"The Handyman"


Melanie was watching Matthew through the bay window of the bedroom in her house.
She knew that he could not see her because of the lace curtains in front of the
window. Matthew had been working for her as a gardener and all-around handyman
about four years now. She had always had special feelings for Matthew, but
lately she felt stirrings of a different kind towards the man who was always so
polite to her.

Melanie was well off -- comfortable if you will. She had all that she needed
except a man that could not satisfy her insatiable sexual appetite.

Matthew was busy cleaning the pool and had taken off his shirt. His shorts were
loose, but as he bent forward Melanie could see the outline of his buttocks with
no lines to indicate that he was wearing any underwear. Just the thought that
his penis was hanging freely just out of view excited Melanie.

She felt her desire welling up inside her, her outer vaginal lips starting to
swell in response to her arousal. She felt her inner fluids begin to flow and
her clitoris becoming erect. Matthew looked around and, not seeing anyone who
may object, dove into the pool and swam a quick length. Melanie watched every
move of his body. He walked out of the pool at the steps and she gasped as she
saw that his wet shorts were clinging to his lower body like a second skin.

The outline of his tool was clearly visible to Melanie. It hung limply down the
one leg of his shorts. She stared as the shaft moved under the thin material
of his shorts. She reached up and cupped her left breast in her hand,
squeezing hard, feeling her womanhood contract in response to the stimulation.
Melanie pinched her nipple through her clothing. She closed her eyes and
shivered. She was now fully aroused and she could feel slippery wetness
escaping from between her pink folds, and no matter how hard she forced her
thighs together she knew that her panties were soaked with her juices as her
vulva continued to open and close slightly. She wished she could take that
gorgeous staff and insert it up inside her.

An hour later, Matthew was washing the car when Melanie walked out onto the pool
deck. Under her sarong she wore a white g-string which did little to hide her
figure. Her nipples were already erect in anticipation of what she was about to

Melanie laid back on one of the low deck chairs, making sure that she was
positioned in such a way that she was in full view of Matthew. She loosened her
sarong, letting it hang on either side of the chair. Out of the corner of her
eye she saw Matthew watching her every move. She was wearing dark glasses so
that he could not see the direction of her gaze. Teasingly, Melanie dropped both
her hands down to her g-string and pretended that it needed adjustment.

Out of the corner of his eye, Matthew saw her reach behind and loosen the tie at
the back of her bikini top. He watched mesmerized as she lifted the top over
her head, exposing her breasts to his gaze. She lay back, bathing in the sun,
her breasts pointing upwards with her erect nipples reaching skyward. Matthew
thought he would burst. His manhood was now straining against the shorts he
was wearing and it would have been obvious to anyone seeing he was now fully
aroused. He just could not keep his eyes off of those beautiful breasts.

"Good morning, Matthew," Melanie greeted.

Matthew nearly fainted, he had been caught spying on his boss.

"Eh, good morning," he replied, trying to move away.

It was now or never, so she called him over.

"Come over here, Matthew," Melanie instructed.

Matthew was fascinated that Melanie didn't make any attempt to cover her nudity as
he approached. He openly stared at her breasts and this aroused her even

She asked him if he liked what he saw and he replied very nervously that he did.
Melanie felt a flood of liquid heat escape from between the lips of her vagina as
she realized that she was finally going to have him.

Standing up suddenly, Melanie took Matthew by the hand and led him inside. She
could feel his uncertainty but knew that she could reassure him. No words were
spoken as she led him through the house to the main bedroom.

Melanie fell back onto the bed and removed her bikini bottoms in one, fluid
motion, just as she had fantasized about doing so many times before. She
parted her legs as he approached her thighs, enabling him a clear view of her
outer lips and clitoris. He cautiously moved closer to her vagina with his
hands, gently caressing her inner thighs with his finger tips. Melanie parted
her thighs further, lifting them slightly, knowing that Matthew could now see her
outer lips parting slightly and the soft inner lips tucked away inside.

Melanie gasped as his fingers touched her for the first time. She was so soft
and warm and he felt his penis twitch. He gently caressed the outer lips,
slowly parting them further. Her clitoris was now fully erect again and he
rubbed gently over the sensitive bud, causing Melanie to jump, lifting her hips
towards his fingers. Nature told him to lower his head between her thighs and
gently kiss her soft lips, her clit, her inner thighs and back to her clit.

Instinctively, Matthew opened his mouth over her clitoris and gently sucked it
in. Melanie thrust herself against his warm mouth, wanting more than this soft
intrusion. She wanted him to use his tongue on her clit and hole, penetrate her
until she came, instead he continued gently sucking. Melanie parted her thighs
and lifted her knees, exposing her open sex to his hungry mouth. Matthew was
stopped for a moment to look at her exposed womanhood, the outer lips parted, in
turn parting the inner lips-opening the wet entrance to her vulva. Matthew then
lowered his head again and inserted his tongue deep inside her.

Melanie cried out and held his head between her legs, jerking as he alternated
between the tip of her inflamed clitoris and the tight wet heat of her inner
vagina. Eventually, Melanie could take no more and guided Matthew out from
between her legs. She gave his shorts a slight tug and his magnificent penis
sprang forth, ready to satisfying itself...and her.

Melanie laid back on the bed, lifting her knees and opening herself to Matthew as
she guided him to lie between her legs. She felt the head of his staff touch
her entrance and she reached down and took his head in her hand once again.
She positioned herself under Matthew, and with her hand she placed the tip of his
member at the entrance to her awaiting sex. Gently, she rubbed the tip around
her hole, lubricating it, preparing it to be inserted past her tight vulva and
up into the depths of her waiting womanhood.

Melanie let go of the head and moved her hand back to hold the shaft, she could
feel her outer lips being parted as Matthew pushed the first half of his head up
inside her. As he penetrated further, she pulled back on the shaft, removing
it slightly from inside her and in so doing lubricating the head further.

She then allowed Matthew to continue entering her, easier this time as his head
was now slippery. He felt his penis head penetrate her vulva and she smiled as
she felt it, too. Her inner muscles were firmly clamped around the head of his
shaft and he felt a burning heat as her wetness made it easier for him to
penetrate deeper up inside her. His shaft slid slowly into her, stretching her
pulsating walls in a way that she felt every inch of his shaft as it entered her
tight opening. Melanie felt the flexing of his penis halfway inside her as it
warned of the orgasm which was about to explode from him. She tightened her
vagina around his shaft and told him how much she wanted his gift.

Melanie felt the eruption of semen deep inside her. She felt the liquid heat
traveling down his shaft as it came to the restriction which was her vulva
closed tightly around his penis and she felt it shoot against her inner walls.
His face relaxed into a smile and she felt his erection still hard inside her,
and she knew that he was ready for round two.

Matthew retracted his penis slightly, feeling her inner vagina react by
contracting around him. He then proceeded to insert himself back into Melanie,
the path now made easier by her juices and his ejaculation.

Matthew began thrusting in and out of her, each thrust bringing a gush of semen
from inside her vagina where space was now very limited. Melanie closed her
eyes, lifted her arms above her head and gave herself to him, feeling him fill
her completely and still she wanted more. She lifted her knees as high as
possible, allowing him a clear path into which he could drive his now engorged
penis without any hindrance. Melanie felt her inner muscles begin to spasm as
she reached climax and she cried out that she was cumming. Matthew stopped
thrusting and pushed his penis up into Melanie as far as he could and, incredibly,
ejaculated again.

Melanie did not feel his ejaculation quite as vividly this time, partly due to the
fact that she was in the middle of an explosive orgasm herself and partly
because her juices, combined with his semen, had made the area between her legs
very slippery. She did however feel his penis expand and explode deep up
inside her vagina, with each spurt of his love juice a gush escaped from the
tight seal that her vulva made around his penis, flooding her thighs and the

Matthew slowly removed himself from inside Melanie, all the time feeling her vagina
holding his shaft. He sat back on his knees between her wide-spread thighs and
watched as the head of his penis pulled out from inside her, followed by a final
gush of fluids, and her tight opening return to its normal size.

"It was worth the wait," Melanie thought to herself.

Matthew just smiled.


2008-11-10 21:04:41
Certainly a promising debut here. Good effort


2008-11-10 15:28:14
Exquisitely Descriptive and deliciously sensual.

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