inches of my cock in his mouth. My jaw dropped, and my head fell backwards. Eleven years old, and he is a fucking natural at giving head! For about 15 minutes his head bobbed up and down on my dick, and when that time came, I told him what is going to happen, grabbed his head, and pushed it down. I could feel his throat tighten around my dick, and I was pushed over the edge. I exploded. I shot an obscene amount of cum down his throat, so much so that he may not be hungry for breakfast in the morning. I released him from my sexual grip, and lifted his head off my dick. I looked at him and as soon as it was there, Ryan swallowed every remaining drop that was in his mouth.

"That was awesome Hayden, but you didn't need to hold me down...I could barely breathe..."

"Sorry bud, I just wanted to make sure you got your fill."

"Well, I sure did! Thanks!"

He cleaned himself off, and began to rub his crotch. He dropped his panties and began to pump his dick up and down once again. I told him to bend over, and I squirted some lube onto my pinky finger, and began to finger Ryan's tiny asshole. He moaned as I massaged his rectum, and as soon as I curled my finger up to his prostate, he began to cum. It was the actual stuff this time, and he came more than even I would have expected. He kneeled over the towels, licked up his cum, and then proceeded to clean himself up. When he was done, he stood up, slipped his panties back on, bent over licked the head of my dick once and started to leave the room. Right before he left, he turned and winked at me. If I wasn't in control, I might've cum right there.


The next day, whenever I saw Ryan, I couldn't help but smile, and he in turn, giggled. Sundays were Ryan's ballet class, and this was the only time he was "accepted" as who he was; an extremely girly boy. I was alone for most of the morning, determined not to jack off, because I knew that Ryan would want lots and lots of my jizz in his belly tonight. At around noon, my mom called from work to tell me that she was going to be working until 5, and that I would need to pick Ryan up from ballet at 1:00pm. I faked a reluctant "fineeeee", got dressed, and went commando (OOC: no underwear).

I was sure to arrive early at the ballet studio, and stood outside my car to make sure Ryan knew that I was there. He walked out of the studio with some girls giggling, and I smiled. He saw me, turned to say something quickly to the girls, and sprinted full speed at me. He squeezed me tight, looked around, and quickly squeezed my dick through my jeans. He giggled, went around me, and got into the car. I laughed and got into the car with my brother.

"How was class bud?"

"Fun! But not as fun as what we did last night!"

"Oh? Well I'm glad you enjoyed it! How about you unzip my pants and see what I have for you."

Ryan smiled wide, and unzipped my pants. There it was, his favorite plaything, my dick. He began to stroke up and down as a pulled away. Now, I have gotten a handjob while driving before, but never a blowjob. So I began to wonder...

"Ryan, remember how you pretended that my dick was a lollipop? If you would, please do it again, right now! But make sure to keep your head down at all times. Okay?"


Ryan immediately went down on me. See, I have driven while high before, and that is difficult, but imagine that x5. This is road-head. He just kept on sucking and licking and jacking me off at the same time, but to make sure it lasted, I slowed him down, and limited him only to licking.

"So, once we get into the neighborhood, I want you to start sucking, licking , and doing whatever to me. As long as I cum BEFORE we get to the house. If you dont get it done, then you're my slave until Mom gets home."

"Uh-oh, I better do my best!"

And he did. He sucked hard, licked furiously, and pumped me as fast as a god damn piston!
Unfortunately for him, he failed. I stopped him as I backed into the driveway, and parked. He wiped his mouth and we went into the house. I sat him down on the couch to tell him what I was going to do.

"So dude, you're mine until mom gets home, and that is in 3 and a half hours. So my first order of business as your master is to get you into something cute and sexy. Hmmmmm......Go put on one of those schoolgirl outfits with the plaid miniskirt and everything!"

Ryan ran up the stairs, and about 10 minutes later, came down.

He stood in front of me, and my jaw-dropped. He had a white t-shirt on, white cotton panties, and an extremely short plaid skirt. He bent over to show exactly how short it was, and I grabbed his ass. I told him to stay, as I ran upstairs to get some my lube. I came down, lube and towels in hand, and told him what awaited him.

"So hotty, I'm going to fuck you."

He looked at me confused, so I brought him upstairs to show him some videos on how guys fuck.

"Wont that hurt though??!!"

"Probably, but I think after a few minutes it will feel awesome. But, you really have no choice in the matter."

Just thinking about it had me hard, so I ripped off his panties, hiked up his skirt, bent him over my bed, lubed my cock, and attempted to enter his ass. He began to cry as a pushed in inch by inch, but I was determined to get all 8.5" into him. I stopped every two inches or so, to massage it in, and I could barely contain myself, but I was going to have him ride me, and that was final. At this point, he was past the pain, and began to moan. I could see his dick begin to harden, and move with my slow hip movements.

"Think you're ready to take the whole thing babe?"

"Uhhhhh, yeahhhhhh...."

I pulled out to see the gaping hole that was once his beautiful tight ass, and layed down on my bed. He got on top of me, and positioned his ass right over my dick. He began to slowly lower himself onto it, and as soon as he got on top of me, I was balls deep in my 11 year old baby brother. He began to bounce up and down on me, faster and faster as time went by. After about 15 minutes of bouncing, he got off my dick, and as if reading my mind, turned around so his ass was facing me, lowered himself back down, and began to grind on my dick. This is what put me over the edge.


"I think I am toooooo!!"

After announcing my sexual intentions, I came deep into Ryan's rectum, and he came all over himself aswell.

"You're the greatest fuck I'll ever have Ryan."

"Thanks Hayden, that's so sweet!"

He stood up off of my dick, and a bit of cum leaked out of his ass.

"Looks like we're gonna have to go shower!"


We got into the shower, and I was hard as a rock once again. He squatted over the drain and spread his ass cheeks until every drop of cum that wasn't deep in him was out, and then grabbed my dick and began to pump.

"Think you got anymore in there for me?"

"Ry, I got plenty for everyday of this week."

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