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A young girl asks an apartment manager for help after losing her key, and both get more than they bargained for.
The apartment building in which I lived was comprised of lots of Escheresque stairways and corridors, all seemingly interconnected and absolutely none leading to where you actually expected to end up. I had lived there since it was opened and loved the place as any architect would love their own creation. It had myriads of internal public open spaces and over fifty apartments all serviced through an entourage of paid retainers, which kept the clientelle to a chosen minimum level of wealth and means, thereby mitigating the criminal commoners that would deface my own little Xanadu. For it was in the serviceways and backroom passageways that I plied my voyeuristic trade, spying on my well to do residents and their lives.

Most of my residents were selected to be single parents, wealthy and widowed if possible, devoted to the children and satisfying their own sexual tensions alone in the privacy of their homes. I had only ten couples, selected on the basis of their mostly absentee male partners and the good looks of their wives and children, again mostly female and early pubescent.

So it was that early one Friday evening, a young lady called Abi called in on me with a plea for help. She had returned home from a friends early and had lost her key, her mother being out at work until eight that evening. As I opened my door, there was Abi, in the hallway her knees together, doing a little jig from the hips. She was a desperate young thing; desperate for the toilet, so I decided to make the most of the situation.

“Hi Abi. What's happening?” I asked standing in my doorway.

“Mr Jons, I am sorry to botther you”, shimmy, “but I have come home from Shel’s early”, another shimmy, “and I lost my key. Mom’s not home til eight” double shimmy, “and I need to get in.” Double desperate shimmy.

“You know the rules about my letting you in Abi, I will need to call your mom, and I know she will be on the plane right now, so can’t talk. So...”

“Please Mr Jons, you know me.” Hand drifting down to crotch of short skirt. “Can’t you just please issue one of the spare keys, please” Fingers pressing into crotch in time with the shimmying...

“Are you OK Abi? You look a bit flushed there.”

“ Noooo. I am really desperate Mr Jons” fingers and hand disappear beneath hem of skirt “ I need to get in the apartment nowwww. Pleeeease.”

“Ah, you need the toilet.”

“Yesss. Oh my god nooooo.” A small stagger and squeezing of the knees together. “Noooo.” Light sobbing.
“You don’t need the toilet then? You could use mine.”

“Ahhh, erm,” a look of panic now. “Yes please, but i think...”

Stepping across my threshold, I guided Abi to the left and pointed her down the corridor to the bathroom. As she began to walk down the black marble floor, I looked down to see the reflection of her pretty little white cotton panties with her finger firmly pressing her gusset deep between her labia, but all to no avail.
The first few slow steps towards sanctuary were enough to start an unstoppable flow of urine, a flow which her wet pants could not stop and neither could her hand. Her legs caught some of it as it streamed down them and onto her sandles, the remainder just hitting the black marble where she had stopped in shock. She looked red faced over her shoulder and burst into tears.

“It OK Abi, the floor will clean, best you just finish there as best you can, else you will trail it through the dressing room love.”

She nodded tacitly, leaned forward and reached even further under her pants, and pulled the crotch to one side, then parted her legs and knees and took up a stooped position, before relaxing and letting her pee flow free. I watched with fascinated interest the reflection of her smooth twelve year old pussy in the floor until the splashes of her release made the reflection impossible to see, at which point I looked up, and straight into her face. She had been watching me watch her pee. Most of all to my surprise, that revelation didn’t seem to freak her out at all, and I caught her somewhat less tearful and smiling when our eyes finally met.

“I am sorry Mr Jons. It seems like I messed up again, big time now.”

“Don’t worry Abi. You are not the first to Pee outside of a bathroom and I am sure you won’t be the last. But I think you need to clean up a bit and get out of those wet clothes. Maybe you could rinse them out before your mom gets home. There’s a...”

And she did. Before I could aim here at the bathroom towel cabinet, somewhere to modestly undress and sort herself out, she began to remove her clothes. She sat on the floor by the puddle she had made, and facing me, parted her legs wide, drawing her feet close to her crotch to remove her sandles. That done, she laid back, and lifted her butt, hooking her fingers into her panties and skirt and removing them , slowly down her thighs, then with her butt replanted on the floor, she raised her legs vertical and bending the knees, removed them altogether. In doing so, she had delivered to me a sight of her pubescent pussy; fuzzy, slightly open, wet with her pee.

“Oh my, sorry Mr Jons” she said as she parted her naked legs and another stream of clear pee issued from between her lips, across the enlarging puddle. “It seems I hadn’t quite finished.”

“No sweat dear. I am sure there is no rush” I replied smiling at this overt continuation of her initially uncomfotable situation. Abi then reached down and using her thumb and middle finger, gently parted her lips as the stream of urine began to sputter to an end again. Her little clitoris was soaked and her urethra was pulsing her last few forced drops of pee. Beneath both, her pussy was clearly visible, wet and glistening, glistening and pink in its innocence.

As I stood there watching this young lady she bowed her head and looked at her pussy, her legs open wide, her lips held similarly so. With such slow deliberation she lowered her hooked forefinger towards her clitoris and made contact. It was a soft contact that elicited a light almost silent little moan from Abi’s quivering mouth. Her finger depressed the small clitoris gently, and then began a slow whirligig dance across her nubbin in small circles. Her eyes closed, her head slowly raised and continued its motion until her face was blindly facing up to the ceiling.

She was unashamedly masturbating in front of me as I stood there in my home. This twelve year old girl was naked from the waist down, teasing her clitoris in front of her adult male neighbour, whimpering with pleasure before a pool of pee she had also unashamedly released onto my floor. I squatted down to improve my view, as quietly as possible so as not to disturb her pleasure, my gown opening in the process to reveal my very strained boxer short, struggling to retain control of the erection within.

I reached down into my own pants and released my aching cock from its confines, feeling a copious amount of pre-cum run onto my fingers as I did so. Instinctively moving my fingers to my lips, I tasted my own fluids to ensure they were still pineapple sweet, an old dietry additive I had learnt many years before. The pineapple diet was indeed still working. Looking back to Abi revealed her likewise looking at me with no small amount of confusion showing on her face alongside the obvious pleasure she was giving herself.

“Why did you do that?” she innocently enquired noticing my sampling. I explained the pineapple effect as I slowly stroked my erection whilst continuing to watch Abi sitting there with her finger on her clitoris, now moving back and forth, collecting her own sweet juices from her pussy and smearing them upwards to her now engorged pre-teen clitoris.

As I watched, she dipped her finger a little deeper into her pussy, to her second knuckle, seemed to delve a little, then withdrew her finger, raising it towards her face. Holding her glistening finger before her eyes, she brought it together with her thumb, then parted them, producing saliva-like strands of her sweet lubrication before moving her finger to her lips. Opening her mouth, she placed her forefinger onto her tongue, closed her lips about it and proceeded to suck it clean; all the while, her eyes were locked on my own.

“Mmmm...” she said upon removing her finger, “not pineapple but just as tender and sweet I am sure Mr Jons.” I nodded approvingly at her as she invited me to taste, advancing on all four across her accident towards her waiting pussy.

As I lowered my face towards her parted thighs, still watching her own face, she herself nodded, then lay back and pulled her knees wide and open against her chest, inviting my attention. I was not about to disappoint Abi and lowered my mouth to her open lips, extending my tongue to gently brush the tip of her nubbin. Her moaning grew in intensity and volume, though still remained somewhat carefully quiet at the same time, as I proceeded to use my tongue to clean up the pee from her wet pussy and thighs.
Extending my initial contact with her pussy and thighs, my tongue eventually came into contact with her pink little anus. A sudden gasp from Abi and a twitching of her thighs told me this was not expected, but at the same time she made no effort to withdraw my access to her nether regions. I continued my tonguing of her clit, pussy and her bottom and watched amazed as both her pussy opened and her bottom opened in response to my attention. Her moaning became more frantic as I drove my tongue deeper into both her pussy and bottom alternatively, savouring the young sweet taste of both obviously well cleaned orifices that one finds in the class of people living in the apartments.

“Oh ahh yess, please don’t stop Mr Jons. Oh yessss. Oh my godddd. This is so, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ahh Errrrr...” I received at that point a sweet offering of Abi’s own orgasmic juices as she quivered under the relentless onslaught of my tongue. Her hands grasped into what little hair I had left on my head as she fought to pull my face closer to her pussy, then almost immediately tried to pull it away, then repeating the cycle again and again as the waves of pleasure ripped through her little body, and yet more of her nectar issued forth to be readily swallowed.

As she came back to the marble floor of reality, I took up a kneeling position, and looked down at her semi-naked form in front of my very swollen cock. I could not go so far as to take her virginity, but I needed some release, and began to administer to my own needs, making my own little moans heard as I stroked my cock faster.

“I’d like to do that for you please.” Said Abi, making me open my eyes again and look at her. “ I want to taste your pineapple....” I nodded as Abi proceeded to shuffle into a more comfortable position that would allow her to pleasure me.

She was so gentle and unsure at first, taking my cock between her fingers and looking closely at the open eye, issuing forth copious amounts of pre-cum as the situation aroused me further. I watched as she gently extended her tongue to gently touch the beads of wetness, them taking it into her mouth, she smiled and nodded open eyed. Yes, surprisingly it was a pineapple taste.

Encouraged by this discovery Abi then proceeded to clean all the pre-cum from my glans and shaft, licking both for all her life was worth, before actually taking the head of my cock between her lips and sucking it like a small lollipop. This only encouraged the development of even more pre-cum, we were literally overwhelmed by the stuff as Abi sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed.

He little hand barely surrounded my shaft, but that didn’t put her off trying to take even more of my cock into her mouth, before finding her own limit. I wasn’t going to last long under this sort of pressure, and warned Abi that I was going to cum like she had done, and that I too would make a lot of juices and that I didn’t expect her to swallow mine as I had hers. She looked up at me wide-eyed, and nodded whilst still sucking, and that was enough to bring on my own orgasm.

I grunted in that Neanderthal way men do as I felt the first spasm of my orgasm take hold of my cock and fire a broadside of semen into Abi’s mouth. Looking at her with some concern, I observed her valiantly trying to swallow the lot and failing just as valiantly as my teaspoon became a tablespoon and my cock continued to spew forth my seed into her now struggling mouth. As I finished with a final gasp of effort, Abi released my cock from her lips, swallowed then proceeded to lick her lips and my spillage into her mouth. This she also swallowed happily, and then replaced my cock between her lips to clean up the last seepage of my orgasm.

“Thank you Mr Jons. That was really nice. Maybe we can do that again soon.”

I smiled at her, knowing that indeed we would do that again soon and more, but first we had some cleaning up to do before her mother arrived home...

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