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This is how it all came to be.
This chapter is .. Well, it isn't that sexual. AT ALL.

Chapter 3 was supposed to be a follow up to 2, but I changed my mind completely and made this.

This one is about how it all started - If you'll remember, Julie's the one who started this all, not Jeremy. This one tells you how Julie came to see that she wanted this. This chapter takes place BEFORE CHAPTER ONE.

Just to repeat myself - This story isn't really sexual at all. Julie TRIES a few things, but I don't think anyone's gonna cum from this one.

Chapter 4's in the works.

A Tale of 2 Nerds: Julie's realization

I smiled, looking at myself in the mirror, doing a small spin. It had only been two days, but I had already started an incestuous relationship with my brother. He was total putty in my hands - A wink or a smirk got me anything I could ever want. To be honest, I was very scared the first night it had happened:

For weeks on end, I'd been seeing Jeremy in a different light - Usually, he was just my nerdy brother, who happened to have a little in common with me, but it was nothing serious - He just seemed a little … Cuter than usual. I ignored it, and continued with life as normal, or tried to anyway. Life wasn't exactly so great:

My boyfriend left me (for a damn cheerleader, I might add,) and that really crushed my spirit and it made me consider dropping the male sex entirely. I had come home crying my eyes out, and Jeremy was the first person all day to ask what was wrong. With tear-soaked eyes and a cracking voice, I explained it the best I could.

Now usually, a brother would laugh, make a comment, or just ignore me. He did none of the 3 - He gave me a tight hug. My brother had given me small hugs before, but this one was a true loving embrace. I felt warm in his arms, blushing a little at the situation.

"It'll be alright, Julie. He was a dickhead anyway." Jeremy never thought highly of my now ex-boyfriend to begin with - He had always found him to be rude, and insensitive. "I'm sure you'll find the perfect guy someday."

The sad part is, if the guy holding me didn't have my blood, he just might be that perfect one.

It was at that very moment that I realized - I think I love this boy. Of course, I loved him as my sibling, but now I felt something a little more than 'required sister love.' Maybe this was just the heat of the moment, but I definitely knew there was at least a tiny spark. But did he feel the same? If he didn't, God only knows what could happen - He could hate me forever!

"Thanks Jeremy, I feel a little better now." I said quietly, his warm embrace now releasing. He smiled at me, rubbing my cheek.

"Don't worry about it. I'm always here for ya." I smiled at his words, nodding as he made his way back into the living room. Seeing him leave made my mind wander - The love I felt for him, was it really just from the situation, or were real feelings beginning to develop? This is really confusing …

Various things ran through my mind as I made my way upstairs. What if he didn't love me back? What if it disgusted him? What if he never spoke to me again? What if he told Mom? Jeremy and I have told each other our share of secrets, so that last thing wouldn't be much of a problem … Maybe. After almost slamming headfirst into my door, I made my way into my room and plopped down on my bed, staring up at the ceiling. Should I really keep thinking about this? Maybe I should ignore it, and hope it goes away …

Yeah, right.

I needed an idea, and I needed one now. I didn't want to just pounce on the boy and risk him freaking out, but I wanted to see if he felt the same about me. After rummaging through almost every piece of clothing I have, I decided on a very short-cut yellow top, no bra, and the tightest pair of shorts I could find. This would let me know if he at least found me attractive.

I looked into my mirror, adjusting my chest, and taking a deep breath.

"You can do it, Julia. Get this boy." I nodded at my own words, opening the door and almost marching downstairs. As soon as I poked my head into the living room, I knew this would be extremely easy - Jeremy was watching one of his Hentai DVD's - Something he usually did when Mom was out. This one was one of his favorites, or at least that's what the rather large bulge in his jeans told me. I pretended not to notice any of this as I sat next to him, moving closer. I looked at him with a smile, and he returned the look with a raised eyebrow.

"Julie … What are you doing?" He asked, his eyes not trailing from my own. I shuffled my arms, intentionally making my chest move a little, keeping a watch on his eyes - Still no movement. Damn it! What was it gonna take to make this work?!

"I'm just sitting here with you Jeremy, watching … What the hell ARE you watching?" I asked, pretending to just now notice the TV. Jeremy didn't budge (I've seen him watching these DVD's before,) and just went back to watching it.

"Sex Friend. It's about this guy, who …" I tuned him out as soon as he went into detail - I didn't come down here to get a movie review. The two people on screen were having very hardcore sex on what looked to be a hospital bed - The girl was practically screaming, and her huge breasts were bouncing. That's one thing I knew Jeremy loved about these things - Anime girls are always otherworldly when it comes to body sizes. He liked to see big breasts bounce, hm …?

"Hey Jeremy …" I said, him slowly turning to me.

"Wha-" He paused, and I saw his eyes move. I had loosened my top a bit, and making my chest bounce revealed a little bit of nipple. I smirked as I saw his reaction, the male in him obviously not caring that I noticed what he was doing. I waved my hand in his face, snapping my fingers.

"I'm up here, Romeo." I said, keeping a sly grin on my face. He blushed, and I could've sworn a bead of sweat was falling from his face. "Enjoy the little show, perv?" I tried my best to not sound happy, and it was actually working. Jeremy stayed silent, turned away from me. I moved closer, rubbing up against his cheek. "Okay then Casanova, I think I'm just gonna leave the room now, and you can choose to forget this moment in time, or do whatever the hell it is you do."

He stayed silent as I stood from the couch and made my way out of the room, whispering a silent "Yes!" to myself as I made my way back upstairs - Victory! I wish I hadn't had to act so … Slutty, but it's not like he would let it bother him anyway - Crap like this happens all the time in anime.

Hours had passed, and Jeremy had made no attempts, or even spoken to me - Did I do the wrong thing? Is he uncomfortable around me now? I wasn't sure, but hell if I wasn't scared. Checking the clock, I noticed it was already beginning to approach midnight - This was around the time that he got bored and started jerking off (I knew because I had caught him at it a few times, but I didn't dare open his door and say something.)

This is it: I'm gonna try something, and just pray it works. He already finds me attractive - That, or I can just use my boobs to my advantage. Either way would work, I suppose. I made my way out of my room, up to his bedroom door.

Taking a deep breath, I slowly grabbed the doorknob and turned it …


Flame me all you want, I WARNED YOU that it wouldn't be sexual. Chapter 4 will be. I hope the small amount of fans I DO have will like this.

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2013-07-01 21:05:41
the characters don't even sound like the same ones as chapter one and two. it sounds like you had someone else write this and they never read the first two chapters. it would have been much better without this being posted.

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2010-07-22 03:10:30
Yes, have more confidence. You don't need those disclaimers. It doesn't matter that this doesn't have sex. It still adds to the series.

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2009-08-13 13:01:20
That's the type of deion you need in your story when you mix the sex in it. I really understood Julie's motives and I could vividly imagine it in my head. Add some sex into this and you'll be ok. I honestly can't find anything to critisize about. Also just for future refrence (again) cliff hangers are the best thing to do if you want to keep readers coming. You're doing great, now don't mess it up.

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2009-07-27 09:29:44
UFC 101 on the 8th

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2009-06-26 00:42:15
have more fucking confidence, wow.
your stories are good.

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