I am John. I m only 14 years old. I am handsome but i don' t have any girlfriends.
I am tall and thin. Soo.... my cock is long and thick. I love to masturbate when there is no one in my house. I always watch some kind of porn movies while a play with my dick. I keep a tissue by side because my sperm will shoot out and so i wipe it off. I am still studing. I am studying at a secondry school near by.
There many hot teacher in my school. I love my English teacher and her big boobs. I hope i can have sex with her. She older than me but she is so hot. She is a strict teacher. She always love to scold me whenever i never finish her homework.

One day, i never complete her homework that she gave yesterday to my class. I was so scared. I never finish because i was sick and tired. So i took some rest. She entered the calss and she straight ask everyone to pass the book and she said that who ever never pass up the book must stay in the school till she ask to go home. And I guess it me the one must stay late in school. I stood up and i realize that i'm the only one never pass the book up. She never ask me the reason why i never pass up and she ask me stay in school till she say so. My friends laugh at me and felt so embarrased

She continues teaching and was just looking on her big breast. I hope i can touch and feel it. She was just wearing a short skirt so i can see her sexy legs. So time goes on. It was time to go home. Every pack their thing back and leave the class after the school bell rings. I was all alone in the with my teacher. She came closer and she ask me why never pass up the book. I told the reason that i was sick so i unable to complete the homework. Than, ask why u don't look sick for me yesterday when i was teaching and today u look great. I keep looking and her big breast and never answer the question that she asked. She shouted and me and ask WHY WHY WHY WHY? Why u never finish my homework, u are lieing to me that ur sick and she gave me a slap on my face. I was so angry. SHe souted me and say WHY R U NOT ANSWERING ME ? "I'm sorry teacher" I said to her. She told me if u want to go back u got to let me see ur cock. I said no to the my teacher. She was angry and she say i will send u to the principle office if u never show me our cock. I was scared and i opened my shcool pants off and show her. She close the class doors and windows.

She came close to me and touch my cock. She said that i have a big cock. I smile to her. Than she ask to have sex with her and she will send me home with her own car. I said no bacause she was my teacher. I did no something like this will happen. SHe say that she will send me to the principle room if i never had sex with her SO i Said ok. She strip off her cloths, her panties and her bra. I Saw her big boos and i ask her that i can touch it. So she said ok than i touch, suck and lick her breast. MY dick was pointing up in the air. She was playing my cock while i was on her boobs.

She ask me to my dick into her beautiful pussy. So i put it and push it into. She was shouting in pain and i say slow down teacher anyone can her u. so i carry on till my cum almost came out. She told me not the shoot it. So i stoped for a while and i start licking her pussy and asshole. I stoped and she start sucking my dick till my cum came out . She dint miss a drop and swallow it all. She was sucking for a long time. I was so happy and would never ever forget what happen to me. After she finish sucking my cock, she ask me to lie down on the teacher table. So I do lie on it. SHe sat on my cock and push my huge cock in her pussy. She was going up and down. HEr big boobs where bouncing. I massaged her boobs and ask her that she got do this with anyone else. She said yes and she said that she got fucked by the principle. I was so SHOCK when she said like that. Than, she ask me that i got do this or not with anyone. I answered no. She was still on my cock for a time.

Her pussy was very wet so my dick on got wet. We were sweating like anything because the fan was not on and it was a hot day. After for while told her that my sperm is almost out. She quickly stoped and get off of my cock. She put her ass to my mouth. i Start licking it and her fingers was in her pussy. She was playing with her pussy. After few minutes, she got off the table and start doing blowjob on me. She was sucking my balls, deepthroating my cock. While she was sucking it and was thinking why would she do someting like this. No one was coming near my class and so i guess every is back home only me and my teacher. So I think i can do this for a longer time.

My Cum came on again and swallow it all again without missing a drop. I ask her to came over to my house when there one in the house to do this again. She said ok and she said she that love my big young cock. I was so happy. She never stoped sucking my cock for a while. After a few minutes she stopped. She told me to stand up and she asked me to cum all over her face. Her face was so near to my cock. So i started by pointing my dick to her face and start shacking up and down. After a some minute it came and i shoot it aon her face. Her face was full of my slimy sperm. She smilling and she told me thank u for doing this to me. I told her that, ur WELCOME MY TEACHER. She said to me that is enough for today. We can do it some other time. I Said ok. She went off my cock and went and a tissue for her handbag. She wipe her face off. She said my sperm was tasty. I thank u. We put our cloths on and we walk off the class. The school was damn quit. I asked her that she is really going to send me back home ? She said no . I went behind her and told that she told me that she is sending me back once i finishing fucking her. She said that she lied to me. OH SHIT. She straight went into the teachers room. So I guess I got to go back home by public bus since my bus left me. I was angry with her because she lied to me But i was also happy with her because she had sex with me. BYE.

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