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I moved to a town that had a very interesting history. so i decided to invest in it.
I guess a lot of people out there in this world would consider me a pervert. I can't explain why, but after a failed marriage, I found woman to be undesirable to me. I do not like men, but I had a tendency to fantasize about younger girls. I seemed to think of woman in general as sluts. I began to believe that all women would or could be made to become unfaithful. It seemed that out of every ten men only one would be attractive enough for any woman to become interested in a relationship with them. That is a sexual relation. I got to the point of where I believed that all women were unclean. I started to desire the innocence of young girls to satisfy my need for a female that was clean. I guess the fact that my ex-wife was a slut and slept around with any good looking male that made himself available to her was the catalyst. It wasn't that she was beautiful, only that you could see she was willing. She would flirt with any good looking male and would allow him to take liberties with her, until finally he had her completely. I started to notice other females acting similarly to my ex and usually with the same type of guy. I am not a handsome man, but I am far from ugly. I am in shape. I have a full head of hair; I am jovial and have a great sense of humor. Women seem to like me and are more then willing to get close to me. The problem is with me, I'm sure. They just turn me off with their forwardness and their desire to jump into bed. Don't get me wrong, I have bedded many women in my life, but now they seem to be a big turnoff. I have gotten to a point in my life where I get more enjoyment from masturbation then I do with a woman. Maybe if I find a woman that is very docile and obedient, I may again continue with a normal sex life. Well, for now, I just fantasize about younger girls.

I moved from where I was living and tried to start my life in a different environment, leaving all of my past life behind me. I was hoping to find a more suitable place to begin again.
I moved to a rather rustic community, small town, with a small population. In this town everyone knew everyone else. Many were related to each other. I purchased a house in a very secluded area. I am quite affluent and my investments will support me for the rest of my life. I don't need to work. This also causes problems with woman. Many of them are just looking for a secure life and not having to worry about finances. I had a swimming pool out in the back yard, which was surrounded by a high security fence. There was also changing cubicles and a barbecue with a very large wooden table and a shaded circular table. The people that originally lived here had a very large family. No one could see into the pool area. I swam nude most of the time, but always had a robe nearby, should anyone come to my front door. It seems that in this town they were always having charity events and were constantly canvassing the homes for contributions. As I say, I had money so I would give what I considered appropriate for a given charity.

I would do my own shopping for food and I attended many of the social events in the town. I soon became an object of attraction for the single and divorced women of the town. I was sociable, but never showed a great interest in the women. That didn't, in any way, prevent them from continuing to try to get closer to me. I didn't allow this attention to distract or dissuade me from enjoying my social life.

My downfall came one summer afternoon when I was swimming at the pool and the doorbell had rung. I donned my robe and went to see who was at the door. When I opened the door, there were two girl scouts selling cookies. Their female guardian was at the curb monitoring the girls, ensuring their safety. I waved to the guardian and asked the girls if I could help them.

The one girl was very shy and the other although shy, spouted out a rehearsed sales pitch.

"Hi my name is Debbie and this is Heather. Please, excuse our intrusion, sir. We are selling Girl Scout cookies and were wondering if you would be interested in buying some. We are trying to raise money for a pool party for our troop."

"Well hello, Debbie and Heather. May I see a list of the cookies that you are selling with the price list." I said smiling.
Debbie handed me a list, where the price and type of cookies were listed and I could enter into the form, my name and amount of which cookies that I wanted to buy.
They failed to provide me with a pen so I said. "Excuse me ladies, but I will have to get a pen."
I left the door open and went to a desk near to the door. I bent down to open the bottom drawer and spread my legs. My robe parted and I heard the young girls breath catch. I continued to search for the pen and finally found it. I glanced at the girls and their eyes were transfixed on my privates. I pulled the desk chair out as I stood and angled it toward the door. I brought the form down on the desk and sat down with my legs spread. I started to fill out the form and smiled at the girls as they continued to look at my open robe. I finished the entries and stood to face the girls. Both of their faces were flushed and they were sweating a bit. I could see their excitement due to the light green uniform blouses worn by them. Both had the beginning of adolescent breasts. They were slightly pushing out their blouses.

I tried to hand Debbie the form but her eyes were focused on the opening in my robe, even though nothing was showing.

"Excuse me Debbie." I looked down at my robe and then back at her. "Is there something wrong?"

"Oh, no sir. I am sorry I was just looking at your feet. My dad wears slippers at home." Debbie said.

"Oh. That's ok. I thought something might have been wrong." I handed her the form and they both turned and started to leave.

"When can I expect the cookies?" I asked as they started to walk away.

"Oh, Sorry Sir. I can deliver them whenever you want after Thursday. You did include your telephone number, correct?"
"Yes, I have. Please feel free to call me anytime." I said. "I am usually in the pool in my back yard." I added, not sure what the implications were.

The girls trotted down my walkway and jumped into the car, showing white panties as they did. Very nice I thought to myself.
I closed the door and returned to my pool.

I had closed circuit cameras surrounding my house and security cameras and motion detector within the house. Each room had a security camera hidden from plain view.

That Thursday my phone rang and I answered it. "Hello. This is John, may I help you."

"Oh hello Mr. Johnson. This is Maureen Fearn. My daughters were at your home this week selling Girl Scout cookies."

"Oh yes. That was Debbie and Heather, correct?"

"Yes Mr. Johnson. They were very happy with your purchase and wanted me to call to see if you would like me to drop them off this evening, or have them drop it off during the daytime, tomorrow?"

"Please call me John. Mrs. Fearn, I am not in a rush for the cookies, tomorrow morning or afternoon would be fine." I said.

"Please call me Maureen, John. Alright, should I have the girls call you before they come?"

"That would be nice." I said. "Now this is what I call service. More businesses should show the enthusiasm that your daughters show."

"Thank you, John. I'll have them call you before they come. Good Bye John. And thanks again."

I hung up the phone and continued to set up my security cameras and alarms to suit my needs. I busied myself with getting my house in order and purchased some addition pool furniture, in case I was going to have company. I think I did this unconsciously. I decided to set up some spy cameras in the dressing cubicles. I had a hand held monitor that allowed me to view from all of the cameras in my network.

I received delivery of the pool furniture that afternoon. The doorbell rang and I donned the robe and answered it. The delivery guy told me that there was a gate in the backyard fence that they usually made deliveries through. I was unaware of this. The delivery guy came around the back of the house and I picked up an information sheet that came with the house. There was a combination lock listed for the back fence. I went to the back and the delivery guy guided me to the gate by voice. I found a keypad lock and keyed in the combination. The gate unlocked and they delivered my new furniture. I was wondering how they managed to get some of the furniture into the house; it surely wouldn't have fit through the front door. The door to the back yard was a huge sliding door assembly. I noticed that both parts of the back yard door could be opened as if on hinges as well as sliding.

I was still very unfamiliar with the house and its contents. I had the blueprints, but haven't had the chance to study them yet. Actually, I saw no reason to study them. But realizing how unfamiliar I was with the house, I decided to study them, that evening.

I'm glad that I did now. There was a walkway between the rooms. They were labeled maintenance crawl spaces on the blue print. I notice that some of the walls on the blue print appeared to be doors that opened inward. I went to one of the walls and searched for a handle or a pressure plate. High, in the left-hand corner of the molding, I felt the molding give to my pressure. The door opened into the crawl way. The inside had black lights. They illuminated the space enough to see. I continued through the space and noticed what appeared to be plywood on hinges with hook eyes holding it from opening. I opened one and looked into the first floor bathroom. I was looking through a two-way mirror. I closed the plywood panel and continued through the rest of the space. Every room in the house was fit with a plywood panel that looked out into each room. Giving a full view of the room. Evidently each room had a two-way mirror or painting that could be seen through. I tried some of the other panels and entered into different parts of the house. I figured that I needed to find out more about the prior owners. I now realize why some of the furniture in the rooms was arranged in their positions. The original setting of the furniture allowed for complete viewing of each of the rooms, from the crawl space. So I set about to restore the original setting of the furniture. After setting things right, I showered and went to bed.

I awoke the next morning early, had breakfast and waited for the phone to ring. The phone rang around 9:30 AM and I answered it.

"Hello, this is John, May I help you?"

"Hello Mr. Johnson. This is Heather."

"Hello sweetheart. Are you coming to deliver the cookies?"

"Yes sir. If you will be available?"

"Of course. I will be at the pool, so ring the bell and wait for me to put my robe on."

"Ok. We will wait for you to put your robe on."

I heard a soft giggle in the background.

I was naked and sitting at the pool. I had my hand held monitor with me and was scanning the outer perimeter of the house, waiting for the girls to arrive. They arrived on their bicycles and walked up to the front of the house. They put the kickstand down and peeked in the front window. Seeing nothing, they walked to the side of the house, trying to peek through the fence.

Curious little girls I thought to myself. Good.

They crept; part of the way around the fence, trying to see in, but the fence was tightly sealed. Giving up they went back to the front door and rang the bell.

I donned my robe and went to the door. I opened the door and greeted them. They both had their arms full of cookies so I guided them into the house and had them place the cookies on the floor next to the door. They both had their Scout uniforms on and failed to bend properly. They both showed some white panties, which I openly stared at. Heather was quick getting herself standing while Debbie spread her legs a little giving me a quick look at the crotch of her panties. I smiled and nodded.

She flushed, but was slow in getting up.

As I was enjoying the view, I bowed my legs. From her low position, I was sure she got a good look at my crotch. She smiled as her eyes focused on my manhood and she turned bright red.
As she stood her eyes remained on my crotch, but due to her rising, she no longer could see my privates.

I went and got my wallet and asked Heather. "How much do I owe you Heather?"

"Thirty-five dollars." She said.
I took out thirty-four dollars and a dollar in change. I placed the dollars in her hand and then the change. She dropped the change, with my help. As she bent to retrieve the change I bowed my legs. Her mouth opened as she looked at my privates and she searched with her hands for the change, never taking her eyes off of my privates. Debbie realized what Heather was seeing and she spread and dropped to help Heather pick up the change. Like Heather she searched without removing her eyes from my crotch. After about a minute both girls stood up.

"I'm sorry girls could you please take the cookies into the yard for me and place it on the wooden table please. Both girls bent and spread their legs giving me two panty shots. I believe they were so interested in seeing me, that they forgot they were also showing me their charms.

They followed me after standing into the yard. I led them to the wooden table, where they deposited the cookies.

"Would you girls like some lemonade, iced tea or soda?" I asked
They looked at each other and shook their heads. "Yes. Soda, please."

I told them to look around; I'll be right back. I entered the house and got some soda in a glass with ice and brought it out to them. They were standing by the pool.

"You should have brought your bathing suits. You could have gone for a swim." I said. "That is if your mother would allow it."

"Oh, I'm sure she would have allowed it." Said Heather.

"Is your father living with you?" I asked.

"No. Daddy is in the service. We never see him anymore." Said Debbie.

"Gee, I'm sorry to hear that."

"Nah. That’s ok he is a jerk." Said Debbie.

"Well, you can tell your mom that I said if it's alright with her, you girls can come here and swim whenever you like. Of course, she is also invited."

"Can we bring our girl friends?" Asked Debbie.

"As long as your mother gets permission from their parents. It's fine with me."

"Wow, cool." The girls were starting to loosen up. Frequent flashes of panties were given.

I started to sit so as to expose myself to them and they looked eagerly. I started to ask them about their friends and if they had any boyfriends.

Debbie said she liked one boy in school, but he was always wrestling with her, like she was a boy.

"He's just trying to touch her." Said Heather.

Debbie blushed. "Your just jealous."

Heather blushed. "Yes, a little."

"Do you girls like to be touched?" I asked with a big smile.

"Yes. It feels good." Said Heather.

"But you have to be careful. You don't want all the boys touching you, do you?"

"Well, no. But I want some boys to do it."

"I guess at your age it is very exciting. I enjoy being touched too." I said.

"Really! By woman right." Said Debbie.

"Not necessarily. Here let me show you." I reached out and touched her arm. "Does this feel any different then one of your friends touching you?"

"Well, no. But that's just my arm."

"Ok. Where do they touch you that feels good?" I asked.

Debbie blushed but indicated with her hand, between her legs.

"May I? " I asked.

She shook her head yes.

I turned out toward her spreading my legs and her eyes went down to my crotch. I guided her between my legs and turned her facing away from me. I slide my hand up her thighs and cupped her pussy.

She swooned. And leaned back into my cock. I gently rubbed her panties into her pussy.

She totally surrendered to my touch.

"Now, I'm an adult, does this feel any different then your friends touch?"

"Oh yes. Much better." She said.

I stopped and removed my hand from her and moved her from between my legs. Heather's eyes were locked on my growing erection.

"Would you like me to demonstrate on you as well?" I asked Heather.

She just shook her head yes. She got to her feet and came between my legs, facing me.
I dropped my hand between her thighs and rubbed up to her pussy. I allowed one finger to slide inside the leg band of her panties and touched her naked cunt.

I guided her hand to my cock and she wrapped her hand around it.

"Does this feel like your friends touch?" I asked Heather.

"No this is better." I released her and pried her hand off of my cock.

"So do you think it matters who touches you?"

"Yes, but in a good way." Said Debbie.

"Have you girls ever touched each other?" I asked.

They both blushed and nodded.

"Was it good?"

Both nodded yes.

"So, therefore you have to be very careful who you allow to touch you, right?"

Both girls nodded yes.

"I had pushed this as far as I should at this point. Well girls, remember if you bring friends, your mother must tell me that their parents have agreed to let them come. Ok?"

"Yes, Mr. Johnson."

They both walked over to me and hugged me.

I took Debbie's hand and guided it to my cock. She wrapped her hand around it and smile. Then I pushed them away.

"See you again girls. Be careful what you allow to happen to you, ok?"

"Yes, Mr. Johnson."

I walked the girls to the front door and said good bye.

I spent the rest of the day smelling my fingers, sweet young pussy.

Later that evening, Mrs. Fearn called and thanked me for the invitation to come and swim in my pool. She apologized for her need to work during the week, but that if I didn't mind, the girls could come over when ever I would allow it.

"I spend most of the daytime sunning myself in the back yard. They can come whenever they like or whenever you want them to come." I said.

"You sun yourself daily? Will their being there interfere with you sunning?" Asked Mrs. Fearn.

"Not as long as they tell me they're coming. I do sunbathe in the nude. But if I know they are coming I can don a suit."

"If that is inconvenient for you, please don't change on their account. It will do them good to see a male. If that wouldn't bother you too much."

"Do you want them to lose their tan lines as well?" I asked.

"Sure, if I can trust you." Said Maureen. "I'm just kidding. Feel free to treat them as your own."

I was a little confused by what she had just said. Did she mean for me to abuse them or be the ideal father to them?

"Well, I hope your upbringing will teach them how to act around a grown male." I said placing the ball back in her court.

"You’re the grown male. I hope you know how to treat them."

"All right. I will treat them as my own. You will inform them that they are allowed to be nude here. Oh yes, I also indicated that they could bring girl friends, but only with the parents permission." I stated.

"If the other parents are willing to play by the house rules. They can come. Otherwise, they will not be allowed. Ok?" Said Maureen.

"That sounds fair to me. If you come this Saturday, I would like to know what you know about the prior residents of this house. If you don't mind."

"I will give you the full story. I spent a lot of time in that house when I was growing up. In fact most of the parents in this town spent time in that house as a child. When Peter, the father, of the family that used to live there died, the whole town was in mourning. Hopefully, you can restore the house to its original glory. I'll explain it all to you on Saturday. See you Saturday, enjoy." Said Maureen.

I went back to the blue prints of the house and found a small space that looked like it might be a place to put a safe, in the crawl space. I traced my way to that piece of wall space and to my surprise, there were two electrical boxes mounted on the wall. I opened the cover of the first one and saw that it was a typical box with all of the necessary circuitry in it. I tried to open the second box and it appeared to be a false box. I went and retrieved the list that had the combination to the back fence on it to see if I could find any information on the circuit box. To my dismay, nothing on the list indicated anything about the circuit box. I studied the wall to see if I could find a switch or something that might unlock the box, but I found nothing. I studied the blue print again and noticed that the boxes were located opposite the master bedroom closet wall.

I left the crawl space and went into the master bedroom. I opened the closet and walked into it. The closet was about twenty feet by fifteen feet. There were draws and hanger racks. It would hold the clothing for five men. It would only hold room for one female and one male's clothing. I chuckled. There were built in shoe racks and shelves. I went to the back wall that was opposite the circuit boxes. There were drawers there. I pulled out each of the drawers. When I pulled out the bottom drawer, I heard an almost inaudible click. When I pushed it back in, I heard the same click. So I pulled it out again and left it open.

I went to the nearest access to the crawl space, which was in the master bedroom and entered the crawl space again. I walk over to the circuit boxes and opened the box that I was unable to open the first time. Inside of this box, was a second blueprint? I removed the blue print and read the title, "The cellar".

I closed the box and took the blueprint to the living room and sat down to study the print. I lined up the blue print with the directional arrow and reviewed it. All of the areas of the cellar appeared to be normal, but the foundation on the blue print had a dotted line in one area, while the rest of the foundation was a solid line.

I went down into the cellar and picked up a flashlight. The cellar was well light, but I was unsure as to what I might find, so I took the light. I went to the dotted line wall and looked for anything that looked unusual. After an exhaustive search, I decided to give up for now. I took the blue print back to the circuit box and took another look at the blue print. It was a little dim in that corner of the crawl space so I took the blue print over to the black light. As I started to raise the blue print up to the light, I noticed some writing on the blue print that did not show in normal light. Low and behold, written in some sort of invisible ink or something was a deion of how to open the hidden room.

It was a three-step process, one on each of the floors. If the process was to be aborted at any time, a double click of the triggers was all that was required. The process would then have to be restarted again.

I followed the process and the last step was in the cellar on the wall opposite the dotted foundation. As I hit the last trigger, I heard a click. I walked across the cellar and place my hand on the wall. My fingers got a purchase on some of the rough stones in the foundation and a door swung outward. I walked into the room using the flashlight since it was extremely dark. There was a chain pull light hanging from the ceiling. I pulled the chain and the room became lighted. There were cases of large plastic storage units. I brushed the dust off of one of them and carefully uncovered the one container. Inside of the container were hundreds of videotapes. I recovered the container, not wanting any dust or dirt to contaminate the tapes. There were some smaller containers so I cleaned one off and peeked in side of it. This one was full of DVD discs. I recovered the container and went to get a vacuum and some clothes and spray to clean the area.

From the appearance of this room, it had not been used in a very long time. Each of the videotapes were packed in their own individual plastic cases, so I decided that I would take one and see if I could determine what was on the tapes, before cleaning the area.

I retrieved one of the tapes and went upstairs to my recreation room and inserted the tape into my entertainment center VCR.
The TV came on and the tape started. The quality of the tape was excellent. It showed a scan of the backyard pool area. There were around ten adults and maybe fifteen children of different ages. Since the children were constantly in motion an exact count was difficult.

The furniture in the yard was a lot older and much more expensive then the furniture that was available in your Kmart type of stores. Judging by the swimwear, this was maybe twenty to thirty years old. It looked like these were taken with a high-end motion picture camera and later transferred to tape. My wall screen made the people almost life size in normal view, but I had a zoom attachment on my system that allowed me to zoom in on a part of the screen and blow it up to fit the full screen. I saw one face on a girl that I thought that I recognized. So I zoomed in on her face. She looked to be around eleven years old. I stopped the movie and enhanced the view of her face. She looked exactly like the principle of the Middle school, here in town, of course many years younger. I zoomed out to normal again and continued the tape.

A man about thirty came out of the house and walked up to the pool. Everyone greeted him and all of the women and children hugged him. He would place his hand on the young girl's butts and no one seemed to mind or interfere. I then noticed that this was a stationary camera. No one appeared to be operating it. It was too steady. Almost no motion could be detected. It was being used from the master bedroom window that overlooked the backyard and pool area.

I assumed that the man that was allowed such liberties was the past owner of this house, Mr. Colter's. He walked up to Mrs. Hirchell, the principle, and placed his arm around her shoulders. His hand rested over her non-existent breast. She smiled up at him. He whispered something in her ear and removed his arm from her shoulders and placed his hand on her neck. He slowly moved it down her back to her butt and squeezed her butt a few times, then he returned to the house. After a few minutes, Mrs. Hirchell, or should I say Miss Emma Hirchell, went into the house. The tape continued to show the backyard. I fast-forwarded the tape until I saw Emma come out of the house. The time stamp on the file showed about an hour and a half had passed since she entered the house. Her hair was damp as if she had just recently showered.

I fast-forwarded the tape again. At around noontime, according to the tape, Mr. Colter's came out and went to the security fence and opened the backyard gate. A bunch of caterers entered and set up the large wooden table to overflowing with food and drink. Everyone helped themselves to the food and drink. Mr. Colter's closed the gate and walked over to one of the families that were gathered at the table. He said something and the three little girls and two boys jumped up and down raising their hands as if volunteering for something. Mr. Colter's pointed to the two boys around 10 and 13 years old, the youngest girl of around 8 and then the mother. He then raised his hand in a halting motion and then left the group and entered the house.

After the family had finished eating, the mother, the two boys and the young girl entered the house. After fast forwarding the tape, I found where the four family members left the house and rejoined the father and the two remaining girls. The mother was carrying the 8 year-old girl. Again, all appeared to have bathed.
The tape ran out and I was wondering if Colter's had recorded what took place in the house. I was pretty sure that he did.
I took the tape and replaced it in the room down in the cellar and spent the rest of the day cleaning the room.

I decided that I wanted to get to know more of the faces of the people in the town. It seems like there were a lot of people aware of the Colter's activities. I wanted to see if I could recognize some of the town's folks on the tapes.

So I went to a fast-food restaurant, just to be with more of the town's people. I studied faces. Many of the people came over and introduced themselves to me. They seemed to be very friendly in this town and I'm sure most of them knew that I purchased the Coulter's house for cash. As with all small towns, everyone knows everyone else's business.

The Mayor of the town entered with his family and upon seeing me came over to introduce himself and his family. He had two daughters and one son, his wife was very young. He appeared to be in his mid forties and she in her mid twenties.

"This is my wife Leah, my daughters Missy and Tina, and my son Barry."

"Very please to meet you. My name is John Johnson."

After the introductions, he informed me that the Colter's family was coming to town this weekend and were trying to sell their interests in the town. He said I would be welcome to join the event at the town hall. It started at one o'clock in the afternoon this Saturday. I asked him which interests were being considered. If I were to be given time to check into them, I might be interested, in possibly, acquiring them.

"I'll have the packet dropped off at your house tomorrow afternoon, if you'll be at home." Said Mayor Ira Weis.

"I am expecting company tomorrow, would it be possible to get them while I'm in town this evening?" I asked.

The mayor looked around the diner and noticed the town clerk was here. "Jerry! Could you do me a favor?" Asked Ira.

"Sure Mayor, what can I do for you?" Said Jerry Knowles.

"I need the Colter's packet. Could you get it for me, please." Asked Ira.

"Sure. I'll be right back." Jerry said as he exited the diner.

"Please, Join us, at my table." Invited the Mayor.

I joined the Mayor and his family at their table and was placed between his two daughters. They were around 13 and 10, obviously by a prior wife. We sat in a booth actually, not a table. The girls sat closer to me then need be. There was plenty of room. Their thighs pressed against mine and I could feel the heat of their bodies. I was beginning to wonder if this whole town was a bunch of child molesters.

The mayor's wife was playing with her blouse buttons; first one popped open, and then the next. She noticed my gaze and fanned herself, saying it sure was warm in here. She leaned forward and proved my observation, no bra.

Jerry came running back in and held a large packet of computer print outs. He handed them to the Mayor.

"Thanks, Jerry. I really appreciate this." Said the Mayor.

"Anytime, sir." Said Jerry who promptly returned to his family.

The mayor handed me the packet and told me to bring it with me on Saturday, when I came to the meeting. Having no place to lay the packet, one of the girls, held my hand and offer to hold it on her lap until I finished eating. Suiting action to words she guided my hand and the packet to her lap and held it there. I released the packet and cupped her pussy. She spread her legs and sat up straight. I slide my hand out and placed my elbow on the table.

"Thanks you, Missy. This sure is a very friendly town.' I said with a straight face.

Ira said. "When Peter Colter's was alive, business in this town was booming. After he died, the town seemed to lose its appeal. He sure knew how to control things here. All he had to do was suggest and everyone would jump to his bidding."

"Well, maybe I can assist the town in gaining its appeal. But I will need the support of the town officials, in order to bring this about." I suggested.

"Anything you want, just ask." Said the Mayor. Looking from his daughters to his wife to his son. "Right family?"

"Anything at all." Replied his wife.

I smiled and squeezed the both daughters' thighs and slide to their pussy, cupped them then placed my hands on the table.

"I am afraid that I have to be going. I have some work that requires some investigation. I will see you all on Saturday." I said smiling as I cupped the pussy of the daughter that held the packet.

She smiled at me and shyly licked her lips. I picked up the packet and said my good-byes.

I walked out to the street and went to my Mercedes. The meter had run out, and there was a meter maid standing next to my car.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I forget to put money in the meter." I asked.

"Yes, sir. But that's all right. I'll let you go this time."

"Why thank you Miss … My name is John Johnson. I have just moved into the Colter's house." I said.

"Oh, my name is Laura Assini. My father owns the Lazy Inn."

"Glad to meet you Laura. Hope to see you around." I said with a big smile.

She looked like a teen, but surely was older. From the looks of this town, there were a huge number of children from 5 to 17 years old. Most families had five to ten children. I was noticing that the mayor's children did not resemble the father. Perhaps they took after his first wife?

I got into my auto and headed home. I opened the front gate with a remote and drove into the garage. I took the packet inside and scanned the businesses that were under the Colter's ownership.

The overall state of the business was good. But due to a decrease in new business ventures, the profits were falling off. I did some intensive research on the net and decided that with a little effort and from what I could tell, with the support of the town's people. This could become a very profitable town.

I noticed that the Lazy Inn was part of the Colter's investment. Well, Laura, I wonder just how far you're willing to go to help the family business. I was up until three in the morning checking into all angles of this possible investment. All looked very promising. Some of the fringe benefits also seemed to be worth the investment. I could own this town. I decided to hit the sheets.

I awoke the next morning at seven in the morning, shaved showered, shit and shined. I went down into the kitchen and prepared breakfast. After eating I cleaned up and donned my robe commando style and sat at the pool. I napped in the lawn chair until I heard the doorbell ring.
I got up donned my robe and went to the door. I opened it and there stood Heather and Debbie. They wore shorts and a halter-top with white socks and white sneakers.

"Hello girls, come on in and make yourselves comfortable."

I walked them into the kitchen and showed them where the drinks and glasses were and where the chips and other junk food were and walked out the back door. They followed.

"If you want to change your clothes in private, please use the changing booths." I said.

The both girls sat and removed their sneakers and socks. Stood and removed they're tops and shorts. They stood there in the skimpiest bikini that they could possible wear and cover everything.

"Can we take these off too?" Asked Heather, indicating their bikinis.

"Of course, but make sure you rub some suntan lotion on your white spots." I said.

Heather stripped naked and lay down on the lawn chair and asked where the lotion was.

I got the lotion and walked over to her and attempted to hand the lotion to her.

She looked at me and lay her head down on her arm as she settled on to her tummy.

I sat on her lawn chair with her. "Would you like me to apply it?" I asked.

"Yes, Please." She said with such innocence.

I started applying the lotion to her shoulders and worked my way down her smooth silky body. It felt so intoxicating. As I reached her butt, I continued to knead her flesh. I went to her thighs and pushed out on them. She spread them as if it were nothing. I messaged the inside of her thighs and occasionally allowed my thumb to bump against her sex. This caused her to tilt her hip to give me a better chance to touch her there.

At this point I removed my robe and kneeled on each side of her legs. By this time I was at half-mast. I continued down to her feet and then back up to her butt. I told her to turnover and she did.
My cock came to rest on the juncture of her thighs and hip. I pushed a little forward and my cock lodged itself up against her pussy lips. She spread her legs a little. As I massaged up her chest my cock kept prodding her clit. I could see she was getting all excited. So I moved down her legs to her feet. Then I got up and asked Debbie if she would like me to apply some lotion on her.

"Yes, Please." She responded.

She rested her head on her right arm as I settled on my knees on her left side. Her head was turned to me. I put some lotion on my hands and reached across her body applying the lotion to her right shoulders. This brought my hip very close to her face. I massaged down her right side to her hip then up the middle of her back. Her left hand reached out and encircled my cock. I pushed my hip froward pressing my cock against her lips. She slowly opened her mouth and took the head into her mouth. I winked and smiled at her. She let another inch or so enter her mouth. Then she held me from going further. I didn't push, I'm sure she would have taken more, but I was in no rush. I was finished with her back so I started to massage the lotion into her cute little butt. I allowed my middle finger to slide down her crack until I felt her pussy. I allowed my finger to enter her to the first knuckle. I pressed the finger forward pressing against her clit as I move my finger slowly in and out of her sweet opening. As I did this she tried to take more of me into her mouth. I pulled away from her mouth and removed my finger from her and continued down her legs to her feet.

"Ok, turn over. Time to get your front."

I started on her front feet and legs. When I got high on her thighs, her legs spread wide. She must have been watching what I did to Heather. So I straddled her legs and moved up her body until my cock rested on her pussy. I moved it forward a little and she spread her legs further. The head of my cock pressed her pussy lips in, then spread and engulfed the head of my cock. It felt like a hot piece of flesh trying to suck me inside of her. Her hip lifted and I entered her another inch. I felt the resistance inside of her and told her.

"Don't push. It will hurt you."

She totally ignored me and she pressed forward. I heard her whimper as I entered her half of my length. I lifted her legs across mine and slide the rest of the way inside of her. Then stopped moving. I caressed her face and told her to relax, not to move. You will adjust give it a few minutes. I was caressing her face with one hand and her clit with the thumb of my other hand. Her breathing was labored, but she was gaining control of her pain. She smiled up at me.

"Thank you." She said.

I smiled back and told her. "It will feel a lot better soon. Just follow what I tell you to do. Ok?"

She nodded yes.

Heather had come over and was looking between Debbie's legs and saw me totally inside of her. "Wow Deb! He is totally inside of you. Up to his balls."

Debbie smiled up at Heather. "It hurt a lot, but it is feeling better now. I feel so full down there. His cock is pulsing like a heart beat."

Her hip started to move in concert with my rubbing of her clit. As she slowly moved she started to emit small moans.

"Does it hurt?" Asked Heather.

"Ooohhh, nooo. It feels great."
I switched hands and placed my left thumb on Debbie's clit and my right hand between Heather's legs from behind her. Heather lifted up as I sent the first knuckle of my finger into her pussy. She then eased down. She had no hymen, but my finger went deeper into virgin country. Nothing had ever been this deep inside of her. She eased herself all the way down to my palm. She rose up and slowly descended again. Heather eventually got herself into a slow rhythm. Her one hand went to my butt; the other went to Debbie's tummy. Both of the girls were moaning now. Debbie was coming close and started to pick up the pace. Her hip thrusting faster and harder. Heather placed her one hand on Debbie's small nipples and started to pull on them. I took my hand out of Heather and placed it on her head and guided her head down toward my cock. Debbie finished and screamed and moaned until she was spent. Heather started to lick Debbie's clit. As I started to climax, I pulled out of Debbie and pushed Heather's head over my cock. She greedily took me in side of her mouth and swallowed as I come inside of her. She took three loads before she couldn't take the rest and it spilled out on to Debbie's cunt. As I felt myself stop the spurting, I pulled out of Heather's mouth and pressed her head down to Debbie.

"Clean her up. Lick her good." I said.

I moved aside as Heather took my place between Debbie's legs and started to eat Debbie's pussy like a pro.

I positioned myself behind Heather and started to work my fingers in her asshole and pussy. She was tight, but my two fingers slipped into her ass and three fingers into her cunt. She later explained that she masturbated with a dildo in both of her holes. But she never had a male inside of her. Heather came on my hands and moaned as she removed her mouth from Debbie's snatch. I removed my fingers from her body and watched as she returned to Debbie's pussy. Debbie's hand pulled Heather's head into her pussy and they continued like this for five minutes, before Debbie had to push her sister way. Heather got up and lay down on her back to recuperate from her climaxes.

After a few minutes, Debbie said. "Wow sis! Where did you learn to do that?"

"I don't know. I never did it before, but I always wanted to do it.
Can I do it for you later?" Asked Heather.

"Sure, whenever you want, but only if I can do it to you too." Said Debbie.

"Let me rest a bit and I will do the same to Heather and when I finish, you can clean her." I said.

"Can I swallow your stuff too?" Asked Debbie.

"Sure. I can make some more for you."

"How did it taste, Heather?"

"It was salty, and sweet. It has a strange taste, but I like it."

"Cool, I can't wait for my turn. Will you tell me when your ready."

"Sure, let relax for a little while, ok?" I said.

I thought to myself. This looks like the start of something good. My mind started to work on how I could put this situation to some good business use. Imagine all of the dirty old men that would give their left nut to have a session with these young girls, or any young girls for that matter. Why limit it to girls or dirty old men. I'm sure there are a lot of men and woman that would like either a young girl or boy. I myself was not into boys. But this could lead to some family fun for all concerned.

As I thought about the opportunities that this opened up to me I started to get aroused. "Debbie come over here and see if you can get me erect."

She jumped out of the lawn chair and ran over to me and kneeled at my feet. She took my semi hard cock in her hand and brought it up to her mouth. She smiled up at me and took the head between her lips and squeezed it with her lips. I smiled down at her as her other hand cupped my balls. It seemed that Debbie was either more experienced or that she was more willing to try things and see what the response was.

"Heather, are you ready to ride me?" I asked.

Heather came over as Debbie moved aside.

"Ok, straddle my body." As she did I instructed. "Debbie to steer me inside of your sister's pussy."

"Ok." She responded as she took my cock and positioned it at her sister's cunt opening.

"Now Heather sit down on me, but do it slowly."

She sat down and I could feel my cock slide into her. Her pussy lips gave way and as I entered seemed to snap back over the head of my cock. Wow this girl was tight and very elastic. It felt great. She stopped sitting after taking about three inches. Then she exhaled and allowed her body to adjust. I placed my hands on her waist and held her there. I smiled and looked at her face. She was obviously nervous.

"Don't rush Heather. Take your time. This is the hard part for you. After this time, your body will adjust and it will be much more fun. You may be a little sore tomorrow, but it will be worth it." I said.

She smiled and placed her small hands on my stomach. She eased herself down a little bit more taking two inches more into her body. Her breath caught and she stopped. I started to message her clit to try to get her more lubricated. Her eyes closed and she smiled as I tried to help her through the first insertion.
After about I minute, she took the rest of what I had and was sitting on my hip. I pulled her forward causing her to lie against my chest. She lay her head on my chest and put her hands on my arms. I moved my hands to her shoulder blades and started to massage her back all the way down to her ass and back up. She started to moan like a kitten purrs. It sounded like she was finally feeling secure in a male's arms. I started to rock my hip slowly, withdrawing and reentering her.
I looked up at Debbie and gestured for her to lick both of us. She quickly went between our legs and I could feel her tongue helping us to enjoy our slow fucking. Heather started to breathe faster and tried to increase her hip motion, but I controlled her hips with my hands. She started to whine, indicating she wanted faster action.

"Debbie move please."

As Debbie got up from between our legs, I lifted Heather and placed her on her back on the lawn chair. I increased the hip motion and started to slam myself into Heather. She was like a wildcat, totally losing control of her motion. I contained her and really started to pump into her. This small girl almost unseated me with her hip. She came, and her cunt muscles felt like they were trying to suck the life out of me from my cock. I started to cum. The first shot was inside of Heather. I pulled out and as if on cue, Debbie covered the head of my cock with her mouth. She swallowed every bit of cum that I delivered to her. She had no problem keeping up with the pulses. After I was drained, I told Debbie pointing at her sister's slit.

"There is a load in there waiting for you to claim. It's deep inside."

Debbie dove as if she were dying of thirst and her sister's pussy was the only source of water on this planet. I watched as the girls worked with each other. Heather, just like her sister was multi-orgasmic. They continued like this until Heather had to push her sister away. Both girls were tired and lay on the lawn furniture sunning themselves and resting for over an hour.
I went into the house and started to review the business package again. I could easily support the prices being offered in the package and by purchasing all of the assets from the Colter's, I would be in almost complete control of this town. All of the businesses offered could be used to support each other. Many of the materials that were required outside of this town were easily available on the open market. I was invested in many of the suppliers that could do nothing but enhance this new undertaking. Things were looking very good for this investment.
The rest of the day with Debbie and Heather was limited to fondling and oral, between the girls and I.

At around five o'clock in the evening, the girls headed home.

After the girls had left I decided to check on the Lazy Inn investment. I went back to the Lazy Inn agreement to see how I might be able to use this as an opportunity to check out a theory that I have. Laura was one of the sweetest young ladies that I had seen in this town. I just wanted to test my theory. She could have any male in town that she wanted. I was wondering if, I got her excited, whether she would take on any males that I screened by her. I wanted to get a group of guys that she said she would never, under any circumstances, have sex with her. Then when I got her really excited, whether she would gladly take on any guys available. I was pretty sure she would. I just wanted to prove it to myself. My theory about woman was that the chance for some of the males, that were not handsome or sexy, to have sex with a beautiful girl would never happen. This, of course, was if the girl was not excited and in need of a cock, any cock. So, I was going to try my theory out on Laura.

I went to bed around nine in the evening, as I wanted to be well rested for the town hall meeting, scheduled for the next day.
I awoke at around five thirty the next morning and signed on to my computer to review my current assets and to make sure where my limits were financially.

I fixed and ate breakfast and placed the dishes in the dishwasher. Did my morning toiletry and dressed for the meeting.
I went into town around eleven o'clock.
As I was parking my car, Laura walked up to me and said. "If you like I will feed the meter for you. I know you are going to the town hall meeting today."

"That would be very gracious of you. Would you like me to support your father's business?" I asked hoping for a lead in.

"I would be so grateful to you if you would help us." Said Laura.

I smiled and said. "And just how grateful is that?"

She blushed. "Very!"

"I'll hold you to that." I said. "Will you be present at the business discussion?"

"I hope so. But that is up to dad."

"May I ask you, how old you are?"

"I am 17 years old."

"Hmmm. You are a very lovely young lady. Maybe we can work something out, if you are interested."

She smiled. "I would be very interested."

"Ok. See you later then." I said and walked to the diner.

From the diner I saw her head up town toward the Lazy Inn. Hopefully to inform her father of my interest in the inn. As the time neared for the meeting, I got up and walked to the town hall. Leah, Missy and Tina, the mayor's girls, greeted me at the door, Barry was inside with his father, explained Leah.

"Please follow us. We will enter by the side chambers." She took a key and unlocked the door.

I was escorted into a very comfortable chamber. Leah locked the door behind her. The girls led me to a comfortable couch and asked me to sit down. The girls were in light cotton dresses that came down to just below their knees. They sat right up next to me thigh to thigh.

"Girls, please give Mr. Johnson some room to sit." Said Leah.

"That's ok, Leah." I said as I placed my hand on their legs, high on their thighs. "They are just curious. I like it." I left my hands on their legs as Leah sat across from us.

She was wearing a business suit with her skirt, two to three inches above her knees. She crossed her ankles with her knees tightly clenched together.

I licked my lips and stared at Leah's legs. Missy turned toward me and bent her leg and slid it up on the couch next to my thigh. This caused my hand to slide to her calf and under her dress. I retraced my hand up her thigh and touched panties.

Leah began to relax her knees and her legs separated about six inches. I lifted my head as of trying to get a better look up her thighs.

"Well, Leah. Is Ira running for office again this year?" I asked.

"Oh, yes. He is hoping that this auction will turn the economy around and help him to win the election."

"Do you and the girls intent to support him in his bid for re-election?"

"Yes and Barry as well."

Tina placed her hand on mine and slid it up her thigh to her panties. I turned and looked at Tina's panties. I then turned and looked at Missy's panties. Then I looked between Leah's legs.
She placed her feet about two feet apart, lifted her skirt she spread her legs, no panties.

I smiled. "Please, if this is just a preview of what is coming, you'll get my support."

"Thank you John. Let us know what we can do for you. The girls are both virgins. I am also available. Should your support become evident." Said Leah with a big smile. "Would you like a further show of cooperation?"

"Not now. I want to be clear headed, if you don't mind I'll take a rain check on that." I said.

"We understand. Hopefully you can start the weekly gathering that we use to have under Peter Colter's. I am sure that the whole town will support your efforts and be amicable to your needs." Said Leah.

"Did you grow up attending those gatherings?" I asked.

"I grew up in a different area, but I was told about the gatherings and am sorry that I wasn't. It seems like an ideal condition to raise a family under. Where one person is in total control of all of the townspeople. Of course, providing it is a wise person and not a power hungry person."

"I am not power hungry, but if I unzip my fly, in a room like this I expect three mouths to try to service me. Even with all parents or relatives present."

"I agree. There can only be one alpha cock in the town." Said Leah.

I smiled. "I am happy to hear you say that. Does Ira agree?"

"Oh, yes. He has suggested that I bear a child for you, if you wish."

"We'll see. If all goes well with the Colter's, you may get your wish."

I heard a bell ring in the outer spaces.

"It is time for us to join the crowd. Please follow me."

I leaned over and bared Missy's pussy and stroke it a few times. Then I did the same to Tina. I looked at Leah and she walked over to me and lifted her shirt and spread. I looked, slipped a finger in her already juicy cunt and fingered her a few strokes. I withdrew my finger and said. "Ok ladies let's go."

I was led out of the room to find myself on a small balcony with chairs overlooking the meeting room. I took the seat on the left-most chair. I did not want the girls on either side of me, too much of a distraction. Leah sat next to me.

She whispered. "Would you like one of the girls on each side of you?"

"No this is fine." I said.

There were twelve rows of chairs that could seat around one hundred people. There was a rostrum in the front to the chairs. Across the room was another balcony; seated there were four people, two males and two females.

'Those are the Colter's." Leah indicated. "May, Jean, Arnold and Vincent seated left to right."

The mayor opened the proceedings. "Good afternoon friends. This meeting as you all know has been set up to auction off all of the Colter's interests in the town. We have a prospective buyer for all properties and businesses. I am going to read from the list of such entries in the auction packet. There is a proposed price. If anyone wishes to increase the bid, please signify by giving your auction sign and we will start the bidding. If you can not meet the proposed price, please refrain from bidding. Thank you in advance. All bids are final. Any not bid will be held to the end of the bidding to be discussed with the Colter's."

As the list was read, I raised my hand on each item. There were no competitive bids. The auction took an hour to complete.

"Thank all of you for attending. The Colter's and Mr. Johnson will meet with all of you individually and work out any discrepancies. The order will be as listed on the auction list. Please wait until called." Said Ira.

I looked at Leah and she directed me through the doorway we had entered and out the back door. We walked to the right and there was a huge set of doors that led into a conference room with a huge table and matching chairs. I was directed to the opposite side of the table. Drink and chips and pretzels were provided. I sat and within a few minutes the Colter's entered the room. They seated themselves opposite me at the table. We discussed each of the purchases and the contract signed by the owners of the business. Each contract gave me full control of the business. The owner turned out to be the president that I could terminate for any reason, without compensation, or replace. Peter Colter's was a genius. I really gain respect for this man. Salary negotiations were done on a yearly basis. For the last four years, the salaries had decreased, due to the loss of business and mismanagement of the resources.

I had problems with one of the selling prices and was quickly appeased. The selling price that I suggested was agreed to.
The Colter's signed everything over to me after receiving a certified bank check. The president of the bank was there to issue it against one of my accounts. The Colter's then excused themselves and left the conference room.

I then got to meet with each Owner/President and his/her family.

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