For my special love
I haven't written since I was very, very young. I wrote this for someone so very special to me.

You know who you are. You are my special love.

He Touches Me

With his quiet voice,

his caring manner,

he touches me.

Reflecting on our days,

our nights,

he touches me.

Igniting my desires,

my passions,

he touches me.

Surrounding me with his strength,

his dominance,

he touches me.

Making me feel his heat,

his love,

he touches me.

Not with his hands,

but his words.


2010-06-10 12:07:09
Did he touch your cervix with anythong other than the spurting head of his dick? Maybe he touched the inside of your throat with a rope of cum, did he shoot aload halfway up into your bowels, shittin cum for a week, ok. How is wantsomefun faring now that his boyfriend won't let him even write to you?

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2010-03-25 14:31:15
How many spooks does it take to fuck up the country, only one- Obama

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2009-12-02 00:05:40
i love ur work!


2009-11-17 22:01:31
Awesome, so much depth in so short a time. It makes one truly envious and desiring to be that one.


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2009-11-15 13:19:16
She should write to Obama, who is above all

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