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I basically need to set the rules and contracts terms.
I requested that contrary to the Mayors announcement, I would like to see the Owner of the Lazy Inn first. After this meeting, we would follow the auction list.

Leah left and the girls came and sat with me.

When Leah returned, I instructed her that Tina, Missy and she could leave. "This is going to get boring and I didn't think that they should have to stay."

Leah tried to convince me that they wouldn't mind staying, but I insisted that they leave. I didn't want them there to be involved or to see what arrangement were being made with each of the Owners.

Leah and the girls left the room and she escorted Laura and elderly gentleman into the room. She then left the room.

"Father, this is Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson, this is my father, Tony Assini."

I stood and walked around the table to shake Mr. Assini's hand.
I sat on their side of the table and explained that I had purchased the Ownership of the Lazy Inn.

"I'm sorry that I couldn't have spoken to you before the purchase." Said Tony. "I would have advised you not to purchase it. We are experiencing very hard times now."

"I'm glad to see you are a very honorable person. I have reviewed your business history and agree with your evaluation. I have intentions of turning the economy of this town around. I believe that in two to three months, your profit margin will increase ten-fold. I would like to offer you an incentive. Your salary is currently four percent of the profit margin. I am offering six percent this first year. Your daughter will become part of my work force, if she agrees. I will pay her a salary comparable to her current salary, but also for her expenses. Her activities will be completely under my control. I would appreciate your stating what our business arrangement that you have agreed to under contract." I asked.

"Well, the contract that I agreed to with Peter Colters was very clear. He, or in this case, you have complete authority over the business. You have the right to hire or fire me without reason. While you employ me, we will have a yearly negotiation as to my salary. My family and I may be used as you see fit, physically, mentally or emotionally. Any refusal on the part of any member of my family or I will result in lose of my position and lose of salary and any benefits that you have offered or provided." Said Tony.

"What has been provided to you by the business arrangement thus far?" I asked.

"My house, my car and my college degree has been paid for by the business. The total cost of the degree was over $35,000. Should I renege on my contract, you are entitled to the house, car and $35,000 at 6% interest for the number of years that it has been since earning my degree. You have also set up a trust fund for Laura. I am not sure of the value of that fund, but she will be able to use it, either at your discretion or at her 35 birthday. Of course, this is if we have satisfactorily completed our contract with you to your approval." Tony confirmed.

"Very good. Your recollection is excellent. Do you feel that this agreement is still valid?" I asked.

"Yes. This was all done in good faith. I hope that my daughter understands the implications of her part in this agreement."

"I do father. I am more than willing to fulfill my part in this agreement. I trust Mr. Johnson, not to cause me any undue physical harm." Said Laura with a smile.

"I believe to date, nothing has be asked of you, correct?" I asked.

"Yes, Mr. Johnson. To date, nothing has been requested of me so far." Said Laura.

"You do realize that if we are to bring economic changes to this town, we are going to have to use all of our available resources. Our families and the businessmen in our town are going to have to become involved, as I see fit. I intend to follow the game plan of Peter Colters and his method of improving the economy. This may be difficult at first, but I will try to introduce you into this in a slow manner to allow you to adjust to this style of life. I would like to discuss some points with you Laura, after your father leaves. This is so that you and I can talk freely about what your part will be. Will you be alright with this?" I asked.

"Yes Mr. Johnson. If my father doesn't mind." Said Laura.

"Laura, We have agreed to trust Mr. Johnson. Whatever he requires of us is now up to him." Said Tony.

"Please understand. I know many businesspersons that can help us to make this town a wonderful place to work and live. But like most business men and women there needs vary and are frequently quite perverted. We will need to provide for those needs. Under no circumstances will you be required to sustain permanent injury or scaring to your person." I informed.

Both nodded in agreement.

"Tony, if you are satisfied with our agreement, then let me speak with Laura in private." I stood and shook his hand. As he was leaving I told him not to send the next person in yet.

"Now Laura, I need to ask you some questions. I want you to answer them honestly. This will help me to train you in what you must learn about pleasing businesspersons and the other townsfolk. All right?" I asked.

"Yes Mr. Johnson."

"Are you a virgin in all three holes?"

She frowned. "What three holes?"

"Mouth, cunt and asshole." I stated.

Her mouth opened as her eyes got wide with shock.

"Please Laura. Most men want to either say those words or similar words or have you say those words during sexual activities. Get used to using them if the clients want you to." I said.

"How will I know if they want me to use them?" I will teach you all of that during your training." I said.

"Oh! I have never had a cock in any of the three holes."

"I guess the next questions have to be changed a little then. What is the oldest person you would enjoy sex with?"

"I'm not sure?"

"What about the youngest?"

"Seventeen, I guess."

"How about with your father."

She almost fell over with that question. "I don't think so."

"Have you ever did anything with other girls?"


"Have you ever thought of doing it with anyone?"


"Boys or girls?"

"Both. But I never did it."

I smiled. "Relax. I have to understand where you are in your life and where I need to help you get used to what will be required of you."

"Have you ever seen a grown male naked?"

"No. I have never seen a grown male naked or a grown man's cock. I have seen some children when I baby sat."

"Did you play with the little boys or girls?"

She flushed and looked a little guilty.

I smiled. "It's ok if you were curious. Don't be ashamed. It is natural to be curious."

She just nodded.

"I am going to create a list of males and females. I expect you to rate them as to whether you would consider sex with them. Rate them one to five, with five being the ones you would never sleep with or have sex with. All of them are people in the town. I am sure you know all of them." I removed the list from my briefcase and told her to fill it out and return it to me this evening at my house.

She took the list.

"Before you leave, would you mind lifting your dress and showing me what treasure you have between your legs?"
She flushed and swallowed hard. She grasped the hem of her cotton skirt and lifted her skirt. She was wearing pink panties.
Her knees were tight together.

"Please remove your panties."

She dropped her skirt and reached under her dress and brought her panties to her knees and hesitated.

"All of the way of, please."

She dropped them and stepped out of them. I bent and picked them up. The crotch was damp. I held them to my nose and smiled. "You smell very clean. Excellent."

I looked at her knees.

She took the message and lifted her dress, knees still close together.

"I can't see your cunt unless you spread you sweet thighs. Please sit on the table and lean back."

She sat on the table and leaned back onto her elbows. I moved to her and lifted her legs so the heels were on the table. Her cotton dress slide down her thighs to bunch at her hip. I placed both of my hands on the inside of her knees and pushed out. She resisted a little at first, then relaxed and allowed me to spread her legs.

"Very sweet." I said. "You have nothing to be ashamed of that is one beautiful pussy." I leaned in and licked her. She almost fell off of the other side of the table. I held her hip and licked a few more times. Her eyes went into her head. And with each lick her breath hitched. I returned her panties to her and told her to dress and I would see her this evening and not to forget to fill out the questionnaire.

"Thank you. Mr. Johnson." She said.

"Please try to relax. I assure you, you will like you training." I smiled.

She smiled back and left.

I spoke with all of the businesspersons that were part of my package and asked them to repeat the terms of the agreement that they had agreed to with Peter Colters. They were basically all the same. I own their possessions and family. They all agreed to be totally supportive of my attempt to restore the town to its former economic status. They all agreed that I could use their family and/or girlfriends as needed. I negotiated new percentages with them some increased some decreased some stayed the same. I agreed to review them in six months. The more money that I made available to the townspeople, the better the economy would be. I told them that I would be adjusting the prices and that a town's person would get a bigger discount on anything purchased in town. All outsiders would be charged according to the prices I established. Anyone not following my guidelines would have to answer to the business council and I.

You could feel the enthusiasm within the town after the meeting ended. It was like I breathed new life into the town. I arranged for a business meeting Monday morning at the town hall. It was to be an open meeting to all townspeople and the business council that I had just appointed. Each of the businesses was to provide me with a price list. The list was to use numbers for the items and prices by the unit. I intended for the grade and high schools to enter the data on the school computers that I had just provided. I had the school computers networked to my home server. The school should enter all of the data into the computers by the end of next week. I could start the pricing and get an idea of what would be needed from outside vendors. I headed home remembering that Maureen was coming over with her children at around three o'clock. I stopped at the deli and placed an order for delivery at my house for around five o'clock. I then headed home.
When I got there no one was there yet so I parked in my garage and went into my house. I went to my study and stored my packet and agreements. I then went into my bedroom and showered and changed into my robe. I went down to the pool and sat on the lawn chair. Promptly at 3:30, the doorbell had rung. I got up and opened the door. There stood Maureen and her three children. "Please come in. I showed them the first floor bathroom and the kitchen. I told them to help themselves as I haven't gotten a maid yet. They ran into the kitchen and got themselves some soda and their brother followed and served himself. I escorted Maureen out to the pool and indicated the changing rooms if she need them. The girls and their brother came running out to the pool area and stripped to their bikinis, the brother stripped to his bathing trunks. I sat and removed my robe and sat on the lawn chair naked. Maureen stripped naked and sat next to me on a lawn chair. The girls removed their suits and the brother followed them. The kids jumped into the pool.

"It looks like the girls are very comfortable with you John." Said Maureen.

"They don't seem to bothered with your nakedness either." I said.

"We seldom wore clothes at home, but we never did anything together either." She said.

"Why not?" I asked.

She shrugged. "I just never considered it. But since your arrival here in town, I can see the old Peter Colter's pattern starting to develope. It is so?"

"Yes. Very definitely. I will be fucking all of the young girls in town. And I suspect that there will be quite a bit of sex between families and family members as well." I stated.

"Great! I really missed it," said Maureen. "I am glad that you're here."

After a few minutes, Missy came out of the water and came over next to me. "Will you dry me, please?"

I turned facing Maureen and placed my feet a yard apart and told Missy to come between my legs. Missy positioned herself between my legs and put her hand on my cock and started to stoke it. I picked up a towel and started to dry her from her head to her feet. I wrapped the towel around her shoulder as she seemed chilled.

"Can I sit with you, I'm chilly." Said Missy.

"Sure sweetheart." I replied.

I sat back on the chair, slightly reclined with my legs up.
Missy straddled my hip, pressing her pussy into my cock.

"Thanks." Missy said. She started to rub herself the length of my cock.

"What do you want Missy?" I asked.

"Please fuck me." She asked.

I looked down and was not fully erect. "I'm not ready yet."

She quickly slid down and took my dick into her mouth and started to bob her head.

Debbie saw this and she jumped out of the pool and ran over to my chair. "I'm next!" She shouted.

Bobby walked over and watched in amazement as his sister gave me a blowjob.

"Would you like one." Asked Maureen.

Bobby looked at his mother and shook his head yes.

"Debbie would you like to do your brother?" Asked Maureen.

"Sure, but I want John to fuck me. K?"

"Ok. Bobby can fuck me, if he wants to."

"Cool!" Said Bobby.

Debbie reached out for her brother's cock and knelt down bringing his small cock to her lips. Her brother almost on contact had an orgasm.

"Awwh. He didn't cum?" said Debbie disappointed.

"He's too young yet, Debbie. But he did like it." Said Maureen.

"Oh, ok. I'm sure John will have some for me." Said Debbie.

Missy pulled off of John and lifted her hip above his cock. She reached down and put it at her pussy entrance as she slid down John's cock. Taking his cock in to the balls and she started to ride him.

Maureen smiled. "Well I guess you do know how to treat young girls. They seem to be enjoying it only after one day. You must have been gentle."

"He was mom. It only hurt a little bit. It was sore yesterday, but feels good today." Said Debbie.

"I'm pleased. I am so happy that both of you enjoyed it." Said Maureen.

"Do you want some mom?" Asked Debbie.

"I'd rather see you girls get it first.' Said Maureen.

By the time the girls were done with me, the delivery guy from the deli had arrived. I opened the back gate and there was a young male around 15 years old. I recognized him as the deli owner's son. Come in I said. My guests were sitting on the lawn chairs naked. He put the catered food on to the table and went back for more.
"Well Maureen. Like them young?" I smiled.

She nodded and smiled.

As Bert came in I told him to lock up the truck. I have a service I need done. He returned and I brought him over to Maureen.

"Do you think that you might be able to help my friend here. She seems to have an itching between her legs." I said.

His eyes widened, as she spread her legs and spread the cunt lips. "The itch is in here." Maureen said.

Bert knelt next to the chair and started to finger her. She placed her hand behind his head and pulled his willing face into her cunt. Debbie started to remove his pants. He lifted his legs to assist her. I pulled a flat air mattress out from the storage room and lay it flat on the ground. Maureen pushed his head away and lay down on the mattress. His head followed her pussy like a trained dog. He continued to eat her out as the daughters both shared in working on his four-inch cock and balls. I hit the remote camera I had set up so I could record this sexy sight. Once Maureen was ready for him she pulled him up and grabbed his cock and guided it into her cunt.

"Roll over." I told Maureen.

She rolled over on top of Bert. The girls both went between their mothers rear legs and started to lick her cunt and his cock. Debbie settled for her mother's asshole. I guided Bobby over and had Debbie suck him to get him hard and the guided his cock into his mother's ass.
He had a little problem keeping it in her, but he sure tried like hell. Once I got him seated in his mom, Debbie attacked me. I bent her over next to her mom and entered her ass hole and brought my hand around her front and fingered her clit and cunt.

Bert came inside of Maureen and she kept pumping, since he obviously did not lose his erection.

"Heather go sit on his face."

She eagerly jumped up and sat on Bert's face. Her mother leaned forward and started to lick her ass. First Debbie came, then Bobby, then Heather followed by Bert. I moved out of Debbie an entered Maureen ass. She came almost immediately after I entered her. I finished last and gave Bert twenty bucks for the delivery. I offered him the shower and he went into it with Heather and Debbie. They came out a half-hour later. Bert left and Maureen and Bobby showered. I was outside with the girls.

"Would you girls like to fuck Bobby?"

They looked at each other and made a face. "Nah." They said in unison.

"Why not?"

"Cause he don't cum." Said Heather.

"But if you teach him to lick you, he may be good?" I said.

"Ok. That sounds good. While he licks one of us we can suck on his cock. Cool." Said Heather.

Well, I was not worried about this family. They seemed to like the idea of sex with anyone. My next family was the Assini's.

The Fearn family left at around seven o'clock.

Laura came to my door around eight.

I escorted her inside. I had changed into sweat clothes and was just washing the dishes when she rang the bell. I answered the door and asked her to come in. She followed me to the kitchen as I continued to wash the dishes.

"Would you like me to finish the dishes for you while you read the questionnaire?" Asked Laura.

"I would appreciate that very much." I said.

She handed me the sheets and I sat at the table watching her do the dishes. She wore a cotton print dress. The material was almost transparent. She wore a slip beneath the dress.

I started to read the sheets.
The first male on the list was my name. I got a rating of 1 in all three holes.
The next was an old male of sixty years old. He rated a 5 in all three.
The next was a male of eight years old. He rated a 5 in all three.
The next her father. He rated a three in all three.
The next was Debbie. She rated a 5 in all three. Heather the same.
Maureen she rated a four in all three.
Then I had a fill in part. Fill in all males in order of her willingness for them to use all three holes.
Again, I was rated first.
Three of the other ones rated 2 were boys of her age.
I was the oldest rated in the fill in. All others were around her age.
Then the fill in for the girls were listed. The first five were her closest friends all rated a three. No female rated above a three.
The oldest was one of the high school teachers also rated a three.
She finished the dishes and came to sit at the table with me.

"Do you consider girls sex dirty?"

She squirmed in her seat. "A little."

"You don't seem to mind sex with men?"

"No. Not some men."

"You have never seen a grown man correct?"


"Would you like to see a grown male naked?"


"Are you wet now?"

She gulped. "Yes."

"Come over here and remove my pants."

She got up and placed her hands in the waistband of my sweat pants. I was standing. She pushed them down to my knees and was crouching with her face at my cock level. Her eyes locked on my cock. Her mouth opened in surprise. I started to lift my leg then she realized it and removed the sweat pants off of the one leg. I then lifted my other leg and she removed my sweats completely and stood up.

She looked into my eyes. I smiled. "Did you like what you saw?"

She looked worried. "Yes, but are they all so big?"

"Some are much bigger and a lot much smaller. But once you get used to them, you'll love them all." I said.

She gulped. Keeping her eyes fixed on mine. Her eyes betrayed her as they would drop to look, but quickly return to my face.

"Do you want to explore it?" I asked her.

She gulped and just nodded her head very slowly.

"So now I have seen yours and you have seen mine. Did you like my looking at you?"

"Oh, yes. It excited me."

"Would you like other guys to look at you?"

"I think so."

"Take my shirt off." I said.

She grabbed the bottom of my shirt, being sure to see my manhood as she did and lifted it over my head. She placed my shirt on the chair. Then turned back to me.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and brought my lips down to her lips. He mouth opened slightly. I pushed my tongue between her lips and she opened her mouth and touched her tongue to mine. She placed her hands on my shoulders and felt my warm flesh. She moaned. My hands went down to the back of her dress and pulled the dress up so I could place my hands on her panty- covered ass. I lifted the dress so my cock came into contact with her panties. At the contact she moaned. I took her hand and placed it on my cock. It stayed on me, but didn't move. I broke the kiss.

"Stroke me." I whispered.

Her hand moved tentatively on me.
"Squeeze harder and move from the belly to the tip with your hand."

Her eyes were looking into my eyes. I could see the desire over- coming her fear. She was beginning to enjoy the contact. I moved my hands around to her ass and slipped them inside of her panties cupping her cheeks, pulling her up against her hand on my cock. Again she moaned.

"Do you like it."

"Yes." She breathed out into my face, very softly. Her eyes looking deeply into my eyes.

I reached for the clasp at her neck undid it then found the zipper and unzipped it to her waist. I eased the dress off of her shoulders and it fell to the floor. I looked down at her breasts and kissed the swell that was above her bra. Then I returned to her lips. She hungrily received my tongue. My hands were busy unclasping her bra and removed it. She pressed her chest against mine and I felt her nipples hardening as we hugged. Her hand was still stroking me with vigor. I broke the kiss and told her.

"Easy, you're going to make me cum."

She mouthed. "Sorry."

I smiled. "It's good to see you're ready for this. Does the idea excite you?"

"Very much."

"Just think of all of the boys, girls, men and woman that you will be able to enjoy this with. They will come in all different shapes and sizes. I think you will love it all."

She tensed a little. But my one hand slipped between her legs from the rear, just brushing her clit. Her eyes closed and a brief moan escaped from her lips. She was dripping from between her legs. I placed both hands in the waistband of her panties and pushed them down her legs. She stepped out of them and I stood and moved her hand to my shoulder. She now had both hands on my shoulders. The head of my dick kept bumping against her pubic area. When it hit her clit her breath would catch.

"Are you ready to go into the bedroom with me?" I asked.

She nodded.

I walked her to my bedroom. I had silk sheets on the bed and the bed was already rolled down for our entry.

She lay on her back as I eased in next to her. I turned on my side facing her as my cock rested on her thigh. She looked down at it. Her right arm passed behind me as I slide up next to her right side. I butterfly kissed her face and worked my way to her erect nipples. They rode high on her breast and stuck out an inch from the flesh. They pointed up at her face. I brushed over them lightly and caressed her tummy. She was a real black-haired, with almost no hair. She was not shaven, just lightly covered with hair. Her hand worked its way over to my cock and she held it and started to pump and feel it.

I lay on my back and guided her head to my chest. She started to baby kiss my chest. She went to my nipples as I guided her head. Then I slowly pushed her head lower. I tilted my hip up showing her where I wanted her lips to go. She started to move of her own accord. She kissed down my stomach as I used my hand on her ass. I slide between her legs and traveled down her ass crack to her pussy. As her face got lower I moved her butt closer to my face. I pushed her hip so her pussy came forward and was in my face. She had a very prominent set of lips that looked like a camel toe. She was sopping wet. I looked down my body just as her lips closed over the head of my cock. I thrust forward, reacting to the contact. She gagged.

"Sorry. It felt so good my hip just reacted."

Her answer was to try to take my whole cock into her mouth.
I can honestly say that this girl was made for sucking cock. If her pussy was anything like her mouth, I just might keep her for myself. She really was into doing a great job, so I lay and enjoyed it. I stared to cum in her mouth and she pulled back a little then swallowed and got a firmer lip-lock on my love muscle and sucked me dry.

After I completed, I lay her on her back and started to lick her and finger her like there was no tomorrow. I have never seen a girl squirt before, but she did. She squirted at least four times before she pushed my head away. I then pulled her up to me and started to kiss and fondle her. She returned the favor. She was one very willing girl. I was ready in about ten minutes and got between her legs. She guided me into her and I slammed it home. She winced and bled. She didn't wait to adjust she just started humping me. No waiting, she just jumped on my cock. She came again about four times in succession. I rolled her over and took hole number three. She was the tightest girl that I have ever fucked in all of her holes. She was amazing. She spent the night and by morning, I was worn out. She woke me five times during the night to be serviced.

My initial evaluation of Laura was correct. Once she was introduced into the acts, she would be impossible for one person to satisfy at least one normal person.

I was already concocting a plan to test this theory.

We took a shower together and again she gave me a blow job.
I told her to return this evening as I had some business that needed my attention. I contacted four young males between the ages of ten and thirteen to come to my house this evening. I had Maureen and her family come to my house. I had Tony Assini come to my house. I had four gentleman over the age of sixty come to my house. I explained to Tony what i Intended to do to his daughter. He said, if I thought that it was best, that he would not object. I asked him if he ever wanted to have sex with her and he hesitated, then said yes, many times. But I could never bring myself to do it.

"Well here is your chance. I think she does want you. She really loves you."

"Well, Ok then. Do you think she can handle it?"

"I hate to say this, but she can handle a lot more then we will ask of her and she will love it."

He smiled. "Just like her mother. She was the favorite of Peter Colters."

"I will try to be fair. If she is more willing then others, I can see no harm in it for her. After her training, she will, of course, have a say in how she is used. I will never make her do anything she truly objects too."

"I trust you, John."

After my guests arrived, I explained to them that they would all be involved in the training of Miss Laura Assini. You will follow my instruction to the letter. No one will vary from what I tell you to do.
All agreed. The young boys were giddy thinking that they were going to have sex with such a beautiful woman.
When Laura arrived, I met her at the door and led her to the rec room. All of the other guests were able to view the rec room from a camera and monitor, that I told them I had set up for this occasion. In truth, these were my normal surveillance cameras and monitors.
I brought her into the room told her to get naked and stripped down myself. We went sixty-nine for about five minutes until she started to lose control. I lay her down on her back and sat on her chest feeding her my cock into her mouth. As she got involved with my cock. I started to finger her. She started to bump into my hand losing control again. I held up one finger and her father entered to room and slide between her legs and started to fuck her. Her eyes widened in surprise, but after a few stokes into her cunt she relaxed and fucked back. I put up two fingers and one of the older guys came in and traded places with her father and he trade places with me. She looked up and saw her father and just was so far gone she grabbed his cock and stuffed it into her mouth. Her father shot into her mouth and she greedily swollowed it. Then the ten year old was led in and sat on her chest. She saw his little cock and swallowed it to the balls. By now she saw the sixty-year old finishing in her cunt. He was replaced by an older guy. As he entered her she thrust up to meet him. He was larger then the last male. The young guy finished with no squirt. He backed off and the next to sit on her face was Maureen. I had the thirteen year old go and suck on her tits. He love it being able to watch a woman get eaten out as he was sucking on sweet tits. Her father came back lifted her hip and entered her ass. Maureen got off of her face and held her head up to watch her father ass fuck her. The thirteen year old went to one side of her face and fed her his cock, which she took in and started to suck on. Sucking this young male and being ass fucked by her father brought on and extreme orgasm. He dad came in her ass as the teen finished in her mouth. Everyone backed off.
I came up to her and kissed her she clung to me.

She whispered. "More please."

I signaled to the two girls and one sat on her face while one went to her pussy.
I had Bobby fuck his sister Debbie in the cunt as she ate out Laura. I had the other teen fuck Heather over Laura's mouth.

Debbie came and backed off with Bobby still pumping. The oldest of the guys came out and poised himself at Laura's cunt. He was huge. It took him five minutes to completely enter Laura. He fucked her for half and hour. Non stop and she wrapped her legs around him and pumped with all of her might. When he came he filler her to overflowing. The girls all joined in to clean out Laura's pussy.
After all were through, I carried Laura to the guess bedroom. Her father asked to stay until she recovered. Everyone else left.
I sat with Laura for an hour before she came around. I hugged her and then her father came over and hugged her.

"Was I good Daddy?" She asked.

"Great princess."

"Will you let me do it again with my father?" Asked Laura.

"I know of a few vendors that would love to watch you two do it with each other. How does that sound?" I asked.

They both smiled and said "Great!".

"You’re my two favorite guys." Said Laura.

Laura and her father left and returned home.

I went to my computer and sent out an invitation to all of the owners, that I would like to have a meeting next weekend at my home. I told them that I would be stopping by this week handing out questionnaires that I would like completed by the weekend outing at my home. I informed them that I would like all family members as well as owners to attend. If they were unable to attend, I would appreciate notification since I was preparing to have catered food. Also to bring their bathing suits and anything else that they may require.

I was busy most of the week setting up business meeting with vendors. I needed to find out what their interests were and if I could appease them. Most of what they wanted, I believed I could supply them with, but some were way out there. It would take some work on my part to set some of these things up. I was out of the town most of the week. On Thursday morning, I returned and went to town with the questionnaires.

I stopped at each of the business and gave them the questionnaires with instructions on how to use them. Basically it listed activities that they were willing to participate in and those that might cause them some trepidation. The parents also were to indicate their preferences for their children. The children were to fill out their own forms and return them to me. All forms would be held in the strictest confidence.

By Friday, everyone had indicated the number of family members that they intended to have attend the outing. Very few could not attend due to prior commitments, but were willing to meet during the week with me if possible.

I responded to all that had conflict and scheduled a time during the week or on Sunday when I could meet with them. I ordered the food from the deli and paid for it on the spot. I did not wish to infringe on the profit margin of the deli.
By Saturday morning, everything was ready for the outing.


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2014-10-10 13:38:09
Great information This can be amwosee. United states looked at the offer joyful therefore we are taken aback. We are most certainly curious about one of these anything. Our team appreciate your regular knowledge, and prize doing in this. Please keep cutting. These are r

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2010-07-03 07:13:04
B O R I N G ! ! !
a bit to long you cant write. this storie is fucking shit

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2010-03-31 12:46:31
this story is boring. too long and drawn out before the good part


2009-08-19 07:45:18
the storie was great but it was almost too sexual

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