Cheer camp has come an end, but that doesn't mean the bus ride home can't be a little fun...
Chapter 7- Bus Rides

The busses groaned into the driveway, the closest one almost destroying the carefully arranged pile of luggage the boys had put together. There was a mixture of shock and confusion amongst the cheerleaders as they stared at the bright yellow school buses which had, “Greenville High School Marching Band” stenciled on the side in fading black letters. The only sound for a moment was that of the steadily rumbling of the heavy engines, until those too went silent as the drivers switched them off. Doors squeaked open, and the drivers stepped down, beginning to examine the busses after the long drive.

“What’s going on?” Coach Mellon asked, approaching the nearest driver as the woman headed to unlock the back of her bus. “Where are the normal busses?”

“The drivers went on strike four days ago,” she answered with a pop and snap of her chewing gum, startling Mellon. “The school sent us to collect you instead.” Another pop of the gum. “If you folk wouldn’t mind getting started, quicker everything and everyone is on, quicker we can get back to Greenville.”

“Um,” Mellon said, then after a moment, “I don’t think the girls are going to like this.”

“Don’t know, don’t care,” the driver answered with another snap. “I’m just here to get the job done.”

* * *
The girls were, in fact, rather hesitant as they stepped on to the bus. Several of them were regular customers of the school’s daily transport program and were more than familiar with the more unusual…decorations such busses tended to collect. The torn seats with springs sticking through. The decade old gum that seemed to have bred a small, multicolored army that wouldn’t be satisfied until it had conquered every surface. Those brown streaks across the ceiling that everyone pretended were chocolate, but deep down knew the truth about. Yet as they cautiously stepped between the seats they were surprised to discover the busses were clean, if a little faded. There wasn’t dirt and mud caked into the grooves of the floor, and whole some of the seats had been patched up it was obvious that it had been done to make the patches blend in as much as possible.
“I’m surprised,” Jen admitted as she dropped into her seat. “One of the reasons I was so quick to get my license was because the school busses were so bad.”

George shrugged as he stacked the last of the small bags into the top of the cargo cage. “I did a year with the band in my freshman year, or at least started to. It was cutting into too much of my computer time. But I did go on a couple of competition trips. Everyone was obsessed with keeping the busses as clean as possible. They’ve got to be a good twenty years old, but they were bought with money raised by the Band Association, and so the BA acts like a group of dictators when it comes to them. The repairs all come out of the band’s operating budget, so the parents are fanatical about keeping them as intact as possible. You put gum on the seat, you scrape it off.”

“Well, I’m sure most of the girls have chewed through their supplies of gum by now, so there’s probably no real reason to worry about that,” Jen said. “Besides, I’m sure a little gum won’t hurt a twenty year old bus.”

George frowned as he motioned for her to scoot over and sat down next to her. “I wouldn’t say that if Mitch were here to hear you. The band kids have picked up their parents fanaticism, and are kind of protective of the busses.”

Jen scowled, but only for a moment before sticking out her tongue at him as she tucked her knees up under her on the seat. “Yeah, I understand. I’ll speak to the girls when we get off at the first rest stop. What are you doing here though?”

“Kevin was getting along well with Sarah and Tina, so when he asked if they could ride back with us, I said sure. Then Amy wanted to go with Mitch, so rather than over crowd the car, I figured I’d hop on the bus with you. I’m sure that while no one would have minded a little lap sitting, but I really don’t want to be trapped in a car with two guys, three girls, and all of their combined hormones. I have more than enough of my own to deal with, thank you very much.”

“Aww, poor baby,” Jen teased, patting him on the knee. “Well, maybe we can do something about your hormones later.”

“Yup,” he said as he curled an arm around her. “But we’ll just have to wait till we get back to Greenville.”

“Maybe,” she teased, but no matter what he did to get more out of her, she refused to answer.

* * *
Jen got her chance to make her announcement at about nine that evening. The busses had been held to late in the afternoon, and it took more than a few hours to burn enough gas to require a pit stop. As the girls piled off the bus, she gathered them in front of the truck stop’s bathroom, not allowing a single one to pass her by until she had said her piece. After that, the line was allowed to proceed as normal.

“Think it will work?” George asked as he watched several of the girls come running out of the bathroom, heading right to the small store that always seemed to be attached to such places. Whether they were desperate for a snack or desperate to be a way from the bathroom, he didn’t know.

“Probably,” Jen answered. “There will be one or two who won’t listen, but there’s a good chance that those who do will stop them from doing anything overly stupid.”

“Well, I hope so,” George said as they made their way back on to the bus. This time he sat against the window, letting his legs slide under the seat in front of him.

“Sure that you don’t want the aisle?” she asked as she slid onto the seat next to him.

“Nah, that’s ok,” he answered as he took off his jacket and balled it up under his head. “Worse case scenario, I’ll probably just end up taking a nap or something. Apologies in advance if I kick if I curl up though.”

“No problem with me. If you do I’ll just punch you.” She leaned back against the seat, and let her chin drop to her chest as she caught a few winks.

* * *

As the trip got longer, the hours got later, and Jen curled up against George, leeching off some of his body heat. By then the only ones left awaked besides them was the driver, and a small group of girls busy chattering away in the first few seats. Jen had let her hand casually drop to his knee as she looked around her, seeing who else might be awake. Since they were in the last seat before the cargo cage she didn’t have to worry about anyone behind them. The girls across the aisle were snoring peacefully. The seat in front of them was occupied by a pair of quietly sleeping freshmen. The next closest seat was too hard to tell, but Jen figured that if she couldn’t see them, then they couldn’t see anything that /she/ might be trying.

She stretched upwards, pressing her breasts against George’s arm, and took a little nibble at his ear. “Still feeling a little hormonal?” she whispered, running her nails along the inside of his thigh.

“What did you have in mind?” he asked just as quietly. He had been letting his mind wander as he watched the darkness flash by the window, but her touch brought him abruptly back to the present. His hand began to copy her movements, slowly rubbing the inside of her knee.

“How about anything we can get away with?” she replied, grabbing him by the wrist and guiding his hand deeper between her legs, so that the tip of his fingers were brushing the already damp fabric of her thong. “Wouldn’t you know it? I’m a little hormonal too.”

“Well, we’ll just have to do something about that, won’t we?” George rubbed her sex through the thin material, trying to determine just how ready she really was. The thong was wet to the touch, but the real proof came as he traced its edge, feeling where it had failed to hold back her arousal.

“Mhmm,” she mumbled with a nod. She tilted her head up to kiss him as her fingers fumbled with his belt. Their tongues wrapped around one another, teasing back and forth as she worked at getting his buckled undone. It finally came free, loosening his pants somewhat, but more importantly it left the button of his fly exposed. She leaned back towards the aisle, drawing his body up and over hers, but not going quite so far as to expose them to anyone who might look back. It also made it so that his fly was within reach of her other hand, and as one quickly popped the button the other undid his zipper, the hiss muffled by the constant noises of the bus.

There had been another result of her change of position, as she had pushed her hips closer to him to remain balanced, and George’s fingers pressed along the length of her labia as he rubbed with more pressure than he had before. His impatience was rising as fast as his cock, and it wasn’t long before his fingers slide past her thong and began to stroke her flesh. She was hot, wet, and ready, and pressed against him as his hands went to work. His thumb pushed up from underneath her clit as a finger slid inside her, gently questing for the sensitive spot along her upper wall. She bit his neck as a shiver of pleasure danced up her spine, unconsciously grinding between him and the hard pleather seat. The bus hit a sudden bump in the road, and their proximity to the axle made him push harder into her than he had intended. Jen let out a short gasp, her hand quickly covering her mouth before it turned into a long moan.

George pulled back slightly, a combination of being startled by her sudden reaction and being thrown off balance by the bump. Jen decided to use that moment and seized her chance. Years of physical training proved their worth as she bent at the waist and used her body to press his back into the corner between the seat and side of the bus. “Oh no,” she said, gently fondling him through his boxers. “You’re the one with the overdose of hormones, remember?” She undid the lone button holding his boxers closed and drew his cock out into the open. She slowly stroked the shaft, circling him with thumb and forefinger just below the ridge of the head, tugging the foreskin back and forth across it. She gave him one last lingering kiss before pushing her hair out of the way and lower her mouth to his cock.

She started out by taking him as deep into her mouth as she could, pursing her lips and she pulled up slowly. Despite her efforts to keep it out of the way her hair fell in front of her face, hiding her from view as a few stray strands tickled his skin. Down she went again, adding a slight twist with her hand, using just the tip of her tongue to tease him before dragging it along as his length as she rose. Each time a little faster than the last until she had built up a nice steady rhythm, making sure to swallow only when she had as much in her mouth as she could take. She could feel how close he was getting based on the feel of his hands on her head. When he was just stroking her hair he was enjoying it, but it was when his grip got firmer, as if he just wanted to push her down on him, that was when she knew he was getting close. He began to fidget in the seat, as if he wanted to thrust but wasn’t sure how, and she knew she had him. For a final touch she paused as she came up on the final stroke, stopping when her lips were just under the head of his cock. She began to slowly wind her tongue around his exposed head, working into tighter and tighter circles until just the point of her tongue was teasing against the top of his cock. One last flick and she sat up, enjoying the slightly salty after taste he left behind.

“Hey, we’re not done,” George half growled, half whined.

“No, we’re not. But who says that you should have all the fun?” She stuck out her tongue at him, and he responded by grabbing her by the back of the neck and pulling her into a kiss. She broke it just long enough to say, “Move over,” then went back to toying with his lower lip as he moved onto the center of the seat.

George didn’t need much urging as she straddled him, planting her knees to either side of his so that the soles of her feet were pressed against the seat in front of them. His hands cupped her ass, giving her cheeks a good hard squeeze as she ground her crotch against him, rolling her hips slowly back and forth. She took his ear with her teeth before slowly nibbling her way down his neck, only to be forced to tilt her head back as he slowly licked his way up her throat. She wriggled her ass as his fingers tugged at her thong, rolling it up in itself. He had to stop itself when it was about half way down her thighs, as the elastic had reached as far as it would stretch. It still gave him plenty of room to work, however, and his hand darted between her legs, two of his fingers easily sliding into her wet pussy.

Her only response was to push her hips back against his fingers as they drew quick little circles inside of her. She bit her lip to keep from crying out, then gave it up as a bad job and sank her teeth into his shoulder. One hand braced her against the seat as the other grasped his cock and began to pump furiously. After a few moments she decided that she’d rather have it in /her/ rather than her hand, and guided him to her entrance.

Or tried to, at any rate. Unfortunately there just wasn’t enough room between the two seats for her to stretch her legs enough for her to lower herself on top of him. The best they could manage was her hovering over him, but then only the barest tip of his cock could get in her. The few times they did manage to make any significant headway it was either too uncomfortable, they had no room to move, or a combination of the two.

“Fuck,” Jen muttered as she sagged against him in frustration.

“That was the general idea,” George answered, his finger slowly rubbing her clit to keep her aroused. She was fondling his balls, running the nail of her middle finger up along the center of his sac.

“Ah well,” she said, moving to stroke his cock instead, “if I can’t have you in me, might as well settle for the next best thing.” She readjusted him so that he was lying lengthwise between the lips of her pussy. She cupped his cock from below as she rubbed up and down on his hard length. Her clit pressed flush against him, but by then he had enough of her juices coating him to make the friction pleasant. Her other arm snaked around his neck, holding him tight as they shared a kiss.

Somewhere some enterprising young congressman had tried to earn some bonus points with the voters, and had arranged to have driver awareness grooves carved into the asphalt. The drivers, despite taking the mandatory breaks, were finally beginning to feel the fatigue brought on by long hours behind the wheel and almost as a single unit the busses began to drift towards the side of the road until the steady stream of bumps brought them back to full wakefulness.

In the back of the third bus, in the seat just behind the wheel, the two lovers shook as the tremors from the grooves traveled up through the bus and into them. Jen gasped as she felt him rock under her much faster than they could manage naturally. His arms circled her waist, holding her tightly as the bus thumped its way down the road. Around them a few of the girls stirred, the sudden interruption enough to interfere with their sleep. Between her legs, the simple act of holding him against her had turned into an erotic roller coaster, as if she had a high powered vibrator instead of a living cock nestled against her pussy. Whether it was through the wet pressure of her hold on him, or the constant collision between his cock and her clot, it was hard to say what exactly set them off. She collapsed against him as her orgasm went crashing through her, shutting down everything in a wave of bliss. Freed from her grip, his cock fell back twitching, spraying the inside of her legs and his stomach with hot come.

They sat like that for several moments, panting against one another as they let their bodies recover. They froze as one of the girls across the aisle snorted in her sleep, the exact nature of their whereabouts suddenly making themselves aware. They went still for a moment, sharing a fear of impending capture. Realizing that there was no one lurking on the other side of the seat, they dressed as quietly as their haste allowed. They ignored the traces of sticky fluid drying on their bodies, having nothing to really clean up with. Once they were finished Jen curled up on the seat, resting her head in his lap as he leaned against the cold metal of the bus. They assumed the position as if they had been sleeping like everyone else, and this pretense soon became reality, their own quiet mutterings joining the ambient noise of the bus.

* * *

Up in the front of the bus, the driver smiled to herself as she watched the shadows in back slide down behind the seats. It was good to know that someone was enjoying the trip.


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