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Wife - the early years
Imagine if you will
By Parkstranger

Based on true bedtime stories as told by Mary

Imagine if you will ... a young lady who grew up in a very rural setting, who at an even younger age had already lost her virginity to a much older farm worker one summer but not so long ago.

She truly loved sex oh yes so much so she loved sex. She found herself quite preoccupied with sex and really had to work at not being horny and thinking about it even when with other girlfriends her age or riding in her parents car in the back seat on the way to the literally one horse town closest to their humble farm. The occasion was the same as it had been every summer where every second week of the month a dance was held in town where everyone from miles around gathered to relax from their daily duties running their farms or any other related business that catered to the farm needs. No one can actually remember who it was that owned the horse but there was a horse in the pasture on the edge of town.

Her times at these bi monthly dances were mostly spent outside with her friends playing silly games of hide and seek and so forth. The game of hide and seek was mostly a really a good excuse for the boys to find the girls “hiding” in a secluded place and well of course you can use your imagination what happened when they were found. And Mary so loved to get “found.” She would often wear a dress to these affairs with only a pair of panties under her dress. She had to wear a bra as even for her age she was already fairly well endowed as her body had matured very nicely when puberty set in. Hell she needed a bra at an even younger age but due to finances and the fact that there were seldom strangers or sudden visitors show up unannounced that well she never bothered and her parents never forced the issue. It was however, what led to her losing her virginity so young. When growing up in a rural setting one thing you learn early being around animals all the time is all about sex. The farm hand that year was, yes, older, but older at only twenty or so and well like I said between her sexuality and him being a normal young man with a healthy attitude towards sex himself it was like mixing a nice tall rum and coke – they just go together. She learned young how to flash her sexy body. She wasn’t a skinny little runt although she was fairly short at about only 5’ or so but had already developed a wonderfully rounded ass and was already about 32B on top well filled out with very sensitive nipples which was one reason she liked to go braless at every opportunity. Hot summers provided the perfect excuse for her to wear skimpy high cut shorts or skirts and low cut hand me down blouses that she always cut the arms out of leaving lots of room for freedom of movement and of course if you caught her at the perfect angle a wonderful view of those pert, firm boobs.

He parents often had to travel to get parts or were just out working the fields and she was alone at home in the yard often. This provided many opportunities for her and the farm hand and it wasn’t long until she was up in the hayloft in the barn naked, spread eagled over a couple of bales of hay draped with an old blanked with the farm hand fucking the absolute hell out of her. Nobody could ever have blamed the farm hand especially me, her now husband because she was so fucking sexy and I have always said she was “built to fuck” she just had that kind of body that was absolutely irresistible.

And he sure couldn’t have resisted it because she offered it to him almost every day and he took every advantage he could to sample her. She thinks he fucked at least a milk bucket of cum into her that summer and not just in her pussy either. He fucked her up the ass many times and she also became addicted to anal sex. She sucked him off at “that time of the month” and he taught her to become a superb cocksucker as well. He also taught her “other stuff” but that is another story.

So here it was two summers later and a “few” experiences since that she was attending the first of the year summer dance in town wearing her sexy yellow dress with a light pair of panties under and her one good but now almost 36B bra that was very frilly and sexy she thought as it only covered the bottom half of her breasts leaving the top to show some as much cleavage as she wished keeping the top buttons done up when her parents and their friends were around but slyly undoing the top three or four as soon as they were out of sight.

As often they would when attending these dances the old bachelors around of whom there were four or sometimes five came to enjoy the company of each other but to also ogle the farmers wives and slip outside behind the dance hall to have a few belts from there always handy jugs of whisky. They would stand off in the bush as they didn’t want any trouble from the other folks as drinking was often frowned upon in this county and drinking in public would bring the old constable quickly if he knew or heard anything of it happening. And he often would stop in to say hello to everyone anyway as he was friends with most everyone there. The old bachelors although always nodded and said hello to the constable, definitely preferred to avoid him afraid he smell the drink on their breath.

It was on one of their regular breaks out behind the hall that they were all standing around in a circle have a pull from their jug in a little clearing back some that little Mary suddenly burst through the trees seeking a hiding spot. It seems that the rest of the kids knew to stay away from this particular area but nobody thought to tell Mary. With the first four button undone on her sexy yellow dress that she had hiked up and tucked in the mid section to shorten the dress to show more leg and a bit out of breath from running that the four old boys first set eyes on little Mary that night. Breathing hard was pushing up those lovely orbs and the sight of her mature like legs oh so smooth and beginning to tan but still showing off a soft white look as she stood surprised and staring back at four old men who stood frozen in their boots staring back at this lovely little sexy bombshell of a girl. They knew who she was. They knew her parents. They had also met a certain farm hand a couple of years back that when he had a rare day off he would come around to old Charlie’s place (one of the bachelors) to have a few drinks and tell stories. Of course he told the story of how he was fucking this little 13 year old nymph called Mary and how much she liked to fuck. There were four instant hard-ons also staring back at little Mary.

Mary recognized the look in their eyes. The age of these old boys reminded Mary of a time last summer when she was staying over at her friend Debbie’s place about five miles from her place. Debbie’s grandpa was staying with them at the time. Her grandpa was only early fifties but that was pretty old to Mary. Debbie and her brother Jimmy belong to a farm club that they had to go to attend one night a week. They would only be gone for a couple of hours and even asked Mary if she wanted to come along but Mary knew about this club and never wanted anything to do with it, and asked if she could just stay and wait. As Debbie’s mom and dad were also going because they needed some groceries they ask if Mary minded staying with Grandpa and Mary saying no, she didn’t mind at all off they went. They weren’t gone more than five minutes when Grandpa asked Mary to take a walk with him down to the barn to check the cows. As they were walking down the path Mary stumbled a bit and grandpa reached over to help her and his arm went around her shoulder and pulled her to him to keep her from falling. After she gained her balance again she realized she was not only in grandpa arms now but that his hand was right on her right breast and he wasn’t letting go real quick. Mary immediately felt that feeling in her cunny again and knew she liked his hand where it was so stood still and let him feel her. Grandpa was a pretty big man standing about 6’2” or so and Mary had to tilt her head way back to look up at him. That’s when she seen that look. Grandpa said to her, “My god Mary you have the feel of a full woman.” She was wearing one of her cut of sleeveless blouses and a pair of shorts. Grandpa now had both arms around her pulling her up tight to him and Mary didn’t resist him. She just let him lead her along to the barn and soon found herself climbing up into the loft with Grandpa climbing up right behind her. It seems that just about everyone had bales of hay in their loft with blankets spread over them because that’s where grandpa fucked Mary that night. Again stripped naked and spread wide while grandpa pumped his very ample cock in and out of her cunt. In fact grandpa had heard the stories from the farm hand too and Mary got fucked for a straight hour and a half in her cunt and up her ass. He came in her pussy the first time and then got her to suck him hard again while he played with her body than when he was ready and hard again took her doggy style bent over the bales up her bum. She barely had time to take a bath and clean up before the family got back.

Now she was seeing that “look” again. As the old guys sort of closed in and surrounded her Mary felt a kind of calm come over her. Lately she had been fantasizing about being fucked by two guys. Well she thought if it was more than two what would that be like? Would it be a horny time? Oh my god, she thought she was going to cum in her panties without even being touched! Mary thought it so cute how they gathered around her and all were being so nice to her saying how nice she looked tonight and how she looked so grown up and all. They would all ask her little questions and such and she answered so politely with her sexy little voice and smiled at them and giggled when they said something funny. She didn’t even flinch when one old guy put his hand on her arm when he asked her something she just answered him and smiled at him. Oh yes, she knew the hand never left her arm and was now even rubbing up and down her bare arm some and she also didn’t even flinch when one of the other men also started rubbing her other arm saying how it was cooling off a little and asking her if she could stay a talk with them for a while as they never get to talk with any “women” anymore. Mary was flattered to be called a woman but she was pretty sure they knew how old she was at least fairly sure because they seemed to know her parents and referred to them by their first names when asking innocent questions.

But the most comments she heard was how “grown” up she was and how cute she was with her curly red hair as they gazed openly at her exposed bosom. She also now noticed how as the ones who were talking to her kept trying to distract her from the fact that the hands were now starting to wander from her arms to her shoulder then into the top of her dress as they shuffled closer and closer to her. In fact now she suddenly realized that one man was standing right behind her and had his hands resting on her hips and was slowly rocking her back and forth with his hands and now she could feel his groin bumping into her with each sway of her body and she could feel his hard cock bumping her. The man standing in front of her asks her if her breasts were real or did she have something in her bra. It was the first time a verbal question came that had sexual intent and she was caught a little off guard. She said to him, “No it’s just me in there.” She could see his eyes light up and he looked over to the old guy on her left and said is that right Earl? Earl said well I guess I should check and see if she’s telling the truth.” And with that said slid his hand down into her dress top and cupped her breast. By now Mary knew she was horny and with the hands on her and the cock bumping her from behind she couldn’t stop her body from reacting to these feelings and she knew her nipples were standing up and excited so when Earl’s hand cupped her bare breast he lit up and declared, “Oh ya boys they are real alright and not only that she’s real excited by the feel of her nipple standing up and so proud.” The man in front now asked Mary if they could all see her beautiful full breasts? Mary thought for a moment and decided she wanted to show herself off because she had always been an exhibitionist and this was her first real chance to show real men the breasts she was so proud of. She said okay I will if you just let me do it for you. Everyone quickly agreed and so she started undoing the rest of her dress top. It buttoned all the way down to her panty tops so she undid them all and let her dress drop around her waist. She then reached behind her and undid the clasp on her bra and let the straps drop down her arms as she crossed her arms and held it just above her nipples for a few moments before gradually exposing herself all the way. She stood with her breasts jutting out and a shy but sly little smile on her face as four sets of eyes took in the beauty of the youthful but very full set of lovely breasts on display for all to take in. Time sort of stopped for about 20 seconds before hands started reaching out to feel these beauties. Soon she was being felt everywhere and she was completely overwhelmed. Soon hands were also traveling down between her legs and before she knew it she was laying back in the grassy meadow naked with her legs spread wide, propped up and knees bent and the first old bachelor was positioning himself between her legs. As the dance went merrily along inside the hall Mary got thoroughly and totally gangbanged by four old men out in the bush behind the hall. Mary was getting thoroughly and totally used and she was loving every minute of it but lost track of time. Her friends didn’t come looking for her as they thought she had left when her parents retired for the night thinking she was staying over with her friend Debbie again.

The dance was over and everybody had gone home when Mary and the four old bachelors came wandering out of the bush. When they realized they were the only ones left, Mary had a panic attack wondering why her parents had left her there. It took her a few minutes of searching her brain trying to understand why when she remembered she had mentioned she may stay with Debbie tonight.

The old bachelors even though they each had their turn with Mary more than once in both orifices, knew this was an opportunity not to be missed and quickly assured Mary they would see she got home safely. Mary thought quickly and ran over to the pay phone to call her friend Debbie. She told Debbie she was with Kenny one of the older boys in town who they had both been with before and told Debbie to leave her window open so she could climb in later when he dropped her at her house. Debbie laughed and said sure, no problem and that she would see her later but that she had to tell her everything she did that night with “Kenny.” Mary giggled and said sure and that to not wait up but that she would wake her when she got there.

The car ride with her sitting between two of the old bachelors in the back seat was so exotic that I really should make it part two of this little adventure of Mary the curly red head bombshell that loved old men.
Imagine if you will...



2008-11-10 18:16:42
Loved this story, part two please

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2008-11-10 14:25:10
Needs more detail.

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