It took longer to write this chapter than I expected. I'll try to do better with the next one but enjoy this one now that it's finished.
Chapter 11

After dinner Jason and the girls were relaxing in the living room. The TV was playing some show that none of them was paying any attention to. Karen was stretched out on the large couch stroking her flat belly contentedly as Jason and Nancy batted an inflated condom back and forth as they sat cross-legged on the floor.

“So daddy,” Karen said dreamily as she cupped her breasts and squeezed them until her nipples popped erect, “what made you change your mind about knocking us up?”

“I wanted to do it all along,” Jason admitted, “but I had a hard enough time dealing with the fact that I was fucking the two of you. I just couldn’t deal with the idea of knocking the two of you up as well, it just wouldn’t be right - at least that’s what I thought. But I still wanted to knock you up even if I didn’t want to admit it, and with your birthday coming up and your constant insistence that I knock you up I figured it was time to give you what we both wanted. On top of that I found out something about your mother today that finally convinced me that she really did want me to knock the two of you up.”

“Daddy,” Karen said, turning to glare at her father in exasperation, “that’s what we’ve been telling you all along.”

“I know,” Jason said before Nancy could add her own comment, “but until Ted confirmed what you told me I wasn’t sure that your mother really wanted me to knock you up.” Jason told the girl’s what Ted had told him.

“That sounds like one of mom’s ideas,” Karen said as she and her sister both burst out laughing when their father finished his story. Jason couldn’t help but notice the way Nancy’s tits jumped up and down as she laughed. The girl’s breasts had been growing steadily over the last five months and while they were still small she was coming close to catching up with her sister’s tits.

“Do you really think your mother dreamed up something like that on her own,” Jason asked as he caught the inflated condom in his hands and squeezed it until it popped.

“She came up with the idea to have us seduce you and have your babies,” Karen pointed out.

“I guess she did,” Jason admitted with a rueful grin. “Speaking of crazy plans, I keep wondering why the two of you didn’t try something crazy. It would have been easy for you to poke holes in my condoms or spread baby oil all over your bodies to break them down while we were fucking, but you never did it. Why?”

“We thought about doing those things daddy,” Karen admitted with an embarrassed grin, “but in the end we decided it just wouldn’t be right to have your babies if you weren’t willing to knock us up.”

“The odd thing is,” Jason said as he inched closer to Nancy and reached out to play with his youngest daughter’s tits, “that if you had done something like that I would have kept quiet about it and gone along with your little game. I didn’t want to admit it to myself but I really did want to knock both of you up all along, but I couldn’t even admit that to myself. Even so, whenever one of you pulled your little tricks - like the night I popped Nancy’s cherry and she jacked me off under the table and caught my cum in her hand so she could put it in her pussy - I knew what you were doing and I hoped it would work because I really wanted to see your belly swelling up with my baby inside it.”

“I am so happy to hear you say that daddy,” Nancy said as she leaned forward to kiss him on the lips before she pushed her tongue into his mouth and ran it over his teeth. Jason could feel Nancy’s nipples pop out against his palms as the preteen girl reached down to stroke his hard cock. “Does this mean you’re ready to fuck me?”

“It sure does,” Jason said, rubbing his fingers along Nancy’s drooling slit. “I’m ready to pump your little pussy full of baby juice and then watch your belly swell up like a balloon.”

“Oh daddy,” Nancy giggled, “you know I just had my period last week, that means I’m not as fertile as Karen so my chances aren’t as good as hers.”

“I guess that means I’ll have to fuck you twice as much,” Jason said with a grin that Nancy returned.

“Sounds fair to me,” Nancy said with a grin at her older sister as she frowned back at her.

“Doesn’t sound fair to me,” Karen groused, “why should you fuck Nancy more than me just because she’s harder to knock up?”

“I won’t fuck your sister more than you, Karen,” Jason promised, “but it is fun to tease you sometimes.”

“Fun for you,” Karen snorted.

“So Nancy,” Jason said, turning back to his younger daughter, “how do you want to fuck?”

“One of my favorites,” Nancy said, “I want to be on top and facing away from you. And I’d like to play with Karen’s tits while I ride your cock.”

“Sounds good to me,” Jason told his daughter as he lay down on the carpet next to the couch, “so let’s ride em cowgirl.”

“What does that mean daddy?” Nancy asked, licking her lips as she stared at her father’s erect prick.

“It’s a joke,” Jason explained, “a little one, but still a joke. You see, the fuck position you just described is called the reverse cowgirl position.”

“Really?” Nancy asked. “In that case hold on a minute while I go get something from my room.

“What do you think she’s looking for?” Jason asked Karen after Nancy left the room.

“I have no idea,” Karen said dreamily as she rubbed her belly. “But it sounds like we won’t have to wait too long to find out.”

“What do you think?” Nancy said as she bounced back into the living room with the pink cowgirl hat from her old Halloween costume. “I figured that if I was going to ride your cock like a cowgirl I should dress the part.”

“At least she didn’t decide to wear spurs,” Jason said to Karen as his older daughter grinned back at her. Jason put his hands on Nancy’s hips to help her balance as she squatted over his prick and lowered her pussy down until it kissed the tip of his cock.

“Oh daddy,” Nancy hissed excitedly as her father’s cock tip rubbed up and down her drooling slit, “your cock already feels so much better without a damn condom on it.”

“I know what you mean,” Jason groaned as he tried to resist the temptation to pull Nancy down on his cock as hard as he could. “This will be the first time we’ve fucked without a condom. Please don’t make me wait, Nancy, I want to feel your cunt wrapped around my prick with nothing between you and me but a dream to knock you up.”

“Me too daddy,” Nancy said with a loud groan as she lowered her body so her father’s cock slid into her slick pussy. “Oh God daddy,” Nancy moaned, “your cock feels so good inside my cunt when you’re not wearing a condom. I can’t wait until you pump a load of baby juice inside my belly and knock me up.”

“The way your pussy is squeezing my cock it won’t be too long before I give you what we both want so you have a big belly just like your sister is going to have.”

“You know just what to say to make me horny daddy,” Nancy said as she slid her tight wet cunt up and down her father’s pulsing cock.

“Fuck me daddy,” Nancy screamed as she slammed her pussy up and down on her father’s cock, “fill my pussy with your cum and knock me up!”

“I’ll give you whatever you want Nancy,” Jason said with a grunt of pleasure as his daughter rotated her ass on his stomach. With one hand he reached around Nancy’s body to play with her tits as the bounced with the energetic rise and fall of her pussy, with the other hand he played with his daughter’s engorged clit. Since Nancy’s clit wasn’t as large as her sister’s she couldn’t rub it along her his cock with every stroke the way Karen could so Jason used his finger’s to push the preteen even closer to her orgasm.

“Hey sis,” Karen said as she reached out to grab the cowgirl hat off her sister’s bobbing head, “I thought you were going to play with my tits while you fucked daddy.”

“I’m sorry sis,” Nancy said with a gasp as her belly started to clench with her approaching orgasm, she wondered if she could get her father to cum at the same time she did. “Daddy’s bare cock feels so good in my pussy I forgot all about sucking your tits.”

“I guess I can forgive you this time,” Karen said as she slipped off the couch and straddled her father’s chest, “I know how good daddy’s bare cock feels when it’s sliding in and out of your pussy.”

“What are you doing Karen?” Jason said with a grunt as his older daughter dropped to his chest and slid her wet pussy up toward his face, leaving a trail of cunt juice behind her slit.

“What does it look like I’m doing daddy?” Karen asked with a quick smile. “I figured that since Nancy was enjoying her fuck too much to play with my tits I’d use your mouth on my cunt instead. You do want to eat my pussy, right daddy?”

“Of course,” Jason said, licking his lips before he started running his tongue up and down his daughter’s wet slit. In the six months since he and Karen started fucking the wisps of red hair around her cunt had grown thicker until a thin patch of red fur framed her tight little pussy.

“Eat my pussy daddy,” Karen said with a gasp of pleasure as she rocked back and forth. “Eat my pussy and make me cum at the same time you make Nancy cum.”

Jason’s answer was muffled my Karen’s cunt as he stuck his tongue so deep in the girl’s slit that her oversize clit tickled his nose every time he sucked on his daughter’s soaking pussy. Jason could feel his balls quivering as Nancy slammed her cunt up and down his shaft ane he knew it wouldn’t be long before he was giving the girl the baby juice she wanted, but he was determined to hold out as long as he could so all three of them could cum together.

Nancy felt her sister’s hands snake around her chest to squeeze her small tits and a surge of sexual energy ran down her spine to meet the sexual energy rushing up from her slit to meet and roil around her stomach - right where she knew her father’s baby would soon be growing in her belly. Just the thought of watching her belly swelling over the next nine months was enough to send Nancy over the edge and she screamed with pleasure as she slammed her hips down on her father’s cock one last time.

“I’m cumming!” Jason heard Nancy scream as his daughter’s pussy clamped tight around his cock and tried to milk the baby juice right out of his balls. Jason buried his mouth into Karen’s cunt and sucked on it for all he was worth as his balls shot a full load of cum up through his cock to splatter the insides of his preteen daughter’s cunt.

“Oh God daddy, I’m cumming too!” Karen screamed as her cunt juice flowed out of her pussy to fill her father’s mouth and dribble down his face to soak into the carpeting.

“That was my best cum ever,” Karen groaned as she slid off her father’s face and rolled onto her back, snuggling into the carpet and patting her belly. “You weren’t even fucking me but it was still one of the best orgasms I ever had, it must be because you finally agreed to knock me up.”

“I remember when your mother and I finally decided to start our family she swore that her orgasms were harder and more intense than anything she had before I tried to knock her up. I guess the same’s true of you too.”

“Don’t forget about me, daddy,” Nancy panted as her pussy wrung the last drop of cum out of her father’s balls before she slid her pussy off Jason’s flaccid cock and lifted herself up to the couch. “That was my best cum too, but I thought it was because we were fucking without a condom. But now that I think about it, it could be because you’re finally trying to knock me up. What about you daddy? How was it for you daddy?”

“It was incredible,” Jason said with a thoughtful smile. “I don’t know if I’d say it was the best fuck I ever had - but it was a good one. Just knowing that I could be knocking you girls up makes me hornier than ever. So yes, I guess it does make things better when I know that I’m trying to knock you up. But it still takes a lot of energy out of me so I hope you girls are satisfied for a few hours so I can rest up before fucking both of you when we get to bed tonight.”

“I think we’ll be alright,” Karen told her father with a suggestive smile, “and if we aren’t I’m sure Nancy and I will be happy to give you a show while we satisfy our own desires.”

“I always enjoy your shows,” Jason told his daughter as he reached out to pat her flat belly, “I always find them so inspiring.”

* * * * * * * * *

As Jason lay between his daughters in bed that night he thought about how good it felt to finally stop lying to himself and his girls and give them what they all desired. He had managed to find the energy to fuck both of them after they climbed into bed together but now all three of them were exhausted and he was sure they were both looking forward to a good night’s sleep as much as he was. Jason rolled over on his side and snuggled up against Karen’s back. As he reached across her body to squeeze her tits before letting her hand drift down to pat her belly, he wondered if it was his imagination that made him think he could already feel her stomach starting to swell under his touch.

“Daddy,” Karen said sleepily.

“Yes?” Jason said, suppressing a yawn into Karen’s thick brown hair.

“Are you sure you can’t get hard enough to slip inside me for the night?” As she spoke Karen reached between her legs to fondle her father’s cock and balls in the dark and Jason was surprised to feel his prick give a slight twitch at her touch. “Even if you only give me an extra drop or two of cum through the night it could be enough to make the difference in knocking me up.”

“Keep stroking me like that and I just might manage to do it,” Jason said.

“Can I help?” Nancy asked as her hand joined Karen’s on his prick.

“The more the merrier,” Jason said as his cock started to harden with every stroke of Karen and Nancy’s hands. “But why do you want to help your sister like this?”

“Well,” Nancy said as she snuggled up against her father’s back, “I figure if I help her tonight then she’ll help me tomorrow night when it’s my turn to sleep on that side of the bed.”

“You’ve got it sis,” Karen promised as her father’s cock got hard enough and he pressed the head of it against her slit before he eased it into her cunt and held it there and let his head drop down on his pillow.

“Good night girls,” Jason told his daughters as he closed his eyes for the sleep he knew he was going to need for the next days fuck festival. “Have nice wet and fertile dreams.”

“We will daddy,” both girls said as they both drifted off to sleep.

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