As days go, today had not been a good one for Miss McGuire. Although being a teacher at the local secondary school meant that there weren’t many good days. However today had been particularly bad. Her morning had been spent dealing with unruly third years, who no matter how hard she tried were just not interested in geography. Then during break she had slipped on a wet floor and hurt her leg. Then in her lesson before lunch five people didn’t hand in their homework. This meant that by lunchtime she was in a foul mood. So when she caught too kids in the corridor fighting, she was in a very bad mood made worse by one of them falling and crashing into her.
“Sorry miss,” said the one who had fallen.
“You’re lucky a teacher’s here to save you” said the other boy. He then stuck his middle finger up at the boy on the floor and turned to walk away. Miss McGuire then grabbed hold of his wrist and shouted,
“No” he replied
“Apologize now!”
“No” said the boy and he wrenched his arm out of her grip and turned again to walk away and before she could think Miss McGuire had lifted her hand up and slapped the boy across the face. Knowing her career was in jeopardy on whether the boy told on her she stormed away.
To make matters worse she had a double lesson to finish the day with the fifth years and her least favourite pupil James Stevens. James was a bright boy but no matter how hard she worked with him he would not listen, in fact he would seem to daydream through all her lessons and she was seriously worried that he would lose her 100% record of exam passes.

Now there was a very good reason for James’ inattentiveness in lessons. It was the fact that he had an enormous crush on the very Miss McGuire.
Miss McGuire walked into the class for her last two lessons of the day. James and taken up his usual position at the front of the class. He stared longingly at Miss McGuire; she was looking stunning as usual. Although she is 40 years old, she looks fantastic for her age and you wouldn’t know that she had two kids looking at her slender body. She was wearing a very nice suit. It was a dark blue skirt and jacket. The skirt just brushed the top of her knees gently as she walked. Underneath the jacket she wore a nice, crisp white shirt, and she had left the top two buttons undone showing off a bit of her bare white flesh. ‘God, she’s gorgeous’ James thought. James as usual then started fantasizing about the lovely Miss McGuire. But today was going to be different.
James could see that she was in a bad mood and if only he could provoke her then it would all fall into place.
“Could you all bring your homeworks up to the front please?” Miss McGuire said, and there was a scraping of chairs as everyone moved t hand in their work. However James did not move.
“Miss, I’ve forgotten my homework.”
“James, that’s the fourth time this term. What’s your excuse this time?”
“I haven’t got one miss; I just forgot to do it.”
“Well I’ve given you enough chances. Detention, see me after school.”
“Yes miss.” James’ plan was working.

After the lesson, James waited behind in his sear for it was the end of the day and he was due for his detention. Miss McGuire waited for everyone to leave before turning to James.
“Right, James I want to have a chat with you about your work…” She talked for what seemed like hours and then set James lines. She then sat down at her own desk and started to mark some books. James sat there for hours as gradually everyone from school left until it was only him and her.
“Let’s see how you’re getting on” she said and she walked over to where he was sitting at the desk.
“You haven’t done anything. Why not?” She said, her voice rising and her cheeks reddening.
“Because, I’m not going to.”

At this, James got up and threw the desk to one side. At this his teacher backed away. “Wh-Wh-What are you d-d-doing?” she stammered. She backed away as James advanced on her, until she was trapped backed up against her desk, but James continued to walk forwards until he was close enough to extend his arms and grab her by the shoulders.
“Stop it! Get off me!”
“HELP!!” She started screaming at the top of her voice.
“Shut up!” he snarled, clasping his hand over her mouth, stifling the sound.
James then spun Miss McGuire round so that she was backed up against his body, maintaining his firm grip over her mouth. Miss McGuire started to struggle and fight against him but he was too strong. Whilst one hand was clutched over her mouth, the other hand roamed and groped its way over Miss McGuire’s body. He moved his way over her chest and down to the breast and rubbed over them. Gently caressing those beautiful tits, which he had longed for, for so long. His hands then moved lower and began to unbutton that stiff jacket that was restricting his advances. He unbuttoned one button, then the other. She was really fighting now. Soon she would get her mouth free. James grabbed hold of his bag with his free hand and after a few seconds rummaging withdrew a dark black piece of cloth.
James then put the cloth to her lips and slowly began to force it inside her mouth. He then kissed her on the side of the cheek as she struggled more than ever muffled sounds of protest issuing from her mouth.
“I’ve wanted you for so long,” he said, “and now I’m finally going to have you”
At this Miss McGuire started flailing around helplessly and attempted to hit James with her fists.
“Now that’s not very nice” James said quite coolly “and if you’re going to be like that then you’ll have to be stopped.” As quick as flash then grabbed Miss McGuire’s hand and flung her round and slammed her front first into her desk. Pinning her with one hand, James rummaged around in his bag with the other. He then pulled out a long piece of thick rope and quickly began to snake it around her wrists pinning them together behind her back. James wound the rope round and around pulling hard on the rope each time making sure it was secure. He then made sure with two loops around her stomach before securing it in a knot behind her at the elbow. She was well and truly bound and gagged, she wasn’t going anywhere and James had as long as he wanted.
“Now you were a very naughty girl for trying to hit me like that, weren’t you?”
Silence. “I said WEREN’T YOU” said James thrusting his face up to hers. A muffled sound came out of the gaga and Miss McGuire shook her head frantically.
“Get up” James said and led her over to one of the chairs and he sat down.
“Over my knee!” She didn’t move “NOW!” Slowly she lay down.
Once she was over her knee. James slowly and gently unzipped her skirt slowly revealing a pair of silk back panties. “Very nice” he whispered. Miss McGuire wriggled the bulge in James’ pants was poking right into her belly button.
“Those are very nice panties miss. Can I keep them?” and with one quick movement he flung them off her with ease unveiling her tiny little bottom and stuffed the pants inside his bag. “Niiiice” James said lustfully. “That’s a very nice arse but it looks a bit tight. Let’s loosen it up.”
James then raised his hand and brought it down firmly onto his teacher’s bare backside. ‘SLAP’ went her arse just as ‘MMFFF’ came out of her gagged mouth. James watched as a nice red mark appeared on her bare skin, but faded quickly. Then James brought his hand down again and again each time the red mark getting redder and redder and fading less and less, until it just stayed there. By this time Miss McGuire was sobbing into her gag tears pouring down her face because of the pain.
“Did I say you could cry? You don’t do anything without my say so. Got it?” the last two words spat menacingly. She nodded her head weekly. “For that you can have another five spanks.”
“MMMMMMM” she protested, shaking her head violently.
“OK then six or do you want more?” she stopped wriggling. Six more times his hand came down on her arse, but she did not cry this time forcing herself to be strong. By now her arse was like a flaming, red beacon and felt like it was on fire too.
“I see you’re learning. Good girl.” James then proceeded to gently rub her clit up and down. He caressed the lips longingly, and although she was in a terrible position, Miss McGuire could not help getting aroused. James could hear her breathing getting heavier and heavier.
“You like that don’t you?” James then inserted his finger inside her moist pussy. James then moved his finger in and out gently touching the inside wall and rubbing the clit as he went. He could feel her pussy responding and clenching around his solitary digit. James then pulled out and inserted two fingers and continued pleasuring his helpless teacher.
“It will be even better soon,” He told her. James continued to rub his fingers up inside her warm body and could feel it getting wetter and wetter as she went ever closer and closer to orgasm, but just before he did reach her climax. James withdrew.
“Not yet! You’ll have to wait a bit” James could see the disappointment as he stopped, even though she was bound and gagged, she had clearly enjoyed that. She wasn’t enjoying the gag so much and was beginning to drool down the side as she fought against the bonds tying her down.
“I’ll remove the gag if you promise not to scream.” She nodded her head bleakly and James took it off.
“Now that’s not nice” and James brought his hand down hard on her already bare bottom. “Let’s make a better use f you dirty mouth,” and James picked her up and slammed her on her front on the teachers desk, before walking round so that his waist was directly in front of her face.
James unbuttoned his trousers and let them fall to the floor with his boxers and placed his thick rod on his helpless teacher’s lips. She had no choice and he gently forced her lips and apart until his cock was half way inside her mouth. Then with a thrust of the hips he thrust his cock hard to the back of her throat. Over and over again he face fucked her, her head rocking back with the force of each thrust. Then he stopped and in a desperate attempt to stop the onslaught on the back of her throat she started to wrap her tongue around the beast blocking her airway. Gently, almost lovingly she caressed his cock and she could feel the pleasure build up and up waiting to explode but he still had control and before the climax he withdrew.
Now it was finally time for the bit James had really been waiting for the culmination of all his plans. He circled the desk and the helpless wench in front of her until he was right behind her and started to rub her clit gently, opening up the whole wider and wider with the tips of his fingers; her clit was by now so moist that lube would be a complete waste of time. So James started to ease his thick dick in. He started by just inserting the tip and then gradually slowly he eased it further and further inside savouring the moment. Then he was all the way in to his max and he could feel every part of his penis tingling with excitement and anticipation.
He pulled out slowly and then back in establishing a firm and steady rhythm in out in out and the pressure was building and he could tell it was building inside both of them slowly the two of them built up and up until James felt he could hold on no longer and then he found the spot.
They climaxed at exactly the same time they moaned in joyful orgasm, both of them relishing the moment as James’ hot sticky cum soaked the inside walls of his teachers precious inner sanctum. She was disgusted at what had just happened, but also extremely aroused and the two emotions were fighting a titanic battle.
James then withdrew his penis and loosened the ropes and the two never mentioned that moment again.

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