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Sex shop shopping spree.
My wife June returned home with her friend Kate from their weekly shopping having almost melted her credit card. They talked about a new sex shop that had opened in the mall which was attracting a lot of attention especially with the giving out of free flavored condoms in front of the shop. They did not go in as there were so many people around and because of the taboos associated with it. We opened a bottle of wine and chatted about the things we would expect to find inside. Kate told us openly that she had three vibrators at home each with a different function –she even described one of them in detail saying that it had two “dicks” one for each hole.
I was of course getting very aroused at the conversation but June was a little embarrassed. Kate finally left and after a further bottle of wine, we fucked each other with more passion than usual. As I was fucking June, I couldn’t help but think about Kate playing with her toy with one dick inside her beautiful “jelly mould ass”.
Some weeks passed until one day we were out shopping together and passed the new sex shop. To my surprise, June suggested we go in. Inside there was every kind of sexual contraption you could think about and others that you couldn’t. There must have been over a hundred dildos of varying size, colors, shape and texture. June took such an open interest in them and even asked the female assistant for some advice. Finally she picked out six of varying size which included a double dick. As an opening promotion, the shop gave her a free butt plug with each dildo bought.
We returned home and looked through the new toys. We tried to decide what the purpose of the butt plug would be but apart from a fart stopper or a travel aid for diarrhea, we were stumped. I was then packed off to the local store to buy the batteries that were as usual not included.
As with every fourth Saturday in the week, June and Kate would go out to a wine bar together whilst Kate’s husband Dave and I had a boys night in with a few beers and a chat. After half a dozen beers or so, I told Dave of our shopping trip and purchases. He said that he and Kate had been using dildos during sex for years and told of how better their orgasms had become. I asked him about the function of the butt plug because for me it seemed a little boring as it didn’t vibrate or anything. He laughed and said that they often used it after anal sex. He would fuck Kate in the ass and after cumming would push the plug in to stop the cum from running out. After reviving, he would remove the plug and either fuck her again or sometimes suck the cum out. Fuck that’s sick I thought but on reflection and the thought of his wife’s ass, it was more than erotic.
A few beers and a few joints later, the girls arrived back home both quite pissed. They were both famished so I made them a snack and they started on the remainder of the beers. Dave helped out by skinning up a few more joints which were of scud status. Half an hour later we were all as high and relaxed as could be. I told June that I had found out what the butt plugs were for only to have her tell me that Kate had already told her. June said that we should give one a road test as it sounded odd. Kate said that as Dave and her were experienced, they should do a demo for us first.
I was fucked from the beers and the smoke but this almost sobered me up. Kate asked June if she could shower first and they both disappeared. Kate returned first with one of June’s smallest G strings on and without a bra. She danced around and then laid down next to Dave and played with her pussy along side of the string. Dave excused himself and went off to shower. Meanwhile June came in wearing her sexiest sheer white underwear and sat down next to Kate. They were both in a fit of giggling and started playing with each other’s tits. My dick wanted to explode. I heard Dave coming back in so I scurried off to the shower.
On my return, I found Dave flat on his back with June straddling his face whilst Kate sucked him off. June was visibly shaking as she seemed to go through endless orgasms. Kate was sucking Dave and playing with his balls and had what appeared to be a couple of fingers in his ass which she pulled out from time to time and sucked. June was spent and flopped on the floor covered in sweat. Her little white panties still pulled to one side were soaked. She finally gathered enough strength to crawl over to her hand bag and remove the 2 dick dildo. She got behind Kate and bent down to eat her. Even a few meters away, I could see Kate’s juices running out of her. June scooped some of them up and started lubing up Kate’s ass. Then she pushed the 2 dick toy in her and turned it on. Kate immediately dropped Dave’s dick from her mouth and moaned like a woman possessed. June was almost having trouble holding the toy as Kate pushed back on to it until the whole thing filled her holes. She bucked and screamed herself to orgasm and finally collapsed on the floor. Her legs were open so June got down and feasted on her prize.
Kate got on all fours and told Dave to get on with the show. He eagerly pulled on his dick a few times then slowly pushed it into her ass. It was all so quick and his whole dick disappeared so quickly. Dave fucked her hard for around 5 minutes before he started to come. It took him a good minute to blow his load completely and fill her ass. He pulled out slowly and June came over and asked if she could help and pushed a butt plug inside Kate’s ass. She then turned to Dave and sucked his cock clean.
Dave changed positions and said that it would be an honor to get June ready for the first trial. He got behind her and licked her pussy and ass. Little by little he managed to get 3 fingers in her ass as she climaxed. I moved over behind her and prepared to enter her ass. Kate came over and stopped me saying that my dick was too dry and that I would hurt her. Kate bent over and she reached back and slowly removed the plug from her ass. Dave told me to lube up first and I pushed my dick into her cum filled ass which felt like nothing ever before. A few strokes and I was ready to come but that would not be fair to June. I reluctantly pulled out and my dick was covered in Dave’s cum. I pushed against June’s ass and my cock went in quite easily. I fucked her like I have never done before and blew a huge load into her ass. Kate was waiting with the butt plug for when I withdrew. June seemed to like the feeling of having her ass full of cum and a toy holding it in.
Dave was trying to put the plug back in Kate’s oiling machine but gave up and decided she needed eating out. He pulled her on top of him and she lowered her ass hole right over his tongue. I have never seen so much cum anywhere but he ate the lot. June sat on the sofa still with the plug in her ass. Kate sat next to her and played with her pussy. June soon came again and returned the attention to Kate by burying her head in her pussy. Dave thought that June’s plug should be checked and volunteered for the job. He laid down under the sofa and quickly pulled the plug out which sent a stream of cum down on his face. Kate joined him and licked his face clean.
We all relaxed a while and even had a short interval of joints and coffees. No one looked awkward or even surprised at what had happened. Kate had her legs spread wide open and I could see her ass was gapping open. Dave noticed too and also my interest and pulled Kate down on the floor on top of him. He was soon inside her gaping ass again and told me to come in from behind. It was difficult at first and the sensation of my dick against his was strange. Soon we were in rhythm and Kate was really enjoying the double ass fuck. June straddled us and bent over in front of me and stuck her ass in my face to lick. I drove my tongue in her and drove my dick as far as it would go in Kate’s ass. We all climaxed together with June spraying us all from her pussy, Kate shook and Dave and I pumped for all we were worth. We all collapsed exhausted. Only Kate mustered enough strength to pop a plug into her gaping ass. The final act came some minutes later when the 3 of us laid down with our heads touching each other as June pulled out Kate’s plug as she straddled our faces. The cum was a bucket full of whitish, brownish liquid which we all enjoyed.
We now have a collection of 32 different plugs and are regulars and the new shop.

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2011-10-21 18:52:43
Very sexy i love it when my boyfriend eats cum from my ass. One time him and his friend fucked me in the ass, i ended up covering him with cum and my shit, which i love to shove in my pussy.

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2011-01-19 01:12:19
They seem to be much into anal sex for not having a clue what a butt plug could be for.


2008-11-22 14:14:16
very hott part 2 please

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