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Sally is a high school student who has been told by her schools administration that she has won an academic trip out of state for the two weeks before school starts. Little does she know it is all a conspiracy plan to turn her into the new school sex slave.
So this is an actual non-consensual sex story. With non-consensual sex that stays that way. In my fantasy mind I love rape and torture and I hate fucking stories that say they have rape and toruture but, come up short. So here is a story that has pain, torture, and non-consensual sex. And as long as I am writing it, it will stay that way.

Sally's two weeks

She was so hot. And she knew it too. Thought the high school janitor as he watched the stupid little twat prancing down the hall. But, not for long. He knew the plan, they always had a plan. Every year all of the male teachers and some of the female ones at the school, even the administration, would choose a young cunt and make her their new slut. Holding daily torture sessions for even the smallest mistakes and using her as a peice of meat only to be fucked and tortured

They had already put their plan into action for this years slave. They had sent her a letter at the end of the summer telling her lies of a wonderful two week trip out of state to visit some of the most prestigious institutions in the nation. It was a completely free trip that she had won from previous academic achievements and recommendations from her teachers and administration. Little did she know that it was all a lie.

She would really be spending the two weeks locked up in a dungeon hidden down in the basement of the school being fucked, tormented, degraded, tortured, and ultimately transformed. He licked his lips. What a fun two weeks they will be.

Sally entered room 204. She looked around the room; it was empty. Hmmm she thought, holding the information sheet in the light more tryin to read the instructions, I thought the other people would have been here before me. It said 6:00 AM Saturday, August 9th. To meet-up for depature at the airport. She looked at her watch 6:10. It was strange, but she shrugged it off and sat down in the desk to wait. She wasn't the only student going on the trip, was she? The letter didn't make it out to be that big of an honor to go. She sat back and hummed to the music buzzing in her ear from the iPod.

A few minutes later a teacher briskly walked into the room. "Hello there I'm Mr. Taylor, you must be sally." He said conspicuously eying her body. "You ready for the weeks of a lifetime?" He asked.

"Yeah," Sally Responds, "Sounds like, it will be fun..."

Mr. Taylor smiled moving closer to the girl, "More 'fun' then you could ever imagine." Another teacher was sneaking up behind her, not that it mattered how sneakily they did it, the moment she had opened that letter she had no chance of escape. Suddenly the other teacher pulled a bag over the girls head, she screamed in suprise. Mr. Taylor quickly kicked her viciously hard in the head, "Shut the fuck up, no one can hear you and your damn scream is so annoying." He yelled. Hitting her again and again with his foot until she fell silent. Certain she had passed out from the blows the man picked her lifeless body up and carried it towards the dungeon.

The basement was incredibly high-tech. To any person walking in it would look like a very small unorganized storage area. But, the teachers of course knew what was hidden behind the mess. Dragging the girl along the floor the men moved to the back of the room. Pushing aside few boxes and finding a button hidden behind a shelf they opened the door to the dungeon.

The room was lit up brightly. It was made completely out of hard concrete from the ceiling to the floors and had no natural light from the sun. On the far wall were iron straps to hold a prisoner securely and tightly. A well as a cold metal table with similar straps to bond the victim. Aligning the walls were tools shelfs covered in different torture instruments. And several high-tech fucking, exercising, and torture machines were placed about the room. They lifted the girl and carried her to the cold metal table and once placed on top the table the iron straps snapped tight on her wrists, ankles, waist, and neck. The teachers proceeded by ripping off all of her clothes. "She won't need these anymore," One of the men laughed viciously pulling the blouse off of her torso.

Sally awoke only a few hours later. Chilled from her bare skin on the cold metal table, blinded from a piece of fabric tied around her head, and silenced from a large rubber gag in her mouth; she was helpless. She began struggling and muffles escaped around the gag. "I see our little fuck girl is awake." Mr. Taylors voice said. "Welcome to your two week trip of fun and education." He laughed. Pulling off his trousers and moving towards the girl with his pulsating cock at hand. All of the teachers and administration had extremely large fuck tools. Their rods were so long and thick it was unbearable for any young cunt to take them, especially an inexperienced virgin with a tight hole like15 year old Sally.

"I don't like fucking as much as I like torturing so I will try to make this lesson quick so we can get to the fun stuff." He said pushing the tip of his cock into her tiny slit. "I still do love the fucking though." He finished shoving his shaft balls deep into the girl in one push. The cry of pain that erupted from the girl's throat was hardly audible with the gag in her mouth. Juices and blood oozed out around the base of Mr. Taylors cock as he fucked. He didn't hold his cum long. They weren't worried about pregnancy; they had given her the pill a week earlier in one of the letters stating that she needed it for one of the areas they might visit had been contaminated with some disease and she needed the pill to make sure she wouldn't get infected or some bullshit.

He finished unloaded his cock into her pussy and shoved it back into his pants. "Okay bitch, let me tell you how your life is going to be from now on," He started, "Everyday after school ends you will come straight down what we call the dungeon. You will be disciplined for any rules you have broken during the day, taught new lessons, and give us the relief we need. We'll give you the list of rules at the end of your two weeks. You are now owned by our faculty. You will do exactly what we say when we say it. Not one single person in this school will help you out of this new situation, so you better fucking cope with it because your not getting out of it. We know that your parents are to busy to notice something is truly wrong with you, we also know that you have to get good grades, and we know that they would never switch you to a new school because all of the cost, time, and energy that would require. Do you understand yet, cunt? You are ours now, we fucking own you."

"So then, let's start with your first lesson." He pulled off her blind and gag. "If you start fucking screaming you will not be a happy little bitch in a second." He warned, "This lesson is going to teach you about submission, you always do what we say when we say it. If you back talk or hesitate you will be punished harshly. So bitch," He pressed a button releasing one of her arms, "Let's begin." He put two alligator clamps in her free moving hand. "So what you have to do is put these clamps onto your nipples, one on each square in the middle. Then tighten them to the point that the nipple will rip off before the clamp ever would." She didn't move. "Cunt this is only going to get worse for you if you don't put those damn things on your nipples. I swear to god if you make me put them on your life will turn into a living hell."

Obviously in shock Sally didn't know what to do. She stared blindly at Mr. Taylors cruel uncaring face. "BITCH!" He slapped her. Grabbing one of the clamps he snapped it shut on her first nipple then her other one, she screamed in pain. He slapped her across the face, "What did I tell you about screaming?" He yelled tightening the clamp until her nipples were numb with pain. "This entire lesson would have gone about ten times less painful if you had just put those clamps on. But, now it is a punishment and lesson. Your gonna fucking hate your life." He grabbed another larger clamp off the wall, "Now reach down, and put this on your clit." He said placing the clamp in her fingers, "NOW!" He screamed.

Her hands trembled as she picked up the open clamp and moved it down to her cunt. It was nearly impossible to do with one hand, as tightly bound has she was. Finding her clit she pushed the clap onto it and closing her eyes tightly allowed it to shut. Her mind erupted in more pain then she had ever experienced before. Her mouth filled slightly with blood as she bit down roughly on her tongue stopping her from screaming. "Good bitch, I wasn't even planning on using that clamp on your clit yet, but just apart of your punishment. Don't think that helped you at all, this lesson is still going to be extremely painful. Now tighten the clamp." She forced her fingers to the clamp again and squeezed her eyes shut in concentration; even touching the clamp sparked waves of painful hell and the last thing she wanted to do was tighten it and worsen the pain.

But, slowly she turned the nob and the clamp tightened. After impatiently waiting for a few minutes Mr. Taylor grabbed the clamp and tightened it just as badly as the nipple clamps were. "Much better." He said. He turned around and grabbed tiny but, very strong chains from the wall. He tied a chain to each clamp and then connected the three together into one larger chain. Suddenly he jerked the chain towards him pulling all three clamps simultaneously. Taken by surprise she screamed, "You. Don't. Fucking. Scream." He yelled pulling the chain harder with each word.

After ripping at the nipple and clit clamps with the chain for several minutes, Mr. Taylor stopped. Silently he pulled the chain upwards and attached it to a hook on the ceiling. He moved to the control box covered in buttons and nobs that all controlled the table Sally was attached to. He pushed a button and the chain pulled the clamps upwards. This nipples and clit rose and stretched several inches until she began to rise off the table. She screamed in horror and he said, "This can go as high as I want it too. And I can keep you up there for as long as I want to, so you better stop screaming." He pressed another button and all of her straps released allowing her to float up towards the ceiling, following after her nipples and clit. He walked over and put her wrists, ankles, and knees into police grade handcuffs. And stuffed the gag back into her mouth.

"Okay bitch, here is what's going to happen. I am going to leave you here like this to think of all the things you did incorrectly today. I may be back in a few hours or days. Just depends upon how deserving you are to be released. When I do return be prepared with a mental note of every single mistake you made and a proposition to discipline yourself further and a way to thank me for any mercy I give you. If you do a good enough job I may even allow you a small amount of resting time." With that he left, taking time to flick each stretched nipple and her clit before walking towards the exit.

Several hours later he returned. "Hey bitch, I'm home." He said pulling the gag out of her mouth. "I'm going to put you back on the table and then we can talk." He walked over to the control box and lowered her down. to the table. Then he pressed another button and all of the straps closed back onto Sally. "So, what are you going to do to thank me for the mercy I am showing you right now, I mean you were only up there for what, four hours?" He paused, "Well, fucking talk."

Sally opened her mouth to talk, but she realized how dry her throat was. Realizing Mr. Taylor was going to cause more pain then just a sore throat if she didn't respond quickly she said, "I could," Hesitating as her voice cracked, "Suck your, your..."

"What cunt face?" He asked impatiently, "My what?"

"Your dick."

"Oh well, as nice of an offer that is I was going to make you do that anyways; it has to be better then that. Maybe instead of just my dick you could deep throat my dick and massage and suck my entire body with that hot little tongue of yours?"

She cringed at the idea, Mr. Taylor was obviously fairly dirty she could smell his sweaty odor from across the room. His entire body would mean his face, balls, and even his ass hole. "Is that all I can do?"

"Are you fucking back talking me?" He yelled, grabbing her jaw and face squeezing them until her jaw nearly dislocated. "That is exactly what your going to fucking do!" He finished releasing his hold on her face. He released the straps binding Sally down and pulled her up by her arm and then dropped her onto the floor. He grabbed the chains next to the beds and tightly secured her feet to the ground giving her only a few feet to move around. He then chained both of her arms tightly to her feet, so the only way she could move her arms was if her feet moved. Leaving them completely useless.

He then pulled all of his clothes off and laid down on the steel bed. "What the fuck are you waiting for? An invitation?" He asked pointing to his hard cock. Sally had never sucked cock before, she had never even been fucked before today! Having no arms she was forced to just lean over and balance out without being able to brace any of her weight. She stared down at his cock head, stuck out her tongue, and moved forward squeezing her eyes shut. "Keep your eyes open." He said, and she snapped her eyes open again just as she touched the cock head with her tongue.

It tasted salty, warm, and disgusting , she thought, as she forced her entire mouth over his thick dick head. She pushed her mouth down on his penis and worked towards getting the entire thing in. "Well, fucking suck it and move around more." He said. She bopped her head up and down and tried to sucking. "Now we are going to deep throat," He started, "Push my entire cock into your mouth and throat." He said. She pushed her head down against his cock again but, couldn't get it to go past her throat. "Faster bitch." SHe tired to swallow the penis and continued pushing on it, but just couldn't get it to go in. "Okay, fuck, let me do it." He grabbed her head and started to force it down on his rod. With enough force to snap her neck, his cock suddenly slid down her mouth and into her throat. Her air supply was instantly shut off. He held her face down against his balls as he enjoyed the feeling of her neck convulsing and gagging around his cock. He let her up for air when she started going blue and quickly shoved her back down unexpectantly for several more minutes. After fucking and sucking his penis for nearly a half an hour he came. "Don't fucking let one single drop of my cum out of your mouth."

"Okay fuck head, now start at my toes and work you way up my legs massaging and cleaning me with your tongue." He said. Her chains allowed her to move down to his feet, but just barely. His feet were really smelly, sweaty, and disgusting. Trying not to breathe she dipped her head down onto his toes. Working quickly to get past his stinking feet she moved to his hairy legs. The hair on the teachers legs scratched viciously at her tongue as she worked her way up to his thighs. Getting past his thighs she arrived at his buttocks. More hesitantly she licked around the globes coming nearer to the slit in the middle. Her tongue lightly touched the taste of shit as she grew closer to his ass hole. Suddenly she dug her face into his as cheeks and sucked on his ass hole. "Mmm tha's nice, stay like that for a while..." Mr. Taylor said.

After over a half an hour of sucking on his ass hole Mr. Taylor grew bored. "Kay, I'm done. No need to do the rest of the body." He said standing up. "just get your ass back down on this table." he said throwing her on the cold metal. "That was the punishment you chose. Now it's my turn to choose yours." He finished, re-tightening the restraints on her legs and arms and releasing the stand-up chains. Whistling he walked over to a wall lined with different torture devices. "Let's see, let's see; what should we play with today?" He asked picking up various tools and inspecting them. "Ah-hah, pleasurable and unbareable, all at the same time." He laughed picking up a large dildo with straps hanging off of it. It was about a foot long and over 3 inches thick.

"Now this my dear girl," he said holding up the dildo, "looks like something you might enjoy. But, not for long" He said walking over to her. He shoved the entire dildo into her sore dry vagina in one push, causing her to cry out in surprise. He quickly slapped her across the face several times. "You don't make a fucking noise, unless if I tell you too!" He yelled, returning to the dildo. He pulled the straps securely around her thighs locking the dildo tightly in place. Then he flipped a switch and the dildo began to violently vibrate and whir around in a circle all at once. The stimulation immediately caused her to get wet and against her will, moan in pleasure. "This is another one of those fun, I'll leave the room and go watch a football game with my buddies moments. Those orgasm will just keep 'cumming' and 'cumming'" He said snickering at his joke.

As he walked out the room her body racked with the first of many orgasms, he smiled locking the door behind him. Several hours later her body was covered in sweat. Tears of frustration followed paths down her cheeks as she was hit with yet another orgasm. Almost passing out from exhausting she collapsed as another orgasm began to build. Her legs trembled, as she felt exhaustion from even the energy needed to keep her blood flowing. The only thing she wanted in the world was to pull the dildo out. The only thing that could bring her any satisfaction. She cried out as an orgasm hit her, panting as dizziness and black took over her mind for several minutes. She awoke in a deeper daze and was hit with another orgasm, blacking out again.

When Mr. Taylor returned, he found her passed out. "Falling asleep on the job?" He asked. "That's very naughty." He said slapping her across the face to wake her up. "You have a lot of things to do little miss, and sleeping, well the kind you were doing, is not one of them. Tonight all of the teachers have been invited to fuck. So your going to be on you best behavior or the two hours of sleep I was going to allow you, will instead be filled with torture. Got it?"

Sally was exhausted. She had never felt so tired in her life, all she could think about was sleep. But she lightly nodded her head. "Good. The first one is here already. I don't enjoy watching other people fuck you. It's much to boring. So I'm going to go home and sleep for tomorrows lessons. Don't worry, if anyone decides you weren't a good enough fuck, they'll call me and I'll be back early for your punishment."


This could be continued. If I feel like it, but not if you guys don't like it.

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