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A small tribute to a very dear friend, may I hope he enjoys this little surprise as much as I did creating it for him.
Tags: Erotica, Male Solo, Masturbation, Romance

To my favorite sexy dark feathered friend, Thank you for the imagery I hope you enjoy the embellishments.

To everyone else,

Constructive feedback is always welcomed and I hope you enjoy.

The dim light of a desk lamp barely illuminates the keyboard as Dr. Hook’s “Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk” plays faintly into the darkness. There’s no one home but me tonight and I sit in the darkness re-reading a sex story my friend penned. I’ve lost count of the number I’ve times I’ve read it through.
Settling back in the chair I look around, the empty silence outside my little circle of light reminds me that I’m alone, aroused and have hours ‘til anyone is expected home. Glancing back at the monitor I smile reliving the highlights of the story just briefly before coming to a decision.

Shrinking the story down to the lower half of the screen I open up a few of her pictures arranging them story board like across my screen. Her smiling face brightening the otherwise darkened room as I begin once more to read.

It’s not long before I know it’s gone beyond simple arousal and I am needing some kind of relief. Without looking from the screen, her curves drawing my full attention, I undo my zipper. My erection springing free, it nods to the screen as if in greeting at seeing an old familiar friend once more. Pulling the top drawer open to the fullest I reach to the back under a stack of unused envelopes and pull out a condom. (So much easier for cleaning up.) Slipping one on I settle back, slowly sliding my foreskin back to expose the sensitive tip. My fingers slowly stroking as I imagine she can see me watching her.

My focus moves slowly from one picture to the next my imagination bringing her to life as I see her move from one position to the next as each piece of clothing falls away. In my head I can hear her whispering my name, her voice and accent so exotically different from what I hear daily on the streets outside. My hand slides up and down slowly as I focus on the next image. A close up of her bared breasts and my heart beats faster my mouth going dry. I can almost feel the caress of her smooth skin on my fingers tips as I cup my hands around those wondrous globes.

She moves kneeling in front of me looking into my eyes, and I watch transfixed as she slowly licks her lips. My throat is tight as I try to swallow my hand unconsciously moving faster stroking my throbbing erection.
I pause slowing down, knowing this is a pleasure I can make last if I take my time. The next image in the sequence draws my attention, she’s lying on her back the image of innocence and vulnerability, the look in her eyes gives it away, she’d posed just for the camera. Slow, slow I have to remind myself, no need to hurry or rush. My hand moves more smoothly as pre-cum lubricates the condom, the chair creaking softly as I try to settle back relaxing.

She’s moved again her back to me as she looks coyly over her shoulder with a wicked gleam in her eyes daring me to reach out and touch her. I can almost feel her muscles moving just under the skin as she leans back at my touch.

The next picture captures my attention, she’s in the shower and I can hear her talking to me, telling me what she wants to do to me as I sit and watch her. A delicious shiver runs through me as the next picture is a first glimpse of her shaven sex as she showers. I stop staring, taking time for several deliberate strokes as I admire her intimately as if for the first time. Again.

The next delicious image shows her laying back on the coverlet as if preparing for me, but wait instead I see a feather highlighting rather than obscuring her shaven entrance. My heart beats faster and I can’t resist any longer, my cock twitching in my hand that I so want to slide inside her. Bringing a second picture up alongside I can see her breasts swinging as she kneels looking at me. My hand moves faster, my foreskin sliding forwards and back over and across the sensitive tip which swells with each labored beat of my heart. My breath rasps and I mutter her name regardless of who might hear, forgetting I am alone, I shout her name as I start to jerk flooding the condom with a seemingly never ending supply of cum. An eternity later it does end and I slip gently back into the comfort of the chair with a very contented sigh.

As I sit there I feel a hand on my shoulder and a soft whispered breath in my ear. I’m not alone as my lover is here with me, admiring her pictures and sharing the moment with me. Her love warming me and comforting me on such a cold lonely night, looking up she is gone and I am alone once more with her images. She may be far away but she’s never far from my thoughts.


anonymous readerReport

2011-05-31 22:42:51
Wow, foxylindi is totally right. You described it so well I just imagined myself doing it and got lost in the story. Thank you very much for contributing such a sensual and beautiful story. I would love to see more like this from you. Its a much needed break from most of the badly written stories on this site. Thank you.


2008-11-19 02:56:29
I enjoyed the story. As a mild criticism I found it a little short but it does make a change to read something written from a different perspective. I think your deion managed to capture the 'feeling' and allowed the reader to picture themselves in the room watching.


2008-11-12 23:48:03
It's fixed now.

So what does everyone think of the story?


2008-11-10 20:18:15
I'm hoping it will be fixed soon as it's ruined the story

Anonymous readerReport

2008-11-10 20:13:07
Delete the earlier comment, screws up the page horribly.

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