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I got to sleep in Don’s room for the first time that night. He slept on his side on one edge of the bed while I slept facing him, curled up much lower. Every time I opened my eyes, I got a close up glimpse of his cock. Thankfully it was July, and hot, so I wasn’t suffocating under sheets and comforters.

I woke up earlier than him, whether it was due to the strange nature-noises, or being in an unfamiliar bed, I don’t know. I watched his chest heave and fall as he breathed. His cock moved slightly with every breath. I watched in rapt fascination as it started to stiffen while he slept.

It grew from a flaccid three inches to a spongy five or six, then finally to a rock hard 6.5 to seven. Don shifted a bit in his sleep, sliding a few inches closer to me. I looked up to see if he was awake. His eyes stayed shut and his breathing remained regular. Tentatively, I moved forward and licked up the shaft. No response.

Emboldened, I started licking it up and down repeatedly. A low moan escaped his lips, but he didn’t wake up. Pushing it to the limit, I slid forward and took the head in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it before bobbing my head as silently and unobtrusively as I could, seeing how long I could pleasure him without waking him up.

His cock was soaked, and he kept moaning, but so far as I’d seen, he’d shown no signs of waking. I decided I’d take the next step, try and deepthroat him. Now, the way he was laying there made his rock hard cock stay fairly close to his stomach. I’d have to be slow about it, otherwise my head would brush him too much.

I went down about two inches and stopped, licking around the head, but waiting for any signs that he’d woken up. After nothing happened, I pressed a few inches further, slowly letting him slide into me, filling my mouth.

I jumped in shock as his hand flew to the back of my head and pushed me all the way down. I nearly gagged at the fast, sudden intrusion of his cock.

“Mmmph” I protested, barely able to get any sound out. He held me fast, letting me move an inch at times, then slamming me down. I had no doubt that it felt wonderful for him. After several seconds he finally let me come up for air.

As I lay there panting, he moved off the bed and walked over to the closet. I started at his nude body as he grabbed a spool of rope and some scissors. He knelt over me, letting me lick his balls while he quickly bound my wrists together and tied them off to the headboard. Moving downward, he tied a foot to each post, spreading me completely. To add to the helplessness, he spread me further by tying each knee off to the bedframe.

I looked up at him, completely at his mercy, and waited for what was coming. Don climbed onto the bed and knelt in between my legs, smiling at my obvious disadvantage. He ran his fingernails up my legs, stopping to poke at my hip flexors. I giggled at the ticklish feeling.

His right hand slowly slid upward and wrapped itself around my cock. I inhaled sharply at the foreign sensation of a hand on my dick. He placed his thumb on the sensitive spot blow my head and started softly massaging. I moaned, happy that my dick was finally getting some attention.

“No one has ever gotten you off before, huh?” His voice pulled me from my reverie.

“No Master.”

“How exciting,” he said with a smile, continuing to softly stroke me.

I laid my head back down, the feeling overwhelming me. The soft inexorable motion of his hand felt so good it almost drove me to the point of blissful numbness. In a hurry, I was ready to burst. Sensing my closeness, he let go and rubbed my legs once more.

I moaned in frustration.

“Uh uh,” he warned me. “You’re going to cum on my terms, not yours.”

“Yes Master.”

He continued running his hands around my helpless body, particularly enjoying my abs, and inner thighs, before he grasped me once more. This time he slid his hand up and down, a simple motion, that never the less had me straining against my bonds in ecstasy. In a few short moments, I could feel an orgasm beginning to rise within me.

“Oh God,” I moaned, preparing myself for the onslaught of cum. Then, at the last possible second, he stopped. “Oh God,” begging now.

He laughed. “I know my way around the male body. I can torment you for hours. Hell, you may not even cum today,” he grinned evilly. I shifted nervously, hoping that wasn’t the case, but knowing I could do absolutely nothing about it. “Maybe I’ll chain you to the post outside, and you can spend all day sucking me off. Over and over and over again. Would you like that?”

“Yes Master.”

“Mmmm,” he grasped my dick again. “Good Boy.”

He brought me to the edge and back time and time again. Soon I lost all track of time. I was building and building to the point where he’d only take two or three short strikes and I was ready to burst. My gasping moved to moaning, then to screaming. Now, I clenched my eyes shut and bit my lip. It was all I could do not to explode.

Finally it happened. He stroked me and didn’t stop. I felt my cock harden, and he kept going. I felt my balls tighten and the cum rising within me. Having been tormented for so long I started to scream. My cock just got harder and harder and harder until I thought it was going to fall off, but seconds later the first rope went blasting out. It looped up in the air and made a line from my bottom lip, halfway down my stomach.

One after the other followed, splashing across me somewhere. Seconds passed, and I thought for sure it would start to taper, but his practiced hand just kept drawing spurt after spurt. I covered myself, some dripped down to the bed. Instinctively I liked the drops that had made it onto my face. It was saltier than Don’s, but feeling it slide down my throat made me just as hot.

Finally his hand slowed, and the cum oozed rather than shot out. My screams died down even though my heartbeat didn’t. I breathed heavily, trying to catch up with what had happened.

“Than…thank you Master,” I managed to breathe hoarsely. He smiled and let me lick off what had gotten on his hands. I laid there, covered in my own seed while he slid on a pair of boxers.

He let me lie there in my own cum for a few moments before untying me. Weary and sore, I stretched my limbs and sat up. He allowed me to shower and clean the cum off myself before joining him in the kitchen. Completely drained, my dick lay limp while the warm water washed over me. I took my time cleaning myself, letting the water heal my sore, stretched arms and legs before stepping out and drying off.

I walked into the kitchen where he stood at the stove, frying some bacon for breakfast. His half hard cock poked through the slit in his boxers. I moved up behind him, pressing my nude body against his and reached around to stroke him. He smiled at me as my hand worked him to his full length.

Grinning, I moved to the floor and slid him in my mouth. He turned slightly sideways to make my job easier. I used my, for the first time, free hands to stroke the base of his shaft and play with his balls while I blew him.

He simply stared down appreciatively while finishing up breakfast. “Mmm,” he moaned, “I could let you do that all day.”

I smiled up at him without slowing my pace. He turned the stove off and piled bacon and eggs onto a plate for himself. I wondered what I was to eat while working his cock. He answered my question seconds later, grapping a tray of homemade donuts that had been cooling on the counter.

He grabbed both and walked over to the table, sitting down. I moved to take the seat across from him, but he shook his head. “On the floor under the table,” he commanded.

I complied, crawling beneath. He sat on the edge of the seat, spreading his legs for access. His balls hung off the edge of the chair. I licked and sucked on them while tugging his cock while he ate. I was careful to make it feel good, but not rush him to the point of orgasm. I was sure he’d want to save that for me later.

After a few minutes, he finished eating and slid his chair away from the table. He placed his dish in the sink then returned to the table where I knelt, waiting expectantly.


“Yes Master.”

“How does a donut sound?”

“Good Master.”

He grabbed one of the home made ones and held it out to me. I noticed it had a larger hole than most donuts did. My questions were answered in the next moment when he slid it on his cock.

“Watch the teeth,” he warned me.

I nodded and started in. They were pretty simple, just coated in sugar and soft. I ended up using my lips more than my teeth to pull bits off. I was hungry, soon all that remained was a bit of sugar clinging to his drool covered dick. I went all the way down on him, making a tight seal with my lips and licking slowly upwards with my tongue to clean the rest off.

“Good boy,” he told me.

“Thank you Master.”

“What do you say we go off into the woods again?”

“Yes Master.”

He grabbed another backpack and some equipment and prodded me out the door. We made it ten steps into the yard before he knocked me over and knelt on my back. Before I knew what was happening, my wrists were pulled behind me and cuffed together. There was a chain running from the cuffs on my wrist to ones that he locked around my ankles.

He hauled me to my feet. The chain connecting my ankles was agonizingly short. I had to take very careful measured steps. It was several minutes before I was into the brush and out of sight of the road.

We continued on, deep into the woods, I turned red, fully conscious of the spectacle I was putting on for him. We took a more direct route this time, arriving in only a few minutes.

I stood there in the center of the clearing, exposed while he unpacked some things. He stood there, pausing to think, then came over to me, unlocking my ankle cuffs, but leaving my wrists bound. Then he unlinked the chain leaving only the cold metal on my wrists.

He walked me over to the small shed off to the side. It was about ten feet wide and five feet deep. The front double doors had handles and a padlock holding them shut about chest high. There was also a half circle cut out of each about waist high.

He unlocked the doors and bent me over. Slowly shutting them, they closed around my neck holding me in place. He padlocked the doors and moved away. I struggled slightly, if only to test my restraints. They held me tightly in place. The shed roof was set a bit above the walls so some light streamed in. There was a chair and stool off to the side, and a battery powered lantern hanging from the ceiling. There was also a small 4’ high back door which soon opened.

Don came in and shut the little door behind him, setting the bag down. He was now nude and mostly hard, his cock pointing straight at my face. I licked my lips, knowing I was at the perfect height. He grinned and walked over to me, making sure to stand just far enough away so that I couldn’t reach. I strained against the doors, but they didn’t move an inch.

I shifted my body as deep into the hole as it would go, until the outside edges were digging into my shoulders and I still came up an inch short. I reached out with my tongue, and only then could I barely get a piece of him. I licked frantically, only succeeding in getting an inch of his dick wet.

He grinned evilly and pulled away, leaving me whimpering. He grabbed something from the bag, and before I could see what it was, a big red ballgag was shoved in my mouth. Now he walked closer, rubbing his cock on my face to taunt me.

He grabbed a paddle leaning against the corner, something I hadn’t seen before. Wooden, about a foot by three inches and solid wood. He twirled it and grinned at me before leaving the shed. I could hear his muffled steps outside, but they gave me little detail as to where he was. I thought nervously back to the paddle and awaited my fate.

“MMPH!” I yelled in shock as a hand reached between my legs and stroked my cock. His other hand motioned my legs apart, and I spread them wide, giving him better access. Something large and heavy closed tightly around each ankle. I tried to move them together, but wooden stocks held them in place.

I felt him fiddle around with the cuffs. After a few moments, my arms started to rise. They didn’t stop until they pointed at a 45 degree angle away from my back, putting me in a very uncomfortable position.

“Should I bind your cock and balls as well?”

“Mmph,” I protested, trying to find some semblance of the word no.

“Alright then,” I could just about hear his grin.

With no say in the matter, I felt him wrap thin piece of twine around my balls, separating them from my body. He must have tied them off to something below me because I felt them being pulled down even further. It was an interesting sensation of pain and restriction, one I longed to be out of.

His hand gently caressed my exposed ass. I tensed up, anticipating what was coming next, but he continued to rub me gently. Slowly, surely I relaxed. His hand ventured towards the front of me, grasping my restricted cock. Then, without warning he hit me. Hard. My scream into the gag was only obscured by the impossibly loud WHACK the paddle made against my ass. Already my cheeks stung with pain. I could only imagine how red they were.

I bit hard into the gag as he hit me twice more, just as hard as the first time. It sent waves of agony up and down my legs. Tears were streaming down my face. “Two more,” he informed me, and I braced myself. WHACK WHACK, they came one after the other, leaving me no time to react. The shock nearly knocked the wind out of me and I gasped around the ball gag for air.

I felt his hands move around to my hips, and the head of his cock poking my ass. “Mmmph,” I moaned into the gag as he slowly thrust into me. I tried to resist, but the stocks and ball bindings kept me held fast. I was nothing more than a pleasure toy for him now. He squeezed my ass and thrust in and out, faster, causing my body to move against the door, and against the rope around my balls. It wasn’t quite painful, but I was fully aware of all the sensations running through my body.

His cock slid in and out, not as painful as before. It gave me a feeling of fullness, of helplessness and of submission, feelings I found I enjoyed. While my first moan was of shock at so large a foreign object suddenly entering me, each that followed was in pleasure. The pleasure of being used, being taken, the joy of servicing another.

My cock grew hard while he fucked me, straining against the ropes that held my balls. He noticed and reached around, roughly grabbing hold.

“Enjoying yourself, aren’t you?” He asked in ragged breaths.

“Mmm,” was the only response I could muster.

“Me too,” he said, rubbing a hand over my sensitive balls. He flicked one, causing me to scream into the gag and attempt to curl in on myself. The ropes held me uncomfortably spread.

He started thrusting harder, with the clear intent of getting himself off. I could feel him swelling within me, stretching my asshole, before his dick finally contracted in what, judging by the sounds he made, was a long pleasurable spurt. It continued to throb within me, drawing muffled moans out of my lips for several seconds.

He finished and pulled out, discarding the condom and making the round into the shed. He pulled the gag from my drooling mouth. I simply stayed there, still panting, staring at the floor, trying to get my breath back. He held his half flaccid cock out to me. I licked it clean, it tasted of condom, lube, and salty cum. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

He opened the doors, freeing my neck, and loosened my feet and wrists, though keeping them bound together. I stretched my weary legs, trying to stand up straight, until I realized my balls were still fastened to the floor, preventing me from doing so.

I knelt, standing with my legs half bent would have tired me quickly, and awaited his orders. With my wrists fastened tightly, there was nothing I could do but await his orders.

“I’ll be right back, sit tight,” he said with a laugh, dressed, and walked into the woods.

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