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Meeting the townsfolk
The people all started to arrive by nine in the morning. As they came in to the house, I collected each of the questionnaires. I scanned most of them and was quite impressed with the variety of choices that were highlighted. My task may not be as difficult as I had first imagined. I had locked all of the rooms upstairs, which I did not want people to enter. There were five bathrooms available to my guests. All rooms had the CCTV cameras in place and working. The changing booths were all working as well.

The middle school principle waved to me and I went to greet her.

"Greeting Mrs. Hirchell. I am glad to see you could make it."

"Please call me Emma." She said.

"And please call me John. " I answered.

"I am happy too report that all of the data required to be entered by the Middle school has been entered." She reported.

"Excellent! Maybe we should give the children a reward for their efforts. Do you have any suggestions?" I asked.

"Well, if you started to have weekly parties like Peter Colters used to have, I think that would fit the bill. Most of the parents took part in those parties and truly miss them." Emma stated.

"You as well?" I asked.

"Especially me. They created a unique need in me as with all of the townsfolk."
"Well, I just may do that. Depending on the amount of cooperation the town is willing to provide. I know many of the business people are willing to help, I'm unsure of the other townsfolk."

"Oh. I think you will have one-hundred percent, once they realize what your intent is."

"I assume that I will have your full cooperation. If I should need any of the children for a small project."

"I will be happy to provide you with all that you need. I am willing to assist you in any areas, where you might need it." Saying that she handed me her Questionnaire.
I quickly reviewed it. "Very good. I can see you will be an asset to the town and the children. You seem to be very versatile. I am sure that we will get along just fine."

"Thanks you, John. I am at your service." She smiled.

"Please excuse me I have to greet the guests as they arrive."

I headed for the front door and greeted around six children around twelve years old, two boys and four girls. They smiled and blushed as they handed me their forms.

"Please, help yourselves. There are changing rooms by the pool feel free to use them. There is food if you care to eat and bathrooms on all three floors. Please don’t enter the locked rooms." I said knowing that this was just what they needed to try to see what was in those rooms.

I scanned their sheets and noticed that they were all virgins. This confused me. In a town like this, how could they all be virgins?

I walked over to Emma. "Emma. I notice that most of the children are virgins, even the boys. Why is that?"

"The families were still under contract to the Colters. I am sure that the Colters did not know the terms of Peter, but the families did." She informed me.

I smiled ear to ear.

"I figured you'd like to hear that."

I leaned into her and whispered. "All that virgin cock and cunt!"

She smiled. "Ready for the plucking." She was almost salivating.

"Old or young?" I asked her.

Her response was. "YES!"

I chuckled.

"Have you met Howard Retin?" I asked.

"I know him." She said.

"Try him!" I suggested. This was the very old guy that was the last one with Laura.

"He is over there."

She walked over to Howard and started a conversation. Howard saluted me and mouthed thanks. They faded into the garden. They returned a few minutes later.
Emma walked over to me and said. "Oh my god. I never would have guessed.

Thanks. You don't mind if we get together during the week do you?"

"Consider it a management incentive for both of you." I smiled. "But keep him away from the children yet."

"Bet on it!" She smiled. "I hope you will let me, taste some of the boys and girls."

"Just taste? I asked.

"Yes. Unless you have some children built like Howard."

"I doubt that, but you never know."

She walked back to Howard and he smile when she got there. He nodded as if pleased with the news. I smiled.

I went to the podium and asked for everyone's attention.

"Hello friends and neighbors. You all realize why you are here. I hope the children were informed and understand the conditions that we are living in. I intend to meet with everyone today in private. I want to discuss your forms. I will meet with each person alone. I will explain what the needs are and how I will try to control them. No one will work outside of the collective. Please feel free to ask any question that may arise or anything that you may not understand. Whenever an assignment is given, you have the right to speak to me about it. I will have the final say. I will also try to stay within the guidelines that you have outlined. But in some cases, I may have to override your selections and/or incentives. We must work in the interest of the collective. All grievances should be directed to me. As I come up to you and ask you to come to my office, after a few minutes, you will enter my office on the other side of the kitchen. Please knock before entering. Thank you and enjoy yourselves."

There was a load round of applause.

I walked over and got a drink of soda from the bartender. She smiled and handed me my drink. I had fifteen people on staff serving everyone else and had made arrangements to meet with them the next week.

I walked over to the pool and saw a young girl. She appeared to be around ten. She was flat chested and almost no shape to her body.

"Hi. What is your name?" I asked.

"Michelle Price." She answered.

"Did you understand what I said?"

"Yes sir. Am I to go to your office in five minutes?"

"Yes, sweetheart. Don't be afraid."

"I'm not. Mommy and daddy told me it would be fun."

"Well, maybe not today, maybe later. Ok?"


I went to my office and left the door open.
Michelle knocked on my door and I told her to enter and close the door.
She walked over to the desk and I told her to sit on my side of the desk. So I could observe her body language.

"Michelle, did you fill out this form all by yourself?"

"After mom and dad explained some of the stuff to me."

"Did you understand what they were talking about?"

"Mostly. The girls at school talk about this stuff a lot."

"How old are you?"


"Do you ever touch yourself?"

She looked confused.

"I reached out and touched her chest. Here?" I reached and touched between her legs. "Or here?"

"Only when I have gone pee and have to clean myself."

I told her to stand and come over by me. She stood and walked between my legs, facing me. I ran my hands from her hair, down her sides, to her toes and back to her hip. I held her hip and moved her close to my face. I breathed on her sex. She wiggled.

"Does that feel good?"

"Yes, I like the way you touched me."

"Does anyone else touch you like that?"

"No. But if felt nice."

"Ok." I kept her in front of me.

"Have you ever seen a boy naked or a man?"

"No." She giggled.

"What about other girls?"

"Yes. In the showers at school."

"Do you like the way they look?"


"Would you like to see a boy nude or a man?"

"Yes." She giggled.

I asked her if she knew what oral sex was. This was one of the questions.

"Mommy said that it meant to put a boys thing in my mouth."

"Would you like to do that?"

She shook her head yes.

I was never going to make it through the day. I wanted to see if she would. But I resisted. I scheduled her for a meeting on Monday with her mother and father. Then released her to join the party.

I walked out and looked for my next candidate. I took a boy of about eleven years old. "Will you please come to my office."

"Yes Sir."

I walked to my office left the door open.

He knocked and entered when I told him to. He came to my desk and sat on my side of the desk.

"What is your name?"

"Billy Parker."

I scanned his sheets. "So Billy, you like girls and boys?"


"Do you understand what I mean by like?"

"Yes, to have sex with."

I unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock.

"Would you like to suck on this for me?"

He got out of his seat and reached for my cock.

"Never mind. I just wanted to see if you liked boys for real."

"Wow. You have a big one."

"If I had a naked girl here for you what would you do first."

"Grab her boobs."

"Have you ever seen a naked girl?'

"Only a baby one."

"Do you ever touch yourself."

"Do you mean jerk off?"


"Yes. About three times a day."

"Ok. I'm finished with you for now."

This was going to be a real waste of time.

I reviewed some of the sheets and narrowed it down to the parents and their choices. Most were into incest or infidelity. Five women wanted to try bestiality. Most men wanted pedophilia or teens. There was a bunch of BI or gays.
About three males were totally submissive, eight females.
There were four dominant females and two males.
There were a variety of other perversions to numerous to list.
Some sexual acts suggested acts of which I have never heard. This was going to take some time to sort out. I figured that I would have to search through Colters library and see if I could pick up some pointers on how to handle these different acts. I decided to pair like requests so that I could get a few of the incentives out of the way. There were many that liked, either giving or getting oral or both, men and woman. That was one of the most common ones. There were of course women who wanted giant males. I had the men include the size of the cocks on the form.
I had decided that the children would have to be done under my direct supervision. I didn't want children hurt or turned off to sex.
I decided to start entering the data into the computer and trying to get a correlation of common requests. But first I needed some release.
I went outside and saw this beautiful girl that looked around twelve years old. Just starting to develop. I approached her and asked her to come to my office. After I arrived I sat and waited. She knocked and I told her to come in. She entered very nervous.

"Don't be nervous. Come sit here." She sat next to me, facing me. She had on a small two-piece swimsuit.

"What is your name?" I asked.

"Maria Torres."

"How old are you?"

"I am eleven."

"Did you fill out the form by yourself or did mom or dad help you?"

"I filled it out myself."

"Did you understand all of the questions?"

"Most of them. The ones I didn't I looked up in a health book, or asked my sister about."

"Very good." I smiled. "It says that you have never seen a grown male, but would love to see one."

"Yes." she blushed.

"What else would you like to do with a grown male?"

"Everything." She blushed.

"Have you ever been naked before a grown male?"

"No." She said swallowing hard.

"Do you know why a male gets an erection?"

"Because he is excited."

"What excites a male?"

"Seeing a naked girl or imagining what he would like to do to her."

"How can a guy tell a girl is excited?"

"She get wet, down there."

"Are you wet?"


"Would you like to show me?"

"Yes." She stood up and moved her suit bottoms to her knees.

"Please remove them."

She stepped out of them and sat down with her knees together.

"May I see how wet you are?"

She spread her legs.

"Please stand over here and spread your legs."

She stood between my legs and spread her legs.
I placed one hand on her ass and slide my hand between her legs.
She closed her eyes and pressed into my hand.

"Why don't you remove your top as well." I instructed.

She reached up and removed her top still pressing her body into my hand. I removed my hand and asked her to step back a second. She reluctantly stepped back.

I adjusted my chair to a higher height so that my face was even with her. I waved her back to me she came and I could feel her thighs against the inside of my thighs. Her mound was inches from the front of my pants. I looked up into her dark eyes and saw a desire in them. I reached out with both hands and ran my fingers through her silken black hair. She leaned into my hand like a kitten being petted, her eyes closed. She took in a breath and sighed as she let it exhale. I continued down her beautiful face to her cheeks. I took one finger and ran it across her lips. She had full lips. Her mouth opened slightly. I pressed the finger into her mouth. Her tongue started to play with my finger. She moaned a little. I slide a finger behind her ear and she smiled and turned into it like it tickled a little. I removed the finger from her mouth and circle her one nipple, not touching it just circling it. She had reddish brown nipples about the size of a quarter. They were slightly elevated. As I closed on the nipple, the nipple began to rise away from her chest. I leaned in and kissed her lips with mine and used my lips to pull on hers. I could not believe that this girl was only eleven. She was such a turn on. I placed my index finger from my other hand to my lips and wet it. I then proceeded to her other nipple. She arched into the contact. I pushed her back a little and stood up. I dropped my pants and sat down. I raised my legs and told Maria to remove my pants. I still had my trunks on. Her eyes were locked on my shorts, trying to see anything. She removed the pants and handed them to me. I placed them on the desk. Her eyes were wide in anticipation. I stood and told her to remove my shorts. She licked her lips and moved her fingers inside of my waistband and slid them down. As my cock jumped into view her head jerked back and she smiled. Her eyes got large. Her mouth opened in surprise. She looked into my eyes.

"May I touch it." Maria said nervously.

I smiled. "Sure, if you would like to touch me."

She reached out and grasped my cock in her fingers. She moved her face really close to my cock, and studied it. She held it tightly and moved the foreskin up and down. I reached out and started to lightly pinch her nipples. She came closer and pressed her tits against my hands. She used her other hand to cup my balls and explored my groin. I ran my hands over her body from her neck to her ass. Her body felt so soft and smooth. She really was enjoying touching me so I just allowed her to continue.

After allowing her enjoy the contact, I asked her. "Would you like to taste it?"

She looked up at me and shook her head.

I placed my hand behind her head and guided her head down into my lap. She placed the head of my cock to her lips and licked it. Never taking her eyes off of my face.

I smiled and shook my head. She started to lick up and down the shaft. My eyes closed and opened as the silky tongue pressed up and down my shaft. She came back to the head and allowed the head to enter into her mouth. She rotated her head with her lips locked over the crown.

I let out a moan. "Did your mother teach you how to please a man?"

She opened her mouth and mumbled. "No, my sister, told me how to do it." Then she returned to her pleasing me.

I held her head and removed her mouth from me. I guided her over to a couch in my room and lay on my back. She immediately returned to her task. I guided her lower body around and had her straddle my chest. I was presented with an open pussy to look at. I placed my hands on her ass and spread her cheeks. This gave me a full view of her back end and I could see her mouth working on my cock. She had her hip high and was in a doggy position. I wet my finger and found her clit. As I touched her clit, her mouth stopped moving as well as her tongue. I gently massaged her clit. I could see the juices dripping down from her pussy onto my chest. She again started moving on my cock. I wet the other hand on her pussy juices and probed one finger into her butt hole. I pressed the finger forward and it slowly entered her ass. Her hip tilted and she tried to sit back onto the finger. I had to stop her from sitting on the finger. I did not want to hurt her. The hand that was working her clit came out and I placed it on her ass and prevented her from moving backward. I felt myself starting to cum.

"Swallow it Maria. Drink it all down."

She didn't miss a drop. Burst after burst went into her mouth and she gulped it down like a pro. She continued to milk me and lick the remaining cum from me. I started to get flaccid and she sat up on my chest.

"Maria turn around." I said.

She turned around on my chest and looked into my face smiling. "Was I good?" She said with some trepidation.

I smiled at her and said. "Excellent! You did a great job. Would you like more?"

"Yes please!"

I pushed her down to my stomach and told her to stand up. She stood. I moved and stood and told her to lie down on the couch. I got between her legs. I kissed her lips and she stuck her tongue in my mouth. She had the face of innocence and the manners of a slut. I loved it.

I continued to kiss her and slide down to her nipples, then to her belly button. I kissed down to where her pubic hair should be present and there were a few dark hairs there. I slide to the right over her ovaries and she shivered and pressed into my mouth. I kissed back to her left side and got the same reaction. I then centered and slide to her pubic bone and covered her bone with my mouth pushing my tongue against her slit. She moaned loudly and pressed into my mouth. I had my hands under her butt and pressed a finger into her asshole. My other finger went to her cunt. My finger slide into he pussy to the hymen. She started to move like she was having a seizure. I pressed my fingers forward and entered her butt to the palm. Her hymen gave way and she screeched. I held my finger still and quickly started to lick her. She calmed down and shortly got into the motion of my licking. Her hip motion was causing my finger to move inside of her. Her legs wrapped around my arm with her heels in my armpits. She was pulling me into her. Her hands grabbed me by the hair and pulled me into her. I thought this tiny little girl was going to smother me between her legs. I was totally enjoying this young girl. She was willing to do anything and she did it anxiously. She had such a beautiful face, her body although not fully developed, had promise beyond any girls that I had seen to date. She was sweet and it appeared that she was designed for sex. She came and continued to experience multiple orgasms as I continued to lick her. I counted at least five. I decide that this young girl was ready to get the thing she most wanted. I pulled away and told her.

"Ok, Maria."

I sat up and told her to straddle my cock. She needed help getting into position, but when she straddled me, her hand grasped my cock and guided it to her pussy. She sunk down on my cock like she had done it before. I could see the blood on my finger from her cherry. So I know she was new to this. She buried my cock into her until my pubic hair tickled her mound. She started pumping like there was no tomorrow. Almost immediately she came again. Her cunt sucked at my cock and gripped it like a vise. I couldn't believe that this was the hottest fuck that I have had in my life. I came inside of her within minutes. She kept going and I remained hard inside of her furnace. I pulled her tightly to my body and kissed her deeply. No eleven-year old girl had a right to be so special. She never let up. I came again flooding her with my cum. She swooned and collapsed as she came with me this last time. I lay her down on the couch and covered her with a sheet. She slept.
I went outside in search of her parents and found them.

"Mr. Phillipe Torres?"

"Yes Mr. Johnson." He answered.

"I believe that Maria will be spending the night with me. Can you point out her sister please?" I asked.

He smiled. "Was she good? Did she satisfy you?" He asked.

"Very much! You have a very special daughter there. I may keep her for myself. Her sister?" I asked.

He was very pleased with my statement and he shook my hand vigorously. "I know you will care for her, better then I can. I would be pleased for her to stay with you as long as you like. Her sister is Rosa Moore. She is married. But I believe still under contract. She is over by the pool." He pointed to a very pretty girl of around eighteen years old.

"Thank you. I am sorry but I will not be able to complete all of the interviews that I had intended to complete today. Rest assured that Maria has filled your first months requirements, an I see my personal use of her as a definite incentive for our business relations to grow in your favor."

He smiled and his wife came over and kissed me on the lips. "Thank you. If I can be of service please call me." Said his wife Anna.

I walked over to Rosa and asked her to come into my office.

Her husband, I assume, stood and kissed her. He took my hand and shook it. "I am Richard, Rosa's husband. She will do anything that you wish. Both her family and mine have contracts with you."

"No regrets on your part?" I asked.

"I have been informed that if you require her services for a long time, that my requirements will be tended to by you." He stated.

"That will depend upon the situation, also upon your request for satisfaction. The good of our collective is more important then one's needs. I am sure if required I will be able to have you needs taken care of." I stated.

"I am sorry Mr. Johnson. I didn't mean to offend you. Please accept my apologies." He said.

I walked over to him and whispered. "What was your request?"

"I want her mother or sister. If it is possible." He whispered. "Or my mother or sisters."

"I don't think that will be a problem. We will see how it turns out. Ok?"

"Yes sir."

I walked back to the office. I went into the office and waited a few minutes until I heard a knock on my door. I got up and opened the door. There stood Rosa.

"Please come in. I have just spent time with your sister and it appears that she is well satisfied. Come in."

We walked over to the couch and there lay Maria, under the cover. I sat on the couch and uncovered Maria's pussy. It was dripping my cum.

"Would you like to clean your sister up?" I asked.

She looked me in the eyes.

I smiled. "Your sister wanted you to clean her after her first cock."

"Really." She smiled. "That little devil. Was she good?"

"Very. You did an excellent job training her. How did you do it?"

"I let her watch me and Richard. Then explained what I had done and how I did it."

"Would you like some towels, or are you going to do it with your mouth?" I asked.

Her expression showed surprise. "Can I do it with my mouth?"

"But of course. After you finish with her you can do it to me. Alright?"

She smiled. "I would love to do it to you. Maybe we both can at the same time."

"She is staying the night. Would you like to as well?"

"Yes, please."

"How many men have you been with?" I asked.

"Only Richard."

"How big is he?"

"He is four inches, but very fat."

"Would you like something this size?" I asked as I pulled out my cock.

Her eyes brightened and her mouth opened. "Yes!"

"Well clean your sister first."

She lifted her sister legs and spread them. She started to lick her sister. Maria's eyes opened and looked up at me. Then she realized that I was not between her legs and looked down.
"Rosa! I did good. Just like you said."
She arched her hip into her sister's mouth.
I got to my knees and kissed Maria on the mouth. I continued kissing her until her sister was done cleaning her. She had a series of multiple orgasms at her sister's expense.

I walked over to my desk and picked up the hand-held intercom. I told one of the porters to inform Mr. Moore that Rosa would be spending the night.
I went back to the couch and sat between the two girls. I lifted Maria on to my lap and cuddled with her.

"Would you like to take a nap Maria?" I asked.

She smiled and shook her head yes. I escorted the girls to my guest bedroom and told them to relax and clean themselves up for tonight. There was an attached bathroom fit for a princess.

Having reviewed some of the other folders, I returned to poolside and had casual conversations with some of my guests.

I went over to Emma and told her that as soon as I could assign case numbers to the individual surveys, I would like the school to enter them into the system.

"It would be our honor." Said Emma. "Just let me know when they are ready and I will send one or more of our students to pick them up."

"Thanks. Female students I assume? How are things going with your new friend?"

She rubbed her groin and said. "Sore, but great."

I smiled and went to Anna Torres.

"So Anna. How do you feel about your son-in-law?"

She looked at me with question in her eyes.

"Do you lick him." I intentionally misspoke, smiling.

"Oh! Is it what he wants?" She asked.

"Well I understand he is short but fat. Is this to your liking?"

She blushed and smiled. "I think I would like to try it."

"Ok. I am assigning Phillipe a task to be completed out of town tonight. I will tell Richard that I want him to service you tonight in your home. Ok?"

Anna blushed and smiled. "Ok."

I later told Phillipe that I had an assignment for him tonight. The widow Jasmine Lee was in need of some assistance tonight and that I have informed his wife that he would be out of town doing a task for me. Mrs. Lee is at the Lee Estate. She needs some affection.

He smiled from ear to ear and said. "Can I leave now?"

"No. Not until seven o'clock this evening." I told him.

I found Mrs. Lee and informed her that she would be getting a visit this evening by her number two choices on her request form this evening at seven thirty.

She smiled. "Thanks you so much."

"He will be staying the night." I hope this meets with your approval. "I will be speaking with your girls later this week. That is, if you have no objections? Unless you would like them to spend the week with me?"

"Oh! I have no objections at all. I hope you can make them like me. They seem so immature for there age. I doubt if they even touch themselves. It would be fine with me if they spend the week with you."

"As beautiful as they are, they shouldn't have to do that." I said.

She smiled. "Thanks you. Mr. Johnson."

"I will be stopping in the restaurant this week on Wednesday. Please have all of the staff available. I will pay the overtime." I stated.

"All right, Mr. Johnson they will all be there." Said Mrs. Lee.

I walked past Richard Moore and informed him that he had an appointment with his mother-in-law this evening and would be spending the night with her. He was to go there after eight o'clock this evening. I went into the changing booth and got into my bathing suit. I walked out to the pool and got into it. I waded out to some of the younger girls and boys. I started to play with them in the water helping those that couldn't swim. I held on their bellies and had them kick their legs. I spent about a half and hour with the children trying to make them feel comfortable with me.
For some reason, probably from their parents telling them to, a group of young preteen girls came over to me and started to talk to me.

"Are you Mr. Johnson?"

"Yes. I am. Can I do something for you?"

They giggled.

"Oh! Gigglers huh? I bet you love to be tickled."

"No, no, no, no!" They all shouted and ran away. With taunts of "I bet you can't catch me."

They would come close to me and then try to swim away. After a few taunts I dove and caught a cute one by her ankle and slide my hand up to her cunt. Pulled her into me and massaged her pussy. She stopped struggling and I threw her into the water. She flushed and stood a little further back. Then the next one got close and I did the same thing.

After all of the four girls had been handled they all move closer to me. They started to hang on me as I randomly felt their cunts. Every once in a while a hand would hold my cock and then let go.

"Would one of you girls like to come to my office?" I said figuring to scare them away.

They all jumped up and down saying, "Me, me, me, me."

"Maybe next week. I'm a little tired this week. Ok?"

"Awww!" they all pouted.

"Sorry. I have to talk to a lot of people. You wouldn't want to have to go in with Mr. Roberts or Miss Henshaw would you?"

"Ewww!" No I'll wait." Said three of the four.

I made a mental note of this as I grabbed the one that didn't seem to mind. "I whispered in her ear. Which one would you like?"

"Miss Henshaw." She whispered.

"Ok, next week. What is your name?" I whispered back. Lifted her legs toward the other girls and moved her bathing suit aside showing her pussy to her friends. They blushed but didn't remove their eyes from their friend's cunt.

"My name is Emmy Gorevick." She answered.

"Do you girls like what you're seeing?" They all blushed and smiled. "Whose next?"

The three remaining girls jumped on me. I grabbed the next one and lifted her and showed her pussy. All of the girls' eyes moved so that they could see the one on display. They all took their turns. One or two of the boys joined in the viewing. The adults in the pool, men and women, paused to watch the display as well. I remember thinking to myself; the people in this town were very definitely in favor of this type of activities. I interviewed most of the preteens and reviewed their surveys with them. In most cases the children were well informed of what would be required of them and had a good understanding of the acts that they might need to perform. They showed almost no fear, but were a little nervous. I made an effort to interview some of the less attractive male and female teens. I tried to make them feel good about themselves. I found that the less attractive teens appeared to be more interested in older teens, even with adults. I had always believed that younger girls should be with older males and older females should be with younger males. It seemed that someone had screwed up the sexual tendencies. Older women are much more horny then older males. Younger males are much more horny then older males. Don't get me wrong, I like females of any age, but lean toward younger girls. I am not into males at all. So I had a very busy day. Everyone left around seven after having dinner. Rosa and Maria had joined their family for dinner. As their parents left, they went into my recreation room and watched the cable TV. I had all of the channels including the adult channels. They were watching a porn movie when I got there. The caterers had cleaned up the food and would return in the morning to clean up the area. They would be setting up the pool area for tomorrow's party.

'Hi girls. Do you feel refreshed?" I asked.

"Yes, thank you." Said Maria.

"Yes, it must be great to have all of this luxury." Rosa said.

"Yes, it kind of spoils one after a time. Any time you want to spend time here, just call and I'll arrange it. But you come as individuals, no husbands or parents. If I have business guests here, you may be required to perform services for my guests, both male and female. So unless you want to be involved, when you call, ask." I smiled.

The both girls smiled.

I went over and sat between them on the sofa. They both cuddled up against me. They were dressed in cotton dresses with nothing on underneath their dresses. I was dressed in a robe over my bikini bathing suit. I placed my arm around the both of them. They both smelled delightful. At around nine o'clock, we retired to the master bedroom. I ensured that both girls were three holers that night. Between resting the girls perform clean up on me and each other, without the use of towels, except after anal.

I must have dozed off around 1:00 AM.

I was greeted in the morning to Rosa, between my legs, sucking like there was no tomorrow. Maria was still sleeping.

"I never knew how different the male cock can be. I love your cock. Richard was short-changed. Can I come over and at least give you a blow job, when I need it?" Rosa asked.

"I think it would be better if I arranged for you to experience different sizes, that way you wouldn't get bored." I smiled.

She smiled around my cock, then moved off of it. "I think that I would really like that?"
"I think our business partners would like that as well." I smiled.

She returned to her task and brought me to completion.

I looked at the clock and got out of bed. I reviewed Rosa's interview form. "Would you like to update your form?" I asked.

She smiled. "Yes, thank you. Can I just write anything on it?"

"Be careful what you write. Would you like to be raped or gang banged?" I asked.


"What about spanked, peed on or in, shit on or dogs?" I asked.

She made a face. "I guess I had better be a bit more specific. I can update this as needed, right?" She asked.

"Of course. I can arrange a controlled event for you if you want to try something." I said.

She smiled. "I think I'm going to like this contract stuff. Will Maria have to do all of those things?"

"She will be given the same options as you. If you want to you can try to influence her, but be careful, any denial of a reasonable request can affect all of your family." I said.

"I would be concerned about her being raped, I could handle it, but I doubt that she could." Said Rosa.

"I wouldn't let anyone come to harm, unless they take it out of my hands. Any girls under twenty-five years of age have no say I control them. I will not allow then to be injured."

"Great." She took her form and started to change things.

I hit the showers and got dressed in a shirt and jeans, sans underwear. I returned to the guestroom and Rosa handed me her altered form. She had removed age restrictions on males and females. Indicated she would participate in a gang bang as a subject or administer. She would orally service any male or female. I took the form and left for my study.

Rosa waited for Maria to wake up then they both showered together. They both found clothes in the guest room closet and wore bikinis under their cotton dresses. I had all guestroom closets filled with cotton dresses of all sizes. Already the economy of the town was increasing, at my expense. Everything in my house was paid for by me and was purchased through the town, except for the surveillance equipment. It also provided perks for the townsfolk that visited my house.

I was sure that Rosa was going to be very popular with the clients. She was willing and extremely beautiful.

When Rosa and Maria came down, we sat down to breakfast. The guests weren't going to arrive for another two hours.

"Rosa, how would you like to assist me today with some of the male teens?"

"Ok, what kind of assistance?"

"I would like you to use the guestroom and entertain six teen boys, at the same time. Do you feel that you could handle it?"

She smiled. "I would love to try."

"Very well. Your name appears on their forms as the number one wish." I said.

"Maria, you will stay with me today again."

She smiled.

"But we will be with other people. Ok?"

Her eyes got wide and she thought for a second then smiled. "Ok!"

"When your husband or parents get here today, please spend some morning time with them, if they arrive early enough. Of course, if they arrive later, at least greet them and if you are currently 'busy' excuse yourself and tell them you are required to assist me. They will gladly allow you to leave." I instructed.
I did not expect them to be here very early. I was sure that their new sex partners and them would be enjoying the variety that they had just received.
"Maria, you can do as you please before noon. I mean, that you can swim or play with your friends, no sex. You will have a very busy afternoon." I smiled.
"Rosa, as soon as one of the males arrive, I will send him to you. You can then take the initiative and take him to your guestroom. Others will be sent up to you as you release the other, unless you would like to service a few at a time. If you would, contact me with this device. It is a direct line to my earphone. No one else but me can hear your request.

"I handed her a device that looked like a cell phone. Just depress this button and speak. Unfortunately, no other girls will be available at this time. I must break them in, unless you know of another adult female that may be interested. If you have some or one in mind, let me know and I'll check their forms, to insure that they are interested."

Maria said. "Yes, Nina Rodriguez, Fiona Jacobs and Sally Bishop might be interested in preteen or teen boys. The first two are married, but Sally is a virgin. If you have her visit with you earlier, or we only allow her to do oral, both give and receive, I'm sure she would love it."

I went to a nearby terminal and brought up the ladies names that she mentioned. All had a very high preference for old or younger males and females. It appears that men their age were not a high preference. Although Sally had my name as the top male on her list, of course, she knew her virginity belonged to me.

I returned to Maria and Rosa. "If you hear me announce, on the guestroom intercom, that a preferred guest, preferred guests or all of the preferred guests have arrived, it will mean that one, two or all of you friends are willing to help you and are available. Just respond on the device that I gave you, which one, two or all you would like to join you."

Rosa smiled. "Great. If I only have one boy available at the time how can I ask you for more boys?"

"Say 'xxxx' more boys please. They will be forth coming. I am sure that one boy can be used by three or four females, if your creative." I smiled.

Rosa thought a minute the smiled. "I guess your right. At least until he gets reinforcements."

"Yes, a tall standing army." I smiled.

Rosa laughed.

"How?" Asked Maria.

"One girl on her back with his head between her legs. With him on all fours, one under his hip giving oral, one at his back licking his butt, or one on each of his hands." Smiled Rosa.

"The ladies can also position themselves to give him something to look at as two of the girls service him."

Maria's eyes brightened. "Oh wow. I can hardly wait until I can be with more then one guy or girl and guy."

"This afternoon is not that long a wait." I smiled.

Maria's face brightened and she got a sparkle in her eyes that made her look like an angel. I was going to hate sharing this girl, but for the good of the town, I was willing.

We had a leisurely breakfast before the guests started to arrive. I had sent the girls into the house so that no one would know that they spend the night, but their families. Later, I told them that they should join the guests that had arrived and mix with them to make it look as if they came together. They left by the front door and came back in through the pool entrance. Of course, anyone noticing their entrance would never say anything anyway, if they wanted to stay in my good graces. The people in this town were very discrete and knew any deviation from the town policies, would result in financial loss and expulsion from the town and possible criminal charges. Fortunately, this never occurred. The benefits of living and being in this town far outweighed the possible repercussions of a loose tongue.

As the back gate bell sounded, I instructed the girls to go to their respective rooms. I went to the back gate and opened it. The first to arrive, were Mr. Shaun and Shanna O'Reilly, and his three daughters and two sons. I had them come in and told them to enjoy breakfast. When your son's are finished, please have them come speak to me, as I will be greeting the new arrivals.

They went to a table that could seat eight and the boys got up and started to serve themselves. The servers from the catering service were busy setting up the buffet. When the boys returned to the table, the girls did the same. Finally as the parents were about to serve themselves, one of the servers, Annabel Swift, went to their table and took their order and returned it to them in three minutes. Numerous guests had begun to arrive at this time. I greeted all of them, trying to connect faces with names and their forms. Richard Moore and Mrs. Torres arrived near to the beginning of the announced start time. Mrs. Torres stated that she was unsure of when her husband would be home so they came here to be safe. I contacted the girls and they did as instructed and upon entering the back gate went to greet Richard and Anna.

Anna explained that since dad was out of town on business, that Richard was kind enough to bring her here. They went to separate tables Anna and Maria and Richard and Rosa. They explained that they had some assignment today and that they would not be available. Richard and Rosa decided to join Mrs. Torres and Maria.

The O'Reilly boys had finished breakfast and came over by me and told me that they had finished their breakfast. I told them to give me five minutes and then to report to my study.

I had one of my the porters greet the newly arriving guests and tell them that I was trying to process as many forms as was possible to try to get the economy moving in the right direction. Tell them that I will greet them all later, as time permitted and to please accept my apologies. The porter, Jean Anderson, was to record the names of those that entered. She was to give me the list, as I became available. I went to my study.

The boys knocked.

"Please come in. You must be Wayne 14 and you must be Michael 11." I indicated by pointing to them.

"Yes sir." Said Wayne.

"The both of you have identical forms, obviously you both filled out the forms together, correct?" I asked with a smile.

"Yes, cause Michael didn't understand a lot of the questions." Said Wayne.
I smiled. "Ok, let review the forms then. But Wayne let Michael answer the questions first, ok?"


"Michael, have you ever seen a naked girl?"

"Umm, my sisters."

"Where did you see them?"

"Through a peep hole in our closet."

I smiled. "Did it get you excited?"

"Yes, I got a hard on."

"So what did you do with your hard on?"

"Wayne showed me how to jerk off."

"On you or on himself?"

"He showed me on himself, but I did it on me."

"Did you cum?"

"Yes, but I didn't squirt. I can now though."

"Have you ever touched a girl?"

"Yeah. I wrestle with my sisters all of the time."

"I mean have you ever touched their naked pussy, tits or ass?"

"No, but I want to do it."

"Have they ever touched your naked cock or balls?"

"No, but I want them to do it."

"Do you like older women?"

"Yeah, they have bigger boobs."

"Which woman would you like see and touch?"

"All of them."

"But you're favorite one?"

"Maria or Rosa Torres."

"What about her mom?"

"Her too."

"Wayne what about you?"

"I like them three too."

"Are your answers the same as Michael? Or are there different answers?" I asked.

"The same."

"Even about your sisters?"

"Yes." He said a little embarrassed.

"There is no need to feel ashamed. If you want something, I will try to give it to you, but you have to let me know what you want, understand?"


"Do you have other things or people that you would like to see or touch naked?"

"Any girl with a pussy!" Said Wayne.

"Me too." Said Michael.

"Your mom included?" I asked.

After a few seconds of hesitation Michael said. "Yes!"

"Me too, I guess."

"What do you mean you guess?"

"I don't want mom to get mad as us."

"Ok. Today is your lucky day. Boys, I have arranged to have both of you to meet with a woman and have some fun. You can not speak to anyone about who it is, but you can speak about what you did with her. If you tell anyone her name, I will find out and you will never be able to touch another girl or women in this town, is that clear. If you have needs, you just ask me and I will try to get them for you. Ok?"

"OK!" Both boys shouted.

I knew they would tell others, but this town was going to have to get used to being used sexually. It was the thing to come in this town and everyone would be involved.

"Return to you parents until I come for you. Say nothing to anyone. I will explain it to your parents and sisters."

The boys got up and walked out to their parent's table and were very quite.
I followed them out a few minutes later and nodded to Rosa and held up two fingers. She smiled and headed for her guestroom. I went over to the O'Reilly's table and sat down.

"Your boys have been selected for training today. They will spend a good part of the time away from you today. Don't worry they will be well tended to." I said.

"All of your daughters will be introduced to oral today, both giving and receiving."

The older daughter covered her mouth and gasped. I had reviewed the parent's form and both indicated a desire to participate in the training of their daughters.

"Do either or both of you want to assist in the oral training of your daughters?" I asked.

They both looked at each other embarrassed. I whispered to Shaun, then to Shanna.

"Ok, I will assist." Said Shaun.

"I also will assist." Said Shanna.

Becky looked shocked. Becky was the oldest girl. She understood what was being said. Ariel and Harriet had no clue what was going on. Becky was 15, Ariel was 13 and Harriet was 10.
"I will be with you. I may have the boys join us later."

Shaun smiled. Shanna looked a little concerned. Becky flushed as if she suddenly got full body sunburn. She squeezed her legs together. I looked between her legs, intentionally and smiled as I lick my lips. She gulped.

"You have spoken to the girls about their part in the town's economy, haven't you?" I asked.

"Yes." Said Shanna.

"Becky, you did understand what you would be required to do, correct?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Don't you want this?" I asked. "Would you like to speak with me in private?"
"I do want it. I just thought it would be alone the first time."

"It will be when you have intercourse. But you had better get used to seeing oral sex with many people involved. There will be groups of men sitting around a table and you younger girls will service them under the table, and possible four or five men or woman in succession. I assure you that you will learn to love it."

Shanna said. "You will Becky. It is one of the most enjoyable acts that you can perform or have performed on you. I am sure that in addition to your serving them, you may be put up on the table and have them perform the act on you. You will learn to enjoy others watching you. It will make you feel special."

Becky gulped and then thought a few seconds, then smiled. "Ok, mom. It's kind of like cheerleading, I guess."

"Very good analogy, Becky. It is very much like cheerleading, even better. The audience gets to interact and show their appreciation." I said.

"Are we going now?" Becky asked excitedly.

"Not yet. I have guests to greet an others to make arrangements for. I am sure after your training, you would like to entertain others, correct?" I smiled.

"And how!" Smiled Becky.

"Come here and give me a kiss." I said.

She was in a bikini and she came over to hug and kiss me. My hands went to her ass and slid under her bikini and I got a very wet finger. I let her go and held my fingers between her parents. They both licked my fingers. Becky moaned. The other daughters came over and hugged me. I cupped their asses, but failed to explore their bikinis. I whispered, "Later." to both of girls.

They smiled.

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