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how our relationship started and grew
My husband and I have a very active sex life, but it wasn't always that way. We needed to learn each other's desires and needs. I was sexual abused during my childhood and that left a deep scar on me. My mother told me that sex wasn't something a female enjoys. You just need to put up with it, and it was not lady-like to be breathing hard.

It took a lot of patience and understranding on mu husband's part. I needed to learn how to let myself become a sexual female and that it was ok to enjoy sex , We experimented with different touches and massages and learning what buttons to push. At first, he would get so excited and cum before I was even breathing hard. He needed to learn to condtrol his arousal and stay hard. We would let him satisfy himself and then arouse me. After several attempts, I started getting excited just by seeing him cum. He would pant like a dog in heat, his chest would heave and he would be flushed. When he recovered from his orgasm, he concentrated on me. He would suck my huge breasts and my nipples were erect and swollen.He would listen to my breathing and know when to go faster or slow down and give my breasts more attention.

One day , he wanted to surprise me. He proceeded to seduce me and tie my wrists to the bed. He blindfolded me and told me I could be freed anytime, but I was kinda getting into it. We kissed long and hard and our breathing was becoming more intense. He kissed and sucked my breasts and nipples until I was writhing. He then proceede to enter my swollen drippy pussy. I was begging for it and he was torturing me with his slowness. I was frantically ready for him to start riding me. He stopped all activity and laid flat on toop of my stomach. I could feel his heart pounding and his harsh labored breathing mix with mine, We laid still for several minutes as we regained our breath. His hands started to caress my body. He started to thrust slowly and pick up speed. Soon we were both thrusting and bucking wildly. He placed his hands under my hips to help me move them faster. My breathing was totally out of contrl as my intense orgasm racked my body. When I regained awareness of my surroundings, He had untied me from the bed and taken off the blindfold. He was panting hard and beads of sweat were forming on his forehead. I slowly traced circles with my tongue from his supersensitive lobes, all the way down his neck to his chest. I then hopped on top; was doing the bump and grind, got him hot and sweaty, and held back. It was his turn to be teased into a sexual frenzy. We continued this sex play untill we were both moaning for release and teetering on the brink, He then let out a loud scream and shot his wad into my drippy pussy. He began squeezing my breasts as he came down from his extreme high. My panting and moaning were still avid, but slowing down. He cuddled me untill I settled down and stopped breathing so heavy. Our exhausted body's still tingling from the fierce orgasmic explosion we had endured together, As we drifted off to sleep, it was quite apparent that it was mere rest until we regained our energy for more playtime later on.

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2010-05-23 20:27:46
Was very interesting, would like to find a sex partner like that.


2004-07-23 11:40:06
My husband and I used to play mental bondage in that one of us could not move at all while the other one could anything stimulating to the non mover. The winner was the one who did not move or had orgasm first.


2004-02-16 03:41:48
Keep on writing, no matter what. You have an excellant style of writing that should be expanded to other genre short story and novel writing.

Good luck.


2004-02-13 09:24:43
very hot but wish it was longer. I think I might have my BF tie me up and do as he pleases with me. I bet I cum a lot

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