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First story, let me know what you think
I had been in Vancouver for about a month. My job was terrific, my office full of friendly people and my social life showing a great deal of promise. Several of my co-workers ahd "adopted" me and taken me out to sample the nightlif. Weekends had been filled with sailing, trips to Vancouver Island, and easy conversation with some very attractive men... as well as one or two late evenings with the same.

Doesn't it always seem like it happens when you least expect it?

Out on a weekend with a friend at her parent's place on the island, I was out walking, just enjoying the shore, the breezes and the feeling of satisfaction that comes with a life worth living. My friend had her boyfriend over for the weekend as well, and I had decided it was time to disappear for awhile. I stopped at a bookstore just off the harbor and picked up a magazine, then dropped myself into a chair at the outddoor cafe for a drink and some quality time alone. Being a weekend, it wasn't unusual for the tables to fill fast, so when Holli walked over and asked if she could share my space, I nodded and gestured to the chair opposite mine without even glancing up. I was surprised by a gentle laugh and a simple question.

"Are you waiting for someone, or is "People" just that well written?"

I looked up, and into the prettiest hazel green eyes I had ever seen. Her smile was open, friendly and full of mirth, without being mocking. Her blonde hair framed a face open and honest and she met my startled expression with another little laugh. I stammmered my apologies and smiled back, making my introductions.

"Hi..... sorry..... just distracted and daydreaming.... really sorry ... hi - my name's Kat"

"Hi Kat, no apologies necessary, nice to meet you. I'm Holli"

We talked and found mutual interests both in town and on the island, leading to kore stories about our lives, a few more glasses opf chardonnay, and, much to my surprise, dinner as the hours had flown by. As we were both "third wheels" on the weekend, an after dinner stroll down the harbor walk was a natural extension. I stopped and leaned on the rail, looking out as the last ferry pulled out for the mainland. Holli settled in next to me and our hands touched. I simply took her hand in mind without thinking, glad to have this wonderful lady's company and having found a new friend. My senses went into overdrive as Holli slipped her arm around my waist and leaned her head against mine. I had been with a woman before, but only experimenting during college, yet it seemed so right....

I turned and inhaled her scent, pressing my lips softly against her hair, feeling her pull me closer. My harm slid around her waist and trailed over her hip, gently tracing its curve. Holli smiled inot my eyes, then leaned in and kissed me quickly.

"Does this frighten you at all, Kat? I mean, we just met a few hours ago..."

I kissed her longer and more passionately in response, feeling myself losing any inhibitions. "Not at all, Holli ... I don't know why, but this just feels right"

We walked further, arm in arm, sensing rather than seeing the furtive glances and stares of others strolling the harborside. A secluded cove off the point provided a quiet place where we could continue our exploration. I'm only 5'5", with red hair,and a small but attractive body. Holli wasn't much taller, but looked every bit the vibrant and fit skiier and sailor she was. We faced each other, even now hesitant,but the attraction was palpable and the need was overpowering. We fell into each others arms, kissing deeply, tongues exploring each other, tasting, teasing ... as our hands ran through each others hair, traced the curve of our necks and brushed lightly under our breasts. My heart was pounding and I only wanted more, but how and when were unclear - the emotions were racing helter skelter through my body... Holli must have felt it.

She pulled away, just far enough to lock my gaze and asked me with her eyes. I responded by holding her gaze as I slipped out of my blouse and unhooked my bra, feeling the cooling breeze on my skin. Holli reciprocated and we stood facing each other, naked from the waist up. My hand slowly worked its way across her stomach, her soft skin and firm body trembling as I touched her. Her hands began at my neck and slowly worked towards my small breasts, making spirals and circles across my nipples, then catching them between thumb and forefinger... the pleasure was indescribable. All through this, we kept looking into each other eyes, seeing the heat build in the softening expressions, the sighs escaping as our hands continued to stroke and massage. I leaned to kiss her again, bringing our bodies together, brests in contact with eavh other, my hands tangled in her soft hair and hers in mine. My kisses trailed down her neck and to her breasts, taking her nipples in my mouth and sucking ever so briefly, then swirling my tongue across each one and along the sensitive bottom of each breast, sensing the heat rise as I did so.

Holli gently pulled me up to kiss again and, I realized with a moan, found her way under my skirt to begin a new exploration. I opened my leges to allow her fingers to caress me, rubbing softly across my panties, hands squeezing my ass cheeks softly, kneading them and in the process, rubbing across my ever wetter pussy. I gasped in pleasure and began to do the same to her, delighting in her gasps of pleasure as she discovered I too wanted her as badly as she did me. We fell to the grass in a complicated embrace, a tangle of legs and arms, kissing passionately. My fingers found their way inside her panties and to her clit, moist and warm. I softly let my fingertips play across it, listening to her breath quicken and feeling her straining against me. Her fingers worked overtime to catch up with me and my moan corresponded with her first finger sliding into my pussy slowly.

Breaking our kiss, she brought her hand to her mouth and tasted me, smiling into my eyes. I simply stood and shed the rest of my clothes and looked down at her. She rolled onto her back and motioned for me to take a seat. I almost collapsed from desire as I straddled her and lowered myself onto her waiting mouth.
Her tongue sent waves of electricity through my entire body, and her hands reached up[ to caress me againg, bringing even more pleasure. I rocked in time with her ministrations feeling the waves build as I neared orgasm. Holli had one more surprise for me, and my body simply melted as I felt her fingers circling my anus... sending yet another blissful jolt through my entire nervous system. She slowly inserted her finger in my ass - a first for me... and it felt wonderful. I was unaware of anything in the world beside her tongue, her fingers and the feelings they were bringing to me.

I cried out, moaning as the first wave of my orgasm flooded through me and felt Holli pull me down on her, holding me and drinking in my orgasm, which set off yet another. I collapsed forwad and rolled off her, gasping for air and wanting her next to me. She curled up and pulled me to her as I found my way back to consciousness, stroking my hair and kissing my neck, then bringing her hand up to my mouth and letting me share the taste of what she had done to me.

"Kat?, she whispered That was the most intense experience I've had in the last year" I nodded, still trying to regain my ability to do more than purr or moan. "I want you so bad right now, want you to show me how you would love me, but I don't want to take anything away from aht we just just shared... what are doing later tonight?"

I shivered and considered the offer. "I have my boat docked on the opposite side of the harbor, Holli... join me for cocktails in a couple of hours?" She hugged me to her. "Perfect... see you soon" We faced each other and kissed for a few more minutes, then dressed each other, almost falling on each other right there as our hands made contact with still sensitive skin. The rest of the first evening is a story for another time


2014-03-03 21:46:35
what a story ! great work...cant wait to read to talk to you

Anonymous readerReport

2008-11-11 09:13:52
Ever hear of "Spell Check"


2008-11-09 15:24:15
Very nice story.

You really need to proofread your work before submitting it.

I am looking forward to your next story. Keep up the good work.

Michael MillerReport

2008-11-07 20:54:03
You two had an exciting first time, and in telling the story you really get into some detail.. All the nerve endings that produce orgasm are centered in the anus. An anal orgasm can be three times stronger than a vaginal or clitoral orgasm.. Keep experimenting and write more.. I'm Michael , an Erotic Massage Therapist , and have true stories also--either under Erotic or True Story..

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