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M/f young, oral, cum swollowing, deep throat
Thanks for the votes and comments guys, for those that think the voting was rigged as a mod to check IP’s, it wasn’t me!
Here is part two, hope you like it.

Lisa used to take a short cut home from school down by the old railway lines that led right past my door, she had called in a few times in the past, usually when her mum needed a spliff.
But since that night at her house she at taken to calling in most nights, I wondered if she was hoping to continue the fun.
She never said anything and behaved much the same as she had always done.
She would let her self in the back door and shout “Hi Pete, its only me” then she would get herself a coke out of the fridge and come in the lounge and chat, just seeing her in her cute school uniform made my cock twitch.
This had been going on for a couple of weeks, finally I could take it no more, it was obvious she was not going to make the first move, so, I decided on a plan.

I had told her that a friend of mine was bringing round some DVD’s the following day, she said if I tell mum I’m going to Sarah’s (a friend of hers) can we watch some Friday night, I said sure, Ill get some popcorn and sweets.

Sure enough my friend arrived with the DVD’s about noon, I went to the shop and got some popcorn and sweets, everything was set.
Lisa normally arrived at my place about 4pm, I took a shower, put my robe on and put the DVD’s on the table in the kitchen and went into the lounge and got a porno out and put it on, and my cock was rock hard in anticipation of what was to come.

I lay on the couch and slowly wanked my cock, taking care not to get too excited; I didn’t want to come before she arrived.

At 3.50 the back door opened and she shouted “Hi Pete, its only me” I left my robe open with my cock sticking straight up and pretended to be asleep.
She came in to the lounge and saw me on the couch, she just stood there with her mouth open, and you could almost see her mind ticking over, wondering what to do!
She looked at my cock, then at the porno, then back to my cock, she came round the couch and kneeled on the floor by my side, she reached out and took hold of my cock, her hand was cool, as she touched me my cock twitched and she smiled, she started sliding her hand up and down my cock, slowly pumping it with her cool hand, I moaned quietly and she seemed encouraged by this, she leaned forward and licked the tip of my cock, my cock twitched again and she slowly took it into her mouth, I let out a long moan.
As she sucked on my rock hard cock I started to pump my hips slightly to meet her silky soft mouth, remembering what had happened at her house, she started to take my cock deeper and deeper, she gagged a couple of times, but she continued trying to take it further down her throat, then she took a deep breath and rammed it right down her throat, sinking her head to my groin, I exploded into her throat, I took hold of her head and pumped gush after gush of hot spunk down her throat, she coughed and moved back slightly as another gush shot all over her cute face, there she was covered in my spunk, it was all over her face, she had tried to swallow it all but there where streams of cum running down her chin.
She looked up at me with a big smile on her face, that was fantastic angel, I said. I must have fallen asleep, but what a great way to be woke up, thank you, I said.
She said I really love the taste of your cum Pete, I have wanted to do that ever since that night at my house.
I said you can do it anytime you like, that was fantastic, can I, she said, yes I said, anytime you like and she smiled.
The porno was still playing in the background, Lisa said I didn’t know you had any of these, mum as some but I have seen them all, can I watch it; I said of course you can.

I went into the kitchen for a beer and asked Lisa if she wanted one, yes please, she said, but don’t tell mum.
I gave her the beer and went to the bathroom to get cleaned up; Lisa got comfortable and watched the porno, gulping the bear like it was coke.
When I returned, as I walked into the lounge she quickly moved her hand away from between her legs, Mmmm I thought, I sat on the couch by her side and said is it good, yes she said, its better than mums.
As we watched I started to play with my cock, Lisa watched, transfixed, first at my cock, then the porno, I said, I love to watch a porno and play with myself, do you? She blushed bright red, I said its OK, it is nothing to be ashamed of, everyone does it.
She said do they, I said of course, she had finished the beer and was obviously a little tipsy, she then admitted that she had been playing with herself since she was 7, I asked her if she had ever climaxed and she said yes, she said she plaid with herself most days, sometimes twice.
I asked if she had ever had a boy do it for her and she blushed again and said “no way”
Why not? I said, it feels better when someone else does it.
I said, its up to you, if you want to feel what its like I will do it for you, it seems only fair as you have give me so much pleasure, but no pressure, its up to you.
She said, “Honest” I said yes, she said but if I ask you to stop you will stop? Of course I will I said, she seemed really excited, so how do we do it, she said, I said stand up and lets do it properly, she jumped to her feet and stood there before me, this beautiful cute school girl in her uniform, she had removed her jacket as she always did when she had arrived, the look of excitement on her face, her long blond hair in pigtails, she was wearing her blue jumper with white shirt, then a medium length pleated skirt and white socks, Take your jumper off I said, she did as I asked, I leaned forward and gently started to undo the buttons on her white shirt, she watched every move I made with an excited smile on her face.

As I undid the last button I opened her shirt and pushed it of her shoulders and it fell to the ground, she looked so beautiful, I said you are so beautiful, she said “do you think so” Ho yes, I said.
I could see the little mounds under her bra and longed to suck them, I slipped the shoulder straps down her arms, and unfastened the back and let it fall to the floor, her tiny nipples stood to attention, I run my hands up her tummy and gently massage her tiny mounds, flicking my thumb across her nipples, she twitched as I did, are you ok, I said, yes she said, it makes me tingle. I leaned forward and gently licked her nipples as I massaged her tiny bumps, she let out a faint sigh.
I sucked and licked her nipples, sucking her small breasts into my mouth, she said, that feels really good, as my mouth worked on first one, then the other, I slid my hands down and unfastened her skirt, it fell to the floor, a stopped sucking and leant back to take in the beauty, there she stood in just a tiny pair of pink panties with a teddy bear on the front, I could see a little damp patch between her legs, god she was so hot.
I said you look so sexy, she smiled, as I resumed licking her cute little nipples, I slid my hand down the front of her panties, as I reached the top of her hairless slit, I slid my finger down until I felt her hot wet honey pot, she moaned deeply, I slid my finger just inside to get it wet, then slid back up her slit to her clit, as I gently flickered my finger over her clit she pushed towards me, letting out little moans as she pushed to meet my finger, she was so wet, I wanted to eat her little hot pussy so much, I pulled back and she opened her eyes to see why I had stopped, shall we go to my bedroom its much more comfortable I said, ok she said.

I picked her up and carried her into my bedroom, my cock bouncing up and down as I walked, I laid her gently on the bed and went down to her feet, I kissed and sucked her toes, then worked my way up her legs towards her honey pot, as I reached her panties I run my tongue down the side of her slit, she pushed towards me and moaned, I teased her through the material of her panties, then she could take it no more and removed them, I laid back between her legs and there before me was the most beautiful little pussy I had ever seen, completely hairless, glistening in the light, I run the tip of my tongue up her slit and she shuddered, I slowly flickered my tongue over her clit, her breathing had now deepened, her hips where moving in time with my tongue, trying to make me go faster, I opened her little slit and there was her little hole, I slid my tongue in and slowly started to fuck her with my tongue, her legs started shaking uncontrollably, I pushed my tongue as far as it would go, she put her hands on the back of my head and pulled me harder into her pussy, I slid up her slit and pushed my tongue hard against her clit, then started moving it so slowly, her hips bucked as her legs spasmed and she let out a loud gasp as she reached orgasm, her tiny body shaking uncontrollably.
As her orgasm subsided I looked up at her and she had the biggest smile on her face I had ever seen, did you like that I said, it was the bestest ever she said.

I moved up beside her and stroked her air from her forehead and kissed her gently on the lips, she kissed me back, I gently pushed my tongue in her mouth and as soon as she realised what I was doing she opened her mouth and let me in, exploring her little mouth with my tongue, she then started to do the same with hers, my cock was ready to burst.

We kissed passionately as I pushed my cock against her, she took hold of it and squeezed it hard, working her hand up and down, I broke from our kiss and kneeled up, she opened her legs wide and I wanked my cock right over her little bald pussy, she leaned up to watch just as I shot my first load all over her slit, I wanked it hard and the second load shot all over her tummy, the look on her face as she watched me cover her in cum.

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2013-10-26 01:54:50
Z9kPm2 Looking forward to reading more. Great article.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

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2011-08-09 11:27:31
oh please, do a part three with some real fucking!


2009-02-22 15:10:23
Nice stuff with the little one but get your cock into the tight little bald pussy. Pump her pussy full of cum and have her bring you some young friends to fill up with cum as well

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2008-11-04 23:06:13
You ran too many sentences together with the use of commas when parts should have been ended with periods. You shouldn't use but a couple or three commas in a sentence. If any phrase can stand by itself it should be made its own sentence.

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2008-11-04 17:55:08
this is veeeeerrrryyyyy ggggoooooooood keep them cumming.

here is some advise proof read it before you post the next story you had somme miss spelled words

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