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could be true
Three nuns cycling through Brugges, mother superior and two young novices
It is a fine day to be out and enjoying the scenery,
they came upon a calming hump in the middle of the road and over it they go. the two young novices giggle and the mother superior gives them a stern glance.
Another Kilometer passes and another hump, over they go and again the two young novice nuns begin to giggle, now the mother superior gives them a real stern glance. then off they go again, shortly after another hump approaches, over they go again, both the young novices really start to giggle quite loudly, The Mother superior stops, and with a stern voice says to her young novices " If you two giggle once more I will put the saddles back on your bikes"

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2012-04-09 22:50:41
What??? Makes no sense!

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2012-02-08 07:26:05
July 24, 2010Dear Natalie,Well said, ssteir in the Dharma! As someone who has long advocated the recognition of the universal characteristics of the sacralization of warfare on the part of all major religious faiths, i.e., “holy war,” I equally recognize that gender discrimination is, all too sadly, yet another similar universal phenomenon. Thus, just as ‘holy war’ betrays the highest ideals of our respective faiths so does the oppression of women in all its forms. In the Japanese Buddhist tradition with which I am most familiar, there was a political decision made in feudal Japan that female clerics would only be allowed to be in charge of small “hermitages” (J. an) rather than full-fledged “temples” (J. ji). Since the feudal government also forced all Japanese to become adherents of “temples,” but not “hermitages,” this effectively derived female clerics of significant financial support. This “traditio


2009-07-20 23:03:50
i don get it


2009-05-04 17:30:25
dude if the whole pole is going inside their pussy or ass
they just 'giggle'
hah are u insane

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2009-04-23 22:47:42
Center Nun

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