Saturday late morning after getting up from my night in the park, I got up and decided to get some lunch at a diner near the house. I took a shower and put on some jeans and a denim crop top tied in front. No bra or panties. I put on my 5inch wedge sandals grabbed my purse and headed out the door.

It’s a nice walk to the diner. 2 blocks east and 1 block south and then left 2 stores and I’m at the diner.
I usually come here a few times a week. Good food and no one there bugs me. Being 14 and looking like I’m over 20, my large breasts get more attention than I usually want. I ordered some food and spent time looking out the window till my order was served. As I was waiting, I noticed a small store across the street. Never knew it was there. In the window I saw they had some clothes and stuff. I’ll check it out after lunch.

I paid my bill and left, walked to the corner and crossed the street, and went into this store. They had a lot of flips flops, a lot of cheap items. In front of the small window to the store was the cashier and a jewelry case. I found some cheap earrings and necklaces and wild colored nail polish and lips sticks. The guy behind the counter who got those items for me was and very old Asian man. I smiled and was very polite. I still shopped around, I picked out 5 oversized bandanas in different colors. The kind you wear as a top. Then I saw a rack of body stockings. I looked through them and found 3 that I liked. I returned to the counter and placed them by the stuff I already picked out. The old man asked me, “You try on?” as he held up one of the body stockings. I told him I didn’t think I could because of they were intimates. He said, “Try on, lot of trouble with size, I want you be happy”. “Ok, sure, where do I change?” He led me down an isle of this very small and narrow store, and through a door way. The boxes were piled up at least 10 feet high. I thought why all the boxes? I’m the only one in the store! No one else came in the whole time I was in here!

He turned right at the end of the row of boxes and then we stopped, a black curtain he held aside and I went in. The curtain fell back in place as he left. The dressing room was 2 store walls and 2 walls of stacked boxes. There was an office desk, and one of those long lunch tables with stuff stacked on it. On the boxed wall behind me was one of those full length mirrors, the kind you put on bedroom doors. And a living room lamp on the floor with no shade, just the bulb burning brightly.

I sat my purse on the desk, and ripped open all the packages of body stockings. I kicked off my sandals , and unbuttoned my jeans, and pulled them down, and then leaned on the desk to get them off my legs. I was cold back there, I got goose bumps when I leaned on the desk, as the cold desk hit my ass. I untied my crop top and pulled it off my arms. My nipples reacted to the cold by popping out and hard. Now naked, I pulled the body stocking open and gathered it to slip my legs in. I kinda sat on the desk a little and leaned back, pulled one leg up and put it into the foot of the stocking and pulled it up to my knee. The white rose lace pattern looked good so far. I leaned forward and put my other foot into the stocking. I bent over and one leg at a time, pulled the nylon up onto each thigh. I liked the feel of them, and the look was oh so sexy! I pulled them up and adjusted them at my crotch, the crotch was open so I had to twist them here and there to make the opening even around my pussy. I pulled them higher, just under my tits, and put my arm through a sleeve, and then the other. Over my tits and I was done. I looked into the mirror, it was getting me hot. The open crotch was perfect!, The hole opening was just on the outer side of my pussy lips, and it did stretch . I turned around and the back plunged down to the small of my back, nice open back, it fit perfectly! I pulled my arms out and took them off, now the red pair!

The red ones are fish net, with seams up the back of the leg with rhinestones in the seam. They have spaghetti straps, really nice. The fitting them on was the same, I looked at them in the mirror, even bent over at the waist in front of the mirror and check out how they would look from the back. Real sexy!
As I was checking myself out from different positions , I saw something move in the cracks of the boxes! “Oh No!, a rat!” I thought. I went back to the desk and started to take off the stocking, I kept watching the crack. Then I saw something yellow! From the crack. It was the old mans shirt!! He was peeping!

Well, he saw me completely naked! Saw my tits, saw my pussy , my ass! I was kind of pissed! Dirty perv! I was getting my jeans off the desk and I thought, “You want a show? I’ll give you a show you won’t forget ever!” I put the jeans down and started to take off the red body stocking. Slowly very slowly, I slide the straps off my shoulder one at a time. I pulled the neck down to just under my tits and let it stay there. I waited for a few minutes, then pulled it down to my hips. I turned around to give him a rear view, I put my feet together to give him that shapely view. Then I turned around and leaned on the desk to remove the nylon from my legs. I rolled them down past my knees, then leaned way back on the desk and pulled both my knees to my chest, and let him see my pussy and ass, and took them off, and when I did, I let my legs open all the way when my legs came back down! Now, I was getting excited!

The last body stocking was black, a very small fishnet, with full length arms. I put them on with nothing different other than doing it very slowly. But I was going to tease him so bad when it was on. I stood up from the desk and then slipped my high wedges on. Made my ass pout out and my legs more shapely , and my tits push out more because of the arch now in my back. I looked in the mirror, pretending it was him, and turned from side to side to let him see my tits and ass protrude, and then slide my hands from my neck over my tits, pausing just a second on my tits, and feel the hard nipples trying to poke thru the nylon.. Then slowly down my flat stomach, to the tops of my thighs, then I lifted my hands. I turned around, and looked back, and slowly bent over at my waist. And ran my hands over my ass cheeks several times. Then I spread my legs a shoulders width apart, and grabbed the back of my thighs and then pushed my ass out farther. I slowly stood up and walked over to the desk, one foot in front of the other, to make my hips sway. I turned and half sat on the desk, ran my hands up and down my thighs, then right to my tits. I cupped them and squeezed them and let out a moan so he could hear me. I rotated my hips, grinding my ass in small circles on the desk. I threw my head back making my hair fly around. I kept my head back and pulled my leg up and set it on the chair that was in front of the desk. I let my hands slide down to the opening of the hose, and cupped my pussy and applied pressure, and ground it. I let my fingers slide up and down the lips, and pulled the lips apart with one hand, and let the other slide up and down the wet inner lips. I spread my legs wider, and looked down, over my erect nipples I saw my legs covered in black fishnet, my white pussy standing out from the black, the light so bright on it. I dipped a finger in my cunt and felt a rush come over me. I watched my finger go in the hole to just the first knuckle, it was so tight, warm and wet. I dipped it a few more times, so good. I pulled it out, and a string of my thick juice was stuck from my finger to my cunt. It glistened in the light, and twinkled as I pulled it longer and longer till it broke. I pulled my lips apart, and started to rub my clit in circles, just next to my clit, with each pass it hit my clit I shuddered. My breathing became labored, the fire in my cunt grew with each stroke. I moaned out loud, I need a cock, any cock, I need to get fucked!

I looked toward the crack and I muttered, “You like what you see? You want my pussy? Come on! Come in here! Come get my pussy!” with each word I said a flame came over me, and I fingered myself faster. “Come on!” I said louder, “Come and get my pussy!” a few seconds after my last plea, I saw the black curtain open, and in he walked. He was short, very skinny, black/gray hair combed back on the sides, greasy. His skin on his face was wrinkled on his forehead. A few age spots on his face. His teeth stood out from his dark skin like headlights. He smiled from ear to ear. “How old you?” he asked. “I’m 20” I told him. “Ok,” was his answer. He undid his pants and let them fall to his feet. I kept fingering my cunt, I was too hot to stop. His cock was small, but hard. He moved closer, and grabbed my tits with both hands. I let out a moan and he squeezed them and rolled my nipples between his thumb and forefinger. I stopped fingering my pussy and pulled the top down so my tits were exposed, and leaned forward and pulled my shoulders back. He bent over and took a nipple in his mouth, I felt his tongue flick it, and move around it in circles, the a small nip with his teeth. I felt a gush of my juice be released, mmm this was good! His free hand moved between my legs and he inserted a finger into my wet throbbing hole. His finger went deeper and his thumb found my clit, and he rubbed it while moving his finger in a circle in my pussy. I reached down and grabbed his cock and stroked it back and forth. He stopped sucking my tit and reached over to the desk drawer and opened it. He pulled out a rubber, his fingers left my pussy as he opened and rolled the rubber on his cock. He grinned at me and moved closer and moved his head closer to mine, I moved my hands and grabbed the back of his head and pulled his lips to mine, I smashed his mouth and forced my tongue into his mouth, he fumbled with his cock at the lips of my pussy to get it in, I moved to let it in easier. I felt the pressure of his cock at the opening, his cock was small but I am smaller so he had to push and I did to get it started. He was in all the way and I moaned loud and he laughed, “Good?” he said. I said “Oh yes, fuck me baby, fuck my cunt!” He pulled out slowly and looked down as I did to see his cock slide out of me. I shook again with that sight. He let out a hum sound, and pushed it back in. Then a loud Bang! Bang! Bang! Noise came from the other side of the boxes! “Get dressed and go to front counter please!” he said as he withdrew his cock and pulled up his pants in a panic! He ran out of the room and I heard like a metal door being unlocked and opened. I just pulled up my jeans, and tied the crop top over the body stocking. I heard a woman’s voice and his speak in Korean I guessed, then heard them move to the front of the store.

I picked up the other body stockings and my purse, and walked thru the store to the counter. He was waiting there with this woman, his face was as red as hell. “You like fit?”, “Yes” I said. He rang up the total, “16.47”, I paid him and he gave me my change. “My wife and I thank you! Come again!” I smiled and grabbed my bag and opened the door and walked out. “He almost got caught! “ I laughed. As I was walking home cars honked and guys yelled at me. My stomach was covered in black fishnet and my arms because of the crop top and low ride jeans, I kind of liked it being dressed slutty in public!

As I was walking home I thought, “I just got 80 bucks with of stuff for 16!” I smiled and walked the few blocks home.

As I walked up the front porch steps, I could feel my wet pussy sliding, I was still in need of getting off. I walked into the living room and flopped on the couch. Poured out the contents of the bag and was looking at all the stuff. The walk from the store was hot, the body stocking looked good but sure was warm. I sat there and was looking at some dark blue sparkle finger nail polish I heard the ring of bells outside. I stood up and looked out the window and way down the street, was a vendor selling something.

Those of you not familiar with Chicago, they have these guys on bicycle carts selling everything for tacos to ice cream on them. They travel the neighborhoods selling.

I waited for the cart to get closer to see what it was selling. “Yahoo! Ice cream!” I yelled as I grabbed my purse and headed for the front door. I stood on the porch and waited for him to get closer. When he was a building away I waved for him, he was already on the sidewalk, so I walked down the stairs of the porch and he stopped. I leaned back to look at the menu on the side of the cart. “I’ll have a blue raspberry Popsicle!, I told him. “Oh Kay!. He said. He dug deep into the freezer all the time I saw him gazing at my tits and the fishnet on my stomach. “$1.50 he asked, but for you $.50!” “Oh! Ok thank you! As he grinned hard at me. “Your welcome pretty lady!. I smiled and turned and walked up the steps, I got to the door and turned around and he was still there looking at me. I waved with my three fingers that were holding the Popsicle and went in.

As I was sucking the Popsicle, I pretended it was a cock, I licked it up and down, then sucked the end, then put it as far into my mouth as I could. And then I fucked my mouth with it, hearing the slurping sounds as I sucked on it got me hot again. I stood up and dropped my jeans to the floor. And sat on the edge of the couch and laid back into it. I took the blue ice and lightly touched my nipples with them till they felt hot from the cold. Then I tried it on my pussy. Yes this felt so good! I brushed it against my clit a few times, it felt so great but was too sensitive to the ice, so I spread my lips and put the tip in my pussy, The cold made me shiver and then it felt hot, real hot. I could feel the melted juice running around and down my asshole, it tickled. I pushed it in farther and I began to cum, I pumped it into me harder, and came again. I pulled it out and shoved it in my mouth, it was covered in white thick pussy juice, I sucked it and opened my mouth and moaned around it. My fingers went mad on my pussy, finger fucking myself until I lifted my back off the couch and came several times.

After I regained my composure, I got undressed and cleaned up, I went to my room and laid on my bed, turned on the radio and was thinking about wanting a cock deep inside of me. I should have fucked that fat Latino ice cream man! Maybe I will I smiled to myself.

So I made plans for this guy to fuck me. I had a lot of things to overcome to do this, but men like pussy too much not to fall for my charms!
1. My brother is home weekdays
2. I would have to tease him for a week till my brother wasn’t home
3. Where would I fuck him? Didn’t want him in my house.

So, I figured I could only let him fuck me on a Saturday, or a Sunday Or I could go to that store again? But what if his wife is there, or comes in again? If I fuck the ice cream guy it would be in the middle of the afternoon! The park was out of the question. The gangway would work, but it had brick walls and cement sidewalk, not too comfortable. This was going to be tough. I’ll just have to figure this out, but until then, I’ll tease him.

Sunday around 1pm, I put on makeup, the ice cream man didn’t see me all made up. I applied hot pink nail polish to my long nails. I used a pearl pink lipstick, and a clear gloss. Pink eye shadow from my eye brows to the tip of my eye lids. Black thick eye liner and lash color. A little blush, and I was ready for the clothes.

I put on a sheer pink g-string that has a pair of lips on them in red sequins just above the top of my pussy lips. Pulled up some white fishnet stay up nylons. A rhinestone ankle bracelet which I bought at that store yesterday. And hidden deep in my moms jewelry box a black velvet choker with the word “SLUT” in rhinestones. A side zipper pink leather miniskirt, and a very thin cotton white blouse, unbuttoned 4 down and no bra, you can see my nipples thru the material and even a full side look at a tit if I turn to the side. A pair of white patent leather ankle boots with gold eyelets and pink laces with a 4 inch heel.

I walked downstairs to the living room, because I didn’t want to try and run down the stairs in heels to catch him when he came by. I turned on the radio, and sat on the couch facing the window so I could see him coming down the street. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do, so I started thinking of something, something not to obvious, but still a good show.

It was about 2:20pm when I saw him turn the corner to my street a block away. I got up and checked my clothes in the mirror, my skirt rode up on me when I sat down, but it was a real nice look, lots of leg. Even in the mirror my nipples were showing, and now getting hard and poking the thin cotton of my blouse.

When he got to the stop sign at the end of my block, I went out on the landing and opened the door to the porch. The hot wind blew my hair into my mouth as I stepped out onto the porch. I was nervous, I could feel my lower lip trembling, along with my knees. As He got closer, I waved my money in the air. He stopped at the bottom of the stairs. I stood there for a moment, I knew he could see up my skirt, how well I was not sure, but at the angel he should at least see my stocking tops. I grabbed the handrail and slowly went down the steps, “Hello!” he said with a big smile on his face. “Hi” I said as I walked over to him. A gust of wind blew my hair again, I took this time to look away for a while as I wiped it out of my face, and turned so he could get a full view of my tits thru the open blouse. “What you have today, princess?” I stood there for a while and said, “A rocket pop please”. “No problem princess!” as he went into the box. I looked into the wind to keep my hair out of my face, as saw him staring at my tits. He came back and handed me the pop. “How much?” I said with a smile on my face. “For you princess , 50 cents!” as his eyes watched my tits. I gave him a dollar and he gave me my change. “This you house?” he asked me. I thought for a moment and blurted out, “No, I’m just here for the summer to watch it during the day while the owners are at work, a summer job!” Geez that was pretty good I thought! “How old are you?” I told him, “19”, the lies just kept flowing. “My name Carlos, your name?”. All I came up with was, “Courtney”.
He shook my hand, and started making small talk about the weather and stuff. I unwrapped the rocket pop and started to suck it deep and slow as he talked and watched. I was giving the pop deep head, and he was enjoying it a lot. He laughed and asked, “ Are you enjoying that?”. I pulled it out of my mouth and licked the end and smiled at him and said, “Yes it’s real good!’. He grinned and laughed. I looked at his crotch and saw he was enjoying it too………a lot! I asked him, “Are you going to be here tomorrow?” He smiled and answered quickly, “Yes princess, what time?” I thought, “Same time I guess!”. “I’ll be here then”. he told me. As he turned to get on his cart I pulled my skirt up higher, I could feel the warm air on my pussy and ass. “Ok, see you tomorrow Carlos!” as I turned and started to walk up the stairs. I turned my head into the wind again and looked over my should a bit, he wasn’t moving, I was 3 stairs from the top. I purposely dropped my purse on the step in front of me. As I bent over I could feel my skirt moving up, the leather was like a curtain for a show for him, that was going up higher and higher. I now felt the air blow hard on my g-string covered pussy, as far as I bent over I knew he could see it from behind, and my ass with just a pink string in the crack. I took my time and looked under my arm and saw him make a wow with his lips and grab his crotch and give it a squeeze. I stood up and got to the top of the stairs and turned, he was red faced and I waved good-bye. He waved but just stayed there. I went inside and peeked out the curtains. He stayed there a few minutes, adjusted his cock in his pants and left. Well done! I said to myself

Monday I wore the same blouse, but tied tight just under my tits, no bra. A red plaid school girl skirt, and a all sheer no panel red nylon thong, every bit of my pussy could be seen as it was about 2 sizes too small for me, it gave me a sheer red camel toe. I wore black Mary Jane shoes.. Fire engine red lipstick and deep blue eye shadow, with red finger nail polish.. My brother was home but out back in the pool. He had his rap music playing loud, and diving in and out of the pool like a normal 10 year old. I waited till I saw him coming down the street and left the living room and went out. I went straight to the bottom of the stairs and to the sidewalk. I watched him approach. He waved and finally came to a stop right in front of me. “How are you today my princess?” he said getting off the seat. “I’m doing ok”. I told him as the material of the blouse irritated my nipples and made them ache and grow harder. “What you have today?” I thought for a bit, letting him see my tits. My tits looked like they were in a white thin cotton bra, in the sun you could see the flesh color of my tits and the circle of my nipples and the hard points pushing the cotton. “I’ll have a Drumstick today” He smiled and opened the door and pulled out the Drumstick. “ So, what you doing today?”. “Not a lot”, was my answer. (Now if you don’t remember, the stairs of my porch are covered from both sides with tall thick bushes that go about 2 feet above the guard rails on the front porch) I unwrapped the Drumstick and moved to the side of his cart. I looked around and saw that his cart was blocking the view from the street, and the bushes from the sides. So I thought I’d give him a real good show. As we made small talk, I went and sat down on the first step on the porch, My knees where on my chest, and with that loose pleated skirt! He could see everything! So at first I kept my knees together, all he saw then was the lower part of my ass cheeks.. He was still talking, and looking around to see if anyone was coming. As he sat on the bike seat I let my legs open about 3 inches for about 2 seconds and closed them again. I wore the red thongs for two reasons, one the color so he could see them and two, how sheer and tight they were. He was just talking about how long he had been doing this and how far he travels. I just kept licking and swirling my tongue around the ice cream and responded with head nods. I could feel my juices starting to flow and wanted to step up the action a bit. So I turned a bit to put my purse down and open it, as I did I let my legs come apart about a foot. He got a great look! The sun was filtering threw the leaves and almost a spot light on my crotch and my feet. I pulled out a dollar and put my legs back together and asked him, “How much?” He said, “No no not today free today!”. I asked him, “Carlos! Are you sure?” He nodded and said, “For you my princess free!”. He stayed and talked and asked me questions like do I have a boyfriend, and what I like and dislike. I told him I did not have a boyfriend and liked older men. All the time I would open and close my legs. I finished the cone and he had no intention on leaving, so I took it again to another level.

I sat up and moved my ass up one stair, and then leaned back on my elbows, now my tits were pushed up, and when I opened my legs he got more of a view of my pussy than my ass. I opened my legs about a foot, and kept them there. He kept talking and then leaned his arm on the handle bars and laid his he on them. I knew then he wanted a better look. He stayed that way. I looked towards his crotch, but couldn’t see anything his leg was in the way. I turned again to my purse, my legs opened at least shoulder width, I fumbled in my purse, taking my time. I pulled out my lipstick and mirror and applied some lipstick as I was still turned. I moved the mirror so I could see him, he was lowering his head even more to look at my pussy. I must have put on 5 coats of lipstick letting him get a good look. I closed my legs and looked back at him. “You say you like older men huh?” I nodded. He laughed and said, “Too bad I’m too old for you!” I looked at him and smiled, “Well, how old are you?’ He laughed and ran his finger through his hair, “I am 42 way too old for you” I stood up and said, “I don’t think so”. He laughed again and said “Oh come on! I’m too old right?” I bent over and picked up my purse on the steps, giving him a real sweet ass shot. And turned to him and said, “ Your just right”. He laughed again and said. “Why you like older men?” I turned and started up the stairs, I turned around half way up and said, “Cause they are better in bed!” He let out a loud, “Oh baby!” and I walked into the house.

Tuesday, I put on a black low cup bra, and the black fishnet body stocking I bought last Saturday, no panties, and a black leather miniskirt and black knee high heeled boots. I did my makeup as slutty as I could with black eye shadow, eyeliner and false eyelashes. And black lipstick and nail polish, a slut Goth look. And again I waited downstairs in the living room. He was right on time.

I let him get to my stairs before I came out, “Gee you look hot today!” He said. I thanked him and got some ice cream. I decided that I was not going to tease him any more that the outfit I had on. I gotta make him crazy, too much all the time and his lust might not be that great. We talked and the conversation finally got around to sex, I told him I loved oral and anal sex. He was red in the face as he stared at my tits again. He asked me when the last time I had sex. I told him it was at least 3 months ago! I lied to let him think I’m so hot I’d fuck anything with a cock, little did he know…..I would. I went in early, just to let him stew.

Wednesday, With a yellow t back top on, no bra, denim miniskirt, all sheer no seams or panel brown pantyhose, no panties, and wood high heeled strap platforms with a 6 inch heels, and yellow glitter glossy lipstick on I met him on the sidewalk. He commented on how great I looked, and I stood next to him as he sat on the bike, my plan was devious! I was about 4 feet away from him. Close enough to let him see my nipple through the ribbed t back, and for what was about to happen. I was undecided about what ice cream I wanted, so he opened the lid and leaned into to it, I acted like I wanted to see inside too, So I leaned over his shoulder and let my tits rub all over his shoulder, and let my perfume fill his nostrils. I finally pick out something, and then went back to about 4 feet from him. My nipples were as hard as rocks and pushing my top, two nipples looking like the candy dots. I took my time eating the ice cream, I wanted it to melt, I saw a big drip coming off the side. I turned the cone to me and lowered it to my stomach. As I did that I stuck out my leg in front of me a bit. The ice cream dripped on my skirt, I let it drip until he said something. “Damn! This is a $150.00 skirt!” I handed him my cone as he watched. I lifted my skirt to wipe the creamy stuff off. I was standing there, my skirt was up past my hips, no one else could see me except him. My pussy was wrapped in brown pantyhose, so close he could reach out and touch it. I wiped at the cream for a minute or so. I would glance up at him, his eyes were locked on my pussy. It was like just wearing pantyhose outside with out a skirt. I told him I got to get in the house and clean this off. I turned around and went fro the stairs, slowly, keeping my skirt in the air all the way up the stairs and in the house. My panty hosed ass and legs for him to gaze at.

Thursday it was raining, thunderstorm warnings, really stormy. I figured Carlos was not coming because of all the rain and lightning. It was around 2:30 and I was watching for him, and never saw him. I was still dressed as usual in a white t-shirt and shorts. My brother was deep into his video games in his room. I went into my parents room to get my hair brush I left on the bed, when I heard the bells from his cart. I looked out the window and he was already at the corner. I have no time to get dressed slutty. S I just went down in my t-shirt (no bra) and orange work out shorts. As I opened the door to go out, I saw him under an umbrella that was attached to his cart. It was raining so hard the before I got to the bottom of the stairs I was soaked. My hair was plastered to my head. My t-shirt was stuck to me like a second skin, my nipples looked as if they didn’t have anything over them. I got a cone and ran to the porch, and sat down on a chair. “Carlos! Come get out of the rain till it lets up!” I yelled to let him even hear me. He ran up the stairs and stood there wiping the water off his face and hair. I was so warm and humid out, the rain felt good. The water poured off the roof of the porch so hard, that it was like a waterfall, and as noisy. “I didn’t think you’d come today in all this rain.” I told Carlos. He smiled and talked to my tits, “I have to work everyday even in rain” I knew my wet shirt was just what was needed to drive him wild. I arched my bad and threw my shoulders back, the cold shirt made my nipples hard. MY shorts were also soaked. I pulled up both my feet and put them on the chair, the shorts were covering a lot of my crotch, but tight and wet enough to give him a super camel toe. He asked more questions about why I did not have boy friends and if I go on dates at night. I told him again that I wanted men not boys and I was always busy with my family at night the only time I had free was now during the day house sitting here. I took a peek at his crotch, and his cock was rock hard, even in baggy pants it stuck out. He had a large beer gut that hung over his waist. A big mustache , and his face was pock marked. I also noticed that he wore a wedding ring, which was so tight it looked like it was on there when he was thinner. The rain let up but the thunder was still pounding. I got up and walked over to him and let him get a good close look at my tits. “I’ve got to get in and change, I’ll see you tomorrow! It’s my last weekend here house sitting!” I smiled at him and winked. “Ok princess, see you tomorrow!” I went inside and got a towel to dry off, I was still so hot to get off, but letting it build up I knew was going to be better.

Friday morning was lazy, I showered and ate, fought with my brother about table manners. I spent most my time in my room, listing to music and shopping on the internet. I bought tons of sexy clothes off the net. It was delivered during the day so my parents never new about it. My family was not filthy rich, but we had never wanted for anything. My dad and mom spoiled me a lot, I had free access to their credit cards and never have I been questioned about any purchases. My dad was in the navy and has a love for the water. He finally purchased his dream boat 58 foot of floating love to him. We shared a lot of time on it, but I was bored with it and spent this summer home on weekends.

I went thru my closet looking for something to wear to tease Carlos the ice cream vendor. I had bought a lot of clothes from this internet site that sold stripper clothes. If my mom ever caught me with them she’d kill me. I bought this swim suit that was a 2 piece. Liquid gold triangle top, the small one, and bottom. I put on the top, the triangle covered about an inch around my nipples. I looked for something to wear for a bottom. Last years cut-off jean shorts. Skin tight, and were cut so short that the crotch piece under the zipper was about only and inch wide, they went up at least half way up my ass cheeks. Perfect! I went to my lingerie chest and dug thru the drawers for some hose that would set this outfit off. I pulled out a pair of Peavey tights, high gloss suntan. The kind Hooter girls wear. I put them on and slipped the jean shorts over them, real tight in my crotch and the back seam was trying hard to get into the crack of my ass. The gold top was nothing but 2 pieces of material and strings. I chose my high heels wedges again so I could walk faster then in heels. Plus I don’t have any gold heels or boots.

I went to the kitchen downstairs, to get a drink. My brother came running into the room. “What are you dressed like that for?, you going to be a rock star?” he teased. I just let him run his mouth, he says smart shit to me all the time. “I’m going swimming in the pool with Jason and a few guys”, he told me. I didn’t answer him, I just shrugged. I took a glass of lemonade into the living room and sat on the couch, waiting for Carlos.

I sat on the couch thinking about sucking his cock, tasting his flesh , giving him pleasure with my mouth. Having his big hands feel my tits. His mouth sucking my nipples and my pussy. Fingering my ass with his mouth on my clit. Then taking his cock deep inside me and pounding me hard. I was getting soaking thinking about it, the strip of jeans were turning dark from my juice. I was just about to finger myself when I heard the bells from his cart.

I looked out the window and saw he was only a few buildings away. I got up and walked out and onto the porch. “Hi princess!” Carlos said with his amazing big smile. “ I smiled and said, “Hi baby!”. I went down the steps and walked up real close to him. He gazed at my tits, the top left nothing much to the imagination , nor did the shorts. His eyes dropped to my crotch, I felt so sexy I rolled my hips a little. I got my cone and we talked, I would walk around just a little so he could get a good shot of my ass in those shorts. “You look very sexy today!” as he approved of my outfit. “Thanks” I said smiling hard at him and winking. I took my free hand and let it slide down my thigh. “I like your stockings! Very very nice!’ as he looked me up and down. I turned around and asked him, “Are these too short?” His face turned red and he let out a muffled laugh, “No, no they fine!”. The short really were no shorter than a bathing suit, but with the nylons on they screamed slut! “Tomorrow is my last day to house sit, I’ll be leaving tomorrow night, so I won’t see you after tomorrow”, as I looked at his hard on in his pants. “Oh no! that too bad, I have to make tomorrow special!” He said. Not as special as I’m going to make it I thought to myself! “Well I got to get in, I’ll see you tomorrow!” I said as I turned around and started for the stairs. “Ok tomorrow I be here for sure!” almost yelling it. I went up the stairs as slow as I could, with each step I made sure my hips rolled. Half way up I turned my head and smiled at him and winked. Just before the door closed behind me I waved with just my middle fingers. I was going to get his cock and work it good, real good!

Friday night I got a real bad headache, I watched a movie and fell asleep. I awoke around 9:30am and went downstairs and got a glass of juice. I took a long shower and shaved, put on my everyday makeup face and got dressed. I walked over to the diner I went to last Saturday and ordered breakfast. I was in such a state of arousal, after eating, I walked across the street to the sore with the old Korean man. Maybe he could fuck me with out someone interrupting us. Before I got to the door, I looked in and saw him at the counter, and his wife! I turned around and walked back home pissed off, and just as aroused.

No brother around to bother me, so where am I going to fuck Carlos? I already set it up that he thinks I don’t live here so? I looked around in my room, my name in bold letters on the wall, tons of pictures of me all over! Not here! I went all over the house, with family pictures all over, what was a girl to do? The living room looked the best, just a large family picture and 2 on tables. I grabbed the 2 pictures and put them in the family room along with the one on the wall. Problem solved. I removed the vases off the large square coffee table. The couch! I didn’t want love stains on the velvet couch, so I got a throw off the couch in the family room and covered it with it. Now what to wear?

I went thru my closet, nothing struck me, I went thru my dresser, nothing. I went to my lingerie chest, nothing again! I wanted something sexy, but not a lot to take off, but something! I pulled out the fence net hot pink pantyhose that I wore for my neighbor. I pulled them on, walked over to my closet and pulled out my pink knee boots with the clear heels and sole. I pulled them on and laced them up. The netting was tight on my pussy lips from the hose. Then it hit me, I reached for my scissors and carefully cut away strands of the netting. After trimming the hose, my pussy and ass were free from the netting, just my asshole and pussy were exposed. I thought about wearing a cut off t-shirt, just below my nipples, then I saw it! My father was in Japan when I was 12, and bought me a silk pink robe the was short about middle thigh high then. Now it was just below my ass and crotch, I haven’t worn it because it was too small. I put the robe on and walked in front of the mirror. God yes!! This was more than perfect! The robe has and inside tie to keep it from opening all the way open, and a tie on the outside. If I just keep the inside tie on, my tits would barely be covered! But I could not go outside like this! Time to rethink this.

If I open the door from the living room, it takes me to the landing, the double doors to the porch have glass in them. I’ll just let him watch me from there, come in right into the living room, the door opens in and even hit’s the end of the couch! Perfect!

I went back up to my room and went to my makeup table. I put on my foundation, I glued on pink eyelashes, used black eyeliner, and coated my eye lids with a pink eye shadow that has glitter in it. So much I looked like a Vegas showgirl. Glitter high gloss pink lipstick, and a little blush on my cheeks. What a slut.
I walked down to the family room and went to the bar, a drink was in order to settle my nerves. I poured myself a glass of red wine, and looked at the clock, 12:12, a long time to wait. I grabbed my glass and returned to my room, I went into my closet, and moved stuff around to get to my box. My box contained all my dildos, vibrators, and jellies, and condoms. I grabbed a tube of gel, a few rubbers and headed to the downstairs living room. I placed them on the coffee table, and opened the door to the lading to check it out. I peeked around the corner, no one in front of our steps. I walked out slowly, this was nice, the door fame hide me from onlookers to the side, just a straight ahead view. I returned to the couch and finished my drink. I was feeling warm inside from the wine I went to the bar and got the bottle and sat back down on the couch. By 2:00pm I was pretty drunk. My pussy was wet, so I crossed my legs and wiggled them, to keep my clit sending waves over me.

2:10pm I went to my room and fixed my lip stick, having it smeared all over the wine glass. I returned to the living room and turned on the radio, and started dancing, while looking out the window for Carlos.
I was dancing and closing my eyes, the room swirled around. I looked out the window and no Carlos, It was after 2:20 his normal time. So I turned around to get another drink of wine, and saw Carlos out of the corner of my eye already on the walk in front of my house. I must have missed him while dancing.

I opened the door to the landing and walked out in front of the windows on the doors. I looked at him and he just stood there watching me. I danced to the music from the radio, I humped the air, ram my hands over my thighs, up to my breasts and then back down, My wet pussy was cooled off by the air that I was moving. I turned around and bent over and grabbed my ankles. I looked between my legs and could see my reflection in the glass, he was now getting a great look at my pussy surrounded by pink fence net nylon. And I could see him watching me. I stood up and turned around and opened the pink robe, and walked to the glass and pressed my tits up against the cold glass, my nipple reacted to the cool glass from the air conditioning , I opened my mouth and flicked my tongue in the air, grabbed a tit in each hand and offered them to him thru the glass. He was smiling and looking from time to time up and down the street nervously. I was so hot!, I leaned back as far as I could and shoved my pubic bone on the glass. I want his cock more than anything in the world. He still stood there, I thought by now he would have come in. Suddenly he moved towards me, but he stopped at the bottom of the stairs, He wanted a better look. So I continued to grind my hips and crotch on the glass. I stood back from the glass, and pulled the pink robe off my shoulders and let it fall. I motioned for him to come in with my finger, and I moved away from the glass. I watched as I entered the living room to see if he saw me motion to him. I saw the door open and he walked in, he started to say something and I just put my finger to my lips to shhhhhhhh him,he came into the room and I shut the door behind him. “We are all alone no one here, sit down baby” I told him kind of slurring my words. I walked closer to him, “Do you like what you see?” I asked him looking into his eyes. “Yes princess yes very much!” he stuttered out. I moved closer and let both my hands slide around my hips to my crotch. “Give me your hand!” he reached out his hand to me. I leaned over and took his index finger and put it in my mouth and sucked on it. He let out a small growl noise. I sucked on his middle finger, then I stood up and moved to his knees and placed his hand on my pussy. His eyes were locked on my crotch. I took both hands of mine and pressed it to my pussy and pushed my hips harder into his hand. I looked down and fumbled with his fingers and put one in my pussy. After his finger was in I grabbed his wrist and started pumping his hand up and down finger fucking myself with his finger. I was so aroused I threw back my head and moaned, he would wiggle his finger inside of me. I put one foot on the couch so it was easier. I got into a almost cum rhythm, when he moved and slide on the floor, his mouth locked onto my soaked cunt, his hands cupped and squeezed my ass. He lapped at my pussy, flicked my clit, and pushed his tongue into my cunt and circled it inside of me. I grabbed his hair and pulled him tight to my cunt as I moaned loudly. He stopped and stood up, and went straight to my tits, sucking and nibbling, I put down my leg to keep balance. I reached down and un-buckled his money changer, it fell to the floor with a loud chink noise. I then loosened his belt and unzipped his pants. I tried to un do the top of his pants, but they were too tight as his big belly over lapped it. He buried his face between my tits and reached down and opened his pants, they fell to his ankles. His cock was pushing his briefs begging for release, I grabbed it and squeezed it. I slid down braking his lock on my nipples. I sat on the edge of the coffee table, I looked up at him as I ran my tongue along his cock leaving a wet trail on his briefs. I pulled away the waistband and down , his cock sprang out flicking some pre-cum across my tits. I scooped some up with my finger, and let him watch me suck it off and moan.

“Mmmmmmm I love pre-cum” I pulled his briefs down to his ankles, and when I pulled my head back up I flicked the tip of his cock with my tongue. He jumped a little. I grabbed his cock and slid the foreskin back, he let out a moan. “Oh yes baby owwwww!” he said. I took lollipop licks at his cock, teasing him. He watched every move I was making. I slowly let my lips slid over the head and down the shaft till it was at the back of my throat. His cock was not that long, but pretty thick. Once at the base, I started to suck hard all the way back to the head. There, I would circle my tongue around the head while my hand slowly stroked the shaft. My other hand was between my legs giving my pussy a workout. “Oh baby! So good, suck my cock baby suck it good!” and I was. I took my hand from my pussy and off his cock and cupped his balls and started going faster on his cock with my mouth. My head was almost snapping from it. I let his cock slip out of my mouth slowly, “Sit down and take off your pants!” I almost commanded him. He sat down and removed his pants. I moved between his legs licking his thighs all the way slowly to his balls. I licked and sucked lightly on his balls, he was salty from all the sweat, and his ass smelled bad. The smell turned me on, I raised my head and took his cock in my mouth again, I jacked him fast as the head was in my mouth. He finally pushed my head off his cock. “Baby, stop or I cum too fast!”. So I started to unbutton his shirt, He had sweat all over his stomach, and running from the folds of it. I reached behind me, and off the coffee table I got a rubber. I opened it and turned and grabbed his cock and rolled down the rubber on his throbbing cock. I stood up and turned around and leaned over putting my hands on the coffee table.

I turned my head to look at him. He got up and stepped up behind me. “Here! Lube your fingers and put them in my ass while you fuck me!” I said handing him the tube of lube. I heard the top of the lube tube snap, and then the cold lube it my asshole, it sent a shiver thru me. I felt his cold cock head being wiped up and down on my pussy lips, he put lube on it too. I felt the pressure of his cock penetrating my tight hole. Almost at the same time a finger being pushed into my ass. A rush came over me, I let out a sigh. His cock was stretching my pussy open as he pushed deeper in my moist cunt. He was all the way in, and started to withdraw his cock very slowly. His finger in my ass all the way in and being pumped at a slow pace. “Oh baby, it feels do good in my pussy!” I said in a pretty loud voice. He said nothing just small moans came from him. “Put another finger in my ass baby!” begging him. I felt his other finger being forced into my ass. “Yeah, that’s it! Fuck my ass!” I told him. With each thrust of his fingers his palm slapped my ass, sending waves of pleasure over me. “You like that don’t you!” he said as he picked up the pace of his cock. “Yes baby, fuck me, fuck me harder!” I squealed. He was slamming his fingers in my ass and pounding my cunt with his thick cock. I pushed back with each thrust. His balls were now slapping against me, the pace was now fever pitch. I moaned and my first come was approaching fast. “Oh baby, I’m I’m cumming!”I screamed. My eyes rolled back and I clenched my teeth together, and my body tensed up, I started to shudder. My moans were now a loud ahhhhh as I started to cum several times. I shook so hard I almost fell off my high heels boots! “Stop stop!” I asked him. He stopped and I pulled off him. I stood up and told him to lie down on the couch, which he did.

I threw my leg over him, and mounted him, I grabbed his wet cock and moved my hips forward. I pushed the head of his cock in the opening of my ass. I slowly pushed down, letting my ass open to receive his wide cock. He was mashing his teeth together as I slowly let his cock go deeper in my ass. “Oh yeah! “ I said. “Mmmmm so good!” I felt his cock deep inside of me, his hands groped at my tits I leaned forward and his mouth found my nipples. His tongue sent shock waves thru me. I slowly pumped his cock in and out of my ass. His arms pulled me to him and our lips met. I crushed his mouth with mine, and darted my tongue in and out of his mouth. His tongue shot into my mouth and I sucked on it like a cock. I moaned and moaned, and was cumming over and over again. I broke our embrace and sat up. I fingered my clit as fast as I could. I was riding the biggest tidal wave of passion I had ever had! I tensed up so hard when I started cumming, I pulled off his cock and fell to the back of the couch, twitching and shaking and moaning like I had been stabbed. I laid there in silence, but in bliss, trying to catch my breath. We both laid there for a while. I knew he had not cum. I raised my head and asked Carlos,”Where do you want to cum?”

“I want to cum in your pussy baby!” H said grinning. I crawled off him and got another rubber, I slid the one on his cock off and rolled the other down on it, and took a lick on his balls. “Sit up”, was all I could say. I sat down on the couch and slumped down so my ass was at the edge. He got up and went between my legs and squatted down and slipped his cock into my well soaked cunt. My pussy was covered with my cum and offered quick entry. Carlos wasted no time in pumping my cunt deep and hard. I lifted my legs and he grabbed on to my hips. He was pounding me so hard that my tits hurt from being juggled. “I fuck you good!” he snorted as he went faster. I was starting to cum all over again. “Fuck my cunt! Cum deep in my pussy!”, I yelled at him. I lifted my head to watch him fuck me. And in a stern voice I said. “You like this young pussy? You like fucking my cunt?” “Well do you? Answer me!” He kept pumping and let out a shaky , “Yes”. I got even bolder, “Shoot you cum in me! Shoot it now! Cum in my cunt! Fuck me!” He shook and pushed deep into me and held it there. I could feel his cock jumping inside of me. He made a grimace on his face, it contorted in all different manners. He relaxed, and his cock fell out, and he sat back trying to catch his breath. I was cumming the whole time I was yelling at him. I just lay there like a rag doll. Sweat was under my tits and all around my neck and back. I was done.

I laid there until I could move again. Carlos got up after a while, and started getting dressed. As he was going to put on his briefs, I asked him to give me the rubber. He pulled it off, trying not to spill any of his cum. I took it and stood in front of him and drained the rubber on my tits and rubbed it all over them. “I heard it makes them soft” I said. Carlos started talking about what a hot fuck I was and such a great body and when and how can he see me again. I just let him talk. He stood there for 10 minutes talking. Finally I jerked my head toward the family room and said, “Some one’s home!” there was no one there, but he ran out the door and down the steps and on his cart down the street. Finally he left.

I replaced the pictures in the room, removed the throw, and flushed the rubbers down the toilet. My ass ached, as so did my pussy. A hot shower and a nap was in order. Maybe tonight I could find some more cock!

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