"The Night Is Young"


Melanie looked beautiful in her red evening gown. It had thin spaghetti straps, a
low back, and was cut down the front just enough to show off the tops of her
breasts. "You look gorgeous tonight!" Matthew told her. "Would you like to

She said yes and they walked to the dance floor where Matthew put his arm around
her waist and let his hand rest in the small of her back. They moved slowly
together, her chest just barely rubbing against his, and he could feel her
breathing on his neck.

Matthew whispered in her ear how nice it felt to hold her, and Melanie answered
with a kiss on his cheek and pulled him closer. He could feel himself growing
and wondered if she felt it, too. His answer came when Melanie reached between
them and let her fingers slide across his hardening crotch. "Is there a place
we could dance in private?" Matthew wondered.

"Only my room," Melanie said as she took his hand to lead him off the floor.

When they got to her room, Melanie turned on her favorite slow song and took him
by the hand and began a slow sensuous dance. Her mouth quickly found his and
they kissed deeply. His hand reached up along the back of the dress and pulled
the zipper down slowly, running his finger along her skin along the way. Melanie
wore no bra, and Matthew could tell by the satin strap around her waist, she wore
no panties either; just a garter belt and white hose. His hand reached inside
the open dress back and rubbed her skin softly while she unbuttoned his shirt
and played with his nipples.

When the music stopped, before the next song, Melanie let the straps from her
dress fall off her shoulders. The dress fell to the floor and she stepped out
of it in nothing but the garter and hose. Melanie was beautiful. She reached
out and undid the belt on his pants, unzipped him and let his pants fall to the
ground. Without a word she got to her knees before Matthew and put her hands
along the waistband of his underwear, then pulled them down to uncover his
manhood, already hard.

Melanie stood up letting her breasts rub against his erection as she did, then
pulled him close as the music started again. They moved together as though
they were already making love, her soft womanhood teasing his rod; her hard
nipples rubbing against his. Her hands found their way to his rear and she
pulled him close. His hands were circling her breasts; getting closer and
closer to her nipples with each movement.

Matthew could feel the soft silk of her hose on his legs. Her body was warm to
the touch as her lips whispered in his ear "I'd love to have you deep in my
mouth, filling it with your cream."

Matthew leaned down while they danced and started to kiss her breasts, all along
the top his lips left soft open mouth kisses, until he found the hard, little
nipples. He took each one in turn and bit down on them, his tongue circled the
pink area around them and his hands massaged each breast gently.

"Let's continue the dance on the bed," Melanie moaned.

She took him by the hand to the bed where she sat down on the edge. Matthew
stood before her, his aching manhood just inches from her mouth. She reached
around his body and pulled him to her wet lips. Her warm breath was the first
thing he felt, on his balls, and then along the length of his rod. Melanie kissed
the entire shaft from the balls to the very tip. She sucked softly on the
head; her mouth bobbing up and down on his shaft. Matthew was ready to explode,
but she stopped his squirting by putting pressure with her fingers on the space
behind his balls.

"I'd love to feel your mouth between my legs," Melanie said. Matthew didn't need
to be asked twice.

He got to his knees and could see that Melanie was already quite wet. A drop of
her delectable juice waited for him at the bottom of her slit. Matthew let his
hands massage her inner thighs while he put his tongue at the bottom of her sex.
The drop tasted sweet and the smell of her womanhood was perfumed. Matthew
opened her pinkness with his tongue and let it lick her from bottom to top,
stopping only to put pressure on her clitoris.

Melanie reached down with one hand and held his head to her wet slit, the other
massaged her breast and pinched at her nipples. She moaned softly. "Can I have
your cock inside me now?" Melanie begged.

Matthew obliged. He leaned over her waiting body and let his tool lay against
her still-wet lips. Melanie moved her hips just enough for him to enter her,
then he lowered himself down on her waiting body, his rod sinking deeper and
deeper into her slit. His hands kneaded her breasts, pinching her nipples,
while he pumped himself in and out of her hot, quivering sex.

Melanie met each thrust of him with a raising of her hips, her pink lips pulling
on his manhood; not wanting to let it go. Matthew felt his essence building up
in his heavy balls. Melanie reached down between her legs and rolled his balls in
her fingers, ready to milk Matthew of his gift.

He felt himself tighten up as Melanie wrapped her legs around him. His throbbing
member exploded inside her, his hot seed filling her up and dripping out her
slit. Melanie had another orgasm, moaning loudly and bucking up against Matthew.
She held him there until he had spent himself completely.

Matthew and Melanie held each other for awhile, then fell asleep naked and entwined
on the bed.

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2008-11-10 21:58:32
Definitely needs to be higher rated then it is.

Excellent sensual story.

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2008-11-03 22:15:30
beautifully written. You paint a picture that the reader can almost visualize. Wonderfully erotic.

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2008-11-03 10:20:28
vey sexy story

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2008-11-02 05:20:45
this was delicious, write more baby

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