This is the third part of a story about a very naughty daddy
Sins of A Father Part 3

How time flies when you're having fun. Four years had passed. My sexcapades with my daughter were beginning to turn from a sick fantasy to an obsessive mission. A mission to turn my little Princess Sarah in to a full blown sex goddess. She was thirteen now and a fine piece of ass. She was about 5'5, 95lbs, beautiful round ass and tits. Her golden blond hair fell halfway down her back and her skin was bronze and beautiful.

Janet- my bitch of a now ex wife and I had divorced two years ago. We decided to do the old fashioned every other week custody plan. Even though our night time games were now sporadic, that didn't mean that they were any less enjoyable or fulfilling. Sarah could suck cock like a pro porn star and she enjoyed me eating her out like a sex fiend. She would squirm around on the bed and scream out when she came and flood my mouth with her sweet juice. I had begun using my fingers to penetrate her, but not too deep. I wanted to save that delicate hymen of hers for a special occasion. I always made sure to remind her that these games were our secret and that she couldn't tell anyone. As time went on though, I decided that she more than likely knew everything there was to know about sex and that she wasn't stupid and she had probably figured out what I had been doing to her all of these years, but I also knew that she loved it because she asked for it all of the time. I was pretty sure that I had nothing to worry about.

As I began planning for the night when I would deflower my girl I couldn't help but think about one important factor. Sarah hadn't started her period yet...and that was a good thing. I wanted more than anything to be able to penetrate her for the first time without the uncomfortable barrier of a condom to come in between my dick head and her womb, so I needed to plan it soon, before it would be too late to do it for fear of getting her pregnant.

I decided that I would do it a few days after she was done with school for the summer. That was only a couple of weeks away. I couldn't wait. My dick started to twitch every time that I would think of it. She would be with me that week and I would make it the most memorable night of her life. I love her, so I wanted to make it special. It would be the begging to a whole new chapter of her life, so I wanted to do it right.

Finally the night arrived. I took the day off work to get everything ready. I went out and bought bouquets of pink roses and sat them out around the house and I got some red rose petals and sprinkled them on the bed. I put dozens of candles throughout the bedroom and lit them. I knew that Janet would be dropping her off around 6pm, so I drew her a nice hot bath and added lavender oils to it.

Right on time, at 5:56 the front door opened and slammed shut

"Dad! I'm home" I could hear Sarah drop her backpack and duffle bag on the floor in the living room and then run up the stairs towards the bathroom where I was. She knocked on the door


"Come in"

"What are you doing? Did I interrupt you? I just wanted to let you know that I was ho.."

"No no.. you're fine. I'm so glad you're here" I turned around and embraced her.

"Dad...what is all this?"

"Honey.. I've been planning this for weeks now. This is going to be a very special night for you. Tonight I am going to make you a woman"

Sarah gazed up at me and I could tell her eyes were starting to fill with tears

"Oh dad, I'm so glad! I have been wondering for years when this night would come. Ever since I started learning about sex in school and from my friends, I knew our nite games were one day going to lead to more. I am so happy. I've wanted you to be my first"

Then she stood on her tip toes and kissed me

"I got this bath ready for you. I thought you'd like to freshen up and relax before we began"

I lifted her shirt off of her. I reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. Her perky teen tits sprang free. I took the left one in my mouth and began sucking on her nipple like an eager infant. She moaned. As I sucked I undid her belt and her jeans and slid them down her legs. Her panties were sticking to her pussy lips already. She kicked off her shoes and took of her socks and then she lowered herself into the steaming tub.

"I'll be back in a little while" I told her

While I let her relax for about fifteen minutes I went into the bedroom and took off my clothes. I put on my robe and made sure that everything was perfect. Then I went back into the bathroom. She had her head laid back on the edge of the tub and her eyes were clothes. I snuck in and reached into the tub and scooped her up in my arms

"Oh! You scared me"

She kissed me again. How I love those plump, soft lips.

I carried her into the bedroom. She saw the beauty of it and said

"Oh's perfect. So romantic. I can't believe you did all this"

"Nothing but the best for the girl I love"

I laid her down on the bed. I could see her breath deep and I knew that she was nervous. She was beautiful. Her skin, glistening with water from the bath. Her breasts perky, and her pussy with barely any hair on it yet. I licked my lips and I could feel my cock rising beneath my robe. I couldn't believe that this moment had finally arrived. I could have was that perfect. I untied the belt around my robe and let it fall to the floor. Her eyes immediately went to my rising cock. I walked over to the bed and slid on it beside her. I took her mouth in mine. I kissed her deep and passionate. I tongue met. Her mouth tasted like skittles. My shaky hands began exploring her body. I felt like a virgin myself! I couldn't believe I was this nervous. I rubbed her breasts and pinched her nipple between my fingers. Her legs wrapped around my calves. I began trailing kisses down her body. Her chin, her neck, her breasts, her stomach. Finally I reached her hot spot and I began eating her out. She grasped the sheets in the hands and she spread her legs wide. She put her right leg over my shoulder and she began playing with her own breasts.

"That’s it baby...enjoy..."

She was so hot and wet. I don't think she had ever been this wet before. My tongue slid in and out of her slit.

"Ohh....oh yes......" She was panting. I knew this was the moment. She was so wet her juices were soaking the sheet beneath her. My cock felt like it was ready to explode. I slid back up her body and looked in her eyes

"Alright baby. Are you ready?"

"Yeah....I am...I am so ready...make me your woman dad"

I reached down and stroked my cock a few times. I pushed her legs open as wide as I could get them and I positioned my dick at the entrance of her virgin cunt.

"Wrap your legs around me"

She did...

I pressed my mouth over hers again, I grasped my hands around her shoulders and with one hard thrust I pushed my pulsing cock into her burning womb and ripped her hymen open.

"OH!" She screamed into my mouth. I took my mouth off of hers and looked at her. Her eyes were closed and I could see tears falling down the sides of her face

"Are you okay baby?"

She nodded

I began sliding my dick in and out slowly. She was so hot and tight. I couldn't believe it. Sarah began to breath more regularly and more deeply, so I knew that the pain was beginning to subside and that pleasure was taking over. I could feel her legs pressing around me harder. Her fingers were digging into my back. I started pumping harder and I started to go a little deeper. The headboard of my bed began knocking against the wall. Every once in a while a moan would escape from her lips. Sweat was starting to run down my face. A few drops landed on her chest. Sarah started to meet my rhythm by rocking her pelvis every time I thrusted in.

"Oh honey. You feel so good. You're so tight and so hot. You're perfect."

She opened her eyes and smiled. I started to feel out of control. I was thrusting harder and deeper. I didn't want to hurt her but I couldn't help it. With each drive her butt slid up on the sheets.

"Oh'm gunna come soon. I'm gunna cum!"

"Do it daddy...fill me with your sperm. Shoot your baby makers inside of me"

I was sweating like a pig. Suddenly my dick spazzed and I began shooting wads of cum into her hot womb. Squirt after squirt. It felt like I released two cups of cum. I collapsed on top of her. She was panting and so was I. We were both covered in sweat. I laid on top of her for a few minutes and then I leaned up and watched as my limp dick slid from her pussy. She sheets were stained with blood and gobs of cum. Some of my cum even slid out of her. I went down and began eating her out again. I wanted her to cum too. It didn't take long and she did. After she regained her composure I laid down next to her and took her in my arms.

"Well does it feel to be a woman?"

"Oh's wonderful. I am so happy."

"Me too."

And we fell asleep in each others arms. The perfect end to a perfect evening.
I was now free to teach this young girl everything I knew about sex. I was determined to make her the best lay ever. This was only the beginning.

To be continued...


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Awesome story perfect age to start training the little cum slut now teach her what she was but on this earth for fucking and breeding 4 I the right age to do that

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13 is a nice age to introduce your cock to. Nice stories though. I enjoy looking at pre teen girl porn and jerking off to stories like yours but im not sure about touching them at that age.

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Wow..good story....It reminded me of when I took my daughter to a camping spot for the weekend. Her mom did not come. Me and Kim ended up fucking all weekend She was just 11.

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